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Stories : How Eve Became a Lady

GuildWars tale by Hermana Eve, 2009-10-01T14:08:00.0000000. Reads: 2110
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Eve's adopted parents were from a land where magic ruled, and to be without magic meant that you were mere cattle. Thus, for their own protection they opted to adopt a child who could defend them. They had to be certain that this child was of the right bloodline. A bloodline full of magic and strength. They almost gave up when a desperate man came to them from the land of Tyria. The man explained that there had been a charr invasion in his land killing his wife and dispersing his other daughters to assist in the battle because of their unique talents. He felt he could not care for this newborn for she reminded him most of his late wife.
The parents were most intrigued about the sisters "talents" but the father refused tp discuss it in detail. He told only that they were gifted by the elements. The couple knew imediately that this was to be their protector. However, before he signed over his right as father he made them promise to name her Eve.
Born of a powerful bloodline, abandoned by her father, and unknown by her sisters, Eve moved to a world much different than tyria, a world in which Runes hold all the magic and magic holds all the power.

Chapter 1

As Eve grew up much was expected of her.  From the first moment she can recollect her parents helped her learn to manipulate her gifts. Eve herself could care less about them, for all she ever desired was a good book.  Regardless, every day she would be challenged and they would not let up until she was victorious.  Eve loved her family and tried hard to please them, but sometimes the challenges would last for weeks leaving no time for her to read.  But this was the least of her problems.     

When Eve reached adolensce she found that she could not function in society because she was trained to be observant and to trust no one and thus she was left without friends besides those in her books.  She knew that she had to become a Lady in society and a defender at home - she did not know how to balance this roles.  As this change occurred in her, her parents were distraught.  She attended all social outings even those she was not invited to.   

Chapter 2

Her parents were much older than her and lived a life of gluttany and slothness.  Do to these issues, when she turned 18, her folks hired an in home doctor and died before she reached the age of 20.  It was a major adjustment for her to be left alone at such a young age, but she was independent in nature and decided to continue her training because she knew that's all they ever asked of her. 

Chapter 3

Today Eve has been asked by the Eye of Wisdom (her trainers) to take on tasks that go beyond training.  Tasks where her life is at stake.  But with the right runes and the power within her, she is more than capable.

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