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World of Warcraft tale by Kisoli Oiprisa, 2008-12-21T11:06:00.0000000. Reads: 510
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Before there was ever such thing as "Jedi" and "Sith", there were soldiers. In a galaxy torn by the ravages of war, the Rebel Alliance fights off the Empire and it's desires of conquest. But there are no jedi to save them from this war. Only the brave soldiers, who fight for their freedom, or fight to destroy the freedom of others. This is the story of the Rebellion 2nd Marines and the Third Royal Navy, and their heroic deeds against the Empire.

Chapter 0

    This war has been going on for far to long...Massive fleets of man and steel fight for control of the galaxies spaceroutes. Infantry storm the fields of battle, either facing death or glory, and most do not even know the cause they fight for. Heroes rise, leading their men to battle and victory...and Heroes fall, causing their men to fall with them...
    After the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel alliances position was about to collapse. Not only was their main base destroyed and most of their leaders killed, the Empire used the confusion to blockade Rebellion ports, fleets, and planets. The entire Rebellion military was stuck, they had no absolute leaders to make decisions, and they had no major forces in one area. 
    Four battle groups were free of the blockades when it happened. The Rebellion 1st and 3rd navies, and their connected forces, had to put up a attempt to free the ports. The two other navies were smaller and made course to join the 1st and 3rd.    
    Each of them also had large amounts of Rebellion marines. A new force, designed to make massive raids on cities before the army arrived. Their tactics and strategies were very different, and they became a extremely well-conditioned fighting force.
    Another new attachment was the N.O.V.A assault and transport craft. These were extremely durable and capable spaceship, designed to break through large guns and anit-aircraft fire with their shields and hull. Composed of a unique design and two large defensive guns, they could quickly land a platoon of marines and get out just as quick. They also had the HBA variant. The Nova HBA had Two large naval cannons and two long range machine guns attached to the side and operated by a crew of six. They could achieve both close and long range fire support for the marines on the ground.

    Admiral Teal was the Commanding Officer of the Rebellion Third Royal Navy. A outstanding Naval commander, he was decorated for his achievements in many different engagements. He was in hyperspace when the blockade happened, after a small raid. The Third Navy he commanded consisted of Two Mon-Cal cruisers, five MKIV Heavy assault cruisers, Ten Blockade runners, and several other tactical craft.
    The Marine officer in charge was Colonel Vander, a aged and very experienced soldier. He was as tough as a mountain, and just as loud. But there was no mistaking in the pride and care of his men. Also, Major Dicks assisted him. In total, Two whole battalions made up the marine force on the ship.
    Also among these men was Captain Kisoli Oiprisa and his Sargeant, Talton. Commanding a company of men, Kisoli is a young but somewhat experienced leader. He has yet to prove himself on the grounds of total, total war.

    And now, the 3rd Navies first step is to help break the blockade at Dantooine. Though far away, it was where a massive contingent of their military was stationed. Several planets stood in their way. The first one was the planet of Rori, a moon of Naboo, and it's capital Restuss.

Chapter 1

    "I need a magazine!" A private yelled, ducking down under a pile of debris. Laserfire exploded all around the small platoon of Marines, who were popping off shots at the entrenched Imperials at the other end of the street.
    "Asa! Put some suppresing fire on the left side!" Kisoli roared, referring to the machine gun team dug in on the other side. 
    When they had their heads down, Kisoli beckoned to a soldier with a large rocket launcher. "Do it!"
    Kneeling down, the Marine looked through the sight and fired at the entrenchment. It hit it, sending a few Imperial stormtroopers flying. As he went back under cover, a laser hit him in his arm and lower back. 
    Screaming, he fell to the ground. A nearby soldier pulled him under cover yelling "Medic!"
    Corporal Ranson O'Marra, the Corpman, responded to the cries.
    "Covering fire!" Yelled the Sargeant, picking up his rifle and firing a full magazine of rounds into the enemy. 
    Under the cover of the fire, Ranson went to the soldier and started to treat him. Removing his armor, he pulled out his tools and went to work.
    "This is group 12, over!" Yelled the radioman over the comlink. "This is group 12, do you copy! We need immediate air support, over!"
    "Machine gunner, left building!" 
    A Imperial crew set down a large gun on the window seal of a apartment building. But before they could load it, a laser shot two of them and the other retreated. Corporal Hendrix lowered his sniper rifle, finding a new target. He was leaning out of a window, behind the squad, several meters away. 
    Pop, pop, pop! Kisoli's rifle shimmered with activity as he tried to pick off important targets. But they just seemed to keep coming.
    "We need...to retreat!" A private yelled. 
    "If we do, the flanks to the main force will be vunerable! We hold this line!" the Captain yelled.
    "T2B tank!"
    Kisoli cursed as a large silver tank appeared, baring a large gun pointed straight at them. A gunner sat up top, but he was dispatched by Hendrix before he ever fired a shot.
    "Rocket, up!" Kisoli ordered.
    The soldier who pulled the previous rocketman under cover retrieved the weapon and loaded it.
    "Give me some cover!" he yelled.
    The Marines responded with a hail of fire. The new rocketman roared and charged. Kneeling down when he felt he was close enough, he fired a rocket. It went straight through the shields of the tank, and hit it's core. It exploded, sending debris into the closest stormtroopers.
    "Captain, the Major is requesting you!" The radioman reported.
    Picking up the radio, kisoli responded with a loud "Sir!" and several rifle shots.
    "I need a status report, Captain."
    "We are running low on ammunition," pop, pop, "We lost four Marines, and we have two wounded. Imperials don't seem to be giving any ground..." *Machine gun fire, and several carbine shots.* "We need some air support sir if we are going to hold this line!"
    "Just hang in there Captain, support is on it's way."
    "Roger that sir, over and out!"
    He gave the radio back, and pulled out two pistols. "Don't give in, boys! We will hold this line at all costs! Help is coming soon!"
    "Sir, look!"
    Kisoli looked to the sky. At first, it was just glimmers. But when they got closer, he could see two x-wings and a y-wing. 
    "Pop smoke, make sure they don't hit US!"
    Two Marines took out two smoke grenades and threw them at both sides of the street. As the ships got closer, the X-wings fired their lasers. It was a site of awe, the red lasers tore up the defensive line. They pulled up, and the Y-wing released four bombs. 
    "Everyone DOWN!" Roared the Sargeant.
    The bombs met the enemy in massive fireballs. The ground shook and debris flew all over the block. It didn't take much of a mind to know that the Imperials had been decimated. 
    "Don't let them recover! Chargeee!" Roared Kisoli, hurtling over his cover and rushing to the defense.
    His troops followed behind him, yelling battle cries and cheers.
    Then, four windows of a local house opened, revealing several rifles and machine guns. The platoon kept charging, right into their firing line. And the machine guns fired...

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