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I Will List All Messages From Greety, well important messages that is. Please enjoy your readings :P

Chapter 7

Hello Gods.

Today our fearless leader has broken the Top 5 in military. He is leading by example. if we are to remain a Top Contender for the #1 spot on the server we must make sure our military is as grand as our trading. though it would be great to be #1 solely on trading and economic policy, other alliance wont see it that way, they will see a strong economy with no protection. alliances will try to pick our members out and pillage them because they know that we are a very strong economic powerhouse. In order to form a more perfect alliance we must make sure we are balanced economically and militarily. I myself have broken the top 400. that doesn't sound so good except for where my top score is right now. I'm contending with people who have over double my total score. This is helpful because not only am i protecting myself from people around my size but im protecting myself from most of the greats. I Recommend that all members to not only meet the requirements but surpass them. here is what you can/should do. Some of the stuff i will be listing ARE NOT our requirements just helpfull advice

Your Towns:
-Town Walls are Less then 2 levels below your Town Size
-3 Phalanx Per City level. i would also add atleast 1 swords man
-1 Ship per city level. since most attacks come from the seas its better to stop them there so you wont need to use your standing military. Currently i have about 20 of every ship in each city, this is a little extreme but hell ive never gotten pillage since the start of the game.....well except from RussRocket and Cameron1234, and now look we are all in the same alliance. :P
-Gold Reserves. I Never keep 500,000 gold because after that you are looking to get pillaged from a better player. this only applies for people who still have a smaller military and who doesn't spend that much on one cargo ship. i would normally keep as much gold as it would cost me 2 cargo ships. this helps so you can rapidly build a military if you need.
-Transportation while pillaging make sure you still have enough ships available to you to rapidly transfer goods from one city to another(ex. if you forgot to stock wine in a city) you dont need a lot just enough to hold your city off until your other ships return.
-Goods. If you have an excess of one type of good and you need another use the needs function or the trade channel forum on the website. this will help out the alliance. if you are just looking to get some extra gold don't be afraid to post your goods in your Trading Post. you can normally make some good gold off of those. since where on the trading post, when buying from the trading post i NEVER go over 35g a piece. 1) because its expensive after that. 2) you can normally negotiate a deal with those same players to a prices that is acceptable to both parties.
~PoG wants all of our members to be Community Leaders. This means that we want all of us to meet and exceed the standards set by the E.S.C (if you dont know what that is goto the website) and the resource expansion drive. you are aloud to use whatever system works for you. I also Suggest that all members using firefox get Leecher Checker. This is a script to see who on your island is leeching off of the island. (link provided on the website).With the E.S.C all my islands enjoy a level 17 or higher sawmill and other resources are at 14 or above.
~Research. If you try to rapidly build your military you may experience some shortages of money. this can be fix in a couple ways. 1) find ripe targets for pillaging this will allow you to be in the "red" for awhile. while pillaging save up resources to increase the size of your cities. the more citizens you have the more money you will get. another option, though very costly to start is start your 5th city. at the start this is very costly but in the long run you will enjoy a huge money flow from that city. Lowering or slowing your research while you build your miltary is another way not to lose all your gold. as i stated before make sure you have enough to buy alteast 2 cargo ships. this will normally be enough to last for a long while. (Don't Forget to raise your research back up after you finish building your military) raising back up to 100% may take awhile because of the upkeep cost.

Other's Towns
How To Choose Who To Pillage
1) If you use firefox you can use the Score Searcher script. this allows you to see gold reserves, military score and top score of each player. you will get ~1% of there total gold on each attack. (Link Provided on website)

2) Spies. in conjuntion with Score Searcher you can find someone who you think might be worth pillaging. if they have a military score send a spy in and check them out. if you are willing to take the risk to attack the town do it, if your not just find someone else. there are plenty of people to pillage

3) Inactive Players are the single best target to go after if they dont have a military score they are just sitting on a load of goods. and since there inactive that means they have atleast a weeks worth of goods built up in there city (unless someone else has already pillaged them). for inactive pillaging i created 50 slingers in each city. i will send a goup of 5 to a city 15. this is if you dont have a spy to see how large the walls are. Walls WILL kill on coming attacks even if inactive. so you just need to send more then what the walls will kill. When you attack a city dont only send 1 attack send out all your action points from 1 city on it. (ex.5 action points = 5% total Gold Reserve) if they have resources your cargo ships will split up the materials evenly between all attacks to make sure you get the most resources possible from each city now say the person your attacking has 4 cities and you have 5 action points in each of your cities. you just accumulated 20% of that players Gold Reserve.


With All that said i would like all members to read up on the alliance charter, the alliance policy and How to Join:PoG for the requirements we are asking everyone to meet.

Reward: if we can get over 50% of our alliance in the top 300 i will give all of our members a chance to participate in the Gamma Battle Bowl I. (or maybe the 2nd one) depends on how long it take. The Gamma Battle Bowl is for the top military alliances to duke it out and see who is the best. (individuals also) you must meet all requirements if you sign up individually. if you join as an alliance you don't need to meet all the requirements

-Greety of >Pact of Gods "By The end of the day our sword arms will ache from over use!"

Chapter 8

Yellow PoG >.
Since i Will be taking over the General Positions after we find a qualified Diplomat, i would like to explain. what "Support" units are and how they effect the outcome to the Battle.

-Support Troops like the Cooks and Doctors are ONLY useful in multi-round combat situation. This means if your in a battle for 1 Round, you don't need/use your doctors or cooks. I'm mentioning this because some of you have like 16 of each of those units. and that is simply a waste of upkeep.

Building a Defense:

As in most of my messages to the alliance i'm referring to our Forums. This one comes from "Military Defense Forum" This Was Written by Yaz.(Leader of PoG2). i totally agree with the statement.

"I have actually found that the most cost effective, by way of up keep, unit for defense in the Steam Giant. The upkeep cost is less than three (3) times that of the Phalanx. The attack and defense ratings though are more than three(3) times that of the Phalanx, over four (4) times as much on attack. Granted the start up cost of the Steam Giant is considerably higher, but let's look at that from an upkeep point of view. In the course of 10 fights say you could loose two (2) Phalanxes. Now with those same 10 fights using Steam Giants you end up loosing none due to their increased durability. Now you have to replace 20 Phalanxes with the start up costs that entails. However, using the Steam Giants you have no additional start up cost. Over the long run the start up cost actually becomes less due to these savings.

Therefore, I would recommend starting with Phalanxes, and, once you have Steam Giants available, start making them in replacement of your Phalanxes when they die."

Now as you can see this game is ALL about numbers not only quantity but actual attack and defense values are all calculated. with the last statement of replacing them when they die is a great idea. but even if you don't have steam giants replace your phalanxes, with more phalanxes. i also believe that Phalanxes are a good way to take the "Brunt" of the attack off the steam giants. since combat is 1-1 unit, your slingers, swordsman, phalanxes, gunmen will go before your steam giants. I Recommend that you keep upkeep costs as low as possible. right now i am in the middle of changing my military beck to phalanxes after realizing how much more cost effective they are to gunmen. again not saying you shouldn't get gunmen as they serve a purpose

Building a Stronger Defense with out Buying more troops:

This can be done by upgrading your walls to the proper level. the proper level is your city level or higher. with each upgrade to your wall your defense bonus is increase. right now 3 of my 4 cities have level 19 walls (cities are 18) and my 4th is a lonely 14 with walls that are 14 as well. you can ask any of the officers if this really works. i know for a fact that oliver wouldn't dare leave his cities unattended but what if he did....how many attacks do you think would break on his walls. (300% defense). i cant give you an exact answer but it would be a crap-ton. if you ever wondered why you were losing your military when you attacked someone with a 0 General score that is why. they had walls large enough to kill a couple guys.

Now All that is great and all Very helpful from the people from your island, but there is even a BETTER way to protect your cities (even if you send all your troops out). what is that?

Build Ships. As 95% of attacks will come from the sea its obvious that you want to stop the attack before they land. also if your port is blockaded, any trade ships that go to your cities will be turned around and sent to the person who is attacking. this is why we put 1 ship per level of city. because you don't need to send them out to people with 0 military score, you keep them at home in case you stretch your military thin. this should also prevent anyone from blockading your port as most people will only send a few ships.
i currently have 4x the number of ships im supposed to but that is because i attack A LOT of people and i like being on the safe side. we do not currently demand what type of ship you should have sitting in your ports. all that means is research the ship types and find out which is the most cost effective. That does not mean upfront cost, that means Upkeep. currently mine is really high for my income.

Thank You For Spending the Time to review what i have written. if you have any questions about this post you may post on the forums under the location provided as a reference point above.

-Greety of >Pact of Gods "If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me"

Chapter 1

hello again Gods.

first off i would like to Thank and congratulate all those who have started pillaging and enjoying the game just that much more. all ive had is good responses from pog members about this. ex1. today i received a message that just today a person has bought 5! trade ships. this does wonders for your score and PoG's as a whole.

Second, this past week i might have been sounding more like a general rather then a diplomat and i would like to clear up why. First we have a Standing Military Standard and if you do not meet that i cannot stress to someone who is attacking you that they need to back off. second, this is the big one. Since those to alliances are going to war on Epsilon. i want to raise the standard and if not raise the standard at least have PoG Member recognize that this can happen and at least double the standard. The Standard is MINIMUM requirements not maximum. No You Guys may still be wondering how this deals with Diplomatic Relations and Peace. And here it is. The Bigger the military you have the less likely you will be targeted for an attack. so if your military score is higher then the people surrounding you most of them will let you be, EVEN IF YOU GO INACTIVE. Because even if you are inactive your military responds to threats. dont think this has any real face value....Take the US and China for example....NEVER have gone to war. Russia and US....Never have gone to war....yes us and russia have had major differences and were on the brink of war. but war never happend because each side feard what the other side could do. if you go read my post with the Guild leaders message and read his message. they were not prepared and the other alliance had no fear of what they could do and the alliance that the message came from where scared shitless of what could happen. If we all have High Military scores there will be less of a chance for me to have to deal with talking down an alliance from war.

Third. i have been receiving some ...not so nice... messages about some of our members about donating to thier respective islands. this dissapoints me because of a couple things. 1 we strive to be the best and how can we be the best if we cant even contribute to our own well being. the more you donate the more someone else will. its pretty much a domino effect so if your saw mills or quarries are stuck at a low level its most likely because noone has started pulling ahead of people on donations. and for those who have basically donated everything to them here is this. on our website is a letter called "Equal Share Compromise" this is a general message that you can copy and send everyone on your island. i had a way more specific one but i lost it lol. so deal with what you have. Please modify it how you see fit. With the people that havent donated there is also a few steps i ask you to go threw before pillaging them and donating the goods you pillage to the community. those steps are posted in the Equal Share Comprise as well. After this message i expect those members that i have been getting complaints for, from inside and outside our alliance, to start contributing to your community. What PoG wants is Leaders. 84 or 85 of them lol whatever the max number is. if we can be leaders on all our islands what do you think a player will think about PoG when they come across us. well ill tell you what they will think "Damn, that alliance knows there stuff" "I wish i was in an alliance like that" "That is how you set up a successful Trading and Peaceful Alliance". because the more we donate to our islands the more people will come to respect us, and make people who hate us decline exponentially. i will be asking those people who have complained to give me island coordinate, city name and how many resources the member has contributed. i will follow up next week and see if there is an improvement. if not i will take measures to make sure they do.

And Finally. I Would like to thank all of you who are actively using the website for your treaties/needs rather then Circular messages. lets cut back to circular messages are to be used by officers only. for those of you not signed up yet i will give you until Sunday before i give your name to oliver so he can deal with you

-Greety of "Pact of Gods"
"Wars Give the Right to the conquerers to impose whatever measures the want upon the vanquished "-Julius Caesar

Chapter 2

Greetings PoG,

I'm Glad to see some people taking initiative, after my recent post about pillaging Inactive Players. to make PoG Stronger. we are closing in on that 4 spot. I know of at least 4 people doing this besides oliver,myself and of course the other leaders are doing it as well, well.....maybe not all of them.....(vlad is just a teddy bear) lol jk. you do your position great.. This Pillaging isnt only good for the alliance. with each attack you learn new ways to go about attacking how to use spies, how not to use spies, how to be innovative when it come to scouting and attacking opposing players. (yes you learn this with inactive players so you can use it l8er in real pvp). And Yes Im The Diplomat and not the military adviser (General), but i do expect EVERYONE to meet the requirements of our standing army policy. and attacking inactive players helps build your gold up so u can meet our standards and surpass them.

2) The Standing Military is a great thing and here is why. one of our members who i will not disclose their name (no, it isnt me) plays on the epsilon server as well and the top to alliances are about to goto war. i could explain it but i received a message from him sent by his Leader. (They are #2).

Message From Their Leader:
Hi Guys,

Seems we might be having a war on uor hands soon. KAE has been picking at us recently and I think they are trying to provoke a war. There has now been 3 members of theres who have attacked 3 members of ours. No idea why they are doing it. It 1st started with one of their members constantly attacking 1 of ours. Then a little while later a player named Westeros started messaging Caesar25, and then PMed me on the ikariam boards. He was sending these pointless smart ass messages that really meant nothing, I think it was his way of saying that he knows we have out eye on them. He knew who our diplomat was etc. Now today I have received 2 messages from 2 of our members saying they have been attacked by them.

At 1st, I thought I could possibly message them and come to a peaceful solution, but their behavior makes me think they wouldnt be reasonable about it. Still i am gonna try. But for the last 2 weeks or so I have been preparing, talking to other alliances and players etc. I was doing this so I could have some kinda force behind me in case something like thsi has happened. Right now I am building up a bigger army. I unlocked steam Giants this morning and have a few made and more on the way. Right now I am ranked like 138 on the site. It will probably go up even higher soon.

Problem is, I cant fight all these players by myself. Some of them even have higher military rank than me. So its gonna take some help. That is the only way attacks are successful, is when they are group coordinated attacks. They will probably try to attack more players, so here is some things you can do to protect yourself:

If you see them coming, destroy your trading port/harbor, this will greatly minimize how much they take from you.

If you are going to bed or are gonna be away for awhile, leave your port demolished. Only build it to level 1 when you are playing and when its in use. I know that doing this sucks, but its gotta be done when you have people attacking you. Also, if you see a few players attacking you at once, or a bigger player attacking that you know you cant defend, try moving your army or goods away before they hit you. This will also minimize them from costing you alot.

you can upgrade troops in the workshop to make them stronger, have your town wall same level as your town hall, this will give you a great defense bonus. If the town wall isnt the same level as the town hall is deteriorates the defense bonus and could in some cases, give the attacker an offense bonus. So make sure your capital is like this and holds your main military. This will help you alot.

Try to be observant of everything, if you see troops coming your way, you can destroy ports and move troops/goods to avoid being hit hard. Also, if anyone has coords for any of their players, message them all to me, I am gonna make a record of this on the alliance page so we can use this. I will give this list out to players who are gonna help us. Soon, I am gonna get in contact with the help that I do have and see what we are gonna do.

But like I said, I cant handle this all by myself. It takes a group effort. That is the only way it can be successful. If anything, build lots of ships to defend yourself. But if you do this, you might not be able to pillage. So you decide if you just want to defend, or defend and attack.

To those who were attacked recently like Nickson, Sorry, I wasnt around. I jsut came on like 20 mins ago and saw your message. Try to follow those tips for a little bit until I organize something.


We need to prepare for this too. and unlike that alliance we have the advantage of knowing it could and most likely will happen. i Recommend that Everyone atleast double our Requirements after all Requirment means minimum amount. if you do not know the requirements its on the website under "How To Join" And since we are now Recruiting Capped No one else can join which makes it our duty to raise our scores and rise to true power like the gods we are. Tonight We Feast In Wine and Women For Tomorrow Our enemies will feast on our swords

Chapter 3

Hello PoG. Today Was a Great Day in Recruiting. Since We have only two more spots left i will slow my "role" lol in trying to find recruits. For Those of You That are leaving for PoG2 i would like your name. so if Vladussr or Yaz Could Compile a list for me that would be great (So i know how many people i need to go recruit and what score im going to concentrate my search).

Again I Would Like To Welcome All The new Recruits that we got today. You all are now Gods. Please Try To Use our website for EVERYThing that you could need. Treaties/ Supplies needed please use the website. i am accepting people who join the website as fast as i can. so you shouldnt have to wait to long. Besides just going to the website, i encourage all members to actually browse the entire site click on everything to see the entire site and all its goodies. The "Needs" section is the best function of the entire site right now. If you get your need met make sure you write me or oliver from Private mail on the site so we can mark the need as met. this will ensure the needs list doesnt get to long to manage.

Besides that, Hope you all had a great july 4th and hope u have a great rest of the weekend! May Peace and Prosperity Engulf our entire Alliance

Greety of "Pact of Gods"

Chapter 4

Hello Gods,

Today is a great day for PoG. We are starting a new Chapter in Alliance Expansion and with this brings many new changes to PoG. as we still enjoy having fun just playing the game we are pushing newer, higher expectations from our members. to become an elite alliance these changes are necessary. The new requirements are in the "How To Join:PoG" Section of the information area of the website. The alliance officers realize that the standards are kind of high, but the alliance needs to realize that these steps are needed to continue to be a top contender on our server. We will be putting the new rules and requirements on Sunday July 20, 2008. So Im asking that all members take a look at all the site again, as many many changes have taken place. i also am asking that all members start to try to meet the requirements before the start of enforcing the policy. this gives you a week and about 2 days to do. which in this game is a pretty long time.
As it stands most members will beable to meet these requirements at their current growth rates.

Since We have now Established PoG2. the alliance leaders have made it clear that we want EVERYONE from both alliances to stop Trading, Selling, or giving stuff away in Circular Messages. This also includes Cultural Treaties. This is to ensure that all members (pog and pog2) have an opportunity to receive the materials,treaties. this will also open up many more people to be able to get treaties with. if you do not already have an account with us on the website please make sure you get one by THIS SUNDAY. that gives you 3 days to get one. after that, the alliance leaders will be contacting you about not following Alliance Policy.

Circular Messages that are Approved:
Announcements about the alliance in general
Officers daily/weekly addresses to the alliance
if you are going to be away for awhile. if this is the case make sure that you put yourself on vacation mode for that time.

Military Routes
the War Room Forum is Set up for people to show others what they have been doing, Spy Reports, Loot Reports, Combat Reports are all acceptable in this area. as it currently stands Nobody has used this forum, except for Yaz.

Selling/Trading/Buying/Giving Stuff Away
The Auction House (Trade Channel) Forum is set up for this. When Posting Please Add one of the Titles listed above to the front of your Post. WTS, WTT, WTB, WTG will also work.If you are in despreate need of a certain material or treaties please post those in the Needs page. this is not part of the forum but will list the needs of people. look here before you post because most of the time the needs will used more.


If you Have Friends in this game that are not in PoG or PoG2. List there name in the Section Designated for that. in the The Treaty Room Forum: Green Zone(No Attack List). there is also a Most Wanted (Attack list) in the same forum. you can set up bounties if you would like in the most wanted section. after proof of completion of the task you give the designated bounty to the other member (ex. 2000 marble to destroy his navy)

So Far I have Focused on the forums. i would also like to add the PoG Members should also Look in the PoG2 Forums to make sure your not missing any deals. They all have similar names to what PoG Uses and it is pretty easy to figure out what forum is the same as the PoG ones.

Now about the Home Page. The Welcome message will not be updated very often but underneath the Welcome message there is a news feed. as new news comes up it will be added. Everyone has the oppurtunity to submit news about the alliance. it will be reviewed by the leaders to see if it is news worthy. To The Left Pane You see the Information Section. This Section includes Many Different yet important articles. I as The Everyone take a look at all that is there except for the Translations unless you need them.
After the Rank Section you will see our current World Rank.
Underneath the Information Section, if we need a position filled, will be a "Job advertisement" as well as requirements, qualification for the position. Right now on the website there is one posted. i could tell you what it is but go look at the website and find out for yourself. After that section there will be the high Scores of our alliance (Top 5).

The Right Pane:
First Thing you will see is our image Gallery. although it only has one picture so far every member has the ability to submit an image. it will be reviewed to make sure it isnt indecent and then added to the gallery. After that you will See our Voting Section. as of now there is no votes currently active so the area is empty. After that you will see External Links. This has a link to IKARIAM.com, and to the approved addons from the IKARIAM Game Masters. Following that is Our Alliances with other alliances that are using Guild Portal.

The Chat Function. I Highly Recommend that our members start using this as it is an easy and fast way to get ahold of members for trading,selling,joking, have a good time with. I will also be talking to the leaders to see if maybe we can set up some sort of Q and A once a week for the members.

Now That I have Given you a pretty thorough examination of the Alliance Website i hope that you will go there and see it all for yourself.

Thank You for your time and May Gods be blessed

-Greety of >Pact of Gods<
"The Blood of our enemies flowed like a river after a great storm"

Chapter 5

Hello Again...Just wanted to inform everyone that we have signed a peace treaty with [Royal] "China" lmao im doing this because i was informed that our ally and there ally are going to war.....see what im talking about..... and they wanted to make sure neither of us were dragged into it.

10 minutes later......
I Canceled the Peace Treaty with China for the time being. his intentions are very cloudy. hell it may even rain. After Asking about what to allies were about to goto war he could not provide me a list. he also couldn't provide me with a single alliance he has xcept pog. i think what he was trying to get was PoG protection from one of our allies and i will not protect a rogue state.

"The Strong will pillage what they can and the weak will suffer what they must"

Chapter 6

Hello Gods

Recently ive found it necessary to have a message for people who ask me to stop pillaging them because they have a 0 military score.

My dear [Player Name],

I will not be sending back your glass, the children of my people are nearsighted and need them desperately for glasses so that they do not get hit by chariots and stumble into the giant cauldrons of melted chocolate that litter the kitchens of my empire.

I will not be sending back your marble, the children of my people need a good school to attend and desperately need a new one, otherwise they can not grow up to be doctors, cooks, scientists or military personnel. it would be unfortunate if they walked up to you and hit you with a branch of grapes.
I will not be sending back your sulfur, the children of my people need some sort of entertainment. the most entertaining so far has been flamethrowers and fireworks. if they do not have sulfur who knows what they would play with? maybe they would go swimming in the wine reserves and drown because they got drunk.

I will not be sending back your wine, the children of my people need their parents to drink. Heck! my parents need the children to drink. how else would they enforce bedtime.

I will however trade you the [Resource Type] for some friendly advice: Please build a military. / Indeed it seems that you have already begun to correct the issue, and soon you won't be worth raiding at all. / (section marked with / / remove if it doesn't apply) Nothing says "I welcome peace." like the sun glinting off the sharpened spears of phalanx, and the gentle creaking of catapult ships rocking slowly in the morning breeze.

Please consider me a source for answers to any of your military questions, and I give you a grace period of 2 days, lasting until [server time] on [month, day], before which time I will not attack at all. If, after two days your military is sizable enough to make raiding you not cost effective, I will not. Please do not ever let your guard down after that, or the same is likely to happen. The military aspect is as much a part of this game as the others.

Until then,
____[Your Name]_____

-Greety of >Pact of Gods>
"The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself"

Chapter 10

Hello Gods

Sorry for the Dim message, but it must be done

Tomorrow is the start of our new Regulations. Please make sure you meet them. (Military first, score second). i will be posting a list for the leaders to see who doesn't meet our criteria. you will be given one week to fix the problem if you do not show significant progress toward our goals you may lose your spot in PoG.(its really not that hard) Total Score will not be strictly enforced but we want all our members to get to that point very very soon.

Recently i have been informed that many of our members are not contributing to their islands. please get leecher checker (on the website) to make sure you yourself are not leeching. i have had several complaints about the same individuals over the last two weeks. those people, you know who you are, that are not contributing to the islands that you are located on must start. you will have one week to comply to the Equal Share Compromise or face severe repercussions. This Will include but not limited to : No Military Support, Canceled Trade Treaties, No trades allowed to you, Removal from PoG, Allow pillages from people on your island. (even PoG/PoG2 members) will be allowed to pillage you to get the wood you are not donating.

Another Issue that i have been buried in messages about is defaulting on "trades" this is where you request some material in exchange for something else. a person sends you the goods and you do not send the goods you promise. THIS IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE TO THE ALLIANCE. From now on any one who defaults on a trade will be subjected to being removed from PoG, with out warning. you are ripping off your own alliance and we will not stand for that. if i find out that you default on a trade with a non alliance member that player will have free access to attack and pillage you. Please view our charter and policies. (on the website). if this happens twice you will be removed from the alliance. you can start wars because you default on payments. Don't do it. I will not be mentioning anyones names because you know who you are. if you have already defaulted on a trade/payment to another alliance member you will have 2 days to communicate with the player you are short with and get the goods to them or a payment plan.

Note: if you ask for a cultural treaty make sure you accept them. ive had complaints from people saying they responded to a culture treaty request and you leave them haning. if you filled up before they got there please let them know.

Again Sorry that i had to post that i am saddened that our members are taking advantage of each other. I will also be sending this to PoG2 as the Contribution and Trade items are for them as well.

-Greety of >Pact of Gods>
-General, Diplomat
"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

Chapter 11

Hello Gods. Starting Monday a new system will be in place for people who go inactive without setting Vacation mode. The leader ship of our alliance and RAR, G-U-A, KATIA, KWO, have decided that we all need to take a hard stance on people who go inactive. We came up with an idea that will show just that. here is how it will work. These measures are already being used by some of the alliances. Anyone from those alliances will be allowed to pillage any member from the other alliance if the player goes inactive. here are the steps that Need to be taken  before carrying out a pillage on an inactive from those alliances (since we have treaties with them this must be done)

1.Write Both Your Diplomat and The Other Alliances Diplomat
2. the letter must include
    Your name
    The name of the Inactive member
    The persons cities names that you will be attacking
    The City Coordinates of each city that you will be attacking
    How long has this member been inactive
3.Since this will basically crush the person who does go inactive we strongly suggest that any member who will be away from the game more then 3 days use Vacation Mode and Notify the leadership. This will ensure that you do not get attacked.
4. Again since this will crush the person who goes inactive, the inacitve member can only be inactive for the maximum of one week (7 days of being inactive) before being removed from the alliance. if you come back before the 7 days you will only have 3 days to recover your score (Total, Military) to Alliance Standards. if you fail to do so you may be removed from the alliance.

If you have any Questions please direct them to Cronnus from Pact of Gods.


Thank You Slimak for bringing this up.
there are a couple things i want to clarify a little bit.

If you know your going to be gone for 4 days but know your going to be back before seven there is no need to put yourself on vacation mode. but if you are gone for 4 or 5 days and someone has a spy in your city they could easily see that and pounce on the opportunity. The week of "inactive" wont start until you have been officially marked in active which is seven days so you theoretically get 14 days inactive before being removed from the alliance.
If you are talking about the 3 days to get you military back up, this is also really easy to do. once your not marked inactive the attacks will stop you will continue to make resources and you can retrain all the units that you lost. This isn't saying you will be marked inactive after 3 days of logging in.

Also you do not need to report to us if you goto vacation. that was intended for extended vacations like if you know your leaving for 3 weeks. again members would only be a target if they go inactive, and as our policy has been if a player goes inactive the alliance will NOT defend them because they made themselves a target. This is design to make people use the vacation mode and not be marked as inactive because, myself, along with many others when we see an inactive we attack and get there stuff because, you never know if that player is coming back.

"have some leadership ideas for the members like enforcing a plan of expansion and upgrades of saw mill, quarries etc. Like the one that was introduced about the minimum number of armies and ships member needs to have"

We already do. its called the Equal Share Compromise, (E.S.C) on the website. Please read it. this has also been a joint venture with KATIA and POG. the only thing about this is we cannot enforce this because there is no way of view how much people have donated. Again on the alliance policy you will see if you do not donate to your island you make yourself a target. We Are Community Leaders not leechers. We also provide a "Leecher Checker" on the website so our members can see who is leeching as well as if they are. This officially took into effect last Sunday along with all the military standards.

The Problem of the people leaving the islands was because of the new patch. With every patch from the last one on will be removing any inactive players at the time of the release. even if you have been inactive for 1 day the system will remove your account. This is The Ikariam GO's Way of cutting down on inactive members as well.

one thing i would like to add. The Leadership of all 5 alliance have had this plan active for about 3 weeks. restricted to alliance leaders to see what the effects would be. Everyone who was pillaged (the pillage count was ~50 players) never came off the inactive list. they were then removed from the alliance after the two weeks.KATIA and PoG have been working together for awhile now to limit inactives.

Also another note. Players Who are removed from the alliance Will no longer be accepted into any of the top 20 alliances.(the top 20 as of yesterday). We have set this up with the top 20 alliances because no one likes inactive members

-General Cronnus of "Pact of Gods"
"we make war so we may live in peace"

Chapter 12

Hello Gods.

Today as the general i bring Great news, as the diplomat i bring grave news.

After Talks fell short to have MPIRE and GEN to merge with us, they have merged themselves. and now are having some fun with gamma. Yesterday They declared War on 5 top alliances:
ARI-RVR (ARI) -12th(On Going)
Wolf Pack (W P) -43rd(ended)
UNIT -194st(ended)
-PoT-15th(On Going)
Hell - 51(ended)
RAR -2nd- and Allies (On Going)
KingzWorldOrders--KWO-7th(On Going)
The Replicators--CLONE-151st(On Going)

as of now we are allies of RAR however this was signed after the war was already going. i am in diplomatic talks with MPIRE to make sure this does not involve us, however it has been made clear that MPIRE and their allies Will be declaring war on Gamma in a couple weeks. ~Aug 5th~ I, as your general and Diplomat STRONGLY SUGGEST you prepare to defend yourself. the military standards that we put in should help defending yourself. it is all over the ikariam boards but here are a few messages ive received from some of our allies:

D-Web from the alliance KingzWorldOrder sends the following message: Greeting, ally diplomat.

The board says that a "storm" coming to gamma.
I have been contacting all of KWO allies to advise and share intel.
The alliance 'GEN' has folded into MPIRE
MPIRE will be the ones behind the storm.
we have advised our members to build up their defenses,
city walls, armies, fleets.
here is a list of the members of mpire and their training alliance sith.
D-Web KWO Diplomat
5 members of GEN went to mpire and 1 to sith.
That brings mpire to 16 members. (ATM)
darth Vader
big country
xerxes III

And sith now has 6 members
darth maul
darth bane
darth tyranas
darth vaeix

johnsmommy from the alliance The Regulators sends the following message: If I didn't say it before, its MPIRE and SITH that have declared an all out on GAMMA

-G.Cronnus (The Castrator) of "Pact of Gods"
"Military might alone doesn't win wars, But courage,wit and planning are key to do so"

----------Follow up Message_---------

Every member who has the Technology to build: Steam Giants, Bombardiers,Gyro copters,Mortar, Paddle wheels Mortar Ships, , Diving Boats

please message me so i know who can build them, even if you dont have any built

Chapter 13

if we can make an agreement with top 20 alliances about being inactive why in the world can't we do the same with the other top 19 to declare war on mpire? and we all attack there islands how many people would that be against them?

Response from Cronnus(Greety)

Simply this: It is easier to ask someone not to accept someone then it is to ask someone to build their militaries and go on offense to a foe that will fight back. People for the most part are passive that is why MPIRE could and will "Take Over" the gamma server the only people that will stand up and fight are about the top 10 alliance. but since we are nowhere near as coordinated as mpire even with numbers we could still very easily lose.

Q.Why dont we all just attack their Cities
A: if 2 players try to attack a player at the same time it will become a 3 way battle even if you are allied with one of them. MPIRE is made up of RL friends who can text,call, and access IKARIAM on their phones.(i say this because its what is said on the boards)

They coordinate there attacks to be 2 seconds after the one finishes the other will get there. (Blockades) so you will be constantly blockaded and have no chance to build. Since we are a large alliance it would be hard for us to coordinate attacks like this, as well as you would need the corporation of everyone who is attacking on gamma.

Simply put it would be a daunting task to do.

But what we can do to set this up we need:

Player Name
Their city coordinates
City names
Spy Reports on
Military Stationed at each city
Reports on Any Communication ingame
Troop Movements

So Far We only know of 1 city and its coordinate. since MPIRE uses "Floating" cities to do their attacking No one in the Game knows where they are located, or if they do they wont speak up. they build together for protection.To rephrase that last part we dont know where their "Empire" is just know where some of their outposts have been.

-Gen.Cronnus(The Castrator)
"In time of peace, prepare for war"

Chapter 14

Hello Gods.

MPIRE's theme is they will keep attacking someone until they change their name to a star wars name, so i say we shall change our names to Gods, to show that we stand united i will list the Roman And Greek Gods, here more will be posted on the boards

Apollo-Roman God of Sun, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, and Healing
Bacchus-Roman God of Wine
Bellona-Roman Goddess of War
Ceres-Roman Goddess of Corn
Cupid-Roman God of Love
Diana-Roman Goddess of Fertility, Hunting, and the Moon
Faunus-Roman God of Prophecy
Flora-Roman Goddess of Flowers
Janu-Roman God of Gates and Doors
Juno-Roman Goddess of Marriage and Women
Jupiter-Supreme King of the Roman Gods
Lares-Roman God of Household and Estate
Libintia-Roman Goddess of Funerals
Maia-Roman Goddess of Growth and Increase
Mars-Roman God of War
Mercury-Roman messenger God and Commerce God
Minerva-Roman Goddess of Wisdom, Arts, and Trade
Mithras-Roman God of Sun and Light
Neptune-Roman God of the Sea
Ops-Roman Goddess of Fertility
Pales-Roman Goddess of Flocks and Sheppard's
Pluto-Roman God on the Underworld
Pomona-Roman Goddess of Fruit Trees and Fruit
Proserpine-Roman Goddess of the Underworld
Saturn-Roman God of Seeds and Harvest
Venus-Roman Goddess of Beauty and Love
Vertumnus-Roman God of Seasons
Vesta-Roman Goddess of the Hearth
Vulcan-Roman God of Fire

Aphrodite-Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
Apollo-Greek God of Music
Ares-Greek God of War
Artemis-Greek Goddess of the Night and the Hunt. Protector of Women
Athena-Goddess of Wisdom, War, Art, Industry, Justice, and Skill
Demeter-Greek Goddess of Corn, Grain, and the Harvest
Dionysus-Greek God of Wine, Agriculture, and Fertility of Nature
Hades-Ruler of the Underworld
Helios-Greek God of the Sun
Hephaestus-Greek God of Smiths and Fire
Hera-Great Queen of Mount Olympus. Goddess of Marriage and Birth
Hermes-Greek God of Riches, Trade, and Luck
Hestia-Greek Goddess of Hearth Fire and Domestic Life
Persephone-Goddess of the Underworld
Poseidon-Greek God of the Sea
Selene-Goddess of the Moon
Zeus-Ruler of all the Greek Gods. God of the Light and the Sky

TITANS: The twelve giant offspring of GAIA and URANUS.

Cronus(or Kronos and Chronus)-King of the Titans
Rhea-Mother of the "Olympians"
Aether -God of the upper air.
Chaos -Non-gendered deity of the nothingness from which all else sprang.
Erebus -God of darkness and shadow.
Gaia -Goddess of the Earth (Mother Earth), mother of Kronos.
Hemera -Goddess of daylight.
Nyx -Goddess of darkness/night.
Tartarus -Is the darkest, deepest part of the underworld controlled by Hades.
Oranos-God of the heavens (Father Sky) and father of the Titans; banished the Cyclopes to the underworld because they did not please him.

lol its a long list some of the names may be taken already. i will be posting a lot more gods on the website....somewhere.....

-Gen.Cronnus(The Castrator)

Chapter 15

Hello Gods,

Sorry for all the circulars the last couple days. but hey a lot of stuff has developed in the last couple days. This is to talk about the website. since there has been a recent upsurge in alliance members using ingame to trade or get trades i would like to re emphasis our position with this.

The Website was created for the sole purpose to deal with trades,selling,buying,treaties, and "needs". it was also to cut down on circular messages. if you use the ingame members you put the people that use the website at a disadvantage. also if you use ingame you do not reach out to PoG2 members, which might be able to help you.
Also If you think the "Needs" section is empty all the time that is because once the need is met, the system removes them so they don't take up precious space. so just because you may only see 2 or 3 posts that doesnt mean no one is using it, it means that people are using it for asking as well as fulfilling those needs. The Website has changed a lot over the last couple weeks so all of you who signed up then never went back are missing out. there is no more segregation of PoG and PoG2 forums so that we may communicate and trade with each other more efficiently. the PoG2 members can now view all of the PoG needs as well. this will help to get the fulfilled faster. also we are always looking for new pictures, sigs, and cool stuff to add to the website so if you have something send it to me and ill get it up there! thanks for the patience

Pact of Gods
"All for one and one for all!" :P


lso i must add a note about this. If you do not associate a character with our alliance you will not beable to view the needs function. if you dont know how to do this:

on the top of the website there is a button called "Characters and Settings" click that. you should see a list of characters (If you have made any on the website) if not just click "Add New Character" the Group is Special Interest (None) since IKARIAM is not supported by this host. after adding it your character should be auto-tied to our alliance. please do not make more then one character as it messes up the system and you may get none of your characters auto-tied to our alliance and then i get to explain how to do it then :P

Pact of Gods
"If you don't vote, you don't matter"

Chapter 16

naval attacks at once at 00:00:00 Server Time,Aug 2nd. (6pm east - 3pm west)Friday Aug 1st.

Please Get all your members who are participating to be on at this time. this will only work if we have a flood of attacks leaving at the same time.

Please Remember Whatever happens in the up coming weeks that mpire cannot destroy your cities, only pillage. Though i will not settle for anything less then victory, no matter the outcome, know that we stood together and we faught together and this is the true meaning of friendship.

“The young sailor at sea was ordered to climb a mast to adjust a sail during a violent storm. He got halfway up, looked down, got dizzy and sick. An old sailor on deck shouted up to him Look up, son, look up. Young sailor looked up, regained his composure, and completed his mission. Moral: Look ahead, not back.”

Chapter 17

How To Finance a War

Costs go up if:

you continue to grow your military
Send your military on missions (ie. attacks)
the unit choice you have made when creating your military

How to fund these increases of cost:
from experience i can tell you that if you actually look around yourself (3 to 5 islands away from yourself) you can find plenty of people to pillage that are inactive. remember everyday there are more inactive people so look good and look often. some might have a military you will have to kill to get your funds.
Questions to ask yourself when pillaging an inactive player that has a military:

Q1. Can i Safely assault the city without leaving my city open for attack from MPIRE.
A1. if you need to use ships to break threw an inactive use caution has that is your first line of defense for your city. if mpire sends pure troops and no ships your troops will have to fight and we want to stop them before that happens, since most of you do not have steam giants. we make our weakness our strength and their strength their weakness.

Q2.How many troops will i have to send?
A2. learning how to gage military scores is a great way to figure this out. also knowing the person's total score will help as well. Example. if the person your attacking has 10,000 total points and 100 military score, he will most likely be all ground troops phalanx and swordsmen (like 15 of either unit), now if someone has a score of 50,000 with a low military score they have probably had the pleasure of growing pains without a military, so they will have diversified their military into a couple land and sea based troops.

Q3.When Should i send a spy?
A3.if you want fast knowledge i say as soon as you know you want to attack that person.

Q4.What if i have no spare Spies to view this city?
A4.great question. easiest thing to do is this. make a couple slingers 2 or 3. since these guys are insanely cheap to make they make great Intel Collectors. send them to the city, if they get turned around because they would lose a sea battle you know know that atleast part of his forces are sea based. if he doesn't get turned around and gets killed you know 1 of 2 things. 1. the walls to the city surpass level 14, or 2 the defenders military is at least 3x the offensive power or defensive power of your attack. knowing this you can do several things. collect more data by sending in a phalanx or gunman as these will not die to walls, if you manage to get a combat report for both sides you will see all of his land based troops.

Q5.how do i know how much gold I will be getting in returns from this city?
A6. Inline score, formally Score Search, is a great way to determine how much gold you will be getting. if you do not use firefox there are still ways to find military and gold scores. just click highscores and type in the player that you plan on attacking then switch it to general for his military score and gold reserve for his gold score. the gold score you can assume that you will be getting 1% of his total gold. Example 100,000 gold reserve you can expect to get 1,000 gold from each pillage.

Know your enemy, (the person you plan to pillage), know how long he has been inactive. if he has been inactive for a long while he probably wont have good mats returns, but if he went inactive yesterday, he is still ripe for the picking. like stated before look good and look often.

Other ways of financing a war: sell unnecessary goods. if you are wanting to focus solely on building and maintaining your military, you can sell you excess marble for huge money gains, you can sell excess wine for huge money gains as well. Wood, Crystal and Sulfur should be saved as you are using these materials for your war effort. (crystal for upgrades). The most important thing about this way is that you have good relations with your surrounding islands. if you make a good name in selling goods people are more likely to pay a higher price.

Remember as well that as you lose units your gold upkeep will decrease releasing some pressure on your gold reserves.

Build in Small Quantities. even if you can build 50 units all at one, take it down to 3 or 4 so your citizens can collect as much money as they can before being drafted. this will also help preserve your city populations.

Now i will list how much gold im losing a hour, but maintaining my original gold reserve base.
Income Upkeep Amount
Venetico 2,744 10,860 -8,117
Messina 3,185 11,295 -8,111
Capizzi 4,072 12,615 -8,544
San Marco 2,988 9,784 -6,796
TOTAL 12,991 44,555 -31,565

Not impressive number's but i started with a base of about 290,000 Gold and i know have 336,931.

Thank you for taking time to read this and i hope this has helped some of you better understand how to Finance a war

*****Gen.Cronnus (The Castrator)
"Let every alliance know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty."

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