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This is where I will Answer the questions that people have asked. So look for the Chapter that was your question and find the answer.

Chapter 1

Varian Wrynn is the "real king" of Stormwind. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Because Edwin VanCleef, and his Stonemasons guild felt betrayed, and very underpaid by that of the House of Nobles( the government of Stormwind) the Defias, sought revenge. During a diplomatic mission to Theramore it is belived that he was captured by The Defias. It was rumored that he was being held captive on Algaz Island just off the coast of Theramore Island.

His son Anduin Wrynn, was crowned king, by demands of Lady Prestor (Onyxia), but Highlord Bolvar Fordragon holds the actual power of the Kingdom currently. Anduin Wrynn was named after the Lion of Azeroth, Anduin Lothar!

Varian is belivied to be one of the upcoming "stars" in the Warcraft Comic, coming out July 29, 2008. Which I willbe picking up.

I hope that answers your question Freek.
Happy Hunting
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