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Chapter 1

“wha…..what happened? Where am I?”

“Ah, Agent Cortez, glad to see that your finally awake. You had a nasty spill there, got us all worried.”

“Who the hell are you? Where is the rest of my team and why am I strapped to this bed?!?”

“Oh I am sorry, I haven’t introduced myself. I am Professor Nucleus Von Fission. Don’t worry. You are at a Vanguard Medical facility. Some of your other squad members are here in other recovery rooms. What is the last thing you remember?”

“We were sent in a routine patrol when the Rikti attack caught us by surprise. Worse yet, there were no capes nearby to help. I thought you guys sent alerts to the nearby capes every time those attacks were detected? Still, why the hell am I strapped to the bed? Unhook me so I can stand up. My arms itch like hell and I really need to stretch my legs and go check on my squad.”

“The Rikti assault caught everyone by surprise.  I regret to inform you that most of your unit was lost. Those that survived are in intensive care units. It’s a miracle that you are alive. As to releasing the straps? That, Agent Cortez, would not be wise…you are strapped in so you don’t fall over. You see, to save you, we had to act fast. What you are feeling in your arms and legs is called “limb memory sensation”. Don’t worry about it because your arms and legs don’t really hurt. We had to amputate them….”

A man barely alive. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...faster.

“Professor? Do you really think Cortez is a good candidate for the project? I read his profile and recovery report. He doesn’t seem like the type that would follow orders.”

“I am telling you, if the attack had not happened, he would have probably developed abilities later on, his sister has already developed powers. Goldman, I can assure you that we can use his latent abilities to guaranty success.”

“Very well, just make sure you implement some type of failsafe to keep him in check.”


“Cortez, an option has come up so you can return to a normal life. That’s if you’re interested?”

“Professor…do us both a favor an go away. Leave me alone.”

“What? At least hear me out. Or do you plan to just stay in bed the rest of your life, having someone feed you and bath you like an invalided? Recently, a research lab in one of Paragon’s schools for exceptional students, RustCo, has developed several robotic configurations. They may have a couple of programming flaws in the AI, but since we won’t be using the entire android, there should be no problem. You could walk again. We can give you your arms back!”

“Ok, I’m game… Just out of curiosity, what was this new robotics development program called?”



“Professor. Status report”

“Goldman. Cortez has been implanted with several augmentations to return him to active duty. The fusion core that powers his enhancements shall produce enough excess energy that he will be able to use it as both, a weapon and protection.”

“and for the Failsafe?”

“Simple. He doesn’t cooperate; we can shut them down by remote. That’s the only thing keeping him alive, so you get the idea.”


“Hello agent Cortez, My name is Goldman. I run the program Nuclear Man program that you so graciously have chosen to join. I hear that the augmentations have preformed better than expected. Vanguard has invested an immense amount of resources and time on your recovery. Now it’s time to pay back. It’s simple. I know for a fact that you have very little love for our organization but you have even less love for the Rikti. I am offering you a chance to earn those augmentations. I am offering a chance to get even with the Rikti! I read in your profile that you were close to the rest of your unit. Don’t you think there should be retribution? Michael lead the heavenly host with a flaming sword in heaven’s time of need. This is humanity’s time of need. Will you be that flaming sword?  It’s time to rise from the ashes and give your old squad the remembrance they deserve. What was the call signed they used to call you?”


Chapter 2

Dear Gytana.


First thing is first. I am alive. I know they told you I was MIA. They lied. And they will lie again, so don’t believe anything they say. You are probably wondering if I am alive, how come I haven’t gone to find you. Let’s just say it’s complicated.


Where to start. I know you were against me volunteering when the Rikti started attacking. What can I say, I couldn’t let my little sis get all the fun. Guess I deserve a big “I told you so”. My unit got ambushed and took heavy losses, me included…I am still alive because they rebuilt me. Yeah, I was put back together, some wires, some motors and voila, a new me. Only prob is they thought that now I was their little soldier boy, su soldadito. Papi barely kept me in check, and they thought they could. The bot parts they used had some sort of control chip in them. Guess the chips where not meant to be used under intense heat and your not the only hot latino in the family. 


I have heard your doing well in that entire superhero gig, just a little to public for me right now. Sure, you get to appear on the newspaper every week, help out other heroes in saving the planet and such. You know that’s never been my style.


I am holding out in the Hollows. I need to lay low for a while. That and I promised mami that someday I would try to make things here right. Here, there is no spotlight, just the barrio trying to survive. The gangs have tried to take over. Most capes and tights are to busy saving the city, possing for their Heroes Monthly, signing endorsements. And what about the community? Sure, I am glad your making it big, sis. Me, I’m going to stick here. There might no be any profile pictures of me in the papers, but I’m make sure that the gangs don’t get any more of our kids…




Chapter 3

Situation? A bank robbery gone wrong. 12 hostages, including 4 low-level security heroes are held by a group of armed assailants. The police have been able to block their exit just before our hero arrived.


�What�s the situation officer?�


�Gytano, a group of gangers from the Rogue Islands came here to rob the bank. We stopped them from getting out and trenched them up inside the building A couple of local capes tried to stop them before we got here, but being low level security heroes, they just ended adding to the Hostage numbers. We have no idea who they are, but their only demand was that it had to be you that tried to negotiate the hostage release.�


�Me? Why me? I have never done any hostage negotiations. Why would they ask for me?�


�Your guess is as good as mine. Your work in the Hollows has gotten you in the good graces with the capt�n so he had no problem with sending you out here.  Let me get you the phone. The leader calls himself Malcontent. He is using a voice mod to avoid identification, so we have no idea who he is.�


� A few minutes later�


�Malcontent, We got you Gytano. We did our part, send out at least one hostage. I�ll put him on as soon as we see a hostage. Good, we are seing her now, here you go.�


�MALCONTENT, THIS IS GYTANO! What? No, I have no idea who this is�..Who�.Oh god, your kidding me�.WAIT�.What? Give me a moment�.wait just a moment!�


�Officer, do you mind, I need you to shut down the recorder, the voice analyzer, and anyone else on the line has to get off.�


�That is against procedure! I cannot let that happen.�


�Please, this will help save lives.�


�Very well. Just keep in mind that any body we get in a bag is in your head.�


� A few moments later, Gytano walks out of earshot from the officers�


Malcontent? Malcontent? What the hell do you mean Malcontent!!! Do you have any idea just how bad this is going to make me look! If you had something you wanted to tell me, Malorie, this is not the way!

I know that the doctor told us we needed to open the channels of communications but, beba, this is definitely not the way. Can you imagine what it�s going to look like when the papers find out that my wife has taken up hostages in a bank robbery!

Well, I told you we could sit down and talk tonight.

Yes, I know that I said that yesterday too, but it�s not like I can predict when an emergency comes up.

I know that you can. But come-on, I am supposed to go with what your dark arts tell you. You realize they are called dark arts for a reason.

No I am not being judgmental. I never complained about your religion, just you actively practicing it in our house. I am still trying to find into what dimension did you sent the plasma TV.  My watching the FIFA finals when your mama came to visit does not give you an excuse to exorcise my home theater!

My sister�s magic use is not even close to being the same! She doesn�t invoke daemons for her magic.

Will you stop with my sister. I don�t complain about your brother, the deamon bound! And, yes, last night there was an actual emergency! How many times do I have to explain this!

Of course you could see other women in your visions. They probably are my sisters coworkers! You know she got me this job.

ACTION FIGURES!!! My teams name is Action Figures and not The Boy Toys. I don�t care if darkness itself told you that Fanci considered giving us that name. She never considered it for the reasons you think. We are called Action Figures!

3 girls, a dog and some sort of vine rope??? What type of freak do you take me for? Oh wait, I was with Wolf, Vanessa, and the Cowgirl. Some of your friends where causing problems in Bricks.

Vanessa? You know, Vanessa Vines. By what other name should I call her to make you happy?

No I will not call her that.

I never complained that your work team are all guys! Say why can�t you have at least one girl in your team?

Because when strong women get together, what happens? Will you tell your lackey to shut up, I can�t hear you

Will you calm down� You know how you get when your temper gets fired up.



You shot one of your own guys? How many does that make this month alone? Then you wonder why I recommended therapy!

No, you don�t have to shoot someone to show me your crazy. I am not saying your loca, just a bit temperamental.

You know I have to go in and do the hero thing don�t you. Yeah I know, by the time I get in you will have ported out of there. That doesn�t stop me from beating the crap out of your guys.

Yes, I love you too, and I�ll be home early.

What? Your mom invited us to dinner?  Wait, I have another call�..Listen, Kira told me we have a team meeting tonight, so I�ll be home late.

I don�t care what the dark forces are telling you, I have a meeting tonight, Who are you going to believe, darkness or me.

You see, that�s why we need therapy, no trust! Just tell your guys to be ready for a beating, I am going in�.


�And so our hero rushed into the bank, flames covering his entire body!

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