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The story of an Elite group of Warriors, their history and their Legacy.

Chapter 1

***PLEASE NOTE:  All "real life" references will be put in [brackets].

Once upon a time, in the land of Tyria, there was a lady by the name of Gwendilyn Rose.  She grew up spending most of her time learning the ways of the Kings and Queens of the court.  She was taught manners, rules, etiquette, but she also learned about art, dance and music.  But, having spent so much time in her studies, Gwen did not have any opportunities to experience for herself the adventures she had heard so many stories of over the years.  Her family decided that in order for her to truly become a "Lady," she would need to experience life outside of the court as well.  Her family sent her to speak with Sir Tydus in Ascalon City and thus her adventures began. 

Gwendilyn Rose experienced many exciting adventures and became skilled in not only her profession as a mesmer, but also as a ranger.  Once Gwen learned that she would be unable to return to her family after leaving Ascalon City, she returned to them to say one last farewell.  She hoped that fate would find a way to somehow bring her back to them.  While visiting her family for the last time, Gwendilyn Rose was officially given the title of "Lady."  She vowed that she would do her best to act in a way that would continue to bring honor to her family. 

[Yes, I know that you name your character before you start pre-searing, but it fit the story better to do it this way. :P] 

Just as she was about to leave on her journey, Lady Gwen received news that her niece, Gwen, had suddenly disappeared.  Lady Gwen's sister, Sarah, was frantic with worry.  Lady Gwendilyn Rose vowed that day that she would spend the rest of her days searching for her long lost niece.  She returned to Ascalon City to determine how she could best assist in the fight against the Charr, hoping she may obtain further information about her niece's location during her travels. 

After the searing, Lady Gwendilyn Rose returned to Ascalon City only to learn that her family had been killed.  There were still rumors running around that her niece, Gwen, had still been spotted on occassion.  Lady Gwen went searching to try to determine the validity of these rumors.  While questing one day just outside Ascalon City, she came across the broken flute she had given to her niece for her tenth birthday.  Lady Gwendilyn Rose knew her niece was still out there somewhere and her resolve grew even firmer that day to find the only family member she might have still alive.  Thus began a new chapter in the life of Lady Gwendilyn Rose.

Chapter 2

***PLEASE NOTE:  All "real life" references will be put in [brackets].

Lady Gwendilyn Rose continued in her quest to find her neice and she continued to track down and kill as many Charr as she came across.  After journeying for about a month [in real time], Lady Gwen encountered 3 friends. 

Luna Solana was an Elementalist by profession whom Lady Gwen had grown up with as a child.  Assuming that Luna had been killed in the searing, Lady Gwen was astounded to learn that Luna's life had been spared only due to the fact that she had been sent out on a similar journey to Lady Gwen's.  Luna and Lady Gwen quickly rekindled their friendship and became best friends.  They spent as much time together as they possibly could.  Luna had always admired Lady Gwen's wit and wisdom and vowed that she would always be at her side to learn as much as she could.

Persephone Rose was a Necromancer by profession whom Lady Gwen met while training in the Catacombs.  While Persephone seemed to be a somewhat quiet type, Lady Gwen found her abilities to commune with minions and beasts facinating.  In a fluke accident, Persephone Rose lost control of her minions and was almost consumed by them.  Lady Gwen quickly came to the rescue of her friend and was able to destroy the minions, but only just barely.  Persephone vowed from that day forward to be by Lady Gwen's side as an attempt to repay her for the selflessness she was shown that day. 

Gwendilyn Swift was a Warrior by profession whom Lady Gwen met in Ascalon City after the searing.  Gwendilyn had come from a poor family and had no money to purchase the items she needed to continue her journey.  Lady Gwen was attracted to her since they shared the same name and wanted to know more about this poor woman.  Gwendilyn Swift had spent her last piece of gold on ale and determined to drink her life away.  Being drunk, she opened up to Lady Gwen and told her her whole life story.  Because Lady Gwen had spent so much time at court, she had never seen the poverty she had heard existed.  Gwendilyn showed Lady Gwen what poverty was that day, and Lady Gwen was humbled.  She sobered up Gwendilyn and took her shopping for the things she needed.  Gwendilyn Swift later learned that Lady Gwen had spent every last coin she had.  She vowed that day to return as much as she could spare of her earnings back to Lady Gwen. 

Chapter 3

[friends given assignment to find guild, joining wind, new leadership/government experiences, new friends]

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