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Chapter 1

Lifty sat on the bridge connecting edgeville to the rest of the world, her shoeless feet dangling over and into the water. She looked into the blank, dark wilderness with awe, wondering why the stretch of land became what it was today. She jumped in shock when a hand was placed on her shoulder, she grabbed her dagger as she spun and faced Haru, Sweets, and the Rex's who all stood there smiling at her. She blushed with embarrasment for letting down her gaurd in this cruel unforgiving world. She fixed her Boots back in place, tightened her Skillcape and stood, and followed as the group walked off to Falador.

Chapter 2

As the group of five entered Falador's walls they walked straight to the Rising Sun Tavern. When the five entered they saw the rest of the clan already talking among themselfs. Kiwi, Layla, and Jason sat at a table by the door, and Lifty heard Jason hitting on the two over the noise in the bar. Dukoo, sandslash, and johnnee sat at the counter drink wizards talking about the good ol' days. As the group passed the coat rack, Oopius and lifted stopped and undid there skill cape's, putting them along with tennessean's new fishing cape and along with the rest of the clan's capes. As Oopius passed tennessean, ice, and Skarlath's table he patted tennessean on the back in congratulations on the achievement as Lifty took a seat next to Skarlath. Haru, the Rexes, and Sweets sat at a vacant table in the middle of the bar where they eached orded a drink and silently discussed the events that happened in the pass week.

Chapter 3

As the bartender brought a new round of beer's to jac's table a load crash came from the White Knight's castle. Every member of the the Celestial domains rose out of there chairs, some fasters then others causing there chairs to fly back and land on there backs. In a matter of seconds the bar was completly deserted of all life. a small group of skillers and low level players stood in falador square gazing at the smoke emiting from the roofs of the white castle. as the Celdom group ran across the bridge anouther loud explosion can from the eastern building and two White Knight's flew into few nearly dead. the small group walked carefully into the castle to the impossing threat... A low laugh came from the smoke as the door to the east of the Celdom group flew open. The arrows shot infront of the group, then each exploded simaltanisously and sent them staggering back. At that moment the groups weapons came out in a clashing sound of metal and wood as they took up fighting stances. A man, no older then 65, stepped out of the smoke into view. 

Chapter 4

"well...look who we have here, a bunch of kids thinking there can save the day? a meer thorn in my path...Stand aside, NOW!" the man said. 

Sweets stepped infront of the man stabbing her sword into the ground. "Who are you and why are you doing this?" 

"well you must be the leader of this puny group... if you must know who your killer it it is I, Metal Rainn, and why am i doing this? Pure pleasure...now..Die!" he said raising his sword, and held it towering over her head.

As Rainn brought down his sword four sword got in its way, tennassean's, haru's, oopius's, and Gloriae's. the Combined strength of the four only held it aloft a second before it clashed down, barly missing sweet as she rolled out. As the turned to regroup arrows flew began raining down upon them. Most of the group became shocked and fled before given command and teleported at random. Only the more highly ranked and disaplined stayed and ran into the castle.

Chapter 5

The rexes barracaded the door ways into the room. They heard a few arrows hit the door and then became silent. 

"who is left?" sweets called silently. 
One by one, lifty,haru, the rexes, tennessean and skar called out a notice. 

"okay take inventory of items in room and on us and someone stand gaurd of the doors..." she said silently leaning into a chair as the group ran around taking inventory. a Sudden explosion from both sides of the room as the doors flew off there hinges. on both sides a man stepped in blocking the doorway. 

"Lala, looky what we found..." said one. 
" why link, i think rainn was right about this..." said Lala. 
"mhmm this will be experience farm..." link said back as he lifted a sword.

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