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Stories : Clan of Jerone, the log of a band of forgotten adventurers

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A Monk and Ranger from the time before the Searing were knocked out during the Searing and forgot what they're names were after. They are the first to carry the name Jerone and with this the clan of Jerone rises.

Nowadays the clan holds 8 persons, all have origin from the Ruins of Ascalon, or before, all are "nameless". This band of fighters followed the rest of the Ascalonians towards the promissed new land. After a long walk through the Ruins of Ascalon and the Shiverpeak Mountains, to escape the Charr, the others fled the continent by boat to other regions of the world to escape the upcoming threat.

Some ended up at Shing Jea Island, others at the island of Istan and a few fled to the Battle Isles to specialize themselves in besting the other fighters of the Five Gods.

Soon the two who fled to Shing Jea Island would face a different threat, a disease that could change the world as they knew it.

The two who fled towards the island of Istan would also see soon how their world would be torn by dark forces.

They would all grow to be proud fighters of the True Gods and travel to other continents to help others out there. Now they work together to help others out and make the world a safer place.

The Necromancer is their coordinator. He has progressed the furthest and has reached the Hall of Monuments where a certain collection of trophies are shimmering in the Scrying Pool’s reflection.

These are the logs of the Clan of Jerone. Updated every time one of the persons has encountered something interesting or unique.

Chapter 1

Start of the log.
I was sitting around in the Eye of the North and bought myself a scrapbook, in this book me and my other clanmates will write a log and make drawings of what we encounter. I start off on the last page of the book so one will see our current progress first.

I write this in the hope that everyone that reads it can put information out of it. This is the end of the day, I don't think we'll be writing in this log everyday because some days are other then others, not every day is special.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 2

Treasure Hunt
Today I went on a treasure hunt in the explorable areas in Istan, Kourna, Vabbi, Desolation and the Realm behind the Vortex. I left one out because that one was raided about a month ago, so it will probably still be empty. I can get another Asuran armour piece now. That's two out of four, or five if you count the headpiece.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 3

Mad King Thorn
I met Mad King Thorn today, he came to Lion's Arch and later I met him again in Kamadan. He's one funny guy, making everybody kneel and laugh.

I was doing some quest for him today too... Three of them were in Kryta and at the Fire Islands, the other three were in Vabbi and the Desolation.

Thanks to him I now got my third Asuran armourpiece. I wish he would be around all year long!
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 4

Peacekeeper encounters
Today I wandered around a bit in the Talmark Wilderness and I stumbled upon a Shining Blade encampement. They were plotting against the Peacekeepers, whom I've never heard of... After that I went to explore Kryta a bit more and to my surprise I had some encounters with the Peacekeepers myself! Luckily I got out okay. I even found myself a Confessor's Order. Maybe the people from the Shining Blade camp know what to do with it?

Also I stumbled upon some Ettins, after killing one I got myself a perfect rune of superior vigor, just what I needed for my Asuran armour!
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 5

I heard the Asuran were holding a trial against Zinn, the one I once helped to finish off his rampaging golems. So I rushed there and saw how Zinn was prosecuted.

I saw Prince Bokka the Magnificent and Lian, Dragon's Petal (guild leader of the Jade Brotherhood) whom I saved from those golems but missed the other one, Princess Salma. So I went to check up on her. Guess what! Zinn was there too! He will help out the Shining Blade now.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 6

Heroes of Tyria book
Today I did some missions in Istan and near Ascalon to fill up my book Heroes of Tyria, I came pretty far. But it's hard to do it on your own, especially against those hard foes.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 7

Water skill set
I have been busy doing some Alliance Battles for the Kurzicks to get me some Zaishen coins. Because I also earned Balthazar faction points I decide to make the skill set I had been making for Elementalist Jerone complete. There's still one skill "missing" but I'll get it soon.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 8

The Great Destroyer
Today I went to the Island of Balthazar and there the Zaishen Order sent me out to defeat The Great Destroyer. So I contacted my fellow guild members and the guild leader Etzrel Et'neral said he'd help me out.

So we arrived in the Central Transfer Chamber and went into the mountain to dace The Great Destroyer. In a matter of minutes we defeated him and we decided to take it up a notch and faced him again after he had toughened up. Our first attempt was not good enough and we failed, but on our second attempt we bested him again and could make another note in our promising leather-bound books.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 9

Core elite skills
Today I went on a journey to collect the last of the core elite skills. A few mesmer skills. In the last month I have captured 30 elite skills all over the three continents. I am already on a third of all three skillhunter titles! It won't take long before I am done. So that's another 4 statues in the Honor monument in a little while.
~Necromancer Jerone

Chapter 10

Battle for Lion’s Arch
After days and weeks of planning, plotting, acting, inventing and fleeing of the resistance the White Mantle finally had had enough of it and was going for a final assault on the resistance and it’s leader Salma. We’ve moved from the Shining Blade encampment in the Talmark Wilderness to the Keep of Lion’s Arch and we’ve been waiting for them.
Wave after wave of White Mantle punched our frontlines, but we didn’t gave in. And after a while the Mursaat showed up with their magical arts, as we backed up a bit due to the numbers they were in we got them in a spot where they were trapped. At a certain point they couldn’t put up with the massive spells and loads of melee attacks and we beaten the crap out of them. Finally we defeated the suppressors and freed Tyria.
After the battle I witnessed how Salma, the royal descendent, became queen. There were some medal collectors who gave me a nice sword for my Meleemancer build. And then Sergeant Weststar of the Ebon Vanguard came in and told us that Lieutenant Keiran and Captain Langmar were both lost and we should find them. So a new mystery is waiting for me to be solved.
~Necromancer Jerone

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