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sisters that were once close became separated by love.......does love really conquer all

Chapter 1

My sister Sirayn and I were raised in a moral driving family. Although our family was small, we had big secrets. The biggest of all was of our magic background. Our parents had been teaching us the basics and the respect that we needed to master the magic within. One day we were taking a nice stroll through Atlas Park when my parents where attacked. My sister and I could do nothing but watch in fear of what may happen. I finally had enough and began a spell only for my father to yell at me to stop and run. As we turned to run my mother told me to protect Sirayn at all cost.


We ran all the way home. When we got home an old friend of the family, Stryker, was there. He had heard of the attack and was going to take us with him to his home. We agreed. While living with him we attended a special school where we learned to master our abilities. I had known all along that I could manipulate the weather and my father told me that I had control over the darkness and that my heart was so pure I would always remain in control. Sirayns powers were harder to control, so she had to work harder. As we trained we were also taught more about our familys history and how we would continue to carry out the will of our parents.


As the years passed we got stronger and finally felt safe enough to return to our home. We had only been home a short while when I heard that city hall was needing volunteers, at least 18 years in age, to go fight in Sirens Call. I told Sirayn I had to go and for her to stay safe, since she was too young to fight with me. Once all the volunteers had arrived they formed 2 teams. Team Delta and Team Echo. Team Delta was to go in first and defeat everything in sight, and slow the attackers so that Team Echo could come in and capture the mastermind behind the attacks alive.  I was to be part of Team Echo. During the battle Team Delta was destroyed. My team completed our task. We had a few deaths and several injuries. The ones of us that surivied became close and formed a super group called The Echoes of the Fallen.


After the debriefing, I returned home to Sirayn, but I was not alone. I brought home Vasher, who was on my team and hurt. I was going to help him regain his strength. It was nice to have a friend stay with us. Most nights we all stayed up late talking and having fun. After a few months he was a new man. It was a bittersweet moment when my sister and I were called to return to Strykers village. When we arrived he informed us that we needed to train a bit more. While there I ran in to Phase, who was on my team. I did not know that he lived in the village. We met daily and I became infatuated with him.


When Stryker released us from our training Phase accompanied us home. One night Phase and I took a walk. We were having a good time when it began to rain. As we took cover he began to tell me how deeply he cared for me and that he wanted to spend forever with me. At that moment I heard a rustling in the bushes and out came Vasher. He attacked Phase. I tried to get them to stop but they would not listen to me, finally Phase turned and looked at me and I begged him to stop before he killed Vasher. Once Phase stopped I went to Vashers side and he confessed his love for me. At that moment I knew what I was about to tell him would tear his heart into pieces. I told him that he was like the brother I never had and that I did love him but no more than that. As I stood with tears in my eyes, I knew that everything was changing and I walked to Phase so we could leave. I turned for one last look but all I saw was a glimpse of a heartbroken man disappearing into the darkness.


As I returned home I called for Sirayn to come down stairs. As I told her what had happened she began to panic and ran out into the storm to find him. I pleaded for her to come back because he was not the same man she once knew. I have not seen her since that moment. I do not know if is alive ……..

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