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An exciting tale of the adventures of two unlikely friends. A Dervish meets a Ranger and their destiny is sown. The future of three regions will be drastically change, and the skills of these brave warriors will be put to the test. (Stay tuned each week for additional chapters.)

Chapter 1

    A man, once a boy, spent the entirety of his life in the region known as Elona.  He had never traveled to the mainland, he had never heard the name Cantha or Tyria.  He knew nothing of the world outside of his own walls. 

    He grew to be  fighter, a holy warrior.  He communed with the five gods, and grew his powers until finally he could join the Sunspears.  He knew he was nowhere near the skill level of the others.  He did not have the wisdom, nor the tools needed to compare with the great commanders and generals, yet something deep inside gave him a power greater than anything ever seen in Blacktide Den.

   His name was Sunjin.  He was a Dervish, and his story was just beginning.

Chapter 2

    Klees was the name he was know by.  His first name never spoken.  He grew up in the small town of Ascalon.  Born in the Shiverpeaks, his family migrated to Ascalon for protection from the elements.  He took after his father, becoming a hunter at a young age, and started honing his skills with a bow.  He dreamed of being the greatest hunter Tyria had ever seen.  Claiming trophies of the creatures he had taken contracts on.

    He often traveled to the shiverpeaks as a teen.  He grew weary of the region, and the constant pressure to slay beasts, and one day he just vanished.

    And then that day came.  A treacherous day in the history of Ascalon.  The searing by the Char.  Massive legion broke the defense of the guards.  All the forces of Ascalon were useless against the hordes of Char.  They had but one thing on their mind....Kill everyone and destroy everything.

Klees reappeared after learning of the attacks and did his best to fend off the Char.  The remnants of Ascalon would move on to form a refuge, and live on with hated of the Char in their hearts.

That day he was awarded with the most sought after title a Ranger can seek...Quickshot Klees.  And so he traveled on with the refugees, wondering what would come next.


Chapter 3

    Ascalon had been devastated by the Charr.  The stronghold was in ruins, the land was scorched, and the people were demoralized.  Fear spread across the land and the region entered a dark time.

    Quickshot marched on with the refugees, helping them where he could.  The Char still roamed the outskirts of the castle, and therefore it was not safe to travel alone.  He traveled with groups or peasants from town to town protecting them when it was needed.  His destination.....The Gates of Kryta.

    Meanwhile, in Elona, Sunjin trained on with his partner Koss.  A brave and powerful warrior, he was rivaled by few in measure of shear strength.  Assigned to travel with Sunjin and keep him out of trouble.  His duty as a Sunspear to carry out the peace in Elona.

    Soon they would embark on their first mission together.  Something strange had been creeping over the lands of Elona.  A powerful aura consuming victims and filling the air with a putrid haze.  A plague of sorts, or so it was thought.

    Sunjin and Koss were sent to find the origin of this problem.  In order to get answers they had to fight many battles.  They honed their skills in the time to come, as they came closer to the source.  The corsair polluted the lands with their presence, pillaging where they could and killing all who stood in there way.  To progress any further, they would need much more help.

    It was on to the next location to meet with some old friends.

Chapter 4

    Koss and Sunjin traveled on in search of some old friends.  A monk named Dunkoro was the first they saught.  His wisdom was great after many years of being a monk.  He had knowledge of many things going on in Elona, and was said to be staying near the Cliffs of Dohjok.

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