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Stories : A Boy Who's life was ruined

GuildWars tale by -GaleonzBlaze-, 2010-02-02T15:22:00.0000000. Reads: 2504
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About 17 years ago, a poorly younge woman gave birth to what she thought was an angel. This predicament cast over her eyes untill the day the boy could walk and talk. As time went on...ticking at what seemed a dead halt pace the boy began experienceing life at its fullest.. oh but did he?

Chapter 1

It all started when the boy struck 13 years of age. He was a simple boy who never really brought much attention to himself. All he ever wanted, was to have a life of his very own. Through the years he had come but the whole time he was bound, restricted, tied down by who he thought were family and friends, kindleing there love for him, not letting him choose his own path.

It was his first day at school. His mother drove him to the gates and then waved goodbye as she drifted into the distance. "Hello younge man, first day here at

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