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What the title says

Chapter 1

The world was created by six lesser gods who were given this task by a God known only as the Creator.
Tarshis - God of Life
Aera - Goddess of Death; Destruction
Riko - God of Earth; Nature
Thero - God of Air; Weather
Haza -  Goddess of Sun; Fire
Maren - Goddess of Water; Oceans

the six gods and goddesses were given an empty plane with which to create this world. Haza created first the sun, so that the world may be filled with light.
Riko then created Earth. He looked at the barren land and was not satisfied, so he filled it with plants, grasses, mountains, valleys, and hills. He grew happy, and asked Tarshis to give the soil life to support the plants and grasses, and to give the land life. Tarshis agreed, and so all manner of animals and insects were brought to this land.
Maren created the mighty oceans and pushed the lands apart, filling the voids with water. She also asked Tarshis to give the water life, and he agreed, filling the water with all kinds of fish and water breathing animals.
Thero saw the lands begin to wither under the heat of the sun, and so sent the winds to fetch water from the oceans and carry it across the land, giving water to the animals and plants of land.
Tarshis saw the world, as it was, and was pleased, but saw that it was alone in its inhabitation. So he created humans to serve as the protectors of the world, and to be the masters of it.
Aera looked at the pitiful humans and saw that they were immortal as were her brothers and sisters, and so created death. The others were horrified at this, and begged her to change it. She refused, but because of her love for her brothers and sisters offered a compromise.
"I cannot reverse that which I have done because to do so would make the humans immortals as we are, and they would grow arrogant and claim to be gods themselves. But I will create a life after death, in which those that are good and pure shall find themselves in the heavens with us, to share in the glory of the Creator. But for those that are wicked and abuse the gifts we have given to them, then they shall be punished for their sins for eternity."
Tarshis thought of this for a moment, and agreed. "I do not like this 'death' that you have given them, but if it allows our creations to join us in celebrating the Creator, then it is good.  And the hope for a better afterlife shall surely convince our creations to act with love towards one another. But with love comes forgiveness and sorrow. So how are we to say that one must be punished for eternity?"
Aera thought on this for a moment. "If they ask for forgiveness from the Creator, than they are saved from that sin. But only if the Creator forgives them, and He will only do this if they truly repent of their sins. Is this fair brother?"
Tarshis agreed, and Aera created the afterlifes.

Chapter 2

Now it came to pass that as the humans grew stronger in the world, they began to ignore the teachings of the gods, eventually saying the the gods were false and of an ancient, barbaric time.
Rifts grew between the gods and goddesses, and in looking for someone to blame, they blamed Aera for her creation of death. Had there been no death, they convinced themselves, then the original believers would be here, and would be proof of the gods. So they turned on the Goddess of Death, and banished her to the recesses of the Earth. In her anger and fury at their betrayal she created a race of creatures that would rain death upon the land that she had helped create. They would live on the blood of humans, and would bring death and destruction to her brothers and sisters creations.
She created the first one, and looking upon her creation, found no flaws. She named him Draconis, and gave him great and powerful magics to assist in the creation of others. Having no other template but that of a human, she gave Draconis the same body, but put in him a need for blood to survive. She gave him four fangs, two on his top jaw, two on the bottom, to enable him to drink the blood instead of spilling and wasting it. She also gave him a venom that would turn humans into what he was with but a single bite, so long as he could leave blood in them. Aera taught him all that she could of her divine power, and bred in him a need for distruction and conquest. Together, they created more and more of the Vampiric, as she called them, until there was enough to maintain the population on their own. Draconis was to be the new ruler of this world, and she gave him enough of the magics that he could defend himself against the gods.

Chapter 3

Draconis and the rest of the Vampiric waited in the recesses of the Earth until the day they were to be called forward to conquer the world. As it came to pass, the humans grew more and more sophisticated in their technology, eventually gaining the power to drill deep within the Earth in search of precious metals. The remaining five gods and goddesses, unaware of their sister's creations, allowed this mining to continue, assuming that eventually she would be set free, but that she would only be grateful to be back. The humans had just created a new type of drill, and they were eager to use it. They picked a site, and began to dig, unaware of the horrors that awaits not 400 feet beneathe them. As soon as the drill broke the walls of the cavern the Vampiric had been trapped in, the remaining gods and goddesses felt  the presence of their sister. The vampiric devoured the crew controlling the drill, and climbed the massive wall to the surface. There they spread out, draining the blood of every human they could find.As news of this spread, the humans began to fight back, resulting in a war the likes of which had never before been seen. The humans were no match for the Vampiric and as the years passed, the human population had been reduced to almost nothing. The five gods and goddesses were shocked at the destruction that had been thrown on their creations. They begged Aera to destroy the vampiric, promising her that she would be welcomed back, but she turned her back on them until only a small group of humans were left. She stopped the Vampiric from destroying them, and in exchange for their loyalty, she promised the humans that they would survive. They readily agreed, and she put Draconis in charge of the humans. She sent the remaining Vampiric to the north, and gave the rest of the world to the humans. Tarshis and the others offered their apologies, and Aera, as she had once loved them, forgave them for their injustice to her. Together the gods reigned, and there was peace for many years.
Draconis ruled well under the direction of Aera, and his kingdom grew until it encompassed all of the western lands. The human population had regained its strength, and all but the Northlands were inhabited by them.

Chapter 4

From this point on, I wont speak as if I'm reading from a history book.

Draconis gained so much power  and wealth that he expanded his kingdom to contain all but the most remote areas in the west and some areas in the south. The North remained the only place free of his rule, but due to the extreme dangers of that area, the humans couldn't really hang out there, ya know?
So, because Aera had given Draconis not eternal life, but one that spans thousands of years, he became the first Elder. He gathered several other of the Vampiric that he alone had created without Aera's influence, and they joined in, becoming the other Elders. Too late did the six gods and goddesses realize the danger Draconis had become to the world. So, because they had been banned from interfering directly in any worldy affairs, they created six spirits, known as the Guardians, and sent them in search of a chosen host. These spirits contained the powers of the gods themselves, and whomever they chose to occupy gained the powers of that spirit. Finally, after hundred of years of searching, four of the six spirits had occupied acceptable hosts. The spirits of Aera and Tarshis remained, searching for the ones that were prophecised to contain them. Until the powers of life and death could manifest themselves in the world, all hope was lost.

By chance, all of the chosen met each other at some point, and stayed as a group, fighting the powers of Draconis and his Elders to the best of their abilities. They opened the door for the Underground to start, and they continue to search for Aera's and Tarshis' eventual hosts.

More years passed, and eventually the northlands were overrun with humans who split it into territories. One clan to each territory. The Vampiric were slain, one by one, until they were forced to split up, each "man" for themselves. They turned to mercenary work, assassinations, or guides to survive. Only one small area belongs to the Vamprirc, and its more of a prision than anythings else. (This is where Damien is from, and was exiled from. More on that later)

Chapter 5

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