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Stories : Introducing Loir (from the monthly constest)

World of Warcraft tale by Hemerocallis, 2008-07-07T10:12:00.0000000. Reads: 414
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I wrote this for the 300 words or less intro contest we had a couple of months back.

Chapter 0

Brunn Flamebeard eyes the sky carefully, monitoring the circling gryphons and rakes the hay clean as you come in. “P’ti Loir? Aye, tha lass es me kin by me fourth sister.” He smiles fondly. “I remember back when she first came tae us.” He pauses in his work and smiles kindly at you.
“She were even wee’r an she es now, iff’n ye can pi’ture et. Her pa figured e’d parcel her off an’ secure a wee bit o’ prestige with tha Brotherhood.” He shakes his head. “Tha lad wha her pa chose were driven, an li’ most minin’ folk, ore’ were worth more n’ tha’ livin. Et were clear tha Loir needed tae be gotten out o’ tha mine: witherin away she were. Her ma go’ her fostered wit us after a… well… she jes did.” His tone becomes a bit clipped and the conversation shifts as dwarves are want to do when they don’t quite know you.
“Loir coulda trained Gryphons I tell ye: she’s go tha spirit fer et. Ain't afraid o’ anythin’! Ba’ tha world called tae her, an good et were et did. Azeroth’s ben good tae her. When I heard she were takin on dragons wit tha Bernne lad, I were so proud.” He puffs out his chest. “An tha day tha self-same lad came tae buy her a white gryphon?” He stops to retrieve a cloth from his pocket and dabs at his eye. “That un’ll do ri by her, e’ will. Keep her in th’air an all.” He nods and glances at the sky again and frowns. “Blast et! Better get in tae tha keep er mount up.. th’infernals er back!” He quickly dons a helmet, grabs a gun and hops to the back of his battle-gryphon to defend Wildhammer Hold.

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