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A mosaic of short stories and scenes from the life of Weepingstar

Chapter 0

Mt. Hyjal

zin-Doreni perched in her favorite spot amongst the topmost branches of proud Nordrassil.  One hand on the gentle bump of her gravid stomach, the other holding a slender branch, she watched a comet blaze in the sky. The Tree was the tallest point on Mount Hyjal, tallest mountain on Kalimdor and Alathea knew herself to be as high as it was possible to go for a living creature without wings.  Yet she yearned to be even closer to the stars above. 

Though a Priestess of the Moon, she had always found herself drawn to the stars.  Now that a strange new star hung in the sky she could not dream of spending her nights elsewhere until its significance had been discovered.  Not even when she was as fat as a summer berry with her first child in ten thousand years.  Blue Child was dark this night, and Elune was setting. With every heartbeat the comet grew brighter.   Alathea drank it in.

Beside, and slightly below the silver haired priestess, Tyrende Whisperwind stood on a branch that swayed and dipped in the evening wind, as intrigued by her friend's glowing joy as Alathea was by the passing dragon star. She was not unfamiliar with astronomy - the moons' yearly cycles were as familiar to her as the path to her own bower, and she could read the stars when she had to - but the paths of the stars were a tangled skein she seldom had the patience to unravel. 

Alathea flinched slightly, and wobbled.  Tyrende put up a hand to steady her and the two woman shared a brief, panicked glance.  Little but air and hard branches lay between this spot and the Well of Eternity a very far drop down.  Yes, any  number of spells could help them but those depended on one being aware one was going to fall in the first place.  Alathea recovered from her fright first and laughed, patting her stomach even as she looked about for somewhere safer to settle.

"He's kicking me."  She gingerly stepped down to the safe crook of a branch, smiling.  "I think he does it whenever he senses I'm paying attention to something other than him."  She laughed as the tattoo of tiny feet under her hand stopped.  "It is unfair you little tyrant - your conception night was the first night that star hung in the sky.  So to think of one, is to think of the other, after all."

Tyrende took a seat close by and shook her head. "It must be a boy then.  I don't know why that surprises me.  You and Rivenblade have ever had sons.  But I was hoping you might have a girl this time." 

Alathea pushed a strand of starlight hair from her eyes as the warm summer wind blew again.  "What's wrong with boys?"

"Nothing, but wouldn't it be nice to have a daughter to take your path, instead of another druid?"  Tyrende reached out and put a hand on her friend's knee.  "Someone who won't leave you, for the Dream?"  Her own heart still ached for Malfurion, gone again into the Dreaming at the Dragon's behest. She said nothing though.  Every woman in the Tree had dealt with such a parting, from a husband, a brother, a child.  Some, like Alathea, had said goodnight to all three.

Alathea took Tyrende's hand with both of her own.  "Regardless of where they are I draw comfort from the love of my husband and sons.  It is not their choice to be away from me." She paused to choose her words carefully then finally just sighed.  "It is just the price."

Tyrende nodded, meeting Alathea's eyes with a resigned smile.  "I know.  I know."

Alathea glanced at the sky once more.  "Staghelm says that dragon star has hung in the sky longer than any of its kind on record.  Perhaps it signals a change, Tyre?  Perhaps..." She paused, thinking of her sleeping husband and sons, of this, her first child in ten thousand years.  "Perhaps they will come back from the dreaming and be with us for good, and not just a night or two."  A smile, as  bright as a falling star, flashed across her face.  "It has to come some day.  Why not now?"

Whisperwind shook her head.  "Perhaps one day my friend, but not soon.  The world is not healed enough.  That dragon-star of yours might signal some change, but not the end of our work." 

Alathea sighed and stood, wavering with the weight of her belly and pondered the maze of branches below. "I hope it brings joy, whatever the meaning."  Her hand crept unbidden back to her stomach. "And love.  For all of us."  She glanced at her friend.  "I hope Elune thinks we deserve it, after all we have done to erase the evil we did, in following Queen Azshara."

Tyrende shifted, looking away.  This conversation was not going anywhere she wanted it to.   Her own unease about the future was enough.  A trend had grown in her thoughts whenever she contemplated the future, spiraling downward into bleak depression.  Gone was the once-bright assurance that all would be well and she had come tonight to distract herself, not infect Alathea with her bleakness.

Tyrende offered her a feather instead.  Alathea took it, and looked down.  "Oh Tyre.  It's such a frivolous use of the Mothers gift..."  She looked up, flashing her falling-star smile again.  "If the novices catch us I'm blaming you."  Tyrende smirked and took her friend by the hand. 

"If they catch us I'll tell them we thought you were going to birth before we hit the ground."  Alathea's chuckle was lost in the whispers of a hundred thousand leaves as the wind blew strong once more.

Laughing, they they stepped off the branch, certain that here in the privacy of No
rdrassil's upper bower, there would be few to see such an impulsive sight as the High Priestess of the Kaldorei and her pregnant second in command, the formidable Priestess Alathea, Mistress of Starshards, skirling down the branches like maple seeds. 

And most certainly no one to hear them giggling like children.

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