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Stories : Not Again!

World of Warcraft tale by 539853210_Inactive, 2008-07-28T18:34:00.0000000. Reads: 501
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We were running RFK when...

Chapter 1

   We were running across a bridge when we spotted them. A squad of Quillboars were just ahead unaware of the danger they were about to face. I charged in to pull a couple of them. As i back-stepped toward my party waiting on the bridge, I realized the boars were growing in size. Soon I felt air rush all around me and I slammed down on the ground dazed and weary. I had fallen off the bridge. As I gained my senses I knew i was in for it. There were tons of Boars wandering about me. One spotted me and so I attacked. Before I knew it, there were six boars surrounding me and tearing at my armor. My group was too high up to help. As I battled, I accepted defeat and faded back to the spirit at the graveyard. Next time I'll watch my step, I thought, and ran back to join my group.

Chapter 2

   We ran RFK again and were slaughtering Quillboars as though they were Allies. We arrived at the dreaded bridge and this time i was cautious so I wouldn't fall again. We were almost finished wiping out the enemies across the bridge when a Quillboar mage  ran away from the fray and on top of a giant thorned vine which jutted out of the cliff. I gave chase and jumped on to the vine. I lost my footing and slipped off the side plummeting to the bottom of the pit. As I landed a jolt of pain shot through my body. The boars rushed at me to finish me off when my group jumped down and began to fend them off. I joined them and together we wiped the rest of RFK.

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