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Marvel, awake! In the black void of the soulstream a voice cried out. Distant beyond knowing a faint light began to grow. MARVEL! AWAKE! Again the voice cried, and the light grew brighter still, shining forth in the soulstream, growing brighter and closer to the source of the voice. From out of the light, two lone figures emerged and walked towards the the speaker.

Chapter 1

Closer the two figures came to the source of the voice which was drawing them irresistably.
"Thank goodness you have arrived at last, Atlachnacha, Bhean... Erinn needs you."
Puzzled that this unknown person would have known their names, Atlachnacha and Bhean looked at each other, and shrugged.
"What exactly IS Eriin, WHERE are we, and WHO are YOU?" they asked, voicing their thoughts together.
The Voice chuckled softly taking on a decidedly feminine quality and then said, " I will answer the third of your questions, the first two you will learn in due time. My name is Nao, and I have called you here to help our World in a time of dire need."
"You have been brought here to found a band of adventurers, the best and brightest you can find in Erinn, to form a guild and set forth to aid our world. You will find your answers in time, now Go forth into Erinn."

Chapter 2

Bright light surrounded the two heroes and they found themselves temporarily blinded by the brilliance.  As their eyesight slowly returned, they found themselves standing in a forest overlooking a strange town.
It was twilight in the woods and as Atlachnacha and Bhean looked around to gain some bearings they noticed that there were two moons in the sky, one red and one blue.
"Where the hell are we Atla?  This place is strange and who the hell is that little boy over there?"
"Umm, why are you asking me Bhean? I have as much of a clue about it as you do.  Well, no sense in asking each other questions we cannot answer ourselves, lets go talk to the boy."
Atlachnacha spoke sensibly so Bhean and Atlachnacha walked over to the boy standing near some sort of altar.
-editors note, for the sake of speeding up the story progression we skip from this point on until our intrepid and confused heroes have been in Erinn for a time and have begun their quest to save Erinn from the Evils that plague her.-

Chapter 3

The death cries of goblins and the re-death cries of skeletons rang through the air.  Sweat and blood streamed down the faces and arms of Atlachnacha and Bhean as they finished this heated battle against the forces of evil.
"Whew, Atla that was a tough batch of baddies there, I am beginning to think that maybe that Nao person was right. We need help." Bhean panted heavily and sat down, wiping the sweat from his eyes.
"Yes, I agree Bhean, though our skills have grown, we need help, after all one person can only carry so many of these feathers to revive you when you get your ass knocked out." Atlachanacha teasingly said.
"I am just KIDDING my friend."
"Anyways, yeah, maybe we should start gathering together a group of talented individuals, the best and brightest in Erinn, as Nao said.  Then we can really kick ass and take names." Bhean grinned eagerly as he said this.
"Hell Yeah! Lets do it!" Atlachnacha and Bhean gave each other a high five and started off to finish the last of the monsters off.


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