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News from the SoM News Group

Chapter 1


On 01/09/2009 at 8am EST, the Source of Magic Guild Hall was bought! On 01/10/2009, we had a grand opening for everyone to come see out the big beautiful guild hall, that we are all so very proud of. Thank you to the crafters Furyis, Meelia and Garuda. Thank you also to the harvesters Strel and Woodfeather. We would also like to thank those that helped put the hall together, Martor, Oraak, Chalant, Mrsbusiness and Quakanee. A huge thank you to all that donated!!

HEADLINE: (Archer) Luthein achieves (Marksman) rank in a DOOZY! The trial of (Marksman) race to 3 kills. Each kill of the trial becomes more difficult; bows and long range spells only. The (Archangel) of the House of Light, herself, held the trial. Dodging and weaving through the battle area. Luthein with expert and well thought out shots was up for the challenge. At one point, Luthein fired an arrow and knocked the Angel out of the circle and she quickly had to recover. Also, we interviewed the Leader of HoL, and she said it was spectacular, "At one point, I was crouching behind an obstacle and his arrows went over the obstacle and rained down on top of me. I am so proud to have skilled members like this in our house." Luthein won 3-2, and was awarded the respected rank for the ranger class (Marksman). CONGRATULATIONS LUTHEIN!!!

HEADLINE: SoM gets their first Mythical broadcast server wide!! On 01/19/2009, Garuda endured much danger to be the first SoM member to emerge from the battlefields with her Mythical weapon. CONGRATULATIONS GARUDA!!!

The House of Light’s 1st Hide & Seek game. Good fun, and great prizes! There is a 10gp entry fee to participate, but f you cannot afford this HoL will pay your entry fee. The money raised will be directly donated to the Guild Hall Escrow. This event will be held Sunday, 01/25/2009, at 3pm EST and 12pm PST. Please meet at the front doors of the guild hall, we hope to see everyone there and good luck to all that will participate.!!


SoM Newsletter Team
(Mrsbusiness and Woodfeather)

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