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GuildWars tale by Etzrel, 2010-11-18T17:24:00.0000000. Reads: 1808
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This story has nothing to do with Guild Wars or any other MMO out there. It's a story i came up with for a D&D Campaign i was running a while back.
The narration is a combination of how my story was in my head and the actions of my players, given to you as best as it can.
Do not try to explain any kind of mechanics or rules, there is no reason to do so. IF there is need for explanation at any point i will.

Hope you enjoy it, but to tell you the truth i have no idea exactly how big it will be. Well, i'm guessing we'll find out, huh?

P.S.: This is the first major story i ever "publish" for others to see, so there will be some mistakes in it.

Chapter 1

For many decades, maybe even centuries, Rhodan was a land that thrived through magic. All Arcanists enjoyed the full respect from great Kings to mere peasants. The number of people accepted and trained in the Arcane Arts was great, and almost everyone had even a basic knowledge about the Arts.
The center of all this was the great Imperial Academy of Arcane Arts in the Capital of Rhodan. To be trained by the very Wizards that helped built this great nation, even the Capital it self, was the dream of every young Apprentice all over the nation. This development in the Arcane Arts had as a consequence the great advancement in Literacy, Poetry, Music, Architecture, History, great discoveries in the scientific field, added knowledge about the planes in and around our world.

As we learn in our great Academies, Knowledge is Power. Thus, with all this gathering of knowledge in our great nation's Academy, the military prowess of Rhodan's Armies couldn't be matched by any other army, of any other nation. Our great armies where keeping as safe from any threat and war was just a distant memory, written only in history books anymore.
Up until the day of the Great war in the East. It was an enemy stronger, more advanced than the Dwarven Nation could repel, so the call came to all the neighboring nations, both the Human Empire of Rhodan and the Elven lands to the North.
Vast armies have gathered, of both military and Arcane power, whole battalions of Mages, lead by the surviving war veterans of each nation, ready to do battle with this new enemy that emerged from the East.

The battle raged on for days, steel on steel, magic versus magic, the ground soaking in the blood of every soldier, man, dwarf and elf that died on this war, until the sky cracked open and the night turned to day. Some say it was the wrath of the gods, others say it was the overflow of magic in the area that our plane of existence could simply not handle.
The light was seen all over the land, like the sun has dawned in the middle of the night.

The war was over as fast as it started. But the price was even greater than a nation could withstand. The whole area became deadly, people that entered it become sick and died within a few days, even after leaving. Thousands of lives where lost that day, along with our beloved Emperor's life. But one of the greatest damages from this day was the fear. The shock from this destruction and the idea that it might all have been because of the use of magic has created a primal fear to the hearts of people for Arcane magic and it's users.

Wizards where driven away from their communities that they previously protected, the smaller academies where closed down, even destroyed in some towns. The greater Academies where still standing tall, but their numbers have thinned. They where no longer respected, only feared. Only a handful of them have retained their previous status among the royal courts.

The Elven and Dwarven nations have retracted to protect their own, and only some trading of the basic goods has been retained with each other.

That was 30 years ago.

Now Emperor Caspian LaMont, arisen from the ashes of the last Arcane War, he comes to rule with a noble lineage and military prowess.
Our great Academy is thriving again, under the guidance of our great Archmage, Kalynd Le'Say, and she also one of the Emperor's advisors.
The fear is still out there, but it is not what it used too.
The Arcane Arts are slowly regaining part of the respect they truly deserve.
The Gods are pleased with us.

A new Golden Era is beginning.

                                                                                                                                                      Entel Vor'Tas, Rhodanian Historian, 29 AW

Chapter 2

   They where all there in the empty field above the sea, all except the two mages. The wind was blowing hard, like it wanted them to go away, and it was about to start raining. Winter was coming once again, probably was going to start snowing in a few days. They had no time to prepare so they just waited in the cold, trying to warm up by rubbing their hands together.
The Lich has just gone, taking one of their friends along with him, leaving them there to do as they thought best. Non of them really knew what will happen from now on, but they all knew one thing.
They had to run. They had to run and hide and hope. Hope for themselves and for their two companions. The only ones that they could truly trust where the ones in front of them. Most of them where complete strangers up until a few weeks ago, but still, these few weeks seemed like years in their heads. And that was just the beginning.

After a few moment the sorcerer arrived and teleported them away, to a safer place. No one was talking, they just wanted to go away.

So he took them away once again.

Chapter 3

The summer was just starting to withdraw and the nights where becoming longer and colder. On one of these nights we find Dremord Darkbane, executing his duty as guard in the city walls. Not the best use of his talents and training, but it had to be done by someone. During his patrol, a raven flew and sat in front of him.
"Hello kind knight" the raven said. So, a talking bird, Dremord thought. This will be interesting.
"What do you want in the middle of the night, raven?"
"Me? Nothing at all, but my mistress, Archmage Kalind Le'Say, would like to invite you to a little trip. Be tomorrow morning in the docks. Your guide will be there. Do not worry about your superiors or your guard duty for tomorrow, they have been notified. Goodnight." the raven said and it flew away as it came.
So, the Headmistress of the Arcane Arts Academy has sent him an invitation. Not a curious man by nature, but that has triggered his curiosity, for now.

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