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This Will Cover all Messages from Yaz

Chapter 1

Greetings my Fellows,

I have enjoyed working with everyone in POG for the last while. I remember back when we were celebrating Oliver and others reaching 8k points. I mention this to point out how long it has been since I joined the pact. Leaving now is done with somewhat of a heavy heart. I am buoyed up, however, by the knowledge that my departure is only a formality for the computer system’s convenience. As many, if not all, of you know by now I am leaving for the purpose of setting up POG2. This is to be a sister alliance of POG.

You are all aware that POG recently inducted a minimum criterion for membership. The measure that has been set in place for POG’s standard is 35k points, and a standing army of 3 phalanxes and 1 ship per town level in each town. Not all of our current members meet these standards however. It is not our wish to push aside, or cut loose anybody who is with us now, irregardless of how they measure up to the new criteria. You are all great assets, and, we hope, friends. That is the reason for the creation of POG2. In POG2 we will be helping those members who have yet to meet the criteria get to that point. It is understood that a point value doesn’t necessarily indicate a player’s experience; it is just a bar that can be used for measuring, taking a picture of ones circumstances if you will. Once a member of POG2 meets these requirements they will be moved to/back to POG.

Some may be concerned that they will be losing touch with members who will be in the other section of POG as a whole, be that POG or POG2, this will not be so. Thanks to the efforts of Greety we have the POG forum that keeps communication open between us. The councils of POG and POG2 will be in constant communication, and members have the same opportunities.

I would like to introduce the council and members of POG2:

Leader: Yazdyeys (yours truly)
Diplomat: Vladussr (until recently he has been the Diplomat for POG)
General: Oto1994 (the current General of POG)
Homeland Secretary: blinkboyy (I’m sure you all know him.)

For members we will, of course, be starting out with some who are currently in POG. We will then be adding more as we recruit. Those coming with are:

dragon killa

Some of these players are relatively new to the game, some may be new to this server, and some may have just moved their kingdom, and are now rebuilding. This is the reason I say that a point value doesn’t necessarily measure experience. It is just a snap shot of present circumstances. As each of these players meet the qualifications, and room is made in POG, they will move back in.

Oliver, myself, and the other council members are all excited about this addition to our alliance, and are united in our resolve to push forward together. We look forward to striving forward with the rest of you as well.

Hoping you are all well,

Chapter 2

Greetings My Friends,

It has been brought to my attention that there will be trouble ahead.  I have received a message from Cronnus, and will just pass it on to all of you as I received it.


See Greety's story Ch. 12

End quote.

As you can all see, there are some who intend to plunge us into the chaos of war.  I would like to second the recommendation made in Cronnus' message, that we all prepare to defend ourselves.  These players that will be doing this will no longer be deterred by the appearance of an alliance tag under a player's name.  We may be a new addition to POG, but I believe that we can have great strength to call upon if it is needed.  It will take everyone's participation though.  As always the officers are happy to offer advice to any who ask.  

I will also take this opportunity to introduce a few members that many of you may already know.  What I am introducing though is their position as "mentors."  They too will be ready to offer advice to any who ask for it.  They are there in case the four officers are off line or otherwise unavailable.  Our "mentors" are:


They are some who did not need to leave POG when we started POG2, but chose to come here anyway.  They have agreed to assist in this advisory role, and I thank them again for that.  Thank you all as well for doing your part.

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