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Stories : Vitruvian Wave (In-game bio - City of Heroes)

City of Heroes/Villains tale by Miyka'el, 2009-02-02T05:24:00.0000000. Reads: 780
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This is an in-game character bio from City of Heroes.

Chapter 1

The following was taken directly from the short character description that I created in-game.  An actual story will develop from this at a later time.

As with many of my characters, this one will not actually go by his alias.  "The Vitruvian Wave" will simply be the title of the real story.

"Vitruvian Wave"
Technology Blaster
Electrical Blast/Electricity Manipulation 

Howard Frost, a brilliant and surprisingly young engineer and scientist, devoted his study to tapping into the secrets of human potential.  The average human body generates aproximately 250 watts of electrical current.  Frost's newly invented bio-suit amplifies that power by a factor of 72.4%, and discharges it through a series of pore-like structures on the suit's exterior.  While this process can be taxing on the body, energy from the sun is absorbed through the suit and stored in an innovative battery, hinged at the waist.  The complex energy matrix used for the storage and recycling process is based around his recently coined "vitruvian theorum."  When his theorum is applied, the electric current is maintained throughout the system in a constant sin wave configuration.  Truely a genious in his own time, he has a unique perspective and understanding of the universal energy flow...and how humans are a part of that flow.

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