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Stories : The Legend of the Celestial Domain

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The Complete Histories - From the moment we were created to the moment the world stops spinning. What we are, who we are, and where we came from should be known. Read on, mortal.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Very mortal-like sweat dripped down Guthix's brow. He'd been working for many waxing and waning of Moon's over this project. He stood up and walked away from his Soul Font, the physical manifestation of his power, wisdom, and soul. Muttering, he looked down upon the globe and watched with weary eyes the destruction racing towards Gielinor.

And back to the Soul font he went with intentions to create a weapon, nay, an arsenal of weapons to be used as the counter to the Mahjarrat. Fleeing as they were, they posed a threat to the inhabitants of Gielinor.

Once more he tolled over his Font, and was successful.

Pleased, he surveyed his creation.
Before him stood a beautiful creature, naked but for it's elegant onyx and cerulean tipped wings. It's striking amethyst eyes stared, fully alive and completely intelligent. The creature, he would call an Angel, was stunning. Toned muscles waited beneath the delicate pale skin and a quick wit residing in the mind beneath the jet black hair.

"Call your Brothers and Sisters, there is a task for you."

"Yes, master."


End of Chapter One.

Chapter 2

And into the dusky room the pale Angel went. Wielding the Dagger of Creation, a sliver from Guthix's Soul Font, it went in.

It inhaled the musky sent. Breathing was difficult to get used to. Though not necessary, Guthix wanted the Angels to resemble the human race of Gielinor as much as they could, yet still retain their divine strength. He wanted them to become a beacon of hope, goodness, and balance to the inhabitants of Gielinor.

It stepped in, clutching the Dagger of Creation tightly in it's dainty fist.

Swiftly, it slashed the dagger across it's chest, causing blood to flow freely down it's body and onto the flooring below. The structure started to hum and shake slightly. Then, slowly, light poured from beneath the path it was standing on. In front of the Angel was emptiness. Supporting the emptiness however were walls, walls constructed of Stars, Moons, and the rest of the things residing in the Celestial Domain.

With blood freely dripping from the wound, it walked forward, onto the platform.

It spoke, into the emptiness.

"Brothers, Sisters; Arise." It stabbed the Dagger into the platform with divine strength, burying it hilt deep into the stone.

Glancing upwards, it saw distant stars growing larger and seemingly racing towards the platform in which it was kneeling.

End of Part 1 of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Holding it's hand out, it called, "Devotion, you are called upon, Brother. Come forward."

A spritey star glided closer, into the Angel's palm.  Upon contact with flesh and blood, the star began to take shape. Growing, stretching, and living the star became. The angel delicately set the creature upon the platform.

From there, a form began to take shape. It grew tall, taller than the Angel, and with broad shoulders. After minutes for transformation, the other Angel, fully developed, stood on the Platform. It's wings were the a deep, rich red.. The color of bloodshed. It's wing tips were gold, as the Gieinorians called it, and represented the purity of It's cause. It's eyes, too, were also gold and very calculating.

"Justice." He walked off the platform, to wait for the Calling of the others.

Turning it's back to Devotion, Justice again gripped the dagger which was still embedded in the platform. "Peace, Brother, come forth for you are called."

A new, young star came forward. The star's glide was effortless and as it got closer to Justice, a feeling of calm and serenity surrounded it. Gracefully, the star rested on Justice's outreached palm and began to take form.

A masculine figure began to take form. Strong, relaxed, and completely regal. His wings were of the purest white with startling deep purple contrasts upon it's wing tips. His eyes, a gray, held depth and omnipotence. Peace stretched and unfurled his wings, showing exactly that he was indeed a warrior to be feared and took his place next to Devotion.

She turned her back to the unwavering Angels behind her, focused on her task; there was still  many to Call.
And again, clutching the embedded dagger, she called upon Aegis. "Aegis, come brother, you are needed."

An aggressively quick star darted forward, landing on her upturned wrist. The star grew into a magnificent creature.  Aegis stood, unwavering it Justice's scrutiny. It stood while the pale angel surveyed it's wings. They were strong and well formed. The color of the deepest gold, the stars still hovering created fractures of light that made it seem as if the feathers glistened. The wing tips was bright, like the red of something the Gielinors called a "sunset". His eyes as well were red, though a deep and dark red... like a garnet.

Next to be Called was the first of the Angels of Transgression, the manifestations of human faults.
"Delirium come forward."
The star glided wearily towards Justice's palm, heavy with the weight of hysteria in his heart. Once Called, the star grew; even more quick than the Angels before It. The wings and eyes were a matching color of deep, tarnished bronze; a rich orange, a representation of the chaos within. It's wing tips were a bright, bright red, like a beacon.
Hastily, Delirium took his place among his brothers.

Grasping the dagger once again, Justice called Dexterity.

"Sister, fly down and feel the warmth of the Calling."

Dexterity flew down, buzzing with excitement. It landed upon Justice's pale wrist and quickly began to Form. It was stunning; Simply beautiful. It's eyes were the color of the richest of Emeralds resting in the womb of the world, Gielinor. Its wings were as the color of the ocean, light but bright blue, and glossy. It's wing tips were a striking contrast; the same color as it's eyes. After staring at Justice with great intensity, Dexterity took it's place among the other Angels.

"Honor, brother, join us."

Gracefully and majestic elegance, a shining star removed itself from the Heavens, to manifest itself into reality. Time continued to unwind, though unknown indescribable in this great Dome. After perhaps years, or mere seconds, Honor was formed. It's wings were the purest of whites, bright and blinding. It's wing tips were odd, literally the shade and even smooth texture of the another mineral, one called "silver' upon Gielinor. The remaining stars were reflected on the tips, twinkling beautifully. It's striking blue eyes glanced around, the first one to do so. He surveyed the Dome, it's wings, and the Angels; it then nodded towards Justice and took up a place next to Devotion.

Knowing that the Calling would soon be coming to an end, Justice promptly began to call another Angel.

"Sister, we wish you to join us. Come forth."

Knai drifted down. It's wings were of the Heavens itself. White exterior feathers protected the delicate and extremely beautiful pure, pale golden interior feathers. The exterior feathers were translucent, showing the golden feathers to their greatest glory. It's wing tips were incredibly surprising: they were the color of the deepest dark of night, a jet black onyx. It's eyes too, were stunning. They were amber, an incredible color. Burning, intense, and livid, it's eyes were a most stunning feature.

Justice and Knai shared a look, and it took it's place off the platform.

Many stars remained, however only a few remained to be Called.

"Love, brother, join us."

A small but extremely bright star landed upon Justice's upturned wrist, filling her with a sense of loving contentment. Justice frowned, knowing that it's judgement was now impaired and should it have to enforce justice, it would be biased. Justice gave it's wrist a little shake, removing the passionate effect in which Love had exuded.

Realizing that haste was needed, Love quickly formed.

And than something unheard of happened. There was not one angel standing naked and beautiful before Justice, there were two.
Their facial features were identical, though their wings were different, a mark of their individuality.

"..Love?" Justice said, unsure.
"And Serenity," the sister spoke. It's voice had power. It's voice was soothing and almost sorrowfully beautiful. So subtle and soft, one would think that after speaking to Serenity, the conversation was just a figment of your wildest imaginations and not existent in reality.
The twins stood before Justice, waiting for scrutiny.
Though their wing tips were different, they both had wings the color of purest white. The down was almost translucent; a physical presentation of the Twins' purity. Serenity's long, sleek wings were tipped with pale golden tips, where as Love's were still the most beautiful white. Their eyes, though similar, had a slight pigment difference. Serenity's were incredibly pale blue, almost white; they were as the clearest of crystals resting upon Gielinor's land. Where Serenity's eyes were blue, Love's eyes were a light gray, similar to it's sister, yet more masculine.

"Stand with your brothers and sisters."

Standing once more upon the platform, Justice inhaled once more the thick, musty air of the Domed room. The angels stood behind It, unmoving in their posture and resolve.

Defying the deep silence that was quickly enveloping them, Justice grasped the dagger quickly and freed it from it's stone prison. A sweet ringing sound filled the room, the remaining stars drifting back into space.

"We stand as monoliths, but it is time we breath. We are done here."

And they left the Domed roomed, knowing not whether they would return.

One by one the most beautiful creatures ever created, and also the most dangerous, walked in single file into Life.

Chapter 4

"The sacrifices, rituals, bone casting, and signs have all shown feathers. We take this interpretation as the arrival of avian creatures."

"Birds? He's sending birds..?

"Well, no your divine ----" The apostle was abrubtly cut off.

"That fool, Guthix! The recluse thinks himself clever and superior, yet every plan he harbors is weak and bears the taint of idiocy. Birds? Really! He thinks to send birds against ME! He underestimates the power of my future army and incredibly underestimates me."

The apostle stammered to calm his Lord down, "M-master, please do not excite yourself. You'll need all of your strength for the upcoming arrival of the Warriors."

The God of Death looked at the outspoken apostle and said icily, "So, you too underestimate me. Tell me, tis your dream to serve me the Death God, correct?"

The apostle, sitting stone still in front of the God struggled to speak, however failed in the attempt.

"Allow me to grant you your dream, though I will guarentee it will be your worst nightmare. A nightmare to last eternity. Perhaps in your undead living existence, imprisoned in your memories, you will understand your worthlessness, maggot."

Icthlarin stood, hands outspread in front of him.

The apostle began to prostrate himself before the Death God, begging for mercy. As Icthlarin fixed his gaze upon the unfortunate, it's sobs ended and sounds of choking and gagging replaced the pitiful noise.

It was at that time that the sounds of the hall drained from the room, being absorbed into a death spell of incredible magnitude and maliciousness.

"Mercy? That word is foreign and unknown to me. From the sounds of your terror though and the incredible rate of your beating heart, the sliver of hope it insinuates in your soul excites me."

Black tendrils of inky, liquid like substance spewed from the God's fingertips, searching for a victim. Calamity incarnate found it's target, the writhing creature upon the ground before the God which summoned It. It slowly slithered towards the apostle, savoring each moment of it's paralyzed terror. Inches before the sobbing man's body, Calamity hesitated.

Within half a heart beat, Calamity attacked, seeping into the man's body through every visible orifice, nose, mouth, eyes, ears; All sight was blocked; screams smothered; hearing impaired; breathing ended.

Icthlarin looked on as the man writhed in silent agony, the apostle's veins now visible and boiling beneath the flesh. The muscles across his chest and arms were convulsing and constricting so violently that the force was audibly breaking bones.

After several minutes of the ensuing carnage, where once stood a living, breathing man was then just a pool of flesh, blood, and gore.

The heart, still beating, was rested atop the pile.

Icthlarin bent forward, picking up the thing. Holding it in his hand, revering it, he spoke softly and sweetly as if to a lover,
"I thank you for this feast..."
and began to devour the apostle's living heart.

Chapter 5

Guthix paced back and forth, yet another human habit he'd picked up.

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