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The story Of jester Chaos

Chapter 1

Life of Chaos.


Remember where you came from
Sisters who told you on a rainy day
They said that Heaven holds a place
For all of those who prey
And if you don't believe in my dream
Then you don't care anyway
Nobody or nothings ever getting in your way

Ian Brown: Keep what you got.



Origin of Chaos


The sky was full of smoke, screams and wails filled the air as the village of Nebo burned.  The village was all but destroyed; the Charr had been destroyed by the remnants of the Lionguard who had assisted the White Mantle in the task.  The remaining villagers were attacking the fallen corpses of the fur clad beasts.  In anger and fury, they kicked and ripped fur from the carcasses now enraged to do what fear had prevented them from doing when they had been attacked. Most of the houses had been destroyed the corpses of dead villagers lay in state underneath the statue of Dwayna.

  Searchers where still checking the rubble for the dead and dying, Lionguard Sergio, looked grimly upon the seen, he watched the commander of the White Mantle with bitterness, he didn’t trust the White Mantle, their “Unseen Gods” made him nervous, he still held true to code and sense of duty of the Lionguard. Their creed was one of unquestionable defence of the people of Kryta whilst the Mantle seemed consumed with personal glory and gain, and anybody who got in their way was likely to be crushed beneath the heel of the Mantle.  Sergio was no politician so he played the game the only way he knew how as far as the Mantle was concerned with patience and with tolerance. Persuading the rest of the Lionguard that the best course of action was to present the White Mantle with an unerring façade of cooperation whilst in the back ground finding as much information as he could about their activities and passing on to a friend of his that was forming a resistance, once a mighty guild in its own right the Lionguard had become unstable since the advent of the Charr and the rise of Saul DaLessio.

  He watched miserably as the corpse of a young girl was laid by the side of the other cadavers while the light from Dwaynas’ statue cast them all with a blue glow, the child was no more than 6 yrs old.  Something drew him towards her, with a heavy heart Sergio advanced on the corpses his face set in grim determination. He needed to see for himself the atrocity so it could burn upon his mind forever and reinforce his hatred for the Charr. During the long bloody 50 years of the Guild Wars the Lionguard had been the only Guild who had respect from the other guilds they manned the borders keeping the Charr at bay and making the borders safe as far as the Orrian capital. They were defenders not aggressors and the guild had brokered peace between guilds if it had threatened to spill into civilian areas of Kryta, but it was all gone now. All that remained of the Lionguard where a few zealots who had remained loyal to the guild, scattered remnants of a once formidable force now patrolled the scattered fishing and farming areas maintaining peace when and where needed. He watched with fascination as the White Mantle trooped away from Nebo leaving what was left to Sergio’s 6 man team to finish clearing up.

  As he approached his eyes filled with tears as they fell on the small girl lying under the statue, white and pale in death she had a small smile at the corners of her mouth, pale yet beautiful in death she seemed asleep almost peaceful, in her hand she clutched a small straw doll, her pallid face accentuated by the cascade of auburn hair that framed her face.  A lump rose in the throat of the Lionguard, he choked back the tears and knelt in front of the statue of Dwayna and prayed that they would all find peace among the mists.

 A roar and howl of bestial defiance came back to him from the pile of Charr corpses that were being prepared for burning; drawing his blade he crouched down into a defensive stance and spun around to face the sound. He saw a wounded Charr shaman Rise from the pile discarding the corpses that had covered him, they rolled pathetically across the ground the surviving villagers fled in terror, he saw Figo, a new recruit to the Lionguard, let fly with an arrow, it struck the shaman in the upper arm he howled in fury and anger and rounded on Figo.  The young main seemed to quail under the Charrs’ gaze and turned to flee. Another of the Lionguard set fire to the remaining corpses by throwing the torch  onto a carcass doused in oil. The flames made an almighty whoosh as they caught, the Shaman circled now in fire and carrion, went berserk casting spells left and right, the smell of fur and cooked meat filled the air and the shamans gaze fell upon Sergio. He raised his sword vertical to his face, he bowed his head in grim determination, he would either kill or be killed, either way was the will of the gods.

 Sergio opened his eyes with a start as a small hand gripped his wrist, he stared down in disbelief, the young girl he thought was dead was holding onto his wrist and she smiled at him, it was a smile that was breathtaking yet strangely unnerving, the child’s eyes shone bright but something seemed to be at work behind them. The Charr bellowed bringing Sergio back to the present, he reached down to push the child behind him, she avoided his arms and walked forward still smiling, the Charr spotted the child and focused his stare upon her. The young girl stretched out her arms and rose into the air, a green fire erupted around her, Sergio stared in disbelief, and was struck with horror as the sound of ripping flesh and bone sounded from behind him a gurgling moan emitted from the back of him, he dared not to look he knew what they were, he had seen the work of the necromancers during the Guild wars. He shut his eyes tight as the minions sped past him they stopped on either side of the girl and she turned to smile at them, “Hello Mummy, Daddy.” She said sadly, the minions made a long groan, their breathing was audible rasping and gurgling, for the first time the girls smile became a mask of fury her eyes flashed white as she uttered the words “Bad Kitty” and pointed at the shaman. The minions rushed forward and began to ripped the beast to pieces its agonising howls of pain as it was ripped apart reinforced Sergios’ determination not to witness the event, he almost pitied the Charr. The child smiling again watched as the shaman died, the minions turned to look at her and waved and then melted into the ground leaving no trace. Sergio opened his eyes, looking at the child in disbelief, she walked slowly and with purpose towards the fallen shaman a green flame seemed to burst from her head mingling with the red of her hair, bizarrely Sergio gulped down breath and thought of a jester ribbons of green and red thrown about by an invisible wind, the girl placed her hand upon the Charrs’ mangled head and the Charr, was absorbed, its carcass becoming nothing more than a dried out husk. She turned to look at Sergio and smiled once more her colour was back, shining peaches and cream with rosy cheeks and the soft glow of life. Sergio horror struck gazed a the child’s eyes before the Charr they had been a bright water blue, now they had the aspect of a cats, slit pupiled with an orange tint. Clutching her doll she sat on the ground and began to sing a song. Unnerved by what he had witnessed Sergio battled with himself he could not walk away and leave the child to her fate but after what he witnessed he was reluctant to do anything to assist her, he hated necromancers he feared them, in his view the dead should stay dead , but she was still just a child. And he had a plan of what to do with her, she had power, a great deal of it from what he had witnessed. He still had friends across the border in Ascalon maybe they could help. “Come little one” he said walking forward with his hand outstretched the girl looked up at him smiling, squinting into the sunlight she took his hand and slowly Sergio walked towards lions arch, he gave an involuntary shudder as they girl came to halt and looked behind, then looked up at him and said “Don’t be scared, nothing will harm you again.” She patted his hand with the one holding the doll.  He looked down at her with a crease furrowing his brow, this one scared him, of that he had no doubt.


Sergio battled with himself, he must not let the horror of the child’s power overcome his sense of duty, he had to prepare the arrangements to get the girl to the Ascalon, but had no other choice than to keep her with him until things had been arranged, she was a delightful girl on the whole, pleasant, well mannered and always cheery, at times he forgot what he had witnessed at Nebo, then he would look into her eyes and see the cats slits.

 The child made the other men in the barracks laugh with her antics, they seemed to adore the child and Sergio never told them what he had witnessed. Sometimes rowdy and cause of much chaos when she brought back wounded creatures she found in the fields surrounding the barracks.

 One afternoon she brought an injured Mergoyle into the camp, the chaos ensued had made Sergio laugh heartily as he watched the remainder of the Lionguard trying to chase the beast out, as the girl laughed and chuckled the other men ran around the courtyard of the barracks chasing the creature. “You’re a veritable Jester of Chaos little one” He said smiling down at the girl, she chuckled back and smiled up at him.

Three months passed and Sergio had the preparations complete, the men in the camp Sergio included, had given her the nickname of Jester Chaos, she seemed to like the name and responded to it when called for by the members of the Lionguard. Her lack of communication skills in terms of speech was a mystery to Sergio, he didn’t know much about children but he knew enough to know that a child her age should be a lot more chatty than she was, maybe the trauma she had suffered at the hands of the Charr and made her regress back a few years to a place and time before the events took place and she had only just begun to learn to speak again. He wasn’t sure but he had tried in vain on several occasions to ask her, her real name but her eyes had glazed over and her face had taken on a confused expression. Sometimes her eyes had appeared dead like there was no sentience behind them. In the end he had given her the nickname and she seemed happy with it. Despite his misgivings he had become fond of the child, since that awful day she had shown no signs of the awful power within and sometimes Sergio had to ask himself if perhaps he had imagined it.

 The day came at last when the merchant caravan arrived at Lions Arch to take the girl across the borders into Ascalon where the child would begin her new life. She would be raised and tutored within Ascalons’ prestigious academy in the capital itself.

 Sergio smiled down at the child, “Its time to go little one”, Jester looked up at him with a curious expression on her face, sadness combined with a look that said ‘we will meet again’, she held the doll up to Sergio, who suddenly felt a lump in his throat, now the time had come o part he wasn’t sure he wanted to. He took the doll and smiled down at the child who beamed back. He led the way to the caravan where he placed her on the back and stuffed a bag of gold into the merchants’ hand. He then crouched low so only the child could here him and whispered, “We shall meet again little Jester of that I have no doubt.” He placed a bag of gold into her hand and a note that he placed inside the inside pocket of the fur coat he had wrapped her in. “Now don’t watch me leave” he whispered “If you watch someone until they vanish you shall never see them again, look away and we have unfinished business which means we shall see each other again.” She nodded.

The caravan began to pull out

And Sergio watched as they began to slowly leave the barracks, with a heavy heart he watched the child smiling and waving to him, he waved back.  Smiling sadly he watched the caravan approach the gate. She turned her back on him and began conversing with a chicken in a cage; chuckling to himself he turned away.

  He wouldn’t see the child again for 12 years.

Chapter 2

Academy Days.


Ascalon Pre-Searing.



Tall and elegant, long limbed with a carved waistline, Jester Chaos, resting her chin on her hands gazing wistfully out of the window into the main street of Ascalon, her lips curved slightly into a small dreamy smile. She turned her cat’s eyes skyward.

The days where still warm and pleasant, summer was quickly fading but the sky indicated a few more good weeks of warmth and light before the greys and brown of autumn took a firm hold. Children played in the courtyard of Ascalon and the guards smiled and passed the time with the locals and villagers.

From her vantage point in the academy lecture room, Jester Chaos could see Prince Rurik walking with Althea both of them locked by their arms, both smiling and chatting happily too each other, she nudged her friend Trine Blackdragon and motioned that she look out of the window. Trine checked what the teacher was doing before risking a peek out of the window. The romance was a very popular topic of conversation among most of the students and the locals alike.

Cynn and Brother Mhenlo was another popular topic of gossip mainly because of the incredible public arguments, Cynn could often be heard giving Mhenlo a piece of her mind. Cynn was a great hero to Jester, her skills as an elementalist where recognised throughout Ascalon as one of the best new students of the age. She had been awarded by the academy on several occasions.

The descendant of King Doric, King Adelbehn had filled the academy with would be heroes, financed the whole operation in a hope to help him defeat the Charr once and for all, whilst publicly maintaining that the people of Ascalon where quite safe from the Charr which in fact wasn’t the case.

For over two years the Charr had slowly but steadily encroached upon the lands of the Ascalonians setting up camps and making certain areas off limits to all but the best warriors and soldiers.

It was Ruriks’ view and many of his followers view also that the king was grossly underestimating this threat, dismissing the Charr as mindless beasts and as nothing more than animals for the hunt. Luckily for Rurik, his friends were loyal. Aidan, a ranger of great skill had scouted the Charr encampments and reported back to the prince his findings, the news had been grave to say the least, Devona a warrior of some courage and ability had been watching over the Lakeside County region of Ascalon on the request of the prince, she had reported Charr activity on this side of the great northern wall which had been built with the express purpose of keeping the Charr at bay.

Out in Regents Valley the threat of bandits and thieves was keeping Lord Darin busy, large numbers had been seen congregating in the area for some time, this made the Lord uneasy, he could sense something brewing and had requested that the great Ranger Nente keep watch over the borders of Regents Valley, as far west as the river tributaries of Wizards Folly.

 The labyrinthine passages of the catacombs had been watched and patrolled by the great necromancers Munne and Oberon both taking position at the main entrances and exits to the underground system of passages. Activity of the catacombs denizens had become erratic.  The Gargoyles had been attacking, normally placid and harmless; they seemed agitated, activity of the undead of late had also increased. Sacrifices were taking place and Munne had been convinced something was badly wrong. She had told the king her fears but he had dismissed them his obsession with the Charr was all consuming. The prince however had paid a great deal of interest.

Professor Munne noticed Jester staring out of the window and cleared her throat; Jester quickly stopped her snooping and sat down. “Please try to keep up Miss Chaos we have a lot to get through.”  As soon as she turned her back Jester pulled a face at her teacher then started daydreaming again.


Three Hours Later.




“Look, I can only say I’m sorry so many times.” said jester angrily

Trine just glared at her friend and said nothing.

“I didn’t mean to get you in trouble as well.” said Jester pouting.

“Well, doesn’t matter does it hun, I always end up in the same trouble as you, I’m guilty by association.”

“Hey that’s not fair, it’s not my fault you got caught.”

“No that’s true but it was your idea to dump the Skale spawn in Munnes’ bag.”

“It was you that did it.” Said jester laughing, despite her bad mood Trine smiled also.

“So where do you think this dark shadow thing is then?” asked chaos using her fire wand as a torch.

“I haven’t got a clue hun” said Trine peeking around a wall.

“Being a necromancer is amazing the powers are cool, there again we don’t have a good reputation with the rest of the academy.” Whispered Chaos

“Only because the warriors think they have the right to kill everything on the field and the Mesmer plebs, think they are better than everyone else.” Trine stopped to listen to the area, Jester walked straight into her.


“Shhhhhhhhh, listen”

“What?” Mouthed Chaos

Trine gave Jester a dig in the ribs and gave her a warning look then cocked her head to the right.

Then Jester heard it, a low moaning growl, its was the sound of the wind blowing through a crack in the door, low and hissing.

“My scars twitching, Trine.” said Jester grinning.

“No!” shouted Trine “We are supposed to catch it alive Jest!”

“We could always say it attacked and we killed it defending ourselves.”

“Jest she knows you would have done it on purpose.”

Jester started picking her finger nails, looking mutinous, she scowled at her friend she was always the sensible one, but as far as Jester was concerned sense was boredom, it was the danger that made life fun for her.

“We use the snare skill we were given ok?” said Trine correctly gauging Jesters mood.

“S’pose.” said jester sulkily, and then added “Can we get on with it its boring, I’m tired and it’s late.”

Trine ignored her friend and started to inch forward to wards the location of the sound.

“NOW!” shouted Jester and dove forward starting to turn on a skill.

“Jest, NO!” shouted Trine miserably.

Jester let out a loud cackle and hit the Nightmare hard with a hex, the beast yelped and collapsed.

“I didn’t kill it just knocked it out.” Jester said as she poked the monster with her toe.

“Look its still breathing.” she said smirking.

“Will it stay down while we get back to the academy?” Trine asked looking unsure.

“Put the binding spell on it that Munne gave you.” said Jester smiling

“Hmm, what did you hit it with?” asked Trine, to which Jester just tapped the side of her nose with a finger and smiled.

“Gah!” said Trine, “I hope this thing makes it back alive.” she said giving Jester a glare.

Chaos looked slightly nervous but smiled at her friend with a wide grin. “It’s all good Trine.” Chaos said cheerfully, pulling a face behind her friends back. She had killed it, she knew that already, but she didn’t want to listen to her friend bemoaning her actions all the way back to the academy.

 Chaos had always acted first considered the consequences later, her friend the opposite, this seemed to be a good balance between the two, Trine pulled Chaos into check while Chaos actions seemed to spur Trine into action sometimes.

 Trine considered her friend carefully and smiled gently to her self. They had become friends more by force than actual attraction, Chaos lived up to her name a great deal within the academy, it was usual to find her in the middle of trouble, and a lot of the time she always dragged someone into the mess with her, usually Trine. They had met under extremely unfortunate circumstances, which had involved Captain Osiric, a rogue bull and two dozen warthogs. Trine had been at the wrong place at the wrong time and Chaos had revelled in the mayhem she had caused. Osiric was never the same afterwards. Trine covered in mud and drenched through to the skin had been punished along with Chaos. During their detention together they had got to know one another and despite Trines black mood they had found a common ground together and despite the wildness of her ways, Blackdragon couldn’t help but like the impish necromancer.

 Trine knew there was a very serious side to Jester but she showed it rarely one thing she knew though was that she was fiercely loyal to friends, but equally as vicious to her enemies. Chaos despised the warrior class with venom, she called them meatheads or sword waving morons, Trine found this amusing. The warriors didn’t though, but they knew better than to take Jester on in a fight.

 She watched her friend swagger with her usual callous gait towards the entrance and felt a deep rush of affection, she was proud to have chaos as a friend and knew that she was inherently a good person, she just had a very hyperactive sense of fun. Trine had watched her friend from time to time and had seen a veil come down over her eyes and there was a darkness there that made Trine shiver, but she never asked Chaos were she went when the shadow fell. If Trine was honest she didn’t feel at all comfortable with her use of the necromancers arts, but her parents had insisted she enrol in the academy it was something of a family tradition, all her ancestors had been great necromancers but Trine always found herself leaning to wards the teachings of the monks, which was unfortunate considering she had been born a necromancer.  She tried hard to test her mettle against the beasts and fauna out in the hills and fields, but the only school of the necrotic magic she was comfortable with was blood magic, which she bolstered by using healing prayers of the divine arts. If she was honest she felt weak compared to her friend, but Chaos would hear none of it. “We all have a role to play Triney, you are as skilled as I am just in a different way.” She knew Chaos was being kind; Chaos was a force to be reckoned with even now at the age of 16. Trine remembered a time they were sent to deliver a message to Lord Darin at fort Ranik, they had enjoyed the summer sun laughing and joking and picking flowers. They had stumbled into a crowd of River Skale, they had known immediately there was no way to escape, Jesters face had become grim and the veil had dropped over her eyes, Trine felt a chill as the area around them became suddenly cold she heard cold shrill whispering voices all around her, and in complete contrast to the climate Trine heard roaring flames, and screams as a green fire began to swirl around her friend, her eyes burned white drops of sulphur dripped from them like foxfire, Chaos rose into the air her arms stretched out to from a cross and she assumed an almost embryonic stance, her feet slowly came to the ground and she stood staff raised in a defensive stance, eyes glowing white she continued to stare at the Skale and muttered “Die”. Trine heard a loud buzzing and the whispering increased in speed, she saw a dark cloud envelop three of the Skale they shrieked in agony and lay dead on the floor, muttering once more, she began to levitate again and the familiar gurgling of summoned minions filled Trines ears and she watched grimly fascinated as her friend repeated the skill and more minions appeared.  The remaining Skale suddenly seemed terrified and tried to disperse but Chaos watched them with contempt fall one after another at the hands of her minions. One remaining Skale seemed demented and charged at Chaos, swiping across her across the face. Trine had muttered a prayer to Dwayna and Chaos had been washed in a blue glow and the scratches the Skale had made. Trine heard Chaos chuckle and she struck the Skale down with her eyes. Trine had never found the art of minion summoning something she was comfortable with, she had heard many necromancers claiming that it was the most powerful school of necrotic magic, but in her seven years at the academy she had never seen one as powerful as her friend.  The minions had coming running and chaos had bent low tickling them under the chin and crooning to them. The minions had gurgled loudly and then dispersed into the soil. Trine was glad Chaos wasn’t her enemy.

 Trine had been thinking hard about what second profession to follow, she had tried all schools of magic and felt that the way for her was Monk skills, she found no use in any of the others, Chaos had already said she wanted to be an elementalist like her hero Cynn, Trine was doubtful that her friend had though this through carefully, and they had been warned they wouldn’t be able to change this once the process had been completed, Chaos had the air of someone who didn’t care she seemed resolute on choosing the elementalist school of magic. ‘Minions and meteor,’ thought Trine amused at her friends blasé attitude.

 Chaos Turned and looked at her friend smiling, “Almost there hun”, Chaos beamed and Trine returned the smile. Yes, despite her friends aptitude for creating Mayhem wherever she went Trine couldn’t help but be fond of her.

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