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Stories : Master Keramon's Tale

GuildWars tale by hoegarden31, 2010-06-23T14:22:00.0000000. Reads: 1825
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The tales of Master Keramon the Swordsman can now be told! His fantastic intellect ensure none can defeat him! Rival of the White Mantle for all eternity!

Chapter 1

"Have at 'em, my hearties! Sweep them into the sea, my brave ones!"

Screaming, swinging cutlasses and scimitars, pirates boiled over the side. Bounding from the deck of their dromon onto the merchantmen's cog, bare feet slapping the deck, the pirates rushed the quarterdeck with steel slashing the air.

Clustered on the quarterdeck were a captain and first mate who shouted encouragement at a dozen sailors. Simple merchantmen, they looked reluctant to fight.

And, clambering carefully over the foaming gnashing space between ships, came the corpulent pirate chief who urged on his cutthroats with a cyclone of words. Named Heart of a Lion, he no longer fought toe-to-toe with enemies, but kept to the rear to supervise. Someone had to watch the two ships lest they ran aground, after all. He hollered, "Take them, my fearsome children! A swift attack brings a short battle!"

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