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Things couldn't be easier as human right? Well how about waking up in an unknown land plagued by chaos. Well if that isn't enough when waking up, you find out your past is no more and your Sprite Messenger. A special human that can have contact with a creature, that is suppose to guide you to salvation. A boy must become a man in a matter of minuets, if he doesn't choose fast enough and get where he needs to be... The Land Of Saphael will be no more. Join his journey to help the greater good of the world.

~Short story~

Chapter 1

Our story begins with a Sprite messenger, Who just awoke on Siwa Island. "Young boy, come here and learn of the grave danger that you will soon overcome and save our land." Whisper a old, crackled voice. As I rub my eyes, I see this jelly like things bouncing around. "Ahh, what are these!" I start to get up, when a old fragile hand appears in front of me. I grabbed the hand and got up. "Boy, what is your name? My name is Babama, I am the Island's Sage." "Ahem! I can't recall who I am or why I am here." "Do you want a name, or do you want to try to remember it?" "I don't know, I guess I'll try to remember it." 
        As a few days pass I learned of my guardian Sprite, and that he will guide me to greater good and help me destroy this evil. I have also been taught how to use a sword and skills. My Life on this island so far hasn't been the greatest. Completing task, Training, Running back and forth. None of this has been easy. I do know that my past, my past is something that I can't remember and my name well I picked a name! Phath, a strong and prevailing name. I do have one other thing I need to do along my journey, and its to protect the people of this land. 
        Today starts the new chapter for this sprite messenger 'Phath, The legacy of Light'. "Phath, come here my boy." yelled Babama. "I need you to go to Muha and see what he needs, also pack your bags just incase." I ponder to myself why would I need to pack my bags, hmm maybe I get to start my journey and find a girl! I'm gonna hurry and figure this out! Phath Rushes to Muha. "There you are! your late, and when your here talking to me, Stand straight and present your self! SO if you don't know by now you have got a task. You must be thinking its another run around, huh?" "Well it isn't, your heading to Blue bay as soon as possible. Well right now." "Are you serious?! Ya HOO!" Phath screamed with glee! "Here take this and go see the class master in Kaslow right way, alright?" Muha hands Phath the Sword of Dawn.

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