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Sidhe Blade

Chapter 1

The sun shown down upon the forest clearing, where a young girl was going through the partied potions of a sword drill. One could have imagined it but for a moment it looked like a shadow moved in the trees. The girl smile but continued moving through the drill. Suddenly she dropped down to the forest floor and spun only to rise again in a quick movement to block the swing from an opposing sword.  She smile and laughed, “oh Belebririll when will you learn that you cannot ever sneak up on me. I am a better warrior than you; I proved that in the games.”

The man smiled at her “Yes I know what you did in the games but perhaps Iséwien the men had a pack to be kind to you?”

“I would hardly believe it; the games are honorable to see who among all of the fae are worthy to serve our King and Gaia in battle. We fight for their honor though Gaia has not been seen in a very long time.”

“Iséwien, I know that she has not been seen among the common fae but has not your mother been in communication with her?”

“If she has she has not said a word. It has troubled my father and me for awhile now. I know that she was hoping that I would have her gift so she would teach me what she sees and how to work with it but I took after my father more. My grandmother blames my mother for not marrying the sear that she had arranged for her.”

“Ah your grandmother was not as gifted as your mother and the kingdom knows it so don’t worry about what your grandmother thinks. Now it is time for you to head home your mother sent me for you.”

“All right if mother sent you here I guess I can head homeward.” And with that she offered out her arm with a smile and the two walked arm in arm into the forest both smiling.

When Iséwien arrived at home her father greeted her. “Quickly my daughter we must get ready to go to the palace to see the royal court.”

“Father, it is rather unusual for us to go today, we are not to make our presence known for another fortnight.”

“Yes I know but we have been summoned because of a message your mother sent to the Queen.”

“Mother had a vision? A strong one?”

“Yes, now quickly child you waist time and my patience.”

As Iséwien and her family approached the palace it was a thing of beauty and yet lesser than the temple that was next to it. This was the temple of Gaia, where on the holly days the whole kingdom would come and pray to her for love and protection. It has also been said that Gaia herself has been known to appear in her temple and bless those whom she sees personally. That however was a very long time ago and Gaia had not been seen in at least 2 generations.

Upon entering the throne room Iséwien stood straighter and with the grace of a warrior woman.  Bowing low before the King and Queen Iséwien stayed behind her parents a little, for she had not been promised to any man or service for her adult life. Iséwien could marry if she wanted, or she could commit herself to a life of service and marry, she was expected to do what she loved, it was Gaia’s commandment; do all things in life with love.

It was a surprise to Iséwien when she heard her mother speak first before being address by the king or queen. “Your majesties, I send you and urgent message that Gaia had sent me a vision herself, crying out for help and was in great pain.”

The king frowned at the outburst but Queen Eladia put her hand on his arm and smiled gently, “Yes Tydia, I did receive your message and summoned you here so that you might explain more. Please rise let your family sit and tell us of all that you saw in your vision.”

“Thank you your majesties.” Iséwien and her father moved quickly to the side so that her mother could tell of what she saw.

“There were two children in my vision and I could feel Gaia looking at them and smiling like a mother, being very watchful of these two.” Tydia took a deep breath and her eyes clouded over and one could tell that she was not seeing the room any more. “One child has dark reddish hair and the other has light hair. They play at Gaia’s feet as she watches. In the realm of the humans they are older now still children at play. The dark haired one seems to enjoy the fish in the pond; the other enjoys playing on the boulders there. Scream I hear the screams people are dying. Gaia is sad one of the children is missing. The dark haired one is missing. The little one cries she is blessed with the power of Gaia. Gaia herself is in anguish over the loss.” Tydia’s eyes clear and she looks upon the king and queen “Gaia came to me in my vision I had not seen all of what was just said, however Gaia wants her lost daughter back home. She cannot find her and asked if our people would be willing to help her find her daughter.”

Queen Eladia smiled softly but worried. “How shall we help Gaia where she has failed? Surly the mother of all could see where her daughter is?”

“There is a force at work that has prevented Gaia from seeing her daughter, a great darkness and this is why she has asked for our help. We need to pick someone would be willing to go to the human realm and look for Gaia’s daughter.”

King Galorion stood and looked among the courtiers. “We shall have another set of games. I know that we have many among the kingdom that would be willing to go to the human realm and search for Gaia’s daughter that she is so desperate to find. Send word throughout the land that in a fortnight we shall gather in the shadow of Gaia’s temple to see who among the people is the most worthy to be sent after the child.”

With that he sat down and the courtiers started to leave.

Iséwien smile and hugged her mother. “I will be the one to rescue the daughter of Gaia. “She said proudly

Her mother frowned “Have you not proved enough that you are the best among the warriors? I do not wish to lose you. My line of seers must go on. I am not forcing you into a marriage that you do not want but Iséwien I want grandchildren at some point.”

“Mother! I plan to get married and have children but would it not bring great honor to our family if I was the one to rescue Gaia’s child?”

Tydia sighed “I will talk it over with your father, go I think I see Belebririll in the courtyard.”

Iséwien smiled brightly I will see you for dinner in the place mother.

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