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This is a compilation of events involving Liska Fulone Slaymoon.

Chapter 1

Liska as a young girl was practically raised by her sister, Knight-General Mara Fulone, Mara was several years older, and was trained to wield a blade since she was rougly nine years old.

Liska had a very close friend named Alexander Slaymoon, One who fancied the arts of archery. Alex and Liska were inserperable, and were always doing something, whether it was pretending to be adventurers to studying for exams at the local school.
when Liska grew to a beautiful young woman with dark red hair and stern eyes, her sister had been killed in a battle with the Charr north of the great wall. Liska was an excellent fighter just like her sister, and dawned the armor of an ascolonian soldier. Alex, her best friend and now fiance, became ranger-general of a scout regiment of Ascolonians.

She was to be wed to Alex in a week, however, an event involving the Charr would change that forever....

Chapter 2

The night of her wedding, Liskas world was torn apart. The Charr developed a new breed of weapon, one of unimaginable power. It tore ascolon's cities and towns to pieces and without mercy.

liska, not able to really do much about it went looking for Alex, who had saved a bunch of children from a colapsing building, he had minor injuries but was ok. Liska then ran home to get her armor and her sword and immediately went with her lover to help with the defence of the wall.

Years would pass and the war between ascolon and the Charr woudl reach another Stalemate. The Charr would breach the wall and be beaten back everytime until that is one major battle occured

the city of Rin had been breached by Bonfaz Burntfur, lead by Prince Rurik, Liska, Alex and a new companion named Vic and a young elementalist named Kate would destroy the Charr invaders.

   After the king banishes his son form Ascolon for sugjesting that they flee form Ascolon, Liska followed, along with Alex, Vic and Kate, to the frozen mountains, where man had not traveled in decades.

Chapter 3

As the citizens of Ascolon arrived at a small camp named Yaks Bend, they were stiffly besieged by a malicious group of dwarves named the Stone Summit, unless they could reach the friendly dwarves they would be utterly destroyed, Liska, Alex, Kate and Vic set out with a couple of newfound companions, Talla and Sarah Necromatica, to bring a message to the dwarven king.
The journey was perilous, and many dangers, not least of all the stone Summit, were blocking the path. But the party prevailed and defeated the stone summit, but at a great cost.

while finally getting through the shiver peaks, Prince Rurik sacrificed himself to make sure his people were able to escape. But as with all dangers, one passes, another must rear its ugly head, this time in two forms, a cult... and a horde of UNDEAD

Chapter 4

Liska rather enjoyed her stay in Kryta, the weather was perfect, and she could for once inher life relax with the man she loved. however, While she and her newfound friends were enjoying their stay a horrible plague of undeath was building in Kryta. It took the partys combined strength to combat it.

They were knighted as Knights of the White Mantle, only to find its dark secrets.

The Knight os the White Mantle did not worship the same gods as the rest of Tyria, they worshiped the onse known as "the Unseen" to them. A dark and vile group of symbiotes.

Liska and her companions later found that these knights were using human sacrifices to appease their "gods" and to use powerful magics, this they could not stand as they turned on the Knights. They ran into a group of rebels whom were waging a guerilla war on the Knights of th eWhite Mantle out in Meguuma, a jungle landscape with vast desserts and lush forests.

it was here, that Liska and her family made a tough choice...

While leaving Kryta they encountered a beast known only as Rotwing, they couldnt possibly defeat this beast so they fled... but Alex stayed behind to cover the retreat, A scout later reported that he was defeated. Liska was heartbroken, and determined to get revenge, but now was not the time... other battles wee ahead and she had to prepare.

The war against the White Mantle had begun for Liska and the others.

Chapter 5

:Liska had never used Hit and Run tactics before, it was a new concept as Ascolonian knights and soldiers were accustomed to large battlefields and epic battles.

She liked this type of fighting however, it ensured that whatever she hit wouldnt see her coming.

They had been hididng in Meguuma for what seemed like months, fighting off the White Mantle. Rumors had begun to spread about a man(?) dashing out of the shadows all of a sudden and defeating entire armies of White mantle. Everyone thought it was Liska.

they would soon find that this man was their ally.

When they began their assaults back against the White mantle in Kryta, a Knight was about to strike Liska form behind, the blow wouldve klled her, however a man in a suit of silbver and black leather was standing between her and certain death, with a single elegant slice the white Mantle Knight was split in two.

The man turned after the battle was over and removed his mask.. Liska couldnt beleive what she saw...

Chapter 6

the maasked man was none other than Alex, he had been locked into the Fissure of Woe for the time that he and Liska were separated, he alone defeated the enemies of Balthazar and in turn became one of his champions.

Liska and Alex that night never left each other, they were so madly in love with  each other that even death couldnt have stopped it. they made love in their small tent, which was rather distanced form everyone elses.

It was a night they would never forget... even later on in the journey..

Chapter 7

the harsh, dry heat of the Crystal desert was wearing down Liskas ascolonian armor, so she had a new set of armor forged, it was a gladiator style armor that was more suited for the hot weather and it made it much easier for her to move around.

The party had to do a few cleansing missions in order to reach the room inside of Augury Rock and acsend into the eyes of the gods.

Alex, whom was not allowed into Augury due to the fact that he was considred an avatar of Balthazar, was waiting inside of the now cleared Fissure of Woe, receiving instructions from his new master.

Liska was the first to figth herself, the doppleganger used her opwn abilities against her and it was a long and ardous battle.  The doppleganger would eventually disarm her, but Liskas fighting spirit was stronger than any other, she found herself grappling with the monstrocity. until she eventually got her sword back and rent the being in two. She had then received a blessing from Dwayna... she was givin a gift of some sort, but she couldnt quite figure it out.

The others ascended as well and they all met at the location that would be revealed as Glint's cavern. The party battled their way to Glint's nest just in time to see her eggs hatch. One of these hatchlings became curious about Liska and fluttered around her, as the others left Glint spoke with Liska saying

"My children arent easily attracted to mortals, you will make a difficult decision when you are older, and your choice will be dark."

Liska, as she slept in Draknars forge, thought about Glints words as she lie next to her lover, but she had decided she would ponder upon them and continue on the journey ahead.

The White Mantle had huinted them down al the way to the Southern Shivverpeaks, they would face a new enemy.... one of unimaginable power.

Chapter 8

Alex returned late at night and with an army of beings called only te Mursaat arrived with the White mantle. The mursaat have the ability to cause agonizing and deathly pain spikes within the body.

the locals spoke of a way to stop the pain, a Seer, whom is possibly kin to the Mursaat, could infuse armor with a ward of sorts. but first they needed to save their shining blade friends. While buysting them out of a mursaat and Shinning blade prison they became overrun by the Mursaat and one of them stayed behind. Their loss was great and the second in command learned of the betrayal of one of their own, Marcus.

Marcus commanded a Mursaat army,there was no touching him So they devised a plan to find the Seer, They battled for what seemed like days, trying to find it and when they finally did the Seer had givin them a task, to kill a creature made of shadow. The party did so, after a great struggle with the beast, bringing the Seer its essence which she used to infuse their armor with protective wards.

The battles against the mursaat were hard and long, but they eventually fought their way to Marcus and sew him, the strong act of revenge put the fear of the true gods into the hearts of the White mantle, they were begining to lose this war.

After taking back the Deldrimor Fortress from the forces of the Stone Summit dwarves and defended it from the Mursaat, they set sail to the Ring of Fire Islands where no being has ever returned from.

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