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Previously on the CDA story,they encounter new villains in 7 all cloaked.The battle proved to be not very affective as they still have to unlock their hidden weapons on a longer duration. Every member has once long ago been aware of a powerful orb that sleeps deep within their heart. Now it's the time to awaken it and fight back with all their might on the 7 new foes that come to reach their goal. The goal of gaining the most powerful Ultimate Orb there is. How will the story unfold? As the 7 new people have cursed the city with demons to put all the citizens into slavery. Causing our once famous heroes to dwell into hiding until they can rescue the people as well as restore the town back to normal.

Chapter 1

In the past the heroes were all able to defeat Laozex and his crew of follows to their defeat and end. Reuniting the Tetsuya with his childhood friend Lucxene, things was in peace for not only them but all their friends. Though, little did they know their last adventure was only the small piece that lead to what is truly the beginning.

7 new figured appeared in the town covered in cloaks and hidden in mystery.It was Liah,Zion,Hazji and Thuy who first ran into one of the members known as Jedix Greed Who ia lable as #1 of the cloaked figures. This lead to a battle between the four on him,the last one standing was Zion who fought to his last breath,only to be defeated. Jedix was revealed to have parted short black hair with green eyes.

During this Lunar Wrath #6 encountered the famous singing trios the Muses and Nitro in a violent and insane battle.The four were easily defeated as Lunar was bald with silver eyes and his face completely painted as a clown with a sadistic smile.

The third battle was with Mjrn her squire Zymes and Tetsuya as well as Lucxene. They fought #5 who is Edgeblade Lust. The spikey black hair man with purple eyes, he teased Mjrn by putting her team mates in life threatening situations. Only to let them go and gave it off as a warning.

With three members revealed,it was then figured the 7 represented the 7 deadly sins. All more powerful and their leader #7 was able to reveal the goal of these individuals. To find the Ultimate Orb of Destruction. This orb is the most powerfulest one that their is.

The orbs are hidden weapons that lies in silence within every individual. It released their true weapon and power to it's fullest. This was explained in the Mirror Room. The side effect develops a trait that the individual wishes they had,lack it or keep it hidden. However,once fully in control the alter personality fades off and allows the original user to maintain full focus on their weapon.

Mjrn was the first to awaken hers granting her ability to be more ruthless and chargeful person. Granting her a large saber known as the Royal Dame,which was able to slaughter countless of zombies. When Dracula was placed into the world of the heroes.

Liah was the second who maintain gauntlet like metal wrist gloves;lThe Amazon Warrior,in shades of purple and black.Her personality was more straight forward and head right into the battle with no second thought. Which was successful for her to battle against the forces of Hitler and his Nazis to retreat.

Nitro was the third to awaken and made his way into a conflicting battle with Nightmare. A soul stealing beast,Nitro's weapon consisted of a wide edge broadsword,called Soldier's Heart. His personality shifted to a more generic heroic figure. Coming to save those in need of help and trouble and save women in distress.

Tetsuya on the other hand was having conflicted issues. They all began when Madelynn  Pride the leader of the Sins made her appearance. Being a beautiful long hair raven woman with brownish-red eyes. It is highly suggested that Tetsuya and Madelynn were indeed lovers in the past.Offering him to come to the right side,Tetsuya refused,this only annoyed Madelynn to a degree that she simply would have to remove that which is important to Tetsuya. Tetsuya the kind of person who doesn't value much,the only thing that seemed to be on the list was Lucxene. Which Madelynn had the idea of it already,in plans she vowed to rid of Lucxene once and for all. Tetsuya by this point,prefered to keep Lucxene out of danger without informing him of the reasons why. This also is resulting in the relationship between the two to be drifting.

During the encounter with Madelynn Tetsuya awaken his orb a long bladed katana or black guard with flames,as the blade itself was solid red. Known as the Samurai's Soul,his orb is of importance for it was the same that lied in the historian of the legendary samurai Musashi.

Jedix by this point soured his plan into motion to removed the others in battle,with the help of one of his members. This was to take place during the muse's concert performing Dream Fighter, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQXi8uf5oM0 live. Shortly after having a fun dance to break tension with Liah as they lip sing Jive Jive Jive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4Nm-SyAjgU with just Liah and Celica.

The event prooved both failure and successful.For Zion awakened his orb known as the Hawkeye Blitz. The weapons of two guns green wind design as the guns were black and brown,that one remain small size,as the other is partially larger then the other. Combine it would make a large blaster. Which was used to severly injure Jedix. Zion's personality wasn't haltered though as he became highly sexually driven and flirtatious. Causing his feeling up and make out with Thuy,throughout the battle as well as compliment all the females in appearance. During the combat though,Patrolez Gluttony the large muscular brown skin and short black hair man. With eyes of gold appeared, he is known as #2 debuted before Zion could finish off Jedix.Patrolez managed to do exactly what his goal was and was to awaken all the heroes in a alter reality world. The original plan was to capture or destroy Lucxene,but it proved too much of a issue. Plan B was out now and in motion.

The friends and heroes were now scattered and put in a deep sleep only to awaken in a world different from their own.As well as no longer in the world they know or recognized. Being in a enviornment unknown to them, the first objective was to reunite with their friends...And hope that they weren't destroyed before then.

and so lies the Beginning of Chaotic Dragon:Advance

Chapter 2

During the teleportation of the member of the Sins known as Patrolez. Everyone was now scattered far from one another in a different dimensional world.

Near the army, military base is Nitro, Tetsuya and Zion. Who were reunited once they entered the world. Seperated completely from the others. Fortunately, they are all successfully able to use their orbs now,but still have some difficulties controlling their personality alterations at time.Which requires more work. The three were hiding behind a military truck as the soldiers move about. All three trying to stay out of the way, the plan was to sneak in and find a good transportation method to head out to find the others and eventually find a way back home.

Nitro:Alright,there is alot of them,so just follow me on this. I know how the military works.
Tetsuya:Wait,this isn't like the military back home. How can you tell?
Nitro:Just do as I say.
Zion:Uh sure, you think the others are okay?It's been almost a whole day and no sight of anyone.
Nitro:Well,the sooner we get in the better.We can find something to travel aside walking,this seems like a giant world.We can't walk it,obviously.
Tetsuya:And how are you implying we go in?
Zion:Oh the orbs right!
Nitro:....I guess, but we're going to steal their uniforms so we don't have to sneak around.
Zion:Let's do it then!

Nitro's hand glowed as now he can summon it at will,in his right hand he held a wide broad sword. In black and silver colored.The handle itself was a brown shade,but the end of the guard had a small chain hanging off it with a skull.

Nitro:Soldier's Heart.

Zion held both his hands out as they glowed and two different models of guns appeared. One of the guns was a short hand gun type,the gun was brown,black and dark green. The handle had swirls of wind design in a brighter green. While the other gun he held looked more longer,similar to a shotgun or rifle size,as it was within the same color as his other gun.

Zion:Hawkeye Blitz.

Tetsuya held his right hand out and appeared a very long katana.The blade was a solid shiny red,as the handle was a dark black,with a fire design along the handle.

Tetsuya: Samurai's Soul.

Nitro:Alright for justice and for all that's right!
Tetsuya:For the way of the Samurai.
Zion:Oh man...I wonder if they have hot chicks in soldier's suits...Especially their butts...You know how much it sho-
Nitro and Tetsuya:YOU'RE ENGAGED!
Zion:-_-...Spoil my fun...

They dived out at the first three soldiers near them as Nitro slashed his blade down sending a meteorite,small size of course to slam into the soldier knocking him out.

Nitro:Meteor Strike!

Zion jumped out and held his guns out at one then shot a few rounds at the soldier as instead of bullets invisible wind would battering ram the soldier repeatedly into the wall till he's out cold.

Zion:Hah hah,Stardust Blow. *Blows the tips of the gun,as the stardust would blow off.*

Tetsuya dive in front of the last soldier and unsheath his katana as he dashed forward as the screen went black.With a Japanese symbol appearing,once the screen return to normal,he reput away his katana as the soldier fell to the ground uncouncious.

Tetsuya:Night Gaze.

Nitro:Alright, will keep the weapons,but let's get this over with, and do the right thing and save the world!
Zion:Damn,none are women....
Tetsuya:Be more honorable...

The three would then strip those soldiers...That's right strip em to their underwear as they went to changed into the uniforms.


Liah would get up with Thuy and Hazji as they looked around.They seem to be more in a tropical forest location.She dust herself off,as the last thing she remember was falling from the sky and into this world...After the teleportation.Hazji hopped off a big rock and jump by Liah,as Thuy walked out of the bushes to meet them.They were reunited,but not by anyone else that's for sure.

Liah:You gals okay?
Thuy:Oh, I'm fine. The trees broke my fall.
Hazji:Same.Where is everyone?
Liah:I don't think anyone else is around.The way it looks like,we were out cold for a while. If they were around they would of been here.
Hazji:You don't think they are dead do you?!
Thuy:I would hope not...
Liah:I doubt it,they don't go down that easily. We just got to do what we can ourselves.So,let's not panic and let's get out of the forest...
Thuy:Oh, I heard waves nearby and some noises...We might be near a beach actually.
Hazji:Ooo the beach!
Liah:Well,let's check it out then.

The three ladies,would walk over to the beach,they heard a ship noise,and on that as well alot of people and machines. The three girls,would peak from the bushes as they saw soldiers.With weapons no less,but they saw some sailors and machineries helping move equipment.

Liah:I really like to know where we are...
Thuy:I'll say this much,no where back home.Everything here looks...Unhumanized.
Hazji:What does that mean?
Liah:She means that there is lots of trees,greens,clean water and such...In other words,we are in a whole different world here.
Hazji:That's scary! I'll never see my parents again or Zion's cute smile!
Thuy:....I'm marrying him you know.
Hazji:Hey,I can dream!
Thuy:Uh huh...
Liah:Anyway...Um,no civilians...We can't walk forever and we do need shelter and food before night...
Thuy:You don't mean...
Liah:Yes...We are sneaking in!
Hazji:Wait,how?Those soldiers are big and muscled...And they have mobile machines!O.O
Liah:...The sailors aren't that big,will just dress up as sailors.I'm sure women can be sailors.
Hazji:Like Sailor Moon! Can I be chibi moon?
Liah:....Uh...Not like that...
Thuy:Hazji...Focus please...
Liah:When I say go we go,but first! Amazon Warrior.

Liah held her hands out in front of herself as her hands were gloved over in purple and stiped gloves on the wrists. She had some metallic guarding on her forarm,then a solid purple elbow pad cover.

Liah:Here we go! Now, we can get our butts in! Let's go!
Thuy:....Why do the personality have a big shift.
Hazji:I don't know...But here comes the sailors!

Liah slide out in front of the three sailor men and she swung her fist and slammed one right in the nose as she broke it and he fell hard into the sand as sand gusher into the air and fell ontop of the out cold solider.

Liah:Hah!Your turn,eat this!

She swung her other arm and clock her first right into the other sailor's forward followed by a elbow slam into the side of his face as he spun in the air like the matrix and slammed into the sand.

Last Sailor:You evil woman!

The sailor dived at Liah as instead,his hands grabbed her breasts.His eyes widen as he held onto her breasts.Liah blinked for a minute then narrowed her eyes as she roard in anger and uppercut the guy so hard in the chin,let's say this...She made Ryu and Ken look like sissies the way she did it as the sailor fell and Liah growled as she stomped her foot right on the sailor crotch alot as the sailor twitched and yell.


Thuy and Hazji's eyes widen as they tried to pull Liah off.

Hazji:Uh, I think he's out cold!
Thuy:Yeah,Liah I think you made sure he can never have kids.Geez stop!

After five minutes of chilling out Liah,they decided to strip those men to the underwear and dress up as sailors to go onto the ship.


Mjrn walked about as she was in a terrain unknown to her,all she knew is it was raining.And it never stops raining,and very cloudy so it looked like night.She was completely alone as she remained inside her Metroid suit,she tried to contact Zenechoe who's still stuck in the real world.Though,do to the weather it made it alot more difficult on her.


She walked into a runned down church and headed inside,she notice some homeless people inside with a fire on the alter to keep them warm.She shrugged as she looked around and figured she asked for information,but none of the homeless people were willing to talk. It took Mjrn a while,but she managed to get one guy to talk to her.

Guy:If you want to get out of here,you'll have to change in the changing room to more...Revealing attire.
Mjrn:Excuse me?
Guy:See no one gets out of here,unless your female,the guy who own this terrain always takes many brides...He has fangs,and likes his women uh...

Mjrn: Oh like #$#$# #$@# @#!@$# @!#$#!@ @#@!#$!@ Like that?
Mjrn:Ugh...-_- Fine...Who picks the girls up?
Guy:A chariot comes now and then.

Mjrn:Well, better not disappoint...I want out of here and I need a set of wheels...
Guy:Oh there is rumors he has a dragon at the castle of his home.It flies.
Mjrn:Good sounds like my kind of ride.

Mjrn would walk into the changing room as she removed the red Metroid outfit and let her hair down long and loose,she would then change into a more sexy silver dress,with a red designs on the bottom.She put on some silver high heel shoes then some red bracelets and earrings.

She would wait for that chariot to come as she posed outside the church once the owner noticed he paused the horses.She smirked and says softly.

Mjrn:Hi stud puppy....DIE!!!!!

Mjrn pull out her huge saber from behind her,she held it with both hands as the saber was larger then Mjrn,the blade was the biggest,the handle was more so normal size,it was a deep red with a water gem droplet symbol on the sides of the handle.

Mjrn:Royal Dame

Mjrn:She held the saber as the man's eyes widen and the saber glowed as she just swung it down at the man and he jumped off the chariot as he ran away. Mjrn just manage to pause before striking the chariot and made the saber stop elongating and glowing. Then hopped onto the Chariot and rode off to the castle.


Celica,Onihime and Yasha all met up in the desert terrain. They cough and sat up in the sand as some of it blew around.

Celica:It's hot,and I have sand all on me...
Onihime:Well,it broke our fall,this is soft sand here.
Yasha:Ugh, where is here?Will die of thirst with no water!

They all stood up and looked around,The Muses eyes widen when they heard rumble from the ground.

Celica:Eh...There There!!!

Celica pointed as a giant Sand worm rose from the sand above them.

Muses:*Screams and runs away.*

The girls ran,as the Sand Worm chased after them to eat them,fortunately things were on their side as they found a ranch near by on by a oasis. They crash into it,as a invisible forcefield wall was up keeping away Sand Worms as the Sand Worm hit it then grew annoyed and left. The three girls panted as they stood there.

Yasha:Define logic please?
Celica:Who cares,we are safe.So out of breath.
Onihime:Where is this place anyway?

Old man:...You ladies,should be properly stocked before venturing into the desert.

Yasha:Who are you?
Onihime:Um,do you own this place...What is this place?
Celica:Say can you help us get out of the desert.

The old man just blinked alot as he would shrug and say to that

Old man:Um, I own this place...I know how you guys can travel...You guys aren't from here so, I'll just let it slide...You can leave the desert through the teleportation,it's found near the edge of the island to the East. It can teleport you to other locations,but the map is over there.You'll have to choose where you want to go.

Yasha:Are we the only ones you seen?

The old man nodded.

Onihime:Well,let's get some supplies...

The old man gave them some,food and water,as well as Egyptian clothing...It was unique to say the least.Celica wear a pink veil over her mouth,pink long sleeve see through sleeves, shirt with purple gems,her stomach showed and  see through long pants as well as curled shoes. Onihime was the same but in blue and topaz gems while Yasha had green with garnet gems.

Celica:I like it!
Yasha:Well,it works...Till we wash our actual clothes from sand.
Onihime:But how do we avoid the Sand Worm.

Old Men:Those.

He pointed as Celica they each were given a Chocobo.

Celica:o.o They exhist!

Old man:Yes they do...Now shoo,you'll ruin my business if people find out you got it for free. Next time you pay.

The Muses roll their eyes as they hopped on the Chocobos and rode off.


Zymes looked around as he was in the Ice and Snow Region. He looked around as he was on his own.

Zymes:Brrr....I got to find a warmer area....Where though?

He looked around and jogged off to a house near by lodge. He notice it's near a ski area as he walked over and notice there was a major problem as people were trying to shoot a giant Wendigo who marched up the hill to destroy the lodge.

Zymes:Oh geez...

Zymes heart shifted as it glowed,and he pulled out a orb as his eyes shined briefly and in his left hand he held a long bow and arrow colored in shades of deep and light blue.Some sapphire stones were displayed on the sides as he had a stack of arrows appear on his back colored in dark blue tip and back.

Zymes: Furocious Eagle's Eye!

Zymes narrowed his eyes as he took a arrow in his right hand as he screeched like a Hawk from his lips as the Wendigo turned around holding his ears.

Zymes:Get lost or I'll crush you into tiny little pieces. And it's worse then your @#!$ freezing off.

The Wendigo charged at Zymes as Zymes shot a arrow at it's arms as it pierce through and iced it over, The wendigo howled as it ran and he shot the other arm as it iced over. He held two arrows after shoot both it's legs as it iced over and it fell.Zymes then walked over and put it's foot on it's chest as he shot arrows into his body.

Zymes: @#$% off.

The final arrow shot hit the Wendigo as it shattered into pieces of ice then snow and blew away leaving nothing.

Zymes shook his head,as his stack of arrows and bow vanished.The people cheered as they welcome Zymes inside making him the hero of the day and helping them out.Once inside Zymes was given winter wear,as well as a snow board.Once things were explained about the area.

Bar man:Oh, the best way out of here is down the snow moutain,you'll need a snowboard.Pass the cave and into the ice woods.From there you can charter a boat elsewhere.

Zymes:x.x That sounds so long.

Bar man:If you can snow board well,you should be fine.

Zymes:I guess...Thanks...

Zymes took his snowboard which had snowflakes on it as well as it was blue.He kept his normal hat on,but put on a dark blue scarf,a black winter coat with blue pants and black boots,he had some cut off gloves in dark blue that went to his wrist.Once he was stocked with the things he needed he went off to snowboard down the mountain.


Lucxene looked around as he really wasn't sure where he was,he noticed it was night by the time he stood up and the area was a city.Lights,buildings it didn't look so different from the home world...Though,he never heard of this place at all.He decided to walk around as he investigated it. He notice some soldiers roamed the street as he walked to find out the area,the soldiers just looked at him odd and shooed Lucxene away. Lucxene just scowled under his breath and walked on. After a hour he found a map of the city and noticed they had trains that opperated, he wondered how he could go in with the soldiers around. Meanwhile...From a viewing globe on her base.

Madelynn:What a shame,he's all alone.Now...Get him.
Edgeblade:Which one?
Jedix:I could.
Madelynn:No, last time you went, you nearly got your rear handed to you by Zion when he activated his orb.
Black Cloak 4:....
Jedix:It was a fluke! I'm ready for it this time,besides Lucxene doesn't have a orb activated.
Patrolez:You still haven't fully recovered.
Black Cloak 3:I'll do it.
Lunar:Hee hee hee...
Madelynn:Good,don't fail me....Soon the little pest will be dealth with once and for all.

To be continue...

Chapter 3

Back at the military base.Nitro,Zion and Tetsuya successfully dressed up as soldiers to hide in better.The uniforms were solid red,with a helmet preventing from seeing the actual faces or head,with a visor for the eyes,that they could see,but no one could see their eyes.

Nitro:This isn't bad,fits well.
Tetsuya:It's not the most easiest thing to move in though.
Zion:At least it doesn't tighten near my junk area.
Nitro:Anyway...We should beable to get in anyway.
Tetsuya:You should lead then,your more familiar with this,compare to me and Zion.
Zion:What are we trying to get out of here?
Nitro:See if we can find the others,a ride and also find out where the Hell are we.

The three of them would walk over to the entrance to head inside,they were stop for a moment to show ID.Thankfully it was on the uniform,so they were able to pass once inside,it was quite highly tech and developed.

Zion:Whoa,this isn't like back home.
Tetsuya:I'm beginning to think that Patrolez warp us into another universe from our own.Judging by it,this place is far ahead of us.
Nitro:Let's find a map,should be near the control panel ahead.

The three walked ahead as they looked at the control panel,Nitro went on the control and hit a few buttons,but nothing happened so he tried again and nothing...He grew annoyed and kicked the machine.

Nitro:Work you piece of...!
Computer:Excuse me,don't kick me.
Nitro:It talks.
Computer:Yes,you meat bags,what do you want?
Nitro:A map.
Computer:Oh,you people are so forgetful,what map stupid?
Nitro:I am not stupid!
Computer:Well,could of fool me,oh you can't...Cause I am perfect.
Zion:Even female computers are evil.>_>
Computer:I heard that...I can zap you.
Tetsuya:A map of the planet might help,as well as a map within the current area?
Computer:Oh you want one of those...Figures,here idiots.

The computer popped up a small cube,that uses holographic images to display locations and map.Nitro would take it,as he looked annoyed.

Nitro:Who built this thing...?
Computer:By the goddess Madelynn,you ugly human.

3 other soldiers would walk over and look at them as they were two men and a female.One of the men would say to them.

Soldier 1:What are you doing here?

The other male would say after.

Soldier 2:Wait,you here to relieve us of duty?No...Don't think so,what are you doing here anyway?

Zion:Looking for the...Well,the...

Soldier 3:The quad...It's down the hall,and down the stairs,near the back.You must be new.


Soldier 1:Well,go ahead.

The 3 turned around to head out,as Nitro and Tetsuya went the opposite way while,Zion blinked at the female.

Zion:Whoa,see the butts do show...Curves and all!
Tetsuya:Oh geez...

Soldier 3:Wait! You staring at my rear!

Zion:*Clears his throat and changes his voice.*No wasn't me...Was that guy!

*Points to the second soldier.*

Soldier 2:What no?!I didn't say anything!
Soldier 3:Pervert! Come here,I got a sword with your name on it!

The second soldier screamed and ran away,as the female chased him while the one left behind just followed them to prevent things from getting worse.

Soldier 1:Hey! Wait! You guys are nuts...Ugh,I need to retire.

Nitro:Lovely, Zion let's move.
Tetsuya:I agree.Let's get this over with.

The three went into the Quad and saw the only mobile thing was the tank.

Tetsuya:Only a tank...Are they even fast?
Zion:Whoa let's ride it!I'm doing it!

Zion ran ahead as Nitro blinked and tried to stop him but he went off ahead.

Nitro:He's going to blow our cover with that.
Tetsuya:Well,it seems that's our only ride anyway...
Nitro:Yeah,let's roll with it.

Zion went into the tank and started it up as Nitro and Tetsuya took a seat,then closed the doors. The alarms went on once the tank was turned on.Zion didn't wait for the door to open as he just rammed the tank through it,busting a whole and they were off.Nitro used the computer cube to determine where to go.

Zion:Whoo!Better then a video game!


Liah,Thuy and Hazji would change into the sailor outfits,as their sailor suits were blue and white.Consisiting of pants,shirt and a hat.They would look at their clothes making sure they fit well enough.

Hazji:Mine is a little big,but it's not that bad...I should be good.
Thuy:It's comfortable actually.

Liah blinked as her chest hung out quite easily,as her shirt looked tight.

Liah:Of course...
Thuy:Why can't you just have them normal size.
Hazji:That's it,I am so jealous of you.
Liah:Hey,look you think I just asked for these?Anyway! Let's go.

The three girls headed over to the loading area as they hopped into the ship.They hid for a while,at least till the ship was off and sailing.Once the shipped move they met up below deck.

Liah:Anything interesting?
Thuy:Aside of alot of machines and soldiers,and some sailors...Nothing just yet,where do you think we are heading anyway?
Liah:I found a map in the broom closet.It's old,but it looks right.
Thuy:Oh let's take a look.
Hazji:Wait,aren't you going to ask me what I found?!
Thuy and Liah:....Okay. What did you find?
Hazji:I got to go to the deck,near the front.I heard the ones in charge are in there.
Liah:Do you know who it is?
Hazji:I would of looked,but the window is a bit high,and I'm kinda short here...
Liah and Thuy:We're short too...
Hazji:No no no! You're tall enough to see in through the window though.
Liah:Guess,can't hurt.But if we stick together,will look odd.Just walk about casually and will meet there.

The girls walked about working their way up deck and to head to the front,of course on the journey they ran into some people wanting to talk to them.

Soldier:You're so small...How old are you?
Hazji:I'm 24!
Soldier:Geez,what's with the attitude,but your so small.
Hazji:Well,excuse me for having small parents.
Soldier:Oh fine,get get! That's the last time,I try talking to a sailor.
Hazji:*Sticks her tongue out at him and runs off.*Jerk...

group of soldiers:*Reading some naughty magazines.*
Liah:*Looks around.*
group of soldiers:WHOA! Look at that body! Are you single?No no have my baby,no mine! Mine!Marry me!
Liah:I don't believe this...Cat calls,look.*Thinks then fibs and gives it a try.*I'm into chicks only!
group of soldiers:*Silence.*.....HOT!
Liah:Ugh,nothing works.*Runs away from there.*

Sailor:Ugh,I'm not having that burito ever again.
Thuy:Oh this is just so sad...
Sailor:You're telling me...Don't have the burito...*vomits over the deck*
Thuy:I think,it's more motion sickness...Anyway,gross.
Sailor:You try,keeping your composure on this rocky ship.
Thuy:Yeah,well...Take a tranquilizer or something.

After a bit the three met out by the front.
Thuy:Weird people here.
Hazji:Some guy,thought I was 24.
Liah:Wow,at least men didn't want to harrass you.
Thuy:Let's take a look.

Liah and Thuy peaked into the steering window.

Patrolez:We should be landing near the beach in a while.We need to restock before heading to the castle.
Lunar:I could careless,do what you want!
captain:Will be there in a couple of hours.

Thuy and Liah's eyes widen as they fell from the window and ran off,dragging Hazji.

Hazji:Hey! Hey! What is it?! What you mmm! mmm! mmm!
Thuy and Liah:Be quiet!
Thuy:We are on the same ship with them.
Liah:Yeah...We are outnumbered too...Look next stop we need to get off.
Hazji:*Pushes their hands down.*Them who?
Liah:The giant,Patrolez.
Thuy:That other guy is here too,the one Celica and the others ran into,Lunar.
Liah:Shh...Let's hide.


Dracula heard the doorbell ring as he moved from the fireplace and walked over dusting his cloaked off.

Dracula:Oh good,my next bride has arrived.

He opened the door,seeing a chariot and a big umbrella over a figures body.

Dracula:Are you my bride?Come in,you'll get wet out there.
Mystery woman:But I'm too shy...I never been married before...
Dracula:Oh now come,we can live in eternity forever,just you and me.
Mystery woman:Really?
Dracula:Yes,now do please come in.

The umbrella fell as Mjrn narrowed her eyes at Dracula and took out that saber of hers as she gritted her teeth.

Mjrn:TIME TO DIE! <censor>! HAH!

Mjrn swung that saber down at Dracula,who just dived back inside and his eyes widen then glared as he made a hord of zombies run at her while Dracula ran off.Mjrn glared and swung the saber in a full 360 three times,making circular waves cut the zombies in half.

Mjrn:Spiral Cutlass!

She saw them fall and ran after Dracula,who was knocking down armor knights to stall her.It didn't stop her though as she chased after him and called out.

Mjrn:Come on! Let's play cut the cucumber!

Dracula:You are such a vile and dirty girl!

Mjrn:Oh,I thought you like the rough stuff!

Mjrn jumped up and dived at Dracula who turned into a bat and flew from the blade swing then flew up the roof of the castle.

Mjrn:Run all you like buddy,these high heels wont slow me down!

The chase continued to the roof till Mjrn saw Dracula fly from the castle and off away into the raining night.Mjrn made it to the top and rolled her eyes as she made the saber vanished and sighed.

Mjrn:I knew,I should off took off the shoes...

She reached over and hit a button on her wrist,transforming her armor Metroid suit back onto her.She then walked back inside,and took a lit torch to look around.She found a map,in the throne room then heard deep breaths coming from a cell as she looked inside it and saw a huge black dragon inside.

Mjrn:...I found my ticket out of here.

She opened the gate as the dragon was chained,once she released the chained,she saw it bust through the window as she ride on it's back and into the raining black night. Mjrn would soon disappear from the rainy terrain and off elsewhere.


The Muses would ride on the chocobos till they reach the teleportation spot.It wasn't long,and considering how quick the ride was.The Sand Worm could never have kept up.Once they arrived,they took the teleporter into the grassy fields area. It looked suitable to a large meadow.

Onihime:Oh it's pretty here,and warm weather.
Celica:Thank goodness, I couldn't stand such horrible heat.
Onihime:Wait,Yasha why did you run from the Sand Worm, I thought you aren't afraid of bugs?
Yasha:Hello! It's big enough to eat me! If the bug can eat me,then I am afraid.
Celica:I just hate anything that slithers...Ew.Ready to go-

The ground shook alot,as the Chocobos look all scared and moved back abit.The muses blink and once the ground broke open the Chocobos jumped back as the Muses all fell off the Chocobos and onto the ground.The birds were scared off and ran as the Chocobo Eater rised from the ground.It look like a giant Black Widow with shark fang teeth and glowing eyes.

Yasha:Oh <censor>...

Celica stood up as she was about to cast a pink lightning bolt on it till it made a poisonous web spat covering Celica from head to toe,like a mummy.She fell uncouncious do to the poison and fell flat over on her side.Yasha and Onihime blinked,as they stood up and both of them glowed for a few moments,Yasha would pull out a orb from the center of her chest and it shifted into a shape of a guitar axe then twirling it around she would hold it in both hands.She would jump into the air and the guitar was a more dark red color,with a green line edges,On the right side of her ear appeared a headset,with a microphone coming up from the side of her cheek and pausing infront of her mouth.Once she landed on the ground,she held the guitar axe.It was exactly like a electrical guitar,but the axe side was actually bladed and large enough to use like an axe weapon.

Yasha:Techno Rhythm!

Yasha:Here,eat a sonice wave!WHOO!!!!

She roared like a party rocker,and the waves slammed into the Black Widow,causing the Widow to stumble and lose it's balence as well as fall onto it's back in pain from such noise.

Onihime's reach with both hands in front of her chest as a orb appeared on each hand.She would glow and hover from the ground gently as in her right hand appeared to look like a wand,but with a string tied from one end to the other.Her left hand she held a violin.The wand was gold color,as the violin.The strings were of a soft blue,she would open her eyes as her right ear was covered with head microphone as well similar to Yasha,as the microphone stopped in front of her lips.

Onihime:Ballet Waltz!

Onihime would land on her feet as she closed her eyes and played the violing,causing music notes to hover around her then move around the Black Widow and explodes,one note hitting it with fire,another with ice,then water,wind,lightning,she went through each element wounding the Black Widow.

Onihime:Swarm of Harmony.

Yasha:Here...I'll show it,who's boss!

Onihime opened her eyes as she seemed more angry,but compose.Like a silent anger,while Yasha jumped up more out of control and came down with that axe,cutting that Black Widow right in half.

Yasha:Here! Flarestar Dunk!

The Black Widow,now split in half fell dead,as the two girls reverted to normal,once Onihime used her violin wand to remove the web off Celica.

Yasha:Hey she okay?!*runs over.*
Onihime:She's not councious and she seems poisoned.We need to find some place quick to treat her wound.
Yasha:Oh great and the Chocobos ran away...We're in a bit of a jam...


Zymes dived down on the snowboard and down the mountain dodging some rocks,trees and jumping over a few steep bumps in the ground.He manage to go to the ice cave,and slid more crazily fast with the ice.Going from one tunnel into the next,now long from there he manage to reach the wintry forest and proceeded onward.Once walking around he tried to get his communicator working and try to contact anyone.The wintry condition made it hard for him to lock onto someone far off.

Zymes:Boss?Liah anyone?
Liah:Zy-zzzzzz- hey you---zzzzzz hello- zzzzz
Zymes:Liah?Liah?! Where are you?

Smoke bombs would suddenly go off around Zion,as it started to fill the forest and he began to cough and run off from there,out of the fog of smoke.His eyes were blur from it,and his vision began to go haze until what he saw in front of him stun him with a hard chop,knocking him out.

Ninjas:*Whispers among each other.*
Leader:Take him back into the hidden base.

With another smokebomb,Zymes and the ninjas vanished off.


Lucxene would look around the town,and was told to head to the large manor near the auction house to find a way to the train station.Once he entered inside the building he would head into the main office,which looked nicely made,but he didn't see anyone inside.

Lucxene:Hello?I heard,you can give me information to board the train...Hello?

The door behind him suddenly closed and locked,Lucxene turned around and went over to the door and try to open it,seeing it wasn't opening at all.There was a television behind the desk as it turned on.

Black Cloak 3:Good evening, Lucxene. You foolishly walked right into you're death trap.It wasn't so hard to calculate,in 5 minutes the room you are in will blow up.This will be good,since our leader with you to no longer exhist.

Removing the hood,the cloaked person had pink eyes,with glasses and her hair tied in a high pony tail.Black and long with waves throughout it.

Antenora:Remember my name,even in death. Antenora Sloth.

The TV exploded as Lucxene moved away and saw the timer on the side of the wall start.He wanted to panic,but that wouldn't do any good.At this point he investigated the room to see if there is anyway he can get out,after finding the tea cup set,he moved one that was shaped strangely.Opening a passage into the sewers.He doved down it as the mansion exploded.Covering his head as he avoided falling into the water.

Lucxene:Ugh,crazy woman...

Antenora:Be sure to recover anything left,for data analyse robots.

Lucxene heard her voice above vaguely,as he ran ahead in the sewers. It was more of a underground escape route,since the sewer had lights no less.The robots were sent out to find Lucxene to gather parts,but once nothing was found,they notice the sewers and headed to find him.

Antenora would hear the report from her robots and sighed as she said annoyed.

Antenora:Clever...Find him and eliminate him.

Lucxene found a passage out of the sewers and into a lookout tower,but he was way up high.The good news is he could see the city,the bad news is...There is no way down aside of the way he came in.He shut the entrance to the room and pushed any objects he can find above the door to keep the robots out as long as possible.He wanted to call out for help,but the enemy might hear him.Glancing around he wasn't sure what to do,though in the far distant he notice a tank entering the city from the entrance of town.

To be continue...

Chapter 4

Yasha and Onihime by this point was left with no other choice,but to carry celica out of a pair of leaves and two bamboo poles they put together.Once strengthing it enough,Yasha held the front and lead on,while Onihime was in charge of the rear, and the uncouncious Celica would lay on the soft bed of leaves.They would walk ahead as Onihime panted a bit tired.

Onihime:This is so lengthy...And she maybe shorter then us,but she isn't light as you would think.

Yasha seemd a bit tired,but she pushed on as she would say to her.

Yasha:We have to find medical treatment for her poison. And she's not that light,cause all her calories goes to her breasts!

Onihime:>_> Jealous much?
Yasha:Shut up.

The two were saved by the large shadow in the sky as they paused and looked up.The two girls eyes widen as it looked like a huge dragon.They nearly jumped when it slam landed in front of the two as Mjrn was sitting on it's back.

Mjrn:Finally! You know how HUGE this world is? It's alot bigger then we actually think.Where is everyone? Eh, what's wrong with Celica.

Yasha and Onihime held their chests once lowering Celica in a panic,catching their breaths till they yell at Mjrn.

Yasha and Onihime:You nearly gave us a heart attack!
Yasha and Onihime:-_-...
Yasha:She got poisoned by a huge spider demon.We need to give her medical treatment.
Onihime:Yes,we don't know how long she has either...
Mjrn:O.O Let's move move move!

Mjrn hopped off the dragon and went over as she picked up Celica and moved to the dragon putting her on it's back once using some of the gear to strap her in properly.Mjrn would then get on and sit on it as she looked at the other two.

Onihime:um...Is it safe?
Yasha:Yeah...It is a dragon you know.
Mjrn:-_- I'm on it right?Get on!

The two Muse members would hop on and hold on as the dragon took to the sky and flew out of the grassy fields and flew into the distant as Mjrn checked the map a bit and saw a island in the middle of the ocean,but it did seem to have a town of people.She flew down and landed in the middle of the game stadium as people's eyes widen and ran off the field.

Yasha:...Not the impression I was hoping to make.
Mjrn:Well,where else do you want me to land in someone's house?
Onihime:We should try and find a doctor.
Mjrn:Go look,I'll watch Celica here then report back.

The two muses would hop off and go off ahead to look into the town and ask people about medical treatment.Alot of them really had no idea,how to work things at all on Celica's condition but they did have a medical treatment to keep her in a stable state so she didn't get worse. Once the two girls found the location and talked to the doctor they reported to Mjrn.Mjrn by this point was tying the dragon to a thick huge metal beam pole so it can't fly off,once informing Mjrn they would take Celica to the doctor inside the large glass building.The doctor would lay Celica in a bed,once her original clothes were washed and dried she were her original attire and was put into a state of cryo sleep in a tube.Yasha,Onihime and Mjrn also had their clothes re-cleaned and dressed in their casual wear now.

Onihime:What do we do now?Without a cure,how can we wake her up and make sure she's fine?
Yasha:I'm kind of concern about the others too...Notice we only ran into Mjrn and no one else.

Mjrn thought on it then figured she would work on the communication aspect of things.

Mjrn:Wait,I'm not sure what we can do for Celica just yet,but she's fine for now. I got a idea though just watch her till I get back.

Mjrn ran outside and went into the gizmo store and worked on getting a few things to fix her communicator it was a success as she got into contact with Zenechoe in the real world who was coming up with a way to bring them back to their timeline.It was quite a step,but he needed time though he did know how to reach Mjrn he was able to strengthen the range so she can now communicate with the other members.


The tank would enter the city as the soldier dressed simliar to them would stand in front of the entrance waving his hands up as he yelled.

Soldier:No way! You know the rules no big vehicles into the city! Sheesh you'll scare the people! Come on everyone out.

Zion:Muah hah hah hah...I can just run right in and-
Tetsuya and Nitro:Don't even think about it.
Zion:What?Why not?!
Nitro:We are keeping a low profile! The more we fit in the easier on us.
Tetsuya:Zion those guns of yours make you lose all sense of honor.
Zion:Oh yeah well both your swords make you lose all sense of what it's like to be a guy!

Soldier:Come on! Out!

Zion,Nitro and Tetsuya reluctantly jumped off the tank as the soldier got in and drove the tank away now.They walk about the city till Tetsuya spotted way way ahead a large tower and wonder who was standing on it.He looked around in his uniform and pulled out his binoculars and took a look seeing Lucxene up there,but he looked more concern then noticed the door behind him slamming about to break.Tetsuya's eyes widen and dropped the binoculars then ran ahead.

Nitro:Where is he going?
Zion:Hey! Hey! Tetsuya?!What's up?!
Nitro:....Let's go.

Antenora would stand near the bottom of the tower as she look up and monitoring her robots trying to get to Lucxene.Tetsuya paused seeing her as did Nitro and Zion.

Zion:Wait a minute...That cloak...

Antenora:Oh good soldiers*She turned looking at them.* Quickly get inside the tower and eliminate Lucxene at once! Hurry!

Nitro:*Lowers his voice.*The soldiers work for them...Not good.
Zion:*Whispers to Tetsuya* Wait,play along let's just go inside.

Antenora:What's the stalling. I gave you a order.

Zion:Uh right sir! I mean uh...Ma'am!

Zion ran ahead as Nitro shrugged and salute then followed.Tetsuya just stared at her then ran after the other two after a second of thought.Antenora watch them head inside and thought on things herself.

Antenora:Something strange about those two...Are they new...?

Lucxene felt the doors bust open as he moved away from the robots.The three large robots locked onto Lucxene and prepare to fire at him.Tetsuya would then dash in front of Lucxene and duck down so Antenora couldn't see him.Lucxene wondered what the soldier was doing,since he can't recognize him.gun shots were heard in the distance as Zion repeatedly shot a robot till it was short circuiting and about to explode.

Zion:What?! It was going to blast him!
Nitro:Yeah but now...
Tetsuya grabbed Lucxene and dived off to the side  into the tower as the robot blew up knocking the other robots off the tower and down by Antenora about to blow up.Antenora moved away as the robots blew up.

Lucxene saw Tetsuya on top of him as Lucxene palm strike Tetsuya in the face then kicked him off as Tetsuya stumbled and moved off then took off the helmet.

Tetsuya:Wait,don't...Ugh.It's me.
Zion:Hah hah.
Nitro:Anyway,you fine?The tower is in flames we need a way out of here.
Lucxene:There is a train near by.
Zion:Cool! Babes and all?
Lucxene:...I don't know about that.
Tetsuya:I don't think there is any point for the suits right?We can't hide Lucxene and we need to go.

Nitro,Zion and Tetsuya by this point would remove the soldiers clothes and back to their normal clothing.Lucxene lead them out of the tower as the tower caught in flames and was falling to pieces.Antenora at this point spotted them leaving to the train.

Antenora:I knew it! They wont get away from my machines so easily.*She pressed a button on her cloaked and smirked.*My new pet shall keep them company on the road...

Lucxene found the train as a soldier was there holding a gun up.

Soldier:Halt intruder!
Nitro ran over and slashed the soldier's legs as he stumbled and bled to the ground.He then made his sword disappear reverting to normal personality.Zion and Tetsuya did the same reverting to normal now as they boarded the train.Nitro went to the controls and hit a few levers and buttons as it started and took off.Zion shut the doors so no one else can get in.While Lucxene leaned on the wall and sighed in relief.

Tetsuya:You alright?
Lucxene:Yes,I'm fine now.Thanks.
Zion:Who was that woman?
Lucxene:Antenora one of the members of Sin.I get the idea she's a scientist...
Nitro:Well,we are out now...Zion your beeping?

Zion took out his cell phone as he answered.

Mjrn:Hey! Zion,good this does work! We can use our cell phones now.I got to reach Zenechoe,he's working on things on his end.I heard weirdly enough he called my dad to come in and help out with it.
Zion:Oh good news,what's up? You alright and you seen anyone else?
Mjrn:Yeah, I'm fine...I'm with Celica,Yasha and Onihime at the moment...But we have a problem it's Celica.
Zion:What's wrong with Celica...?
Nitro:Wait what! Give me that!*takes the cell from Zion with force.*
Zion:What the? >_> Well...How rude or should I say how sweet?
Lucxene:*Looks out the window to see the enviornment.*
Nitro:What's wrong with Celica?!
Mjrn:...Well,hello to you too...
Nitro:Oh just tell me!
Mjrn:She's knocked out cold by some kind of poison,from a demon...we don't know a cure,but we're working on what we can do for her.She's currently fine,they put her in a sleep state so the poison doesn't spread.
Nitro:WHAT?! Where are you?! I'll locate it on the map.
Mjrn:Uh,take it easy...Like I said we don't know anything yet...But I can link you the destination area.Will let you know if we get any leads,but meet us here when you can.
Mjrn:She's fine.
Zion:What's the deal?
Mjrn:Okay,sent...See you soon,need to contact the others.

Mjrn hung up as did Nitro.

Nitro:She's poisoned...And no cure,but they made a way to not spread it till we can find something...
Zion:Who the Hell did that to her?!
Nitro:My guess a type of monster...
Nitro:Is it just Mjrn and Celica?
Zion:No, Yasha and Onihime are there.
Lucxene:So that means the only ones we haven't found yet is...
Tetsuya:Liah,Thuy,Hazji and Zymes.
Zion:...I hope Thuy's and everyone else is fine.


The Ship made it's landing as Hazji,Thuy and Liah got out of the ship.Once they stepped out they went and hide now as Lunar and Patrolez got out of the ship.

Patrolez:There is some rumors that Lucxene got away,guess even Antenora couldn't lock onto him.
Lunar:Never send a woman to do a man's job ha hah...Her and her stupid science work.
Patrolez:The boss wants us to keep our eyes open though.
Lunar:Oh,I always keep my eyes open.

Lunar laughed like a insane clown and left as Patrolez went off now and left the area.

Hazji:Hey hey! You heard that?
Liah:Yeah...Good thing Lucxene is okay.
Thuy:We really need to find the others quick though.Hey this place is nice though.
Hazji:It's a beach resort.
Liah:Yeah,well let's get out of these sailor suits and head on out of here.If I have to hear another cat call.I maybe force to slap a few people.
Thuy and Hazji:*Laughs.*

In time,Liah Hazji and Thuy removed the sailor outfits and were back in their normal clothing.The girls would get word that people been vanishing in the woods do to ninjas.

Liah:I don't know it's one thing if it's a couple of people but they said people in general.
Hazji:Say you don't think they'll come out if we go through it right?
Thuy:Well the map says if we go through the woods and west will find a town that sells cars.We could use faster transportation.
Liah:That's nice and all,but where will we get the money?
Hazji:WE STEAL!*Says so excitedly.*
Thuy and Liah:o.o...You say this like you done it before.
Hazji:Oh uh...No way no way,why would I do that?
Hazji:Uh let's go!

Hazji ran ahead,as Thuy and Liah would follow her into the woods.It would be on their luck though that they found the entrance to the ninja village.However,they weren't sure it was one since it looked normal on the outside the second they got inside though.A group of ninjas all jumped in front of them.


Liah,Hazji and Thuy:O.O

The ninjas all drew out their weapons as Thuy sighed and her chest glowed as she released a orb from her body.She closed her eyes as her spiritual soul waved goodbye and faded inside her body dorment.The orb in her hand glowed fully making a flash of light blinding the ninjas as Thuy stood in a stance.

Thuy:Mystical Ninja.

The ninjas were blinded as Thuy stood there with a razor edge dagger stapped behind her lower back.Her right ankle had a row of kunais and her left arm had numerous straps of shurikens.

Thuy:*Winks and says seductively.*Now boys...Come at me and see if you can touch my gorgeous body now hmmm?I promise I wont bite...Much.

Liah:Eh well...That's unique...Listen let's sneak off
Liah:Keep it down,she should be fine,I kinda wonder if we can save anyone who really is here.

The ninjas all dived at Thuy weapons and all as she held her hand out and made multiple illusional copies of her self,however now she is able to hit them with the illusions but if they hit a fake they wont hit her.The army of Thuys slashed,stabbed and tossed numerous weapons at the ninjas as she moved fast with flexibility and agility avoiding slashes and strikes as she fought the ninjas.

Meanwhile,Liah looked about as she found some prisoners and set them free once knocking out a ninja at the entrance with her fist of course.The people were graceful as they quickly took off,knowing a short cut.Liah was about to leave till she heard Zymes yell out for her.Liah blinked and walked over seeing him wearing a prisoner outfit.

Liah:Zymes?!They got you too?
Zymes:x.x Yeah...Get me out though!
Liah:Sure,I got the key.

Liah opened the cell as Hazji ran over to them and held a big bag.

Liah:What's that?
Liah:How you get that?
Hazji:I um...Picked it off the ninjas that were knocked out on the ground.I found this too!

Hazji held Zymes original clothes as Zymes blinked and took those.

Zymes:Those are mine.
Hazji:Oh okay hurry up and change!
Zymes:Sure...But uh...
Liah:What's wrong?
Zymes:o.o;;; Can you guys look the other way?
Liah:O.O! Sure...Sorry.
Hazji:Wait huh?! Why do we have to look away!
Zymes:Cause I'm a boy!
Liah:*Turns Hazji away.*Just do it,we can't leave Thuy out there forever.
Hazji:Fine! But I still don't get it!



Thuy vanished as her hands glowed orange and she cut a ninja over and over,as vanished cutting different ones appearing and vanishing  slashing many as blood was flying each slash till she finished they all layed in a pile on the ground.A few ran off to get reinforment.

Zymes:Okay done! Let's go!

Zymes,Liah and Hazji went outside as Thuy panted reverting back to normal and blinked.

Thuy:Oh wow...I can do that...uh...Hi,all done...Let's go though they are getting more!
Liah:O.O Uh...Sure...
Hazji:Neat! we have money too!

The four left the village and head south.They basically ran and didn't stop till they knew they were out of the woods.Before reaching the town Zymes got a call as he picked up.

Mjrn:Yeah,where are you?!
Zymes:I uh...Trying to find you?I found,Liah,Hazji and Thuy.
Hazji:ExCUSE me?
Zymes:>_>I meant...They found me...I guess...Whatever!
Mjrn:Oh good,hurry I sent you where we are.Come here soon,because Celica is in trouble.We are getting some clues what to do with her as we speak,but still working some tests and all.Just get here soon.
Zymes:Sure,what's wrong with her?Did you find the others?
Mjrn:I got in contact with them,and she's ill.We are working on getting a cure and how to get it.Now,it's a order so move move move!*Hangs up.*
Zymes:x.x; Sure...

Liah:Everything okay?
Zymes:Celica is done,but she's alive.She needs a cure,but Mjrn wants us to hurry.
Hazji:The city is there let's get that car! Can I drive?!
Zymes,Liah and Thuy:NO!
Hazji:Hmph! I never get to drive!
Thuy:In a couple of years...
Hazji:Why not now?
Zymes:It's called a license.
Hazji:Oh like the license is good here?Do we even know the driving limit.
Thuy:Good point,Liah you'll convince them.You look oldest.
Liah:Are you saying I'm old?o.O
Thuy:No...But you're more...How you say...
Zymes:o.o developed.
Liah:Zymes you pervert...>_>
Zymes:What?! I was just saying.
Liah:Fine...I'll get the car...Wait here...

To be Continue...


Chapter 5

Liah was able to pay a rental car with enough gas to reach their destination. While, Nitro and the others headed on the train to the location to meet up with Mjrn and the others. It a simple travel with little worry that was until they reach their destination.

Tetsuya:Train stop.
Nitro:Let's hurry!
Zion:Easy there...
Nitro:She's your sister.
Zion:She's no push over.>_>

Nitro jumped off the train and ran ahead.Zion shrugged as he hopped off followed by Tetsuya then Lucxene. They began to walk to the city to catch up with Nitro...That was until Lucxene felt a weird vibe and turned around looking up at the sky. What he saw was unbelievable it was a large robotic monster.


Tetsuya glanced up as did Zion as Tetsuya dived into Lucxene both rolling to the side when the machine came swooping down then back up into the sky.Zion easily avoiding the rush by jumping to the side rather quickly. Tetsuya looked up from the ground,as did Lucxene as he helped him up.

Tetsuya:A machine...
Zion:It's not a Transformer either.
Lucxene:I highly doubt it's Voltron either.

Liah pulled over by the three wondering what's up.Thuy looked a bit to the back hearing Zymes and Hazji arguing.

Hazji:Wait! Aren't I developed?
Zymes:What...>_> I don't know about that...
Hazji:Are you saying I'm not as blessed as Liah!? GIVE ME A FEW YEARS!
Liah:x.x Seriously,can people notice me from the neck up?
Thuy:WAIT Look! *Thuy pointed out the window.*

They all froze seeing the machine as it was diving back down.Tetsuya stood in front of Lucxene as he made his katana reappear. Zion dived into the air and pulled out both guns shooting at the machine distracting it enough for it to come at him.

Zion:O.O Whoa!Hey wait a second...>_> Babes!

Thuy:Zion look out!

Liah jumped out of the car and jump in front of the large robot then grabbed onto it and
slide back on the ground with her feet alot.She paused it long enough to actually pick up the huge robot and bodyslam it to the ground making the ground shake and leave a crator.Liah stood up and punch her fist together,now covered in her highly designed gloves.

Hazji jumped out of the car and blinked then yelled.

Hazji:Oh cool! Is it that Prime guy from the show!
Lucxene:I doubt it...

Zymes stood on top of the car and narrowed his eyes as a bow appear in his left hand then he took a arrow aiming. Liah punch the machine alot in the crator then high kicked it into the sky as the machine flew upward.Zymes then locked on and shot arrows onto it freezing it into a large block of ice.

Out of no where a black dragon flew by and Mjrn sitting on it as she took out her saber and sliced the robot down as it shattered to pieces.

Liah dusted her hands then blinked looking over seeing Lucxene holding a camera but he looks a bit puzzled. Zion then dashed over kissing Thuy,as he stood by Hazji and Liah then say.

Zion:o.o Take the pictures of me and the babes.


Mjrn landed and slammed on the ground knocking alot of people off balance with the dragon as she hopped off and Zion reverted to normal now as did the others.

Mjrn:Hi! About time, look we might got a idea about-

Yasha and Onihime:Hey! Hey! guys!!

The two girls ran over to them waving as the others looked over at them.Mjrn sighed as she would say after to the girls.

Mjrn:What now? I was about to talk.>_>
Yasha:Well...It's about Celica.
Onihime:Yeah...Something happened.
Liah:What happened?

Moments ago...


Nitro ran over as he met up at the medical area Celica is at. Yasha and Onihime saw him enter as Nitro looked about then said to them.

Nitro:Where is she?
Yasha:Uh, she's resting.
Onihime:Yeah,she's fine she's in the room over there-

Nitro ran over there ignoring the two as Yasha and Onihime just blinked and watched him go as they figured they would follow.Once Nitro got inside he notice Celica inside the cryo tube in deep sleep.He proceeded to walk over till he saw some distortion by the wall near her.

Black Cloak 4:*Walks through the distortion wall and stands there.*

Nitro:YOU! You did this didn't you?!

Black Cloak 4:....

Nitro:I'm talking to you! Talk or I'll make you talk!

Black Cloak 4 has a scepter a rather large one the size of a door as it floats around the figure in black in a circular motion.The cryo tube became open as Celica's eyes open wide and slowly stepped out of it.


Celica:....*Seems more in a trance state.*

Black Cloak 4:*Puts a hand near the wall as it distorts and walks through. While Celica follows inside.*

Yasha and Onihime would walk into the room catching them vanish as Nitro ran over and dived into the wall disappearing as well as the wall became solid now.


Zion:Oh man...
Thuy:*Blushing and thinking more about the kiss.*
Zion:Uh Thuy?>_>
Hazji:.....I'm so jealous.
Liah:Would you guys pay attention!*Snaps fingers.*
Zymes:Okay,so any idea where they went?
Yasha:Any contact to home?
Mjrn:Yeah,my brother and dad are working on it.Dad is better at that sort of thing.Though,finding Celica is the most important part.
Lucxene:Well,what should we do to locate her?
Tetsuya:The map is our best source,but we need ways of going about.
Liah:The car doesn't have much gas...

Mjrn:Me and Zymes will fly on the dragon. Will look around for Nitro and Celica. You guys use the train and go to this town on the map.It says it has the most electronical communications there.We can probably open a path back home and here.

Liah:Alright,into the train.
Hazji:What about the car?
Zymes:It's on rental it'll be fine here.

Tetsuya got back into the train with the others entering now as he checked the mapped with Liah to see where to turn on the tracks to head to the city.Mjrn took off with Zymes on the black dragon now and flew into the sky.


Black Cloak 4:*Enter inside a ship in outer space. Celica followed through in a trance state as not long after Nitro jump out holding his large broad sword and glared.*

Nitro:You made one wrong step you!

Black Cloak 4:*Waves a hand and makes Celica glow as Celica's eyes widen for a brief moment then closed in a unexpressional stare half way.*

Celica's orb would fly out of her chest as it was black and her body glowed in black colors as her back sprouted black demon bat wings. While, one of her ears took a ear microphone as it came to her lips. Her hands held in front of her as she had a strap around her neck holding a set of keyboards in front of her with bat wing designs on it in black.

Nitro:What the...?Celica! Get away from that thing!
Black Cloak 4:Destroy him...

Celica would sing into the mic as it cause waves to shoot out inflicting cuts onto Nitro as Nitro tried to block it with his sword,but it was doing little affect as she would now play the keyboards making a dark tune to make black lightning strike Nitro per tune as well as finally hitting a strong cord as Nitro was being shredded by shrieking sound ways bleeding,and cut as the music only cause lightning to him.

Nitro fell to his knees and finally fell to the floor dropping his sword as it vanished and Nitro layed on the ground in a pool of blood.His eyes open half way as he tried to reach a hand over to Celica.During the process his wallet flew out as it was open by Celica.

Celica stared at the wallet as Black Number 4 reported in through communicator removing the hood as it showed a pretty girl with short straight hair coming to the shoulders,it was parted in the front leaving no bangs as it was black and her eyes were a shiny blue.

Kaina:This is Kaina Envy reporting...I'd cap-...*She stopped for a minute and stared at Celica.*

Celica's eyes tear up as tears flew down her cheek as the wallet displayed a picture of her and Nitro as he stood behind her in the photo with his arms around her as she smiled and looked straight into the camera. It was a brief moment that Celica began to glow now but in a bright shade and not black.

Her orb appeared as Celica's actual self vanished waving off as she became dorment.The poison in her faded away and disappear as the orb to shape of a harp as it merged into the keyboards causing it to glow brightly. Her wings vanished as her headset microphone cracked and broke apart.She began to hover into the air as bright angel wings appear on her back.Her orb took a shape of a long staff like wand. The staff was a dark purple,with gold rings on the bottom and the top portion.On the side of the top gold ring were two small angel wings on each side.The tip was the ornament as it was a heart shape gem with a silver ring coming above the heart and into the staff on each end. The staff glowed as it played sounds of a piano and harp,the pink heart gem also served as a microphone as Celica has no ear set. She started to open her eyes and sing softly into the staff.

Celica:Maiden's Song.....Hear my Angel's Song.


She started to sing as it casted bright lights of white and light pink healing Nitro's wounds and also incredibly boosting her and Nitro's abilities as her staff allows healing and boosting.She landed on her feet and said softly once she finished her song as she stared over at Kaina speaking more gently.

Celica:Your acts will not go far with your actions.This is the punishment for you.

Celica made a huge pink energy of electricity arc all over her as it shot a large lightning bolt the size of a truck as it slammed at Kaina. At first Kaina used her scepter to block it,only to be pulled into the wall as she made a teleportional distortion and vanished.

Celica would hover over to Nitro as she kneel by him and held his head up and said gently and sweetly.

Celica:Awaken my sweet prince.

Celica would give him a kiss,which breath energy into him,giving him more color on his face as he awaken as Celica reverted back to normal after and blinked a bit.Nitro blinked and blushed staring at her as did she and she blinked.

Nitro:Nice kiss...Your not going to try killing me again.
Celica:Oh you sweet talker you...*Drops his head as his head falls and the back of it hits the floor.*

A moment later,they realize they were in space and went to look about the ship to see how they can get back onto the planet now.


The others move along the train as they chatted for a moment among each other.

Onihime:You think Celica will be fine?
Yasha:I doubt Nitro is going to let her croak over.
Zion:She's too stubborn to die.
Thuy:*Elbow Zion.*
Zion:Ow! >_> Well,it's true.
Liah:Well,in any case we need to find out how to one get back home and two stop those people in black.
Zion:Tetsuya, don't you know the leader of them?
Tetsuya:.....Something like that.
Lucxene:So,what's the story?
Tetsuya:It's old news...Doesn't play up now.
Lucxene:There you go again.Fine,keep your secrets.*Walks into the other train room.*
Zion:Shouldn't you speak up.
Hazji:About what?
Liah:Is it something we should know?
Tetsuya:Nothing that'll help.

The train came to a sudden halt as people were screaming and explosions could be heard in the distant.


To be continue...

Chapter 6

Once the train came to a stop the others step outside and saw a warzone of nazi soldiers attacking innocent people and cities. Hitler obviously was in charge of it as Onihime blinked alot as did Yasha as they would follow up.

Yasha:Wow,someone did bring the <censor> back to life.
Onihime:And he's as every bad here as he was there.

They scatter away as a bomb hit their train blowing it to bits as the impact caused the other to fly forward.Some men looked down at Liah as they pointed their guns at her while she blinked and looked at them.Yasha ran by and slice the mob around her down with her axe-guitar.Liah stood up after and made her gloves appear on her hands.

Onihime saw some come around her as she took out her violin and played it as it put the soldiers in a state of vertigo walking around dizzy and unable to focus.

Zion took some guns out and shot the dizzy ones down as Thuy notice a tank coming at him she dive onto Zion as they moved away and Zion pinned Thuy.

Zion:Oh fun time!

Zion proceeded to make out with Thuy as Liah rolled her eyes and ran over pushing the two away then flipped over them and dived into the tank kicking it in half as it blew up.

Tetsuya looked around holding the sword then ran pass some soldiers slicing them down. Hitler took out a magnum and pointed it at Hazji shortly after.

Hazji blinked and began to glow as she seemed startled till her orb shot out in front of her. This entirely scared Hitler as he began shooting at Hazji repeatedly to the point where smoke was all around.

Lucxene:Oh no...

Hitler began to laugh as once the smoked clear out two large folded fans were surrounding Hazji like a shield as she removed them off her and was holding to fancy decorative fans.They glow all colors of the rainbow in order.

Hazji:Grace and Beauty.

Hazji pose as a dancer with the fans then spin around around and shrunk in size to a fairy size using the fans to hover.Hitler couldn't see it coming,as Hazji held both fans in front of her and lazer homing beams shot at Hitler and his men.While the fans spin around in unison.

Hazji: Swirling Beams!

Hitler winced and dropped his gun as he ordered the super bombs.He then coward and ran off.By then Hazji reverted back to normal size with both fans and posed as she would say confidently.

Hazji:Don't under estimate me,cause I maybe small! But I pack a hit!

Zion and the others went over to check on her as the reunion was short live.Hitler launch a chemical war bomb to blast by them.The fumes and chemicals was powerful enough to knock out their higher forms as they all reverted back to normal and fell on the ground uncouncious.

Nazi soldier:Take them to the prison cells!


Celica and Nitro by this point found the small jet in space had fuel enough to hit back on Earth in this world. Once a few things were set up they headed back to the planet. The landing became rough though as the ship could barely take it.Nitro held it in place as best as he could.

Celica:o.o What's happening?
Nitro:It's old,it's going to be a rough landing hold on...
Celica:x.x We going to die?!
Nitro:We are NOT going to die! I am landing us in the water.
Celica:...So will drown then die? Smart,real smart!
Nitro:Shut up! You wont drown or die! Your too stubborn to die!
Celica:What was that? If we lived through this, I'll kill you!

Suddenly the jet splashed into the water and knocked them both around as they stumbled a bit out for a small amount of time.The landing wasn't terrible so no real damage was made.Suddenly their door open as Zymes hopped inside.

Zymes:Hey you two okay?
Celica:Huh?Oh yeah...Yeah! We're alive!

Celica would jump into Nitro's arms as he held her and twirl her around in a hug.While Zymes blinked as Celica blink mid twirl and pushed Nitro away.

Celica:Wait a minute! You nearly killed us!
Nitro:That again?! I saved you! I know how to fly a jet!
Celica:Oh yeah into the ocean huh?
Zymes:Ah hah hah...So uh can we go now?Mjrn is outside on the dragon.

Lucxene on cell:Mjrn...*Explosions and yelling in the background.*We're in trouble...Na-zi...zzzz....*Silence.*

Mjrn:...>_>; Boy this is one of those days where I get to go EVERYWHERE
Nitro followed Zymes as did Celica as they hopped onto the large dragon.
Zymes:What now,boss?
Mjrn:>_> Find the Nazis and keel them! Hah hah hah hah...
Celica:o.O Wait,why we wasting our time with them.
Nitro:Uh cause they are evil...Hello.
Celica: I KNOW THAT! I meant shouldn't we go to the communication-
Mjrn:Can't does no good if they are capture or dead.
Zymes:o.o; How can that be?
Mjrn:Simple,called all their cells and nothing.Except you two.
Celica: Oh...
Nitro:Will use the map to get us there.


By nightfall Mjrn and the others flew over to the Nazi's base where Hitler is station of course his empire grew in such a short time as they landed onto the roof.

Zymes:Is this really what we should do?I mean couldn't they see a big dragon land up here?
Mjrn:>_> Look if you think we are going to just sneak around with all those guards no.
Nitro:Will just have to be quick.
Celica:Let's go and take a look.

The four headed downstairs and made their way into the first room which was a laboratory they heard voices and people so they hid behind some containers and observed.

Antenora:Bring up the first test subject. Need to make sure to get a sample before exterminating the last one.

Scientist:*Nods and hits a few buttons as Lucxene pops up inside the test tube and blinks as he looks at the glass but notice it has electricity charging through it.*

Lucxene:What is this?I'm not a lab rat.
Anternora:That is exactly,what you are. Once we have what we need out of you,we can eliminate you entirely.After all,you are the last of the psychics.
Lucxene:I'm a person! a person isn't use as experiments.
Antenora:Complain all you want.

Soldier:Antenora, Hitler wants to speak to you about the deal.
Antenora:.....You keep a watchful eye on him.*The scientist nodded as she walked off and kept a watch on Lucxene.*

Mjrn:I'll get that lab coat mafia...I  never did like that name.
Nitro:I'll help.
Celica:Will get Lucx's out.

Zymes and Celica went to help out Lucxene,while they hear horrible screaming and yelling of pain as Nitro was getting the scientist to talk as Mjrn threatened and bruised him.

Mjrn:Speak idiot! Speark or I'll break it!
Nitro:Now where are they...Or she'll tear it all to shreds...

Lucxene looked at them as he said after.

Lucxene:It has some kind of electrical charge running through it.
Celica:Oh, leave it to me then. Zymes pull it open when I move it off.

Celica use her electrical powers and used herself as the battery to suck the lightning off the door.Zymes go and grab the handle as Lucxene pushed and the door opened.Lucxene jumped out as Celica stopped sucking the lightning.Nitro went over with Mjrn as Nitro said after.

Zymes:what you do to that scientist?
Mjrn:I pulled his arm to the point of almost ripping it off.
Celica:>_> Oh,how...workable.
Lucxene:Downstairs right? Let's get them out, this place gives me the creeps.
Zymes:Nazis will do that to a person. Let's go.

The five headed below as they found the rest in tubes and freed them together.The reunion lasted...About five seconds.As soon as everyone as a whole stepped outside the main halls they were hit with a huge force force of gravity.Slamming them to the floor unable to move.By this point the soldiers zapped them with nullifier cuffs.Restraining their abilities....

5 minutes later...

Mjrn and her whole party in cuffs were sent to Hitler's room as they all were lined up as Hitler would say to them.

Hitler:Who do you think you all are?!

Mjrn:Mjrn Silverfox... The broad who's going to cut you down in half.
Zymes:Zymes Akitla, Mjrn's squire and the guy with a eagle's eyes and never misses my target.
Thuy:Thuy Wong, the illusionist specialist.
Hazji:Hazji Akiyama! I'm...I'm...I'm just a good friend! I'll also never forgive you!
Nitro:Nitro Magnus, I'm the soldier who's going to slice your <censor> <censor> apart.
Tetsuya:Tetsuya Kusanagi, A rookie police,who'll make sure to bring your empire to ruins.
Liah:Liah Luz De Luna Morales,photographer and I'm the one who's going to rip off your <censor> smash it...And then chop it to tiny bits.
Onihime:Onihime Aoki, One of the muses with a deadly voice.
Yasha: Yasha Nakahara, One of the muses with a deadly dance.
Lucxene:Lucxene Frost, novice police and last of the psychics.
Zion and Celica:Celica and Zion Starwing-

Hitler:Oh shut up! Shut up! Arrogant little @$%@$%^#@!@#$%@!!@#$%%#$@!@$
Soldier 1:Wait Starwing...Didn't they adopt?
Soldier 2:Yeah,they never had kids...


Hitler:Oh those...Don't you know, your actual parents died...Or should I say fathers...Your mother was killed not too long after.

Zion:Bull <censor>
Celica:What are you talking about?

Hitler:Mr.Hazard was your mother's second husband.When they fled the original group you all destroyed rid of them. You both share the same mother,but different fathers.Your's died at the hands of the leader,which made her a widow in her first marriage.

Soldier 1:So the son of Hazard and the daughter of Astrea.
Soldier 2:You are both half siblings.
Hitler:who cares once my deal is done will destroy them! Save Tetsuya for that leader,put them all in the dungeon and make sure they CAN'T get out!

Soldiers nodded as the group was put into cells.


Tetsuya sat in a room with Zion as they really couldn't get out.

Zion:We gotta get out of here.
Zion:Good news.
Zion:Me and Celica are only halfly related!
Tetsuya:...Let's get some sleep.

Liah sat in a room with Yasha and Thuy.

Liah:Will find a way out.
Yasha:Yeah,but it's kinda hard when we all got locked up now.
Thuy:There has to be a way,I'm sure there is.
Liah:We wont get much done for now,let's call it a night.Will come up with a plan once rested.

Mjrn sat in a room with Hazji

Hazji:So what's the plan?
Mjrn:>_> Wait till the <censor> open the door...Then...I'll smash their heads in.
Hazji:Without your weapons?
Mjrn:I am a weapon...

Zymes sat in a room with Nitro

Zymes:So  much for being the heroes.
Nitro:It's not over yet,we still got a chance.

Lucxene was in a room on his own in thought, while Celica was in one with Onihime.

Celica:....I never knew our actual parents wasn't our parents.
Onihime:Do you hate them now?
Celica:No...But it does make me want to find out more about my real parents.
Onihime:Well...We can once we get out of here.
Celica:Yeah,we better rest.Will need it to come up with a plan tomorrow.

Twilight hours at 3am...

Tetsuya sat up in the bed and saw his door cracked open.

Tetsuya:...? Zion...Wake up.

Tetsuya walked outside and saw alot of nazi soldiers bleeding,corps and dead all over the place.

Zion:What let me see!

Zion took a peak and blinked as he whispered.

Zion:That's...beyond badass.
Tetsuya:.....I'm going to find the keys to get the null devices off. Find the key and get everyone else out.

Tetsuya went ahead and checked the corps.Zion had it easy as the first one he found had the keys so he went about and began unlocking the others out.Tetsuya came back with the key for the null device in a short time and freed everyone completely.

Liah:Say who did this?
Hazji:It's kinda scary.
Onihime:I agree.
Zymes:I'm not sure who did it,but notice anything?
Mjrn:I do,they all were severely cut down or stabbed.
Lucxene:So the person used a blade?
Nitro:I say more a sword...A big sword.
Celica:Oh joy...Should we wait for it to come back or get out?
Yasha:I vote to get out,we can't stay here.
Thuy:Yeah,should we go then?

Tetsuya and Zion nodded as they headed out,once they roam the hallways everything was dead quiet.Do to the fact everywhere they went was nothing but dead nazi soldiers and scientist all over.Blood could be seen everywhere.They eventually headed up to the floor Hitler was and once inside they were in shock.They found Hitler his head completely sliced off his body and his body on the floor.

Lucxene:....What did this?
Nitro:...A sword...
Zymes:I don't think is Sin,right?
Thuy:Well,it wouldn't make any sense...I mean,weren't they working together?
Hazji:Oh ew! ew! Ew! ewwww....ewwwwwwww.....
Liah:Well, this eliminates Hitler entirely...I guess,that's a good thing,right?
Zion:Wait...Tetsuya check this out?

Tetsuya walked over and saw on his body the name "Keisuke" carved by a blade on Hitler's back.

Zion:Wait a second,Keisuke...
Lucxene:That's Tetsuya's older brother.
Nitro:What he'd pull something like this?

Outside a private jet would land as Madelynn hopped outside of it and the others could see through the window.

Tetsuya:Her...Okay,we need to get out.Now!
Zion:Let me guess,get Lucx's out of here and scram?
Tetsuya:Yeah,I'll keep her busy...
Lucxene:Wait,why not just stay here and help out?
Celica:Yeah! Yeah! I'm with Lucxene!
Nitro:No! We need a way out.What if they bring their whole group here?Think we got a chance on their base no less?

Mjrn:Hmmmm...I got a idea,everyone head downstairs.

The group left,aside of Tetsuya,Liah decided to wait up by the stairs in case Tetsuya shows up.The others head down as Mjrn went off in one direction for now.


Madelynn:Oh,I heard someone killed Hitler,wasn't you?
Tetsuya:No,what are you doing here?
Madelynn:Well, I suppose you spoiled my fun. So Tetsuya,are you coming to the right side or do I have to tear them all down to knock you into your senses?
Tetsuya:You've changed...
Madelynn:Spare me,the blessing of being a woman is we don't think like you idiotic men. We have a goal and we get it down.
Tetsuya:I'll give you goal!!

Tetsuya took out his katana and charged at Madelynn who had a shield around herself as she hit mindlessly.Madelynn took out her whip and cracked it across Tetsuya as the two dueled on.


Nitro notice some new soldiers running for the building.These he figured worked for Madelynn since the soldiers were in complete black clothes.He hit the switch and shut the door on them so they can go in.

Zymes:That wont hold them forever.
Yasha:No kidding...What now?
Celica:Block the door with stuff! Quickly!

They all went pushing some things down in front of the doors.

Hazji:Meh,so heavy...
Onihime:Well,that is the most we could use.


Madelynn checked her timer as she figured the place was set now.

Madelynn:I'm done playing Tetsuya, how dare you strike the woman you once loved.Is he that much to you?Don't worry,you'll come to your senses soon enough! Enjoy!

Madelynn jumped into her jet as it took off and they flown away as the building had a self-destruct timer starting.


Tetsuya made his katana disappear and ran down as he caught up with Liah and they both headed down to meet up with Mjrn who paused them midway.

Mjrn:Liah,get the others.Come on Tetsuya,help me out here.I got a way to get us out!Whoo!
Liah:You're so excited...>_>
Mjrn:Oh you damn right I am...Let's roll!

3 minutes later...

Liah headed down and waved her hands to the others.

Liah:Come on this way we got our exit out! Hurry!

The group met up with Mjrn who found the black dragon. The creature was with other transportation mobiles. as she boarded Zymes then went on it himself to join her. Tetsuya got a motorcycle pulled out,it was red and black as he hopped on.Having a small carrier on the side of it

Hazji:Oh let me join!

Hazji jumped on the passenger holder with Tetsuya's bike. Zion ran in the back and found a more swifter motorcycle,dark purple and black as he hopped on it.He help Thuy sit behind him on it.

Zion:Set here.

Liah found a light purple and white hover surf board as she stood on it and tossed one to Nitro which looked like a green and black military hover board as he stood on it.

Nitro:Whoa...This is kind of new.

Liah:I think, I know how to use it...So just follow what I do.

Celica looked about as she found a convertible car.She went into the driver's seat,as the car was white with pink linings off the side.Yasha and Onihime took the back seat as Lucxene took the passenger side.

Tetsuya:timer is ticking...We need a way out...

Mjrn:Oh really...Well...This way!!!!

Dragon roared and breath flames to a wall busting it to pieces making a huge hole as the dragon flew ahead throughout the side. Tetsuya and Zion followed on the motorcycles out the hole as Nitro and Liah follow on the hover boards. Celica take the rear in the car hitting the gas as they race quickly out of the city.

In moments the entire Nazi empire was finished as was Hitler,the explosion was enough to rid them for good as the others manage to escape the fury blaze of flames.Though,what will happen at this point now...?

To be continued...

Chapter 7

The Meeting Room with Sin.The 7 members would sit in a round table and discuss further plans.

Madelynn:We still are in search for the Ultimate Orb.Is there any progress made?
Antenora:Yes,it's in this current world or the real world.Thankfully the building we acquired in the real world.Serves as a gate way between both worlds.It makes it alot easier to find out,because the target is set.Now it's just to determine where exactly or whom may have it.
Lunar:Is that just woman excuses?
Antenora:Excuse me?
Edgeblade:Oh take it easy Lunar, your just bitter because you haven't done much lately.
Lunar:How dare you!
Jedix:Shut up, will find the orb.Though news suggests that the Nazi's party was destroyed.
Patrolez:Seems to be a relative of Tetsuya.
Madelynn:Oh Keisuke...I haven't seen him in a while,but I do know he always scolded Tetsuya for not taking things so serious. I assume it might be him.
Madelynn:What about those brats with Tetsuya?They need to be kept out of my way,long enough to capture the orb.Or destroyed,either way doesn't matter to me.
Edgeblade:I went with Kaina to look into some more aid to keep them off track.Should be working out soon.
Madelynn:Good,because if these plans don't start to work...I'll take things into my own hands.


In the real world...

Zenechoe would work on the device to go through to help the others.Trivian would aid on the device,looking annoyed now and then.

Trivian:Damn stupid contraption...Technology only gets more complicated as the times go by.
Zenechoe:It's usually made that way to work better.
Trivian:Shut your damn trap! When I want your opinion I'll scrap it off your teeth.
Trivian:It'll be done soon,you can go in with the ship after it's done.
Zenechoe:Oh really and what about you?
Trivian:I'm not going.
Zenechoe:I thought the plan was to bring them back not stay over there.
Trivian:It is you nitwit, I need you to go through. Once your over there with MY devices...Then I can find out where you are and pull you back,get it you moron?
Zenechoe:I'm beginning to see why mother and you divorce.
Trivian:All she was was a good lay and then you move on.


Meanwhile,back with the group Mjrn and Zymes took off on the dragon to work on the communication tower elsewhere. The others at this point took time to relax and break for a moment till she returned. During which they stopped at a town which is having a annual festival and party throughout the starry night.

Celica went walking with Yasha and Onihime they stopped to check out the games.They found some nice kimonos to wear for the occassion. Since the three were more into the festivities. Celica's kimono was a white-pink color,with lavender stars along it and a gold sash. Her earrings were also stars. Yasha had a light white-green kimono with peach-orange sun designs on it and a magenta sash around her.Her earrings were also suns. Onihime had a white-blue kimono with a aqua sash. Her kimono was filled with cresent moons in blue and earrings of cresent moons as well.

Zion was walking about with Hazji and Thuy as they looked about.Thuy paused as she read a sign of waltzing.

Thuy:Oh look,a ball room party. It's not now,but at a later date.I want to try it, I'm not the best dancer in the world though...What do you think?
Hazji:Oh me too!
Zion:>_>;;;; Uh I can't dance...
Thuy:Really,wouldn't you like to try at least?I think it'll be fun.

Celica:Yeah,Zion come on...Unless your chicken,then again being halfly related now. No wonder I got all the skills and you didn't.
Zion:>_> I have skills! Plenty of it! Dancing isn't a skill.

Muses:Wait a second we dance as part of a career!
Zion:That sounds funny,dance...Are you suggesting the type around a pole?
Zion:>_> You said it.
Hazji:This is one of those times isn't it.
Thuy:I think...It'll only get worse...
Celica:Oh yeah, Zion don't think you are so lucky cause your such the good student and worker.
Zion:Jealous?>_> I have my life together and I'm about to get married,your excuse?

Nitro walked over to see the party.

Nitro:Celica do you want a prize from the gun squirter game?I'm pretty good at it.
Celica:OH YEAH ZION OH YEAH!? Put your money where your mouth is! I'll win that gun game!I'll get a prize for my man! At least my relationship takes time!!!!!
Nitro:Uh...I was asking you.
Celica:Shut up,Nitro!
Zion:Oh yeah! I am the best shooter around stupid and of course you and Nitro take your slow time,since you both are arguing half the time to notice anything else.
Nitro:Hey! You looking for a pounding!?
Celica:Get him Nitro,get him! Beat my brother up till I am an only child!

Yasha:...Why don't we just do the game.
Thuy:Yeah...Since you two are so big on playing the game...
Onihime:I agree,plus the prizes are cute.
Hazji:I want one too!

Celica and Zion:FINE!

Others:>_> *People also staring at them.*

Tetsuya would walk around with Lucxene as Lucxene grew tired of honestly being around mister secretive.So he tried to ditch him till Tetsuya caught up and held his arm.

Tetsuya:What are you doing?Don't stray alone too far.
Lucxene:I can take care of myself,thanks for your concern.
Tetsuya:What are you upset over?
Lucxene:Upset?I say more disappointed. What's the connection with you and Madelynn?Or are you going to avoid it yet again?
Tetsuya:I'm no trying to avoid it...I just think some things are better if not told.
Lucxene:Have it your way,maybe I'll hang out with Celica instead...

Lucxene went to go till Tetsuya grabbed his hand and Lucxene shook it off and went into the woods away from the party.Tetsuya just sighed and followed to try and keep up.

Meanwhile,Zion and Celica sat at the game shooting like crazy at the bullseye with the squirt gun.While, Hazji and Thuy cheer for Zion and Yasha and Onihime cheered for Celica. Nitro watched,but was side tracked when he notice Lucxene head into the woods as Tetsuya followed.He gradually left the area to see what the problem was.

Zion:I'm winning! I'm winning!
Celica:.....*Turns the gun and shoots Zion.*HERE! now I'm winning!
Zion:WHAT THE HELL?!*Turns and shoots it at Celica.*DIE!

Celica:AH!! My hair and my kimono! ZION!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasha and Onihime blinked as they got soaked a little themselves and got annoyed taking some guns too as the three shot at Zion. Zion's eyes widen as Thuy and Hazji got soaked a bit too.The two girls grew annoyed and picked up guns as well shooting at the muses.

Owner:Guys...Hit the bullseyes not each other.

Zion and Celica's group:Shut up!

They all turned and shoot the owner as he ran from the booth and focus shooting one another.


Nitro caught up to Tetsuya and question him as he said after.

Nitro:What's the deal?
Tetsuya:Relationship problems.
Nitro:.....I wouldn't know anything about that.
Tetsuya:It's not that different,but can't lose him.Considering the situation.
Nitro:If he's ticked at you,there is a reason isn't it?
Tetsuya:There is...
Nitro:And you can't tell him?
Tetsuya:I'm not sure how to go about it,honestly.
Nitro:Let's hurry up...


Bandits would enter the festival trying to steal the profits made as Celica and Zion paused seeing people screaming and running by.

Thuy:What's that?
Hazji:Oh they are taking stuff.

One ran at Yasha to grab her for any money,she glared and grabbed his hand then twist his wrist and punched him in the nose,then kneed him in the stomach and through him on his back out cold.

Two ran up behind Hazji and Thuy as they grabbed them by the waist,Hazji bit the guy's hand as he yelled and she stepped on his foot so he let go.She would then turn around and strike him in the groin as he fell over in pain.Thuy jump her legs foward then elbow the guy's stomach and turned aroung backhanding him across the face.Zion jumped off the  table stand and kicked the guy's face off Thuy.

Zion:Get off her!

Onihime see one run at her,she took the squirt gun and shot him in the face,once he got close enough she slap him right in the head with the gun as it knocked him out. Celica looked about and wonder a bit as she thought to herself.

Celica:Guys...Where is Liah?I haven't seen her at all...

They looked about and pointed ahead as Liah seemed like she is fighting a masked ninja ahead.The two were blocking,and she dodge his strikes now and then.Liah would punch him in the stomach hard,as he stumbled back.Once she drew closer,he shot her with a fireblast.As she flew into a stuff animal stand.The mask ninja would flip away and get out of there.

Celica and the others went to take care of the thieves and add Liah,who seems to be fighting the leader,but none of the others looks like ninjas so it was up in the air.


Meanwhile in the woods.

Nightmare would come out and hold his large sword as he glared at Nitro and Tetsuya then dived at them as they were talking to Lucxene.Before much was said.Nitro shoved Lucxene out of the way and jump over Nightmare and kicked him into a tree. Tetsuya rolled to the side and lifted up some sand off the ground throwing it in Nightmare's face.

Nitro:Stand back,Lucxene.
Tetsuya:Just stay behind me.

Nightmare would roar as he pulled out his sword and chopped some trees down with it as they fell by Tetsuya and Nitro as they rolled to the side.Lucxene was now standing in Nightmare's eye sight.Nightmare would then run at Lucxene charging right at him.


Celica:Liah! Hey Liah!
Zion:Hey you okay?
Liah:Fine...Was getting some food for us,till he came out of no where...Where are the others?
Zion:fighting the thieves out...Doesn't look like many.Is he with them.

Liah looked over and studied the ninja,who pulled out a long thin sword.

Liah:Something tells me...No.

Liah stood up and dusted herself off as she Celica and Zion charged at the ninja striking at him.The ninja would block or avoid it.Zion then shot out a wind blades,as Celica shot a electricity wave at the ninja.Liah then punch the ground making the ground shaking under him. The ninja wave a hand as a fire flame forcefield circle him and absorb the attacks.He then would jump up and kick Celica into a Zion as both fell on the ground rolling.Liah then strike at the ninja's stomach and uppercut him as he fell and landed on his feet. He then charge at Liah and hit her a few times across the face then kicked her hard into Celica and Zion as the three flew and fell into a circus tent as it fell ontop of them. The thieves at this point fled as Thuy, Hazji and the other two Muses members ran over to see the problem.The masked ninja looked and used a smoke bomb and vanished.


Lucxene saw Nightmare charge at him,as Tetsuya stood up and yelled at Lucxene.

Tetsuya:Run! Move!

Lucxene narrowed his eyes as a orb shot out of his chest in a shape of a fan.He held it slowly,as cherry blossom petals flew around him.Closing his eyes now he fan dance in a slow motion.Nightmare paused wondering what he's doing.As the cherry blossoms fell along him,his fan took it's true form as the orb shifted to a long white glowing staff,with light green vines curving through it.By this point he did a twirl of the staff,as on one end a diamond blade form as it became a naginata.His eyes remained shut as he dance slowly with the weapon.The other end a long white silk,shiny ribbon would extend and swirl around Lucxene like a ribbon dancer.By this point his soul could be seen smiling and waving as it faded away and became dormant inside his body.

Lucxene:Blossom Storm...

His eyes started to open as the cherry blossom stop raining around him and the soft wind died down.His eyes looked cold and emotionless.

Nightmare:If that is your weapon,then you have alot to worry about!

Nightmare charged at Lucxene as Lucxene held the naginata in front of himself as he charged at Nightmare dodging the sword and vicious slicing at his chest and stomach,as armor chunks and blood flew. Nightmare growled as Lucxene kicked him in the head alot then tied the ribbon sash end of his naginata and psychically attack his nervous system.

Lucxene:Induce Pain...

Nightmare growled and winced as he held his head and body in pain,with his sword.As Lucxene's eyes glowed inducing pain on him as he smirked and laughed evily.As the woods became pitch black and white skulls would float around them.

Lucxene:Psychic Bedlam...

Nightmare roared in pain,as blood sprayed from his body and face.As he rolled on the ground in pain.Lucxene though didn't stop,once the scene went back to normal.Tetsuya and Nitro could only watch in shock as Lucxene ran right after Nightmare and slashed him more with the naginata.Actually,causing Nightmare to try and run.

Lucxene:Shred apart!

Lucxene slash the blade end of the naginata down on his left arm as the whole arm completely came off and Nightmare roared in pain.

the masked ninja at this point appeared by them and grabbed Nightmare,in a shift of shadows he would disappear with the man.Lucxene then stood there with a cold,emotionless look in his eyes.Tetsuya then walked over and said to him.

Tetsuya:Oh,he's gone...Hey you alrigh-

Lucxene cut him off,as he held the naginata blade only inches away from Tetsuya's mouth.

Nitro:The Hell you doing?
Lucxene:Stay away from me,unless you all wish to be slay down by me...
Tetsuya:What are you saying?

Lucxene:.....*Shifts back to normal as he loses the weapon and reverts to himself.*i don't know...

Nitro:Scary side to you,we never knew.

Tetsuya would go over to put a hand on Lucxene's shoulder till Lucxene moved away.Hugging his own arms.

Lucxene:Just don't touch me for a while...I can't control this orb much...Sorry,but I need to think.
Nitro:Let's head back then...


At the festival people seemed a bit upset and worried.While,some of their stands and work was destroy and some were stolen.There was quite a commotion as the owner tried to calm people down a bit.

Owner:Look,it's a bad situation...but don't leave.Will,strength our security,requested more aid for it.Will also have things fixed and going the night is still young.

Thuy:Doesn't look like they are going to calm down.
Liah:Ugh,well if that stupid ninja wasn't here nothing be as damaged.
Hazji:Does this mean the party is over?I still want a stuff animal.
Celica:I got it! Wait wait,come on Yasha and Onihime!

Celica ran off with them as Liah blinked and watch them go.Zion,Thuy and Hazji would help with some of the repairs as Nitro showed up with Tetsuya to help.Lucxene watched,but he seemed more distracted with everything and a bit unsure.

Later that evening,a couple of hours later a stage was set as The Muses took stage to boost morale and lift up the peoples spirits.They were all dressed as french maids as they took their microphone.

Celica:Ladies and Gentlemen! Children of all ages, it's a beautiful night for a beautiful song. Please stay and let our song help you enjoy the amusement more.
Yasha:Yeah, if we close now.Will only be letting those horrible thieves win in the end.We don't want that.
Onihime:Mm hmm,so please sit back and enjoy our song!
Celica:It's called Perfect Star,Perfect Style for a perfect and beautiful night as now.

The Muses would then perform.



Mjrn by this point was on the Chaos Dragon! A ship her father design,large and able to hold people and equipment.The Black Dragon was in the back of the ship,sleeping. As Zymes sat by the controls studying the radar as he said to Mjrn.

Zymes:We're almost where the others are right now.Landing soon?

Zenechoe would be flying the ship as Mjrn said after.

Mjrn:Sure,once there land. Is dad going to get us back home?
Zenechoe:He's working on it,now that the ship is here he can trace it to find a way back.
Mjrn:Is he still...
Zenechoe:as evil as mother?Yes.
Mjrn:Oh shut up you always been a mamma's boy she's hate me!
Zenechoe:Your the future queen she has to be strict with you.I wouldn't spin it either, you always been daddy's little girl.

Zymes:Now you two sound like Celica and Zion.

Mjrn and Zenechoe:>_>*Glares.*

Zymes:.........o.o; So radar...Yeah,I see them on radar....

Mjrn:No pay for you this week.
Zymes:Damn. >_<

To be continue...

Chapter 8

After the concert Mjrn landed with Zenechoe and Zymes and picked up the others on their flying ship now known as the Chaos Dragon.During which as Zenechoe piolet Mjrn decided to have a meeting as the ship was in flight. The vehicles and dragon was safely aboard in the back of the ship.

Mjrn:Okay, so now that everyone is here. A meeting is needed, for starters considering everything that happened let's recap.

Nitro: Sin is the ones behind everything, a 7 member group.
Lucxene:Tetsuya seems to know the leader.
Tetsuya:... In the past. Though,she wasn't anything like that then.
Lucxene:Oh? How was she?
Zion:Anyway! Jedix is one of them and is the elder brother of that <censor> Hortex.
Liah: Patrolez is another, he seems to be the most biggest of them.
Mjrn:Right, Madelynn is the leader. Ironic, this time the nemesis is a female leader.
Yasha:Lunar is the one that looks like a clown...Crazy guy.
Onihime:I agree, that man is crazy.
Celica:I remember Kaina briefly from outer space. I'm not sure on her situation.
Zymes:Oh Edgeblade too.
Mjrn:Oh yeah how can we forget that <censor.>
Lucxene:I also saw Antenora, the female scientist of the group. Perhaps the brain.
Thuy:Oh don't we also have the others to deal with? Aside of Hitler who was completely destroyed.
Liah:Yeah,and that masked ninja like person.
Tetsuya:I think, I know who that was..Probably the same person from the Nazi building.
Tetsuya:Probably...He disappeared a year ago. Haven't seen him since till now.
Thuy:Wait, he did kill Hitler, so shouldn't he be on our side?
Tetusya:In theory...
Zion:Yeah,but we don't know what happened to him.
Nitro:Lucxene did severly hurt Nightmare,we might not see him for a while.
Celica:o.O Lucx did that?
Nitro:Yes...He's...A different person then...
Lucxene:No comment...
Mjrn:Oh and we can't forget about that sick sick SICK man Dracula!

Zenechoe:So to put it simply the 7 members are the core of it. Dracula, Nightmare and this guy, Keisuke are just pawns or people on the side. The goal would be?

Tetsuya:Madelynn mentioned about gaining the Ultimate Orb. I don't know what it does,but I assume it's alot more powerful then whatever we got.
Liah:But where is the Ultimate Orb?
Celica:I think,they are still trying to find it.
Onihime:Well,clearly we have to stop them before that even happens.
Zymes:Oh question,why can't we summon our DOMs like before?
Yasha:I couldn't ever since I got the orb. Will probably need to visit the Mirror Room at some point to see what happened.

The ship vibrated a bit as Mjrn blinked and looked at Zenechoe.

Mjrn:What is that?
Zenechoe:Well...Apparently we are running out of gas.


Mjrn:What the?! You and dad were working on this before bringing it here and it's out of GAS?! Are you a! No you two must be the most biggest idiots on the planet.
Zenechoe:DAD was working on it, I was getting the stuff he needed. Big difference.
Mjrn:Ugh, fat chance! Excuses excuses eh brother dear?
Zenechoe:Stop being a <censor>.
Mjrn: a <censor>! Oh really? Then you are a <cencor> <censor> <censor>!

Celica:Say uh...Shouldn't we land wouldn't just want to fall.

Mjrn:Hurry up and find a place for us to land!


It took a few minutes and they landed. They landed on Holiday Party! A area off in the ocean where it's nothing but fun and games. Each zone was represented by a certain holiday. The Hotel was Halloween, the couple rides is Valentine's Day, Christmas is the game room, New Years Monster is the arena fights and skills. Thanskgiving is the Food courts. Among much more! Father's Day is the men's bathrooms and Mother's Day is the female bathrooms.

Celica hopped out with the others as she cheered with Yasha and Onihime.

Celica:From on party into another,but this one is so much better!
Yasha:Yes,the place is huge!
Onihime:Let's look around?

Nitro:Wait,wait! We need to register at the hotel,otherwise they just think we are some kind of problem.

The Muses:You do it!

The three ran inside.

Hazji blinked and looked around.

Hazji:Hey, I want to see too! Let's go!

Hazji ran ahead as Zion blinked and yelled.

Zion:Hey! You can't go alone! It's dangerous!
Thuy:Uh, I'll follow her.
Zion:Hey wait! Wait!

Thuy and Zion ran ahead to catch up to Hazji.Nitro stood there with an annoyed look on his face.

Liah laughed as Mjrn looked about,Zenechoe said he'd work on the ship. Tetsuya shrugged as Lucxene looked over to Zymes who checked a card that fell.

Zymes:Hey this is weird...What's this?
Lucxene:Wait...Those look like cards,you write for a rumor to come true once it's spread...
Liah:Wait...>_> They have that in this world?
Tetsuya:If the card is here, probably.
Mjrn:So. Read it.

Zymes:It doesn't say much just says...Beware of the Cosplay Bandit.

Nitro:! Give me that!*Takes it from Zymes.* Oh no! I am not being a moogle again!
Mjrn:Wait...Is that that weird man who turned me to a mad hatter?
Liah:x.x I was the March Hare...
Zymes:Did I miss something here?
Lucxene:The Cosplay Bandit is a rumor that forces everyone to be in cosplay...
Nitro:Will have to keep watch...
Mjrn:Look,costume or no costume, I want a nice hotel let's go.

They headed over to register in the Halloween hotel area. Everything looked like something out of a horror movie.

Liah:I know, now why they call it...Holiday Party.
Nitro:So should we get a big room or rooms? We got alot of us.
Zymes:My guess two rooms would be good.
Lucxene: I suppose...Do I share a bed with Tetsuya.
Tetsuya:....What are you implying?
Lucxene:Nothing, I just said that to tick you off.
Tetsuya:It worked.
Mjrn:So,anyway I got the rooms.Now let's ease the tention down.

Hazji checked out the games in Christmas area as she pointed to Santa who's a arm wrestling machine.

Hazji:Oh Zion try it! Try it!
Thuy:...Zion arm wrestle Santa...Why does that just sound wrong.
Zion:I'm not sure if I'm strong enough to win on that.
Hazji:But Santa is a old man give it a try!
Zion:Uh sure...

Zion then faced off with Santa and won,at this point the machine Santa spoke.

Santa:You beatened me ho ho ho...Now see if you can handle my wife.

Santa vanished from the machine through the curtain as oh Santa's wife came.She was huge,big and looked like a body builder.

Zion:O.O...Let's get out of here.
Hazji:Wow, I didn't know women could get that big.
Thuy:They can't...Not without supplying their bodies...
Hazji:With that?
Zion:Let's not worry about that.>_>

Elsewhere, Celica, Yasha and Onihime went into the Independence Day area,being it's a gift shop to pick up things and buy some unique stuff. The hang out was casual as they shopped. Everyone went about exploring in their own way, at least until night time.During wish things changed hugely. For once everyone went to bed and morning came...Chaos erupted all over Holiday Party.

Zion woke up and stretched a bit. He notice he was the last one oddly enough to be up and about. He noticed nothing at first,until he stepped outside to hear the noise. Then blinked seeing all the guest and crowds in different costumes.His eyes widen as he went to where the ship was and saw Zenechoe there with a annoyed look.

Zion:Zenechoe...Or should I say Tseng.
Zenechoe:Your a Turk too.
Zenechoe:Holds up a mirror as Zion could see he was Vincent in his Turks day.
Zion:Ah! Least my eyes are still normal.
Zenechoe:It's just a costume...You weren't dramtically changed.
Zion:Wait,how I even put the outfit on?
Zenechoe:The Bandit...Everyone is out looking for it.
Zenechoe:They say if you find it. You'll get your belongings back.
Zion:So the ship...?


Zion ran ahead and ran over to where Liah,Thuy and Nitro where. They were currently having breakfast...Costume and all, since they figured they eat before tracking the Bandit.

Thuy:Zion...Or Vincent...

Zion:>_> Thuy, your Aerith...
Thuy:Look as long as you are not Sephiroth, we should be fine. my hair was even braided...Thankfully, my hair isn't as long as Aerith.
Zion:Ah anyway,doesn't look bad on you.
Thuy:You look good in a suit,interesting hair style too.
Zion:Well, this was before Vincent became emo.
Zion:Oh hey Liah...WHOA! Tifa! Advent Children!
Liah:Yes...It even had a cute note on my clothes this morning,saying nice knockers... Least, I look good in black.>_>
Zion:>_> Yeah well...
Nitro:Your chest is big...Biggest out of all the girls.
Zion:Shut up, Nitro...
Liah:I can hurt you...
Thuy:I'll help...
Zion:Uh anyway...Nitro your? Zack Fair.
Nitro:...Don't ask how the bandit spiked my hair this way in my sleep. A mystery even to me.

Zion:Where is everyone else?
Nitro:They went looking.Let's look too.


Mjrn walked about with Zymes to find the bandit. Mjrn was currently dressed like Christie from Dead or Alive. Her hair,was tied up in a bun. Since the bandit didn't cut her hair thankfully. Zymes walked about dressed as Serge from Chrono Cross.

Zymes:I'll say this much the clothes is comfy. >_>
Mjrn:....Your not the one walking in flashy clothes.>_>
Mjrn:I should dance a pole and hope the bandit shows up so I can needle his neck!
Zymes:Can you even dance on a pole, boss?
Mjrn:Shut up, Zymes and search!

Hazji ran over to meet with Mjrn with Tetsuya as Hazji was dressed as Kanna from Inuyasha. She held the mirror in her hand as well. Tetsuya was dressed as Pit from Kid Icarus, though his hair thankfully remained the same style.

Tetsuya:This shows too much skin...Anyway,any luck?
Mjrn:None what so ever...You?
Hazji:Nope, I like the clothes though.
Mjrn:You would...
Zymes:Hey, I said that same thing.Oh Tetsuya can I have the bow you have? o.o
Mjrn:Anyway! March people! March!


The Muses ran into Lucxene as they searched about on the other end of Holiday Party. Lucxene was dressed as Link from Zelda,minus the hat and point ears, his hair was also it's normal look.Although,he did held a shield in his right hand a sword in his left. Yasha was dressed as Eureka, from Eureka 7. Her hair was styled like hers,but obviously was a much darker shade then Eureka's which she loved having her normal hair. Onihime looked like Felicia from Darkstalkers,her hair was the same,but her outfit was perhaps the most revealing.Celica was Dark Lady from Sailor Moon. Having the black-red dress with a slit and dark pink trims. Her hair was tied in odangos,but not oversized meatballs and do to the length of Celica's hair it wasn't very long.

Lucxene:I feel...Odd, besides my character doesn't talk much. He's a mute throughout his game.
Onihime:I'm cold...I can't believe this character fights, in practically nothing.
Yasha:I don't even know,what my character does...I just know, it's from Eureka Seven.
Celica:>_> My character is evil,enough said. Find anything Lucxene?
Lucxene:Not a clue,kind of hard with the complaining people running around like crazy.
Celica:x.x Yeah,we so need to find that bandit. Let's look for clues.


Throughout the search the party remet back at Thanksgiving for lunch. Obviously,they were not able to find anything. This bandit seems to be more tricky then before.

Celica:Wow, Final Fantasy crew. And your Zack!? >_> You are not as sweet as he is.
Nitro:Says who?! I can be!
Nitro:Meatball head...
Zymes:Interesting outfit...
Onihime:As if I had a choice...You look more old fashion.
Zymes:It's based off it's time.
Hazji:Hey Tetsuya has good muscles!
Tetsuya:Thanks...I think.
Zion:o.O I don't think you should be focusing on him.
Hazji:Why not?! You have Thuy, or should I say Aerith...And she doesn't make it pass the first disc.
Thuy:Well,least I return in Kingdom Hearts 2.
Lucxene:Look what you started Zion...
All the girls:What's that suppose to mean Zion?!
Zion:>_> NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!
Lucxene:Liah, Tifa?
Liah:Yeah,guess it fits to a point.

Suddenly, a masked black caped bandit ran pass them. While the rest blinked for a minute as Mjrn yelled out.

Mjrn:That's it! GET HIM!!!!

The whole crew ran after the masked bandit.They ran over to the New Years Monster arena and followed it inside. They notice dead fresh corps all over the area, it didn't look like a joke... It looked real and all were slice with a blade.

Zion:Wait, you think the bandit?
Liah:I don't think so... The bandit didn't do this the first time around.
Zymes:First time around?
Thuy:Yeah, you weren't here then.
Hazji:Wait where it go?
Yasha:Into the arena square.
Onihime:I guess,we should go there right?
Celica:Sure,but we need to use caution...
Nitro:Yeah,let's move.

They ran ahead and went into the arena where the cosplay bandit stood,then in a poof of smoke vanished leaving nothing more then a card. Lucxene went over and picked it up after.

Lucxene:Congradulations...You caught the bandit,but misfortune might fall on you.

Owner:They did it! They killed the people here! Punishment shall be justified. Send them to the Wastelands!

They all looked up at the viewing room seeing the owner as Tetsuya said.

Tetsuya:Look we didn't kill anyway.
Zymes:Wastelands?What's tha-!

Suddenly the floor broke open from the group as they fell down a large pit black hole.Then the hole reclosed as they were all thrown into the mist of the wastelands away from Holiday Party.

Chapter 9

The trap door that they fell in would be their ticket back to the real world. This however, came with a price, that price was to be in a worm hole. This worm hole made them all seperated on different paths to get home to their world.

Thuy would run down the tunnel worm role. Completely on her own and back in her normal attire now.She would look for the way out, pretty much figured if she keeps going forward she'll make it on her way out now.

Thuy would stop in a wide large room. Pass the door she enter were the hallway was more or less narrowed. She noticed it was dark and couldn't make much of anything until the lights flared on.

Jedix:.... I was hoping I meet more the guy who messed me up last time.
Thuy:You, shouldn't you be off doing what your boss does? Barking orders and attending her every needs.
Jedix: Big talk for a girl who can't control her orb skills.
Thuy:Says who.
Jedix:Okay, show me!

Jedix took a stance holding a gun in his left hand and a spear in his right hand after. Thuy made a small sword appear as she took a stance.

Thuy:The Mystical Ninja.

Jedix held his gun out and took a few shots at Thuy who run off to the side much faster avoiding it. While, she ran on the side of the wall. She would kick off it and slash down at Jedix with her small sword. Jedix lifted the spear to block it as he held the gun to her head.Thuy's eyes widen as she backflipped completely the bullet just missing her, though during the back flip she wrap her legs around Jedix's neck and did a hand stand.Swinging her legs over her body slamming Jedix on his back. Jedix would fall and kick her off him as she stumble away.

Jedix: Oh, so you can fight more when you use your skills here try dodging this!

Jedix adjusted the gun and pointed at her as he shot large explosive blast at Thuy. Thuy blinked as she shot a smoke bomb on the ground as Jedix blasted the floors and walls all over to destroy her. Once he finish the room was filled with smoke as he looked about for her. However, he didn't see her anywhere....Until, he looked up she dived down at him with her sword down at his head. Jedix's eyes widen and rolled to the side as he would shoot at her now. Thuy took out some shurikens and tossed it at his bullets. Both their shots getting deflected alot.Jedix narrowed his eyes as Thuy made alot of illusions of her and they all charged at him now.

Thuy:Here you go!

Jedix waved the spear and made a energy wave grid as it hit all the illusions and Thuy herself. Also slamming her into the wall as he held the energy grid in place trapping her.


Jedix:Now...I'll make this quick!

Jedix ran at her with the point of his spear for her head, until two war fans hit his spear away and Jedix blinked as Hazji flipped over grabbing her fans cutting the grid as she would get into a stance.

Hazji:Not on my watch loser! Nyah!*Sticks her tongue at him.*

Jedix glared as he ran over and picked up the spear and shot at Hazji now.Hazji held her war fans up and blocked them moving back from the shots. Thuy would dash at Jedix and slash at his back. Causing him to stumble forward, once he did Thuy slash his chest with a war fan as he stumble to Thuy now. Thuy would punch him across the face making him stumble over to Hazji, Hazji would then jump up and bicycle kick Jedix sending him rolling on the floor away from them.

Jedix:Hmph, guess you girls need a spanking.

Hazji and Thuy:Here is your spanking.

Both the two charged at Jedix and slash him repeatedly, Thuy with the small sword and Hazji with both fans. Jedix would moved back and block their hits with his staff and parts of his gun. Until he got near the wall he would charge up the gun and shoot a huge beam. Sending Thuy and Hazji blasting into the wall. Their bodies cracked into it, leaving their outline as Thuy and Hazji fell from it after coughing in pain.

Jedix:I'll make this quick...

He smirked as he charged the gun to blast them down. Till a bunch of gun fire shot at Jedix's arm as he winced and yelled moving his arm away holding it in pain with the other arm.

Zion:What was that?

Zion said as he held both guns up at Jedix.Jedix glared and ran along the wall now as he shot at Zion now from a distant. Zion dodge running on the other end of the wall and shooting at Jedix, they round the whole room till they got in front of each other in which both would strike a fist across the other's face. Knocking them off the wall now.

Jedix fell on his back and winced as Hazji and Thuy ran over and swung their weapons at his head. Till Jedix rolled to the side away from it standing back up. He would glare as he stood up, facing them. Thuy went high as Hazji went low. Thuy ran at Jedix and punched as well as slash at his face. While, Hazji ran low now slashing at his legs and torso with her fans. Jedix blinked and moved back spinning his spear to block each strike from both girls now. Zion ran behind Jedix and kicked him from the side. He would than hold the both guns at Jedix and charge into him slamming Jedix with his own body against the wall. Once on the wall, Zion hold a gun under his chin and the other to the side of skull now.

Zion:Well, I bet you never thought, it'd be over this quick hm?

The ground suddenly rumble where they all were as someone appeared in a blaze of smoke behind them all.Zion blinked and looked over as Jedix lifted both his legs and kicked Zion back. Patrolez stood there and narrowed his eyes as he grabbed both girls and like ragged dolls slammed them into the wall as all three busted through the wall and into the next room of the worm hole walk. Rubbles falling everywhere as the three of them rolled on the ground.

Thuy:Ah..I don't think...I can take much of that...
Hazji:Ow...it hurts! It really hurts...!
Zion:*Coughs alot and struggles to his feet as he would shoot alot at Patrolez who would walk to him, using his giant mallet to block the blast from Zion. Zion would move back while shooting at Patrolez,while the girls went to get up Jedix held the gun to them and smirked.

Jedix:Now now don't move...

Zion continued to shoot till corner to the wall where Patrolez would grab him with one arm by the head lifting him up and slamming him against the wall as the wall cracked.


Patrolez:I'll make this quick.

Suddenly Patrolez went flying like a bullet into another wall busting right through it. As Liah landed on her feet, she punch her fists together and ran over to where Patrolez is, the second the giant started to get up. She grabbed him by the face with one arm and slid him on the ground. Making it break then she throw him forward as he bust through another wall.

Jedix's eyes widen as Zion held a gun forward and shot over at Thuy and Hazji, who both moved to the side and the gun shot at Jedix's right ear,piercing right into it.

Jedix:!!! MY EAR!!!

Zion:*Smirks.* Here have another.

Zion shot at him more, as Jedix glared and shot at Zion repeatedly now. Suddenly Zion would get hit by Liah's body as Patrolez just slammed her with the mallet making them slide on the ground alot till hitting the wall.


Thuy tossed alot of kunais now at Jedix who spinned his spear to smack them away. Hazji spun her fans around in front of her body making a bunch of lazers shoot at Jedix and Patrolez now.Thuy than took the time to check on Zion and Liah helping them up now.Liah nodded as she got back into a fighting stance and Zion held the gun now and they all charged at both Patrolez and Jedix. The roof suddenly began to come down as Nightmare fell from it in front of both parties.

Zion grabbed Thuy and jumped back as Liah pulled Hazji to the side jumping back. Patrolez held the mallet and moved back as Jedix jumped back now.Nightmare, stood missing one arm now, but had a different one sewed onto it now as it had magic. He would growl and yell.

Nightmare:Now, I shall turn your world into a world of HELL! Where I'll take all the souls I can feed off!

Nightmare's arm glowed as he slammed his fist into the ground causing a vortex to suck everyone in the room into the dark abyss now.


Zenechoe would fly in the air ship as he finished talking to people at the holiday area. Figuring that when they were tossed into the worm hole it would lead them back home. He would fall into thought as he flew the ship, he prepared to head back to their rightful world now. Where his father had things set up for them to go.Still he couldn't help but wonder things were still quite not so simple as it seems.


Meanwhile, Phoenix back at her castle notice the situation all over the city has changed dramatically. Madelynn ordered the people once mind controlling the civilians to follow her every order. She would hold a meeting from her now tall fortress of a building in the center of the city. Standing on the balcony she would tell everyone to aid her in finding the Ultimate Orb and if people refuse to kill them.

Phoenix was aware of the situation and didn't like it. She made sure her castle was well protected as she got word her son was returning home with the aid of her ex-husband. This made her cringe in disgust, but desperate times... She had to put up with all of this. She made sure that people at this point unless authorized could not enter her castle. It is uncertain, how long they'll hold out before Madelynn decided to approach her Queendom.

Chapter 10

Once in a snowy fields, Onihime would run along the snow fields. She was completely on her own as she looked about not seeing anyone around. After a hour of walking ahead as the snow flakes fell she paused when she heard movement in the snowy woods.

Onihime:Who's there?

She asked as she looked about, but no noise was heard. Not around,her that was until she looked up she saw a clown come down at her as she rolled to the side just in time as claws hit the floor.

Lunar:You're not suppose to dodge it!

He grinned as he stood up and his wrist claws showed on each hand. Onihime would stand up glancing at him as she would make her violin and wand appear.Lunar smirked as he would say after.

Lunar:Oh no no no! Don't even try it girl, I got your fight right here.

Lunar would hover into the air and make a rain of energy ball come down at Onihime. Onihime's eyes widen as she ran into the woods pass the trees. As she could hear trees being destroyed and knocked over from the attacks.She made it over to the outside of the woods avoiding the trees and huge flaming balls. She turned to look and didn't see Lunar anywhere. Until behind her she felt a slash at her back.


She yelled as she stumbled forward feeling some blood. Lunar smirked as he was holding the claws up with her blood laughing insanely.

Lunar:Feels so good to strike down women, after all.They are so enjoyable most! Right before they die!

Lunar dashed at her to cut her till he felt a huge axe slam him off to the side knocking Lunar all over the snow grounds rolling all about in pain.Yasha walked over in her normal wear like Onihime. She held up the axe guitar and played a beat as did Onihime which healed her wounds. However Yasha's musical notes flew at Lunar and hit him in a explosion.

Lunar:Grah! You little <censor>!

Yasha would run at Lunar as Lunar dashed at her as he slashed wildly right at her. Yasha held up the axe guitar blocking the slashes as she backflipped and kicked Lunar's face.Lunar would flip over and hover off the ground as he shot a small energy beam at Yasha knocking her back. She flinched and stumble, however behind Lunar was Onihime now who waved her wand and played a fast beat as fire, ice, and lightning all striked at Lunar. Lunar blinked and blocked with the claws, but slid back quite a bit.Yasha would stand up and charge right at him as she kicked him from the side knocking him back into the snow.

Lunar:....*Coughs up some snow in his mouth.* THAT'S IT!!!! RUIN MY MOOD!

Lunar held the claws deep into the ground as he chucked a huge piece of the ground into the air and shot it at both Yasha and Onihime. Once it hit the two Muse members would fly into the air and crash into a church wall. Busting through the other side as it was empty and both girls winced on the ground.

Yasha:He's crazy...And that hurt...
Onihime:Yeah it does...

They were about to get up till Lunar stood before them holding both of his hands forward with the claws pointed at them.

Lunar:Now hold still, while I cut you in half.


Nitro yelled swinging the blade down from the ceiling, as he jumped through a open window and swung the blade down at Lunar's head. Lunar blinked as he backflipped away as Nitro just missed. Nitro would stand up after looking at the two girls as he faced over to Lunar's direction.

Nitro:You two okay?
Yasha:Yeah, not so bad.
Onihime:Yeah, I can still keep going.
Nitro:Good, here we go!

Nitro ran right at Lunar and swung his sword down at Lunar.Lunar jumped into the air avoiding it as Yasha ran over up the side of the wall as she kicked off and came at Lunar slamming him into the ground with the axe guitar.Onihime played a beat on the violin as suddenly Lunar froze as she played a song of time.

Lunar:Wha...I...I can't move!

Nitro smirked and ran over slashing at Lunar up into the air, as Yasha slammed him back with her axe guitar. Nitro than kick Lunar over to Yasha. Which she backhanded him over to Onihime. Which Onihime side step and kicked him into a table. The three of them would run right at Lunar now to strike him down once and for all. That was until a bright light appeared before them, making them stop and cover their eyes.


She waved a hand removing the time off Lunar, who cough a bit of blood annoyed. While, he growled a more insane like growl. Kaina would stand there with her large scepter floating around her. She would wave a hand as Nitro, Yasha and Onihime suddenly lifted up from the ground.

Nitro:! I can't move!
Yasha:Hey! What she doing?!
Onihime:I can't get down!

Kaina would wave a hand as the three crashed right into the church walls, than Kaina would move her hand more as they crashed into the side walls than to the floor lastly into the roof as the three busted through it and rolled on the roof of the church.

Nitro:Grah! She's strong...
Yasha:Ow...In pain, and lots of it.
Onihime:I don't know, if I can take another one of those...

Lunar smirked and jumped up onto the roof as Kaina floated up. Suddenly a huge lighting bolt blasted at Lunar and Kaina knocking them off the church and into the snow outside and below. Nitro looked up as he saw what looked like a angel flapping her wings. she would lightly land on the edge of the roof.Standing on the cross of the front side of the church.

Celica:I am here, and just in time.

Celica said as she held up her staff and suddenly healed Yasha, Onihime and Nitro. Kaina narrowed her eyes as did Lunar. The two stood up and Kaina flew right at Celica. Celica flapped her wings as she flew at Kaina and they both shot a blast at each other. Celica with lightning and Kaina with a magic beam as it exploded knocking both back.

Lunar ran over at Nitro as he swung his sword down at Lunar in mid air the two met. Lunar jumping up as Nitro jumped off the roof. Nitro narrowed his eyes as they glowed gold for a minute and he kicked Lunar down, who blocked with the claws.

Nitro:Meteor Showers!

Suddenly meteors shot from Nitro's sword as it blasted down on Lunar.Lunar slashed at many as he could while falling. Onihime would jump off the roof as she would play on the violin causing cresent moons to appear and suddenly shoot out at Lunar exploding on impact as Lunar yelled from both attack.

Celica would smack at Kaina with her staff, in which she block with the scepter and tried to hit Celica in return with it. The two exchanged more swings, neither getting anywhere till Yasha ran over and shot a sun beam from her axe at Kaina from the side. Kaina avoided it looking over as Celica would take the advantage and shoot Kaina with a lightning bolt knocking her near Lunar.

Nitro would run over and slam his sword hard into both of them knocking them back into the air. Yasha and Onihime ran over near Nitro as they jumped up and onto his shoulders as they used him as a stepping stone jumping to Kaina and Lunar as they both shot a musical blast at the two knocking them near Celica.

Celica increase her speed on her wings as she flew at the two fast, covered in pink lightning. She would slam into them repeatedly, side to side, up and down and in between.

Lunar and Kaina:Argh!!

Celica would pause above them and made a huge lightning blast and shoot it down at him.

Celica:Starlight Homing Shot!

The two crashed hard into the snow, leaving the ground to crack alot through the snow. Celica would land now by Nitro,Onihime and Yasha as they watched the two. Suddenly bats would fly all around them, as they waved their arms around trying to get them all away.

Yasha:Get off! Go away!
Onihime:Ew! Shoo! Shoo!
Celica:Leave me alone! Get lost!

Dracula would suddenly appear as he would throw his cloak off and toss it over Celica as it covered her and fell into the snow as Celica was gone.

Nitro:Celica?! Celica?!?! Hey where you take her!

Dracula:I decided to make her my new bride, now...Amuse yourselves as he held his hands and shot sonic waves making the three teleport off away now as he would turn into a bat and fly off. Leaving Lunar and Kaina there alone.

Nitro,Onihime and Yasha would appear in a dark shadow mountains at night. They would stand up and noticed zombies moving about as their eyes widen. Seeing quite a large amount of them.

Nitro:We got to go, let's move!

He stood up and ran off away from the army of zombies, with Yasha and Onihime. Since, they needed to see what they could do now as they fled on off.


Zenechoe flew on the ship as he was finding locks on a opening to where Zion,Thuy, Hazji and Liah were. He went over to the computer and checked the location and wave to open the gate. Zenechoe at this point manage to return back to the normal time, in his normal world. However, there has been quite some changes since they were gone. So he was keeping things low, his mother at the moment had the castle under lock down and complete guard. Considering word of the enemy wanting to smash it to bits.

Zenechoe:Got it, let's head over and get them soon.


Masked Ninja:..... Let see how well this goes.

The ninja would vanish as he head over to Zymes's location. Apparantly, Zymes is currently alone in the world of Limbo. The question is, Zymes isn't alone the enemy is on the move to get him. Can Zymes handle his own against Edgeblade and Antenora. Also is the masked ninja another enemy? And can Zymes handle all 3 on his own?

Not the end...

Chapter 11

Trivian: Get ready to land the ship over near there. Zion should be there with the others, right?

Zenechoe nodded as they went over to a island near a active volcano.

Elsewhere on a ship in the middle of the ocean was Zymes. He noticed that looking on one end of the ocean was everything demonic and Hell like, the other end was beautiful and Heavenly. He wasn't too sure where exactly he is, or how he got there. Though, he knew the other thing he has going for him right now is that ship.

Zymes: Eh? Well, better find a way out.
Edgeblade:You wont have to, cause this will be your resting tomb.

Zymes turned around and saw Edgeblade standing there. He noticed the man having a gun-blade in one hand as he had his other hand within his pocket looking over at him. Zymes stared and made his bow appear in his left hand. While a stack of arrows appear behind his back.

Edgeblade:Oh now, fighting me? Oh, can try but once I get rid of Mjrn's little rodent I can work on the big ole princess herself.

Zymes would shoot a arrow at Edgeblade, as the same moment Edgeblade shoot off the gun part of his sword at Zymes. Both of them jumped off to the side as Zymes ran along the ship deck keeping his eyes on Edgeblade as he would shoot more arrows at him.Edgeblade would run off to avoid it and hide behind parts of the ship that blocked out Zymes's vision.

Zymes than would stands up and look about from a far to see where he is. He had his arrow at aim, just in case. He didn't see him move, until he turned around and saw Edgeblade ran right behind him swinging the sword down at Zymes. Zymes blinked and jump away leaving a ice clone of him where he stood as Edgeblade choped the ice statue in half. Zymes than jumped up onto one of the rails and shoot three arrows at Edgeblade. In which the man blocked and slashed the other two away. Edgeblade would than run over as he would jump up and kick Zymes down the deck, below the next level of the deck. Zymes would fall and land on his back as Edgeblade dived down at him to strike him down with his sword. As he got ready, his sword clashed with another sword. As Tetsuya was down on one knee in front of Zymes, glaring up at Edgeblade. Holding his own sword up, as he would push Edgeblade back.


Edgeblade shot off his sword sending explosions at the two now. Zymes stood up and made a ice wall running off to the side as part of the ice wall blows up, but by than he made his escape. While, Tetsuya dashed off ot the side than ignited his body in flames. Going through one of the eplosion as he dived at Edgeblade and the two clash swords. They would swing it among each other, blocking as much as possible. The two would continue their sword battle. While, Zymes  ran up the stairs all the way up to the look out spot of the ship. Once up there he put a foot on the rail edge and aimed a arrow at Edgeblade, the arrow would glow as he would shoot out the arrow after.

Zymes:Winter Nightmare.

The arrow was shot, as Tetsuya jumped away. Edgeblade turn to see the arrow expand and cause ice shards to rain around Edgeblade than explode in a winter blizzard of hail, ice and frost. Causing Edgeblade to turn blue from dropping his body temperature.

Edgeblade roared as he slashed out and sneezed alot, now suffering from the affects as he glared. It was short lived, since Mjrn ran up behind him and kicked him through a piece of the ship wall to the other end now. Tetsuya would slash his back from the inside as Edgeblade yelled and stumble forward. Zymes jumped off the look out spot and landed on Edgeblade stomping on his back as he held the arrow behind his head.

Zymes:Now don't move.
Mjrn:Well, where is that cocky mouth of yours now?
Tetsuya:Where is the exit here?

Edgeblade layed where he was as he started to laugh alot.

Mjrn:I don't think...>_>;;; This is a laughing matter.

The three felt the ship shake alot as they blinked and turned around. Seeing a very large mobile suit gundam rise behind them as Antenora sat inside of it now.

Antenora:It is time to remove the insects from my path.

Antenora would wave that huge arm as it slammed into all three sending them flying all the way to the other end of the ship.


They would roll on the ground and wince alot. Mjrn twitched a eye and stood up, putting on the Metorid suit. She would cast a Kindness Rain drops on herself as well as Zymes and Tetsuya to heal themselves. Antenora would than shoot out rocket missles at the three now.

Mjrn: Oh <censor>!

Edgeblade would stand up and drink some medicine now. While, Zymes pointed out some arrows and froze them over to free it's targets. Once Zymes locked ot the missle he shot it and the missle froze. Moving ever much more slower. Tetsuya focus a fireball and shot it up at the missles before it came at them it would blow up above the ship in midair causing a flame of explosions in the air. Tetsuya put up a fire dome forcefield around himself, Zymes and Mjrn to prevent any fire from raining on them.

Antenora locked on where she stood, since she's connected to the ship with the gundam. She would set targets on them and shoot a machine gun at the 3.

Mjrn ran off to the side and used her saber to block it, while Zymes and Tetsuya dove off behind one of the steel walls to avoid the bullets.

Lucxene on the other hand stood in the middle of the deck staring at the view. He didn't seem to be focus much on anyone or anything. He held his naginata, as he seemed more like a zombie or a trance like state. Ignoring alll the noises around. Tetsuya yelled out as he noticed Edgeblade running over to Lucxene now with the gun-blade in hand.

Edgeblade:Well, I'll start by removing you!

Edgeblade went to swing the sword,as Lucxene narrowed his eyes glaring over at him. He swung that naginata fast and swift right into Edgeblade's eyes as Edgeblade yelled in pain. Lucxene than pulled the naginata out as he pulled out one of Edgeblade's eye ball with it.

Edgeblade yelled and fell to his knees holding his face. While, Antenora looked to see what's up. Edgeblade flinched and yelled.

Edgeblade:My eye! My EYE! You ruined my good looks! I'll... I'll KILL YOU!!!!

Edgeblade ran at Lucxene and shot off alot of blasts from his own hands now and tossing some venom beamsa t Lucxene. Lucxene jumped off away and ran off below ship now. Edgeblade chased after him in a rage. Tetsuya would blink and yell out running forward.

Tetsuya:Lucxene! Wait!!

Antenora would lock onto Tetsuya and blast a lazer beam at Tetsuya. Zymes dived in front of Tetsuya and made a huge ice block in front of himself so the lazer would melt slower. He shove Tetsuya to the side as they just missed the lazer. Both Zymes and Tetsuya rolling to the side.Mjrn would run behind Antenora's gundam at this point and blew a kiss into her saber sword.

The sword glowed as it took a water dragon form and she ran over to the gundam from behind. Leaving water images of Mjrn clones behind her and the clones and Mjrn would strike down the gundam causing the machine to self destruct. Mjrn would move away as Antenora ejected out of the machine.

Meanwhile, below Lucxene spotted the main engine and slammed his naginata into it. Edgeblade's eyes widen as he yelled out.

Edgeblade:You're CRAZY!!!!!!

Suddenly the ship became to explodes and massive explosions now started.

Mjrn:*Stumbles and looks around for a bit.*Zymes get us a escape boat.

Zymes ran off and went to find one, once he did he started to lower it into the water. While, Tetsuya started to yell out.

Tetsuya:Lucxene! Lucxene!!!

Mjrn yelled out to Tetsuya to move as her and Zymes went to the escape boat. Suddenly out of the flames the masked ninja came through as his masked was burning off.

Tetsuya froze and stared as his eyes widen ans recognize the person.

Keisuke would stand before him, holding up his sword as Tetsuya's eyes widen. Suddenly Keisuke dashed at Tetsuya and striked him with his sword as a smoke field blew up around them and they were gone. Mjrn and Zymes would than make their escape seeing there was nothing more they could do.

They would sail off now as the ship finally explodes to pieces everywhere.


Zion would appear inside the volcanic cave with Thuy,Liah and Hazji. He removed his guns for now, do to the idea of women around in a hot place. Only distracted him more, although he had better control now. It still affected him now and than. They would all stand up as they socialize briefly with one another.

Liah:Hey everyone okay?
Thuy:I think so, but where is...Nightmare and them. I think last I remember it's cause of him we were here.
Hazji:Uh, where are we?
Zion:...A volcano, I studied it before you guys got up. I can't find the exit though and the volcano does seem active.
Liah:That's bad! That means basically, we could be hit by it, before we get out.
Thuy:And no telling who else is still in here.

Zion froze as did the others when they heard his familiar roar off in the distant.

Hazji:He's heeeeeerrrrrreeeeeeeee....

Trivian took the wheel as Zenechoe jumped off the ship and as he jumped off he began to summon his orb as he glowed.

Zenechoe:Pirate's Treasure.

Zenechoe had a grappling hook appear over his left hand as he used it onto the volcano to ease up his fall. While, his right hand had a fencer sword appear in it. He slid down and landed as he laughed like as if he ruled the land.

Zenechoe:Hah hah hah!!! I am the King of the island!!! Hah hah hah!!!*Zenechoe shakes his head as he got a hold of himself and twitched a eye.* No one better see that side...

Zenechoe would head down below near the jungles, but also to find a way in side the volcano so the others can escape from it now.Unaware to Zion and the others they were back in their rightful time era, but offs away from the main cities they live in. Which was more of a blessing, since Madelynn currently has the place under her rule.

Chapter 12

Mjrn and Zymes would float on the boat as the place they drifted became the normal ocean.

Zymes:I think we are stranded...
Mjrn:Oh geez and no Tetsuya or Lucxene either...Think they are okay?
Zymes:-_- Lucx wasn't really much help.
Mjrn:*Slaps Zymes across the face.*
Zymes: Ow! o.o
Mjrn: The Hell you know, if we didn't end that quick. We would of been shot or sliced or worse!
Zymes:I guess so...Say wait look at that!

Zymes pointed up at the sky as it shifted from day time blue and white clouds to dark clouds and purple sky as a giant eye appear in it and Madelynn's laugh could be heard.

Madelynn:Enjoy your swim, time to go!

The eye shot a blast into the ocean as it caused the whole area to have tornados, hurricanes and giant tsunamis hitting Zymes and Mjrn repeatedly as their boat was destroyed and not too long after the two had little hope but to fall uncouncious.


Nitro ran in the woods with Yasha and Onihime avoiding the zombies as they paused and looked about.They were more or less trying to get a sense of where they are.

Onihime:The wood plains, this is right outside our main city. Though, this place is usually has less people.
Yasha:So why all the zombies?
Nitro:There is a cemetary near here...Dracula and bring back the dead. If he touches Celica, I'll make sure to chop every part of him into dust!
Onihime:How romantic.
Yasha:Yeah, too bad he can't do that in front of her.
Nitro:Oh shut up, shut up! SHUT UP! Let's go!

The three went into the woods and saw a old run down castle up ahead, where they could hear a organ being played from deep at the top of the castle.

Yasha:Has to be in there...
Nitro:...*Twitches a eye.*He is not marrying her...
Onihime:Oh, so you going to pop the question the Celica?
Nitro: SHUSH!
Onihime:Well, the zombies are blocking the way in and probably inside.
Yasha:Will have to find a way in.
Nitro:Yeah, right through the door!
Yasha and Onihime:What?



Nightmare would swing that sword around at Zion, Liah and the others. Liah would duck and uppercut him back as Zion puts his leg out, kneeling down to stumble him and Thuy and Hazji jump up kicking Nightmare into the lava pool.

Liah:Yes, he's down!
Zion:Yay! And I get all the girls to myself now!
Zion:Uh, I mean...Yeah, he's down.Yeah...

Nightmare would rise out of the lava and roar as he glared and shot energy blast at all four of them knocking them all to their knees, as the four yell in pain.


Liah gradually would stand up and shake her head as she would run right at Nightmare and punch him dead in the heart, but the lava and his armor cracked enough as her arm was stuck inside his body now.

Liah:What the? Oh no! I'm stuck!

Liah would tug and pull as Nightmare glared and rised his arm up with that sword to slice Liah down with Soul Edge. Liah's eyes widen as when the blade came down Thuy and Hazji dived by her as Hazji and Thuy blocked it, each with their short sword and double war fans.


Nightmare would slap the two girls away with both hands knocking them back and away from him and Liah.


Zion glared and stood up as he fixed his guns and shot rapidly over and over at Nightmare as the bullets shoot all into him.

Zion:Drop dead! Let her go!!!

Nightmare would stumble alot, and grunt in pain. Finally using Soul Edge as a shield to block Zion's shots. Liah tried to pull away, but was having a hard time moving. Nightmare would go to strike down Liah shortly after.


Zenechoe would slam that grapple hook into Nightmare's armor shattering his heart as he stumble away and Liah fell back free.Zenechoe would jump down by them and hold his fencer sword as it glowed black and he pointed it at Nightmare.

Zenechoe:Finger of Death.

A black beam would strike Nightmare, as Zenechoe absorbed him fully, taking his dark powers to amplify his darkness abilities.Zenechoe's eyes would shine red for a moment as he would shake his head side to side.

Zenechoe:Let's go, place is going to blow.
Zion:Whoa, hey what you do?
Zenechoe:I...Long story.
Hazji:o.o You look like a pirate.

They would stumble as the volcano was about to explode. Liah blinked and stand up as Thuy asked her.

Thuy:You okay?
Liah:Yeah, but let's go!

Zenechoe would lead them to the way he came in as they made it near the top of the volcano. Once up top Zenechoe would shoot up a black beam into the sky as Trivian would guide the ship over to them dropping a ladder rope for them.

Trivian:Get your slow butts up here! It's going to blow!

Zenechoe would jump up the ladder and stare climbing up to the ship. Liah would follow after, than Thuy. The volcano after that would start to explode as Trivian moved the ship away now. Zion blinked as Hazji jumped on Zion's back holding onto him with her arms. While, Zion jumped off the volcano grabbing the very bottom of the rope ladder and held on while the ship flew off as the volcano erupted.

10 minutes later...

Zenechoe would walk over meeting his father who was flying the ship. Liah walked over and fell on a seat catching her breath.

Liah:That was so close. Say where is everyone?

Trivian:We didn't get them back yet, bongo chest.

Thuy would head inside to them once helping Zion and Hazji inside as Zion went over and yelled.

Zion:Hey, we almost got burned bad cause you left too quick.

Trivian:Either you die or my ship dies. I'd rather you die.

Hazji:Oh thanks!

Thuy:Hey, the important thing we are okay.
Liah:Yeah, but any luck on the others?
Zenechoe:We haven't found a reading on them yet. It might take a while till we do find them. You might want to sit for this though.

Zion:What's up?
Zenechoe:Since, you were in the other world Madelynn has been taking over this world. She pretty much has the whole city just about under her control.
Liah:Oh figures, when we are gone she'd do that.
Thuy:So, what can we do now?
Zenechoe:I think, it's best to find the others. Once we are all set, we can come up with a way to remove her and her pals out of the city. As you notice, the city has a anti dome grid for aircraft. Why we aren't near the city.

Liah:Wait explain.
Thuy:That means if we fly near the city.
Trivian:We blow up.
Zion:....She's more a pain than Laozex was.


Dracula would play the organ as his eyes glowed red. He would smirk as he could feel the presense of living people approaching near the run down castle. Behind Dracula was a beautiful marble stone bed, as Celica would lay in it a sleep, wearing a white wedding gown and her pink hair flowing along the bed, with both hands folded in front of her body holding a set of flowers. The sides of her head, had soft white and red roses pinned on each side of her hair. She layed in deep sleep, with a protective crystal glass over her bed,keeping her in deep sleep.


Madalynn:Now, I have the princess...Now, report in!

Edgeblade:*Walked in, wincing and in pain putting a eye patch over his missing eye.* That...That little brat! Ruin my good looks for life!!!
Antenora:...We can always make you another eye.
Edgeblade:It's not the the same thing!
Jedix:Someone is very touchy.
Lunar:Aw, a shamed that a pretty boy, ruined your former good looks.
Edgeblade:I said shut the Hell up!
Patrolez:Silence, your report!

Edgeblade:I put the spell on him before the explosion, capturing him should be easy now.
Madelynn:Good, now he'll be no more than a puppet, next...Will get my king, Tetsuya to rule by me.

Madelynn would chuckle, as her laughster increased more and more.


During the middle day, deep up in the mountain pass, miles away from the land of our heroes home. The winter sky could be seen, as it was rather dark and snowing. On the ground layed a young male, wearing light blue jeans, white shoes, and a white long sleeve sweater. Wearing a white jacket, unzip and behind it was a white fluffy hood. It was a familiar pale skin, platinum blonde and ice blue eyes male.

Lucxene gradually open his eyes as he felt the cold ground and saw snowflake hitting the snow covered ground.He could hear on the radio it was the last winter snow, before spring. Off in the distant. He wondered who was there. As he slowly sat up and looked around.His eyes widen seeing a police cop looking at him.

Cop:You alright?This is no place to take a nap, and city has been evacuated. In case what happened back in the city happens up here. What's your name? Where you from?"

Lucxene looked a bit timid and scared at the cop as he thought about it and felt kind of weak and intimidated with the area being a ghost town. Which is completely out of his character. He would stand up and dust the snow off his body and drew a blank as he said softly to the cop.

Lucxene:I...I...I don't know who I am....Or where I came from....

Lucxene would frown as the cop blinked and spoke into his radio.

Lucxene seems to have no longer have any memory of those he knew or even himself now, as well as any courage he once had...

Chapter 13


Nitro, Yasha and Onihime would storm the castle, destroying any zombie in their path. Until opening the main church like room at the top. Once up above they would stare seeing Dracula playing the organ.Nitro would hear the tune as him and the two Muses followed inside, seeing it was empty aside of them. Once he got closer the playing of the organ stopped as Dracula stood up and face them. Up ahead they would see Celica laying there in the glass bed in deep sleep.Nitro's eyes widen as he saw her and yelled.

Nitro:CELICA!!! Let her go you piece of off! <censor> son of a <censor> no good for nothing <censor> <censor> <censor>

Dracula:You are such a vile man, I'm amazed you even dated her to begin with.
Nitro:Shut the Hell up!
Dracula:Well, she is now my bride.
Yasha:Yeah, right and pigs can fly.
Onihime:He can, he is a bat isn't he? Should of brought some anti-flying bat poison.
Nitro:He got rid of Celica, so he couldn't get hurt so easily do to her powers.

Dracula:Oh but once she becomes my bride, I wont have to fear that.

Nitro:That's it!

Nitro took out his broad sword and charge out at Dracula and shot out meteors right at him.
Dracula on the other hand saw this coming as he turned to a bat and flew up, once in the air he revert back flying and saw Yasha and Onihime send music tunes at him, but he would block it.

Dracula:You can't hurt me so easily.

Nitro:Wanna bet...Now!

Yasha and Onihime ran over to surround him and Celica. Onihime would play her violin as she circle through time and Alucard appear there as he put a spell on the floor.

Dracula:What the?! YOU!
Alucard:I think, we all have had enough of you, father.

Alucard would stand up trapping Dracula in a grid barrier preventing Dracula from escaping as well as allowing him to be damage now.Alucard than would vanish as Onihime played more and different versions of her would appear there from varies timelines as they all blasted Dracula with different elemental spells.


Yasha would play her guitar as metal  shards would hover in the air as she harpoon them all into Dracula as he tried to use his cape to block. He went to cast a huge explosion till Nitro charged right at him and made his broad sword extend and glow as he sliced down Dracula right in half.

Onihime:Times of the Era.
Yasha:Metal Massacre.

Nitro:And take this! Nova Beam Divide!

Dracula would yell and groan as his body glowed and exploded shooting out radiant energy as he would cease to exhist now.

Nitro put the sword away and went over to Celica once he got close, he felt a sudden slap across his face.


Jedix:Now now, what's the rush.


Kaina:*Waves a hand once appearing and shock throws Celica in the case through the window as she would fall down to the ocean below the castle off a cliff.


Onihime:Oh my-!Argh!!!

Lunar would appear and blast Yasha, Onihime and Nitro repeatedly till they were out cold.

Jedix:Done, Patrolez take them and let's move.


Trivian:We got a problem.

Zenechoe:What's the problem?

Trivian:Apparently, that volcano came at a price it took out one of our fuel tanks.
Zion:Wait we going to crash?!
Liah:How bad is that?
Thuy:It doesn't sound good, that's for sure.
Hazji:We gonna die?!

Trivian:Shut the Hell up, geez where you make friends like these?

Liah,Zion,Hazji, and Thuy:>_>

Zenechoe:They aren't my friend, they are my sisters.

Liah, Zion, Hazji, and Thuy: <_<;;;;;

Trivian:Well, it means I'll have to land. Going to land a bit away from the city. Till we get more fuel and the part fix.

Liah:How long we looking at here?

Zenechoe:It'll take some time depending how much help, but anyway can use this to restock on stuff.

Zion:Sure, so what's the plan?

Trivian:I'm fixing the fuel, Zenechoe will tell you what we need.

Zenechoe:...Zion get the gas, in town. Liah, get these list of equipment.*He'd hand her a note.* Thuy and Hazji go shopping and get us a restock on food and supplies.

Thuy:Well, sure...But how will we bring it all here?
Zion:Yeah,you make it sound like it's-

Zenechoe:*Points to the monitor showing his bike, the dragon, Celica's car, Tetsuya's bike as well.*

Zion:>_>; I knew, that I was just testing you.
Liah:Ah hah...Let's go.
Hazji:Gosh you could have a sense of humor!

Zenechoe:Half our crew is missing, now isn't the time to be laughing.

Thuy:Hm, well let's go.

Trivian would fly down to make a landing now.

FBI Base.

Lucxene would adjust his sweater, dusting the snow flakes off, than putting on his white jacket after. His belt had a long sash off the right in white, with light blue trims at the end. He turned to face the boss of the FBI in the main briefing and computer room.

A young woman would walk over to him, wearing a one piece long leather black suit, with a zipper upf the front, showing her breast lining about to start. She had some wrist weapons, but her hands were bare. Her pants were also tight and leather, with knives on the hips and a gun strap belt. Down the bottom was black leather high heel boots. Her hair was straight, long and aquatic. Her eyes were red, as she had a hair band in black with bat wings hanging off on the sides on each end.

Kooh: Hi Lucxene long time no see, I'm the boss here for the FBI crew. I'm glad you made it out okay, now to get to business for the mission right? You face the problem so now we can use you for our help. Your going to get the Ultimate Orb before the moron Madelynn gets it, but don't worry you can fight and will make sure to-

Lucxene:Wait a second, what are you talking about?I never agreed to this and why do people call me a cop?I'm not a cop, and I never used a gun and I know nothing of fighting...What's going on?!

Kooh:Are you on drugs...?
Kooh:You're joking...
Lucxene:Why would, I joke when I am telling you seriously?
Kooh:>_> The Lucxene, I knew took no garbage from anyone!
Lucxene:I think, you have the wrong person...
Kooh:Ugh, but but...We heard from intel such as our detective Zion, Army in charge leader Nitro and your partner at the station Tetsuya you activated your orb and you can fight.
Lucxene:Sorry, but I'm not following...
Kooh:...Ugh! Someone give him a gun than.
Lucxene:I never-

Kooh:>_> JUST TAKE IT!

Kooh:*Sighs.*...This is going to take sometime, but will keep a eye on you. We have a way where you can start looking...Fill him in Doctor.

Lucxene walked over to the computer screen as a man with purple hair and pink eyes glanced over at him. He had a black suit on, similar to a tuxedo, but leather and a light green under shirt and cuffs. His pants and outer suit was black and so was the shoes. His hair was straight, short and most of his bangs hang fully across his forehead to his eye brows all around.

Kaoru:Hi! Well, wait does he even know us?
Kooh:I doubt it...
Kaoru:Well, uh we worked with Zion usually for info and sometimes with Nitro, but anyway I'm Doctor Kaoru. I work with the gizmos here for communication and maps on this computer, so you can talk to us directly once we give you the ear set.
Lucxene:...I suppose, I don't have a choice in this?
Kaoru:If you don't do something, we might all suffer in the end.
Lucxene:But I...Ugh, I'll try.
Kaoru:>_>;;; Kooh he looks terrified.
Kooh: D< You'll be more terrified of me if you don't move it!!!
Kaoru:Okay, so ah hah this chopper will take you to your first destination and here is your pistol and ear set. Will talk to you than! Take care...Phew!

Lucxene took the pistol and sighed, as he put it on the left side of his hip belt, than took the ear set putting it on his left ear. He than headed to the chopper outside as they walked over to wave him off. The funny part was Kooh seemed about Liah's size while Kao was more or less the same size as Hazji maybe a inch or so bigger.

Once inside the chopper would head off.


Celica was awaken at day break, by a orphanage area. She would dress back in her normal attire, and entertain the orpahans there now and than and aided the workers by starting a small concert to help them with money. She was sort of wondering where all the others were, but she figured she would help them first, before searching for them now. It was the least she could do for being rescued by the orphanage people.

Later that afternoon, the chopper would land near the concert area as people was chanting for Celica. Hearing one of the Muses would be there to perform, Lucxene would than touch his ear set and spoke into it after.

Kaoru:Should be in that area.
Kooh:Wait till the concert is over.

Lucxene nodded and walked over to watched as Celica was on stage wearing a pixie outfit as once the song started she would perform.


Once the concert arrived at it's finished she would wave to the crowd and blinked spotting Lucxene as she would wave and call him out.

Celica:Lucxene! Lucxene hey! Where have you been?How is everything?
Lucxene:I wonder if that's even really my name...
Celica:What? I can't hear you! Hold on!

Celica would jump down off stage as the people moved back with help from security to not over run Celica. She dusted herself off once landing on her feet and looked at Lucxene, but she blinked when he looked more scared than anything else, kinda lost too.

Celica:What's wrong?
Lucxene:Do I know you?
Celica:....Yes, you do. We're good friends. What's the matter? It's me, Celica.
Lucxene:I'm sorry, but I don't recall who you are at all...
Celica:.....Well, what are you doing here?
Lucxene:I need to find something near by...
Celica:Okay, will I need to get out of here and find the others, but trust me we know each other. I don't know what's up, but I can help you find pieces of yourself back if we stick together.
Lucxene:How do I know, I can trust you?
Celica:Hmmmm.....I'll be simple here, I know people who are your enemy and my enemy and yes they will try to kill both of us, I think it's better if you have someone who can point that out,right?
Lucxene:I guess...

Crowd:*Cheers and screams for Celica, as Celica blinks and grabs Lucxene getting out of there.*

Later that afternoon...

Celica by now would revert back to her casual clothes once more.Lucxene would find a secret wall panel and plugged his ear device into it, as Kaoru worked on it from the base as Kooh watched. Kaoru would than relay the message.

Kaoru:I got the information. 6 spots, the 6 Dragon orbs, that will probably unleash.
Kooh:Oh the Ultimate Orb! Great Lucxene you have to get them!

Lucxene:....You're not serious...

Kooh:Ugh! Put the girl on!

Lucxene raised a brow and passed the ear set to Celica.

Kooh:Celica! It's me the big boss of the FBI Kooh!
Celica:....Are you the one who works with my brother now and than?
Kooh:Well, yah. Look we have a map, well Lucxene has it, but get some kind of transportation and get to it. It's the way to get the Ultimate Orb. You have to get it before Madelynn does.
Celica:Well, I'll try...Have you seen my brother or any of the others?
Kooh:Only one we found is Lucxene and he's being...
Celica:I know, I know...Okay, talk to you later.

She finished and handed the earset back to Lucxene as Lucxene took it and Celica said to him.

Celica:We have to get ourselves some kind of transportation, come. Don't worry so much.
Lucxene: I'm working with the FBI all of a sudden, I am worried. I never did any of this and I don't know anyone.
Celica:I can help you, remember. Saftey in numbers, come!

Celica ran ahead,Lucxene sighed as he would follow after her now.

Madelynn:Were they mind wiped?
Antenora:Yes, and are ready for full deployment.

Madelynn:Good, this will bring their party crashing completely.

To be continued....

Chapter 14

Thuy and Hazji headed throughout the market as they filled up the shopping cart with food. Thuy decided to get more healthy and food that can supply people in a more long term. Though, when she was distracted Hazji would toss in some junk food now and than.

Liah went through the shops and got some of the parts. She put them in a wagon and pulled it herself once she got the list completely checked off.The men just blinked and stared at her pulling the wagon with no horse like it's nothing.

Worker:Uh nothing.

Elsewhere Zion had to go get gas, were he would stop a old run down store that does sell gas. The second he walked inside he notice all the workers were women. The women all looked at him, being about five of them. They all looked roughly around the same age as Zion give or take. When they all noticed him their eyes widen as they said in unison.

All:Oh wow a boy! And he's cute!
Zion:O.O Hi...I'm here to get gas...

The girls all left their position and surrounded Zion as they spoke to him all one after the other.

Girl 1: Oh gas, that's great how much? Are you single?
Girl 2: Do you need anything else? Oh is that really your hair color...Is it like that all over? ^_~
Girl 3: Oh you look so cute, I bet you're quite the heart breaker! You should come home with me.
Girl 4: Will you marry me?!
Girl 5: Will you bear my child!?

Zion:What the?! I just want to buy some gas that's it! Hey don't touch me! Don't touch me there, especially! Shoo Shoo!

The girls all reached out petting him everywhere as if he was some sort of object. Zion crawled under their legs away from them and ran around the store as the women all chased after him now. After about a hour, Liah would pass the same store hearing Zion yelling as she quirked a brow and looked at the shop. She put the wagon handle down and walked over as she opened the back door and her eyes widen as she stared.

Liah:O.O What the?

Zion would be there shirtless at this point and his hair is a mess and his pants are roughed around. While, The girls are all holding him to the floor. One pinning each arm and leg as the one girl sat on his stomach to lean down and kiss him. Of course, this was once she applied the famous lipstick to leave a print. They all were distracted by Liah opening the door as they said after.

Girl 1: Who is that...Oh it's just a girl... Go away, ugly.
Girl 2: Oh, is that the girlfrend? It's fine, cause clearly he likes us more than her. Plus her breasts look so fake...
Girl 3: And her hips.
Girl 4: And wow thunder thighs!
Girl 5: Omg go away! Can't you see we are busy! We know how to get a man, we don't want to be someone like you a <censor> <censor> with no life who just <censor> <censor>


Liah marched over there rolling up her sleeve as the store shaked and things were being smashed and broken as the girls all screamed as Liah yelled after.

Liah:I'll show you some manners! And 411 he's engaged to a friend! GET LOST! Oh and by the way... ALL NATURAL BABY!!!

Girl 1:OMG she's a beast! Run! Run!
Girl 2:Oh she hits so hard, get out!
Girl 3:She's crazy! CRAZY!!
Girl 4:Ugh let's go girls he's so not worth it. Run!
Girl 5:Quickly let's go!

The five girls ran out of the store as the store now went from a run downed placed, to several holes and almost borderline falling apart. Inside everything was a mess minus the gas which was now in Zion's hand since he managed to get it, but the girls wouldn't let him go.

Zion:Liah that was embarassing...x.x On so many levels.
Liah:>_>; You need to get back to the ship, now play with girls.
Zion:I wasn't playing! They were animals! Animals I tell you!
Liah:Did you even say no?
Zion:>_> I tried.
Liah:Uh huh, thankfully you don't have the guns out, otherwise the wedding be off.
Zion:x.x I don't want to even think about that.
Liah:*Throws his shirt in his face.*Put that back on.

At the supermarket, Thuy and Hazji finished...With 5 full carts in line. While, the rest of the people in line were complaining. The register person just blinked alot as Thuy thought about how to get this all back to the ship.Hazji just read a magazine ignoring the people while Thuy texted Liah to bring the wagon over so we can stock it with food.


agent: Oh gracious wonderful leader of Kooh Phish. We got the paper stack delivered.
Kooh:>_> Give it to Kaoru Niwa to work on it.
agentr:*Drops the huge stack of paper work on Kaoru's desk.*
Kaoru:OMG! I am not doing all of this!? Kooh what in the world are you doing?
Kooh:>_> Leading the FBI soldiers of course. Remember, I'm in charge of the Slogonian forces, trained by the famous Slog back in the day.
Kaoru:What part of that is work? all you do is tell them on the radio what to do.-_- Usually, that means you tell me!
Kooh:Silence or I'll strike you were you stand!
Kaoru:>_> You do the work!
Kooh:I am too good for such paper work, besides I just did my nails!
Kaoru:Than use your teeth!
Kooh:Only uke men do work!
Kaoru:>_> Booger.
Kooh: Banana phone.
Kaoru:Apple stick!
Kooh: Sanchobob!
Kooh:TWIX THIEF!!!!!

Lucxene paused holding a hand to his ear as he heard the two fighting. He wasn't sure if it was serious at first, but after hearing it for a while. He rolled his eyes and just shut the machine right off for now. Celica looked over at Lucxene as she asked.

Celica:Something wrong?
Lucxene:Not that I can tell yet...Where we going now?
Celica:Well, we need some wheels and since we don't know where the ship is and we can't seem to contact them. We're going to get one, than we can talk to Kooh to see the next destination.
Lucxene:We don't have any money, you gave it to the orphanage.
Celica:I'll handle it don't worry, just wait right here.

Lucxene waiting outside the auto shop as Celica went right inside to go talk to the boss.

Celica:Hi boys, bye boys!

The mechanics all drooled as Celica entered the boss's office and noticed his eyes went huge as he dived from his desk at her.

Auto owner:My what big cannons!!!*Dives at Celica to reach for her breasts.*
Celica:O.O *Puts a high heel foot in his face when he gets close and kicks him back.*
Auto owner:Ow that isn't nice!
Celica:>_> I have a man! And I need a good top working vehicle to drive!
Auto owner: Fine! Than it'll cost 100,000,000,000,000 dollars!
Celica:WHAT?! I don't have that kind of money!
Auto owner:Well...*Smirks.*I can just give you one, but I want something in return.
Celica:-_- I am not going to sleep with you.
Auto owner:Well, I gotta have something!!!

10 minutes later all the mechanics blinked hearing in the boss's office moaning and groaning. As the men's eyes widen seeing all the windows and shades blocked.

Celica:Oh yes! Oh you are like a volcano! You are like earth moving beneath my feet! Oh yes you are a God!

Inside the boss's office Celica was just sitting there yelling these things out, while the boss kept telling her to say more moaning phrases. Celica eventually got annoyed after a few minutes of this and said.

Celica:Oh yes yes, you are like a fierce warrior better than Fabio...Now I'm at my peak, okay done...Get off!

Auto owner:*blinks.*Wait that's it?
Celica:>_> You wanted it to be believable. So, now give me the keys! Celica snatched the keys and walked out of there.

Lucxene outside was in thought, as he was feeling more like a empty shell not having any idea what to do, who he is or why is he doing all of this. Celica in a moment's notice would ride over in a mini van black and a symbol of a red dragon on the side. She would pause by Lucxene and honk the horn rolling down the window.

Celica:Hey get in! Got us a mini van, it'll be comfortable to fit people in it.

Lucxene stood up and walked over, opening the passenger door as he sat inside putting his steat belt on and asked Celica after.

Lucxene: So, how exactly did you get us one of these?
Celica:I slept with the auto owner.
Celica:I'm kidding, you need to get your memory back. >_> You're kinda boring this way.
Lucxene:Well, I still don't know much of anything or anyone.
Celica:Will work on it, contact Kooh and let her know where we heading.

Lucxene reached up to his ear set and spoke into it now as Celica drove ahead.

Kaoru would get the signal as he would look over to Kooh and said to her.

Kaoru:They are set, where we heading to them first?
Kooh:Hmmmm... Oh bring them here!*Points to the map.* I'll deploy the agents there.
Kaoru:Uh... Well, we're going to put the portal to Topaz near the cliff side of the ocean. The agents will be there to tell you what to do. It's the first spot, to take you to get a piece for the Ultimate Orb. I'll send you the information to get there write it down.

Lucxene opened the glove compartment, and took out a pen and notebook left in it and wrote down the place. Celica, would drive as she asked for the direction. She heard it, and drove with one hand, while the other worked on the GPS device to take them there. Once it was all settled, they headed off.

At the arrival point, the agents would stand there with a glowing portal near the cliff. The agents would go over and put a sticker on the side of the mini van saying. "Property of the Koohtra Klan!"

Celica:>_>;; Is that needed?
Agent:Yes, tells us where you are.
Lucxene:She's the creative one...
Celica:I'll say... So, where to now?
Agent:You will drive into that portal and off the cliff.

Celica:Wait, what?!
Lucxene:Excuse me?

Agent:Now let's go!

The agents all hit their wrist watched as a shockwave shoved the van into the portal and as Celica and Lucxene fell off the cliff they would scream as they would disappear after. The teleporter would now take them to the Earth region of Topaz were the Topaz gem to make a piece of the Ultimate Orb lies.

Zenechoe:What took you so long?

Zion:Hey the women around here are crazy!
Liah Thuy and Hazji:>_>
Zion:-_- Not you three, the other women!

Thuy:What in the world are you talking about.
Hazji:We got alot of food though.
Zenechoe:And almost half of it as junk food.

Thuy:Wait, no I bought alot of good stuff...

Thuy, Liah and Zion: HAZJI!

Hazji:>_> What...I didn't get THAT much.
Zion:It's almost half.
Hazji: Well, it's enough for everyone.
Liah:Did you get sunflower seeds?>_>;
Hazji:Oh yeah! I did!
Liah:Oh great!

Zion and Thuy:>_>

Liah:Uh, I mean... Yeah, just uh don't do it again...o.o;


Madelynn:....I have a feeling, I'll beable to get the Ultimate Orb soon. Antenora is locating it as we speak. I want you all to find it, once she gives you words.

The rest of the sin members would nod as they would head off to get the Ultimate Orb.

To be continued...

Chapter 15

Zion, Thuy, Hazji and Liah entered the Mirror Room. Here is where they had a few questions, mostly concerning where everyone else is, as well as asking some questions related to their DOMs. Trevor would watch them, as Grant sat on the couch. Sypha was checking out her crystal orb as Alucard stayed by the piano playing it.


Liah:Anyone notice each time we come here it looks different?
Thuy:Now that you mention it...

Trevor:This room exhist outsie of normal reality. What's the problem now?
Zion:Well, first off our DOMs. We can't summon them like we did before. Is there any reason?
Sypha:That's the penalty you took, when you manage to find the orb weapon from within.
Grant:The DOMs still exhist, however they work more now as a summon magic as oppose to soul pet.
Hazji:Uh...I don't get it.
Alucard: You can summon them briefly to protect your or fight now. Where as before they could called out for a longer duration of time.
Zion:That sucks!
Trevor:Everything has a price, besides you shouldn't always relay on your DOMs. The orbs you have are much more powerful.
Sypha:That's true, you also have your own unique abilities with it.

Zion shrugged, as Thuy wasn't sure how to take it. Hazji wasn't too concern since she's quite young to use her DOM just yet. Liah was in thought for a moment on other things as she would ask.

Liah:Well, more importantly. You know what's going on back in the main cities?
Alucard:Madelynn has alot of control now throughout it, she has her soldiers running everything and the people are more or less under her grasps. It's also hard to enter or leave out of the country as well.
Thuy:It's like Hitler all over again.
Hazji:I hated his mustache...Giant waterbug mustache.
Grant:You may want to focus on retriving Phoenix to safety.
Zion, Thuy, Hazji and Liah: Do we have to? o.o;;;
Trevor:Put it to you simply...If you don't, the castle may fall and that will cause more problems. Considering Madelynn would most rather be queen herself.
Thuy:How lovely would that be...
Zion:I wonder who's worse though, Madelynn or Phoenix.
Liah:>_> Zi.
Zion:Joking...Okay, say speaking of royalty where is Mjrn and the others?

Alucard paused from playing the piano as he stood up and the others stopped talking, as the music went silent.

Alucard:Mjrn and Zymes seemed to have been captured...Tetsuya vanished. 2 of the Muses were also captured as well as Nitro. We do not know where they are.
Liah:Whoa! That's bad news! We would need their help!
Thuy:Um,  where are they than?
Sypha:That's the thing, we do not know where they are located.
Zion:So everyone else is captured?
Alucard:No, Lucxene and Celica at the order of the FBI went to retrieve the Ultimate Orb before Madelynn gets to it.
Thuy:Wait, alone?
Liah:Those two alone? Well, I don't know...
Zion:Yeah, seriously everyone knows Celica can't do anything without me.
Zion:Yeah, I'm the best at everything in my family.
Thuy:Are you bragging?
Zion:>_> No.
Hazji:Hah hah hah hah.
Liah:Anyway, Celica can do things too.
Grant:In theory Celica is actually more so doing it solo.

Zion, Thuy, Liah and Hazji all exchange looks at each other. they were pretty confused about this as they would look over at Grant. Grant would continue after.

Grant:Lucxene lost his memories, to what degree this time we don't know. He's with her, but he's not as he was before.
Zion:Oh boy...So how do we help them?
Alucard:You can't.
Liah:>_> What do you mean...We can't?!
Alucard:I meant just that, once they travel into the portal to that orb, we can't locate them. They are more or less fully on their own.
Thuy:That might not be good...Well, in any case we might as well focus on what we can do now.
Hazji:We save the queen!
Thuy:Mm hmm.
Liah:Well, yeah we might as well.
Zion:>_> Ugh...Fine.


Once back on the airship Trivian would signal Zenechoe to fly to the castle of Phoenix to dive in and retrieve her while avoiding as much attack as possible. Zenechoe would move the ship over near the castle now as some of Madelynn's jet took to the sky to blast down their ship. Some fire was shot, as Zenechoe would move it around to avoid being hit. Trivian looked at the others and said.

Trivian: The <censor> you waiting for? Move! Get out there and get the job done.
Zion:Wait a second we are still in the air and soldiers are surrounding the castle.
Trivian:We got that cover now head to the hanger area.

Liah shrugged and ran below to the hanger area, as Thuy followed with Hazji from behind. Zion let them all go ahead as he took the rear. Once below Zenechoe shot out two ankler hooks down to the castle roof as it stuck to the floor. While, Zenechoe circled the castle now and than turning to attack the jets. The hanger door opened as Liah blinked and wonder how this will go.

Liah:Wait, do we slide on that?
Hazji:Uh...Something tells me no...
Zion:Sliding is faster.
Thuy:Wait, wont we fall?
Zion:It's thick, so no but if you do just use your DOM to carry you.
Thuy:Fair enough.

Hazji jumped up behind Zion, putting her arms around his neck.

Hazji:Let's go!

Zion jumped down and slid on the cable with his feet moving at the speed of a roller coaster to the castle. Liah jumped after and followed down, Thuy went last as they moved to the roof. The gunfire shot at them, but considering the speed they move. They all missed, once near the roof they jump off to land on their feet onto it.


Zion looked up as he saw a soldier run at him, Zion stood up and blocked the punches then grab his arm and decked him in the face. He saw more coming with the guns, he took one out and shot them down. Turning around he shoot the others with the other gun. Than backhand the soldier he held with the blunt side of the gun knocking him out cold.

Zion:Hah hah hah, your knight is here ladies!
Liah:Anyway, let's focus come on!

Liah ran ahead, as they would follow taking the stairs below entering inside the castle now. It look crazy some of the royal guards were in a war zone with Madelynn's soldiers now as fights went on everywhere they passed.Thuy paused seeing a wounded royal guard and kneel down.

Thuy:Hey, we are looking for the queen. Where is she? We want to get her out of here, so they don't get her.
Royal Guard:*Coughs.* She's in her room, we had them thinking she's in the throne room.
Thuy:will you be okay?

Thuy paused seeing he passed away as she stood up and stared at him. Zion ran back and grabbed her hand as he pulled her along.

Zion:Come on, we have to go!
Thuy:Oh uh right.

They ran ahead to meet up with Liah and Hazji who ran into the throne room. They blinked seeing alot of the soldiers surrounding them. Zion and Thuy ran by stopping at the door way, Liah told Hazji to get behind her as she made her hands glow.

Liah:Netherlands Smash!

Liah punched the ground as it made a shockwave sending all the soldiers crashing into the wall. Zion and Thuy ducked as some flew over their head. They felt the ground shake too, as the floor was terribly cracked now. Hazji blinked as Liah stood up and called out.

Liah:We're good. Where is she?
Thuy:Oh,I know the way! Follow me!

Thuy ran ahead, as Zion, Liah and Hazji followed her.They ran ahead heading over to the the Queen's room. Drawing near it some soldiers ambushed Thuy holding her wrists one soldiers on each end. Thuy blinked and rotated her wrists then spun her arms around one clockwise the other in reverse as the soldiers fell on the ground. She basically, tossed them on the ground with her wrists. She waited till they get up as she double kicked one in the face and kicked the other near Hazji, she tripped the one as Liah uppercutted it into the ceiling as his body imbedded into it. Zion saw the other other stumble as before it took out his gun to shoot Hazji, he shot him right in the face. Thuy blinked for a moment than ran ahead and opened the Queen's door as the Phoenix held her hands out to cast a spell.

Thuy:Wait, it's me!
Phoenix:Who are you again?
Zion:Oh come on! Friends of Mjrn!
Phoenix:Oh in that case, I better kill you guys now.
Liah:>_> What?!
Phoenix:How do I know, she didn't start this mess?
Hazji:Uh no, we are getting you out.Zenechoe and Trivian are waiting on the ship.
Phoenix:Trivian?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!? Oh Hell no, I rather stay here and die. That or I'll kill him.

Liah felt a soldier grab her from the waist as she lifted the back of her leg hitting him in the crotch than backhand him into the wall as the soldier embedded into it now.

Liah:Oh for crying out loud, we don't have time for this.
Zion:Told you, this was a waste of time.

Siren would appear now wearing a beautiful dark gown and sporting long flowing hair as Thuy signal her as Siren would sing out a tune as Phoenix passed out now in deep sleep. After Siren would vanish.

Zion:Nice! Sleeping women!
Liah and Thuy:....
Hazji:Just someone pick her up!

Hazji turned around and blasted a group of soldiers running to them with her fans as lazers flew all over hitting them.Liah would run over and pick up the Phoenix as they ran ahead with her now. Hazji would follow as Zion and Thuy would than go with them now.

Zion:Hey we got her, how do we get to you guys now?
Zenechoe: Use the teleporter in the library.
Liah:That's way back upstairs.
Zenechoe:I suggest, you start moving.
Thuy:Let's move hurry!

They would run up as Zion would shoot down some more soldiers as Liah ran behind him, holding Phoenix. Thuy follow after as they enter the library. They found the portal as they entered it and it transported them to the roof. During the roof the ship would fly down as Trivian open the hanger for them to run in. Liah ran inside as Zion followed with Thuy. Hazji went last till a missle flew right at Hazji, Thuy paused and turned around and her eyes widen as Zion yelled out for her. Hazji blinked and covered herself with the fans as a bright teal like light shot around her and leviathan like turtle popped out and blocked the missle in a wave of water.

Zan would now hovers there in front of Hazji who blinks and than watched it vanished, as Hazji ran into the hanger as Thuy shut the door once she's inside and the ship took off while the jets chased them. Meanwhile, inside the castle.

Madelynn entered the castle in her black cloak and clothes her long black hair shines as she narrowed her dark eyes nearly black and smirked.

Madelynn:Antenora, signal the weapon to get them.


Celica would stop their little FBI truck there and stepped out as they notice it was a desert with a cave entrance. Lucxene stepped out as he stared at it and Celica pointed towards the direction.

Celica:One of the 6 pieces are in there.
Lucxene:.... Maybe you should go get it.
Celica:What? >_>
Lucxene: This isn't something, I want to do. You go and get it.
Celica:Hey we do stuff like this all the time?!
Lucxene:I don't recall anything like that.
Celica:.....I can heal, so it's not a problem. We just need to get it before anyone else does. We can leave after. Though, we should hurry.

Celica ran ahead inside the cave, sand flowed all over the place. Golden colors everywhere as Lucxene stared at the cave and gradually walked inside to look as well now. After making it to the heart of the cave, they would notice whilepool of sand everywhere, rocks and stone walkways with waterfall of sand all around the glowing orb ahead in a shade of Topaz. Celica pointed it out.

Celica:There! We're in the clear, no one is here.Let's get it!

Celica ran over to it now, while Lucxene stayed watching her, he looked about a bit now and examined the area. Celica went up the small steps and reached over to grab the orb till she heard a loud yell above her. Celica's eyes widen and looked up as she jumped back away in time before getting hit. Some strands of her pink hair was cut off at the tips as she landed down on one knee. Celica looked up as she looked surprise.


Yasha stood there, holding up the axe guitar as her eyes glowed orange now she narrowed her eyes. While, Celica blinked and stared at her.

Celica:Yasha?! My hair! What's wrong with you?!

Yasha walked down the steps than ran at her and slashed Celica with the axe guitar as Celica's body flew up with some blood flying. She fell on the ground and rolled wincing as she held her body with some blood and her eyes widen.

Celica:Urgh! Wha- What's wrong with her...Lucxene!

Lucxene's eyes widen at her as he shook his head and put a hand over his mouth staring at the floor for a moment. He would turn around and leave Celica, as he ran off to head out of the cave and out of there. Celica's eyes widen as Yasha chased after Lucxene now. Celica made her angel wings appear as she glowed to heal the wounds brought onto her before she could battle.

Lucxene ran ahead, as Yasha ran behind him and try to slice him down with the axe guitar repeatedly. Lucxene, stumble from her strength each time hitting the ground. She finally caught up to him as Yasha jumped up and slashed Lucxene's back as blood spatter now. Lucxene's eyes widen as he fell forward and landed on his stomach wincing. He looked over in horror at Yasha, wincing from the blood. Yasha stood over Lucxene and made metal shards hover around her in shapes of sharp blades to stab into him from all direction.


Yasha paused as Celica flew at Yasha and with her staff slammed into her from her side, to her shoulder, to her legs than she hit her with a lightning blast. Sending her flying back deep inside the cave near the main room they were in. Lucxene stared in shock as Celica looked over at him and ask.

Celica:Hey, Lucxene you okay?
Lucxene:Get away from me!
Celica:Hey, I'm on your side! I'm going to heal you.
Lucxene:You're crazy! When did you get wings? Did you see her, she's a monster!
Celica:....No, I think she's controled...Ugh, we don't have time for this. Star Healer.

Celica made a bright light hit, Lucxene as he is fully healed along with any stain on his clothes and cuts. Yasha would make a bunch of metal shards fly at Celica now as Celica waved a hand out and yelled.


Amore appeared in his usual, formal look with his cat ears and tail. He would wave a hand and cause a hex attack, exploding the metal into beautiful glowing hearts that faded away. He would disappear after. Lucxene blinked as Celica flew off from him and back to Yasha, the two would clash as Celica flew around her slamming her staff around her. While Yasha blocked with her weapon. Yasha would than slam down her axe guitar on Celica, in which she blocked with the staff. Sand kept flying everywhere and Yasha kicked Celica away, which she stumbled.

Lucxene stared and looked at them, he focus his eyes over to where the Topaz is. Celica saw the sand as she flew really fast around Yasha, putting her in a sand storm making her fly high up into the air now. Lucxene ran pass the two and took the stairs staring at the Topaz. Once reaching out, Lucxene would grab the Topaz orb as it glowed and shined brightly, the bright light glowed yellow, orange and amber as it shined at Celica and Yasha. Yasha's eyes went back to her reddish shade as she said after.

Yasha:Celica! GET ME DOWN!

Celica blinked and landed as Yasha landed on the ground after and panted, coughing from the sand.

Yasha:Are you nuts!? Sand is all over me now!
Celica:>_> Hey you were trying to kill us!
Yasha:Excuse me? We were trying to save you from...Wait a second, what's this place?
Celica:.... Great, you must of been really controled alot.
Yasha:Hey, Lucxene is here. How'd you meet up? Where is everyone.

Lucxene took the Topaz orb and pointed with his left hand his pistol at the two.

Yasha:What the?
Celica:Lucxene...What are you doing?
Lucxene:Stay the Hell away from me, you both are nothing but a pair of psychos.

Lucxene ran pass them, once near the exit and put his gun away. Celica blinked alot and Yasha said after to her.

Yasha:Yeah, I want a full briefing here.
Celica:....x.x You and me both in a way.
Celica:Nothing, come on we have to keep a eye on him.

Lucxene yelled into the ear set.

Lucxene:They are crazy! I nearly died! What kind of mess you put me in there? Hello? Hello!?

Kooh:o.o;;;-_-...... Kao for you.

Kaoru blinked and took it as he heard Lucxene yelled and glared at Kooh. Took about an hour of explaining to relax Lucxene a little.Kooh on the other hand was eating pizza with some of the secretaries. While, Kaoru narrowed his eyes in her direction while talking to Lucxene.

Not the end...

Chapter 16

Kooh would sit in her chair and look over at some papers she needed to sign. While, Kaoru on the other hand just finished on the phone with Lucxene...One hour later to calm him down. He narrowed his eyes at Kooh as he said after.

Kaoru:You did that on purpose!
Kooh:Did what on purpose? o.o
Kaoru:>_> Don't play innocent.
Kooh:>_>; I am never not innocent.
Kaoru:YEAH SURE!!!! Why the heck are you wearing that disguise!

Kaoru reach over and touched Kooh's bat earrings as she shifted to her normal look. Which was middle back golden straight hair, eyes of silver now. Kooh's earrings had the power to put her in different disguises. While Kaoru's powers were more like a bard in which he has a harp when he needs it.

Kooh:What Lucxene said, I always looked like Morrigan. So I tried to fit the role!
Kaoru:>_> Doesn't do much if he doesn't even remember you.;
Kooh:>_> Least I don't have a harp!
Kaoru:>_>; I rather have a harp than weapons all over me like Rambo.
Kooh:Rambo is hawt <3_<3


Lucxene hung up the cell phone as Celica and Yasha walked out to the mini van aka the Kooh truck and looked over at Lucxene.

Celica:Uh you okay?
Lucxene:Not really... And what is she doing here?
Celica:She's one of my good friends!
Lucxene:Friends like that who needs enemies.
Yasha:Hey it was mind control! Besides it's a good thing we got a piece of the Ultimate orb.
Celica:Yeah, now we need to make sure we get the rest now.
Lucxene:She's coming too?
Yasha:Duh. You think, you two can keep doing it alone.
Lucxene:....I'm sitting in the back.

Lucxene went into the back seat as Celica and Yasha took the front. Celica going behind the wheels as Yasha said to her.

Yasha:You weren't kidding. It's like a whole different Lucxene now.
Celica:Something tells me this memory lost is alot worse than the first one.
Yasha:Yeah...Where to?
Lucxene:Portal up ahead, to the far North.

Celica started up the vehicle and they would drive off now.


On the ship, suddenly a loud hit make everyone stumble inside of it as Trivian stumbled and moved to the control. While, Zenechoe kept flying. Zion help Thuy to her feet as Hazji stood up dusting herself off. Phoenix was in a room a sleep still, but she was fine. Liah on the other hand lost her sunflower seeds from her hands as she was eating and yelled.


Zion:Uh...Huh...What was that?

Zenechoe:She's a idiot...
Liah:>_> What was that?!
Trivian:The ship is being attacked! Go out there and kill that thing!

Hazji:Wait, wait! Outside wont we fly off the ship!
Zenechoe:I'll slow it down, but you need to get rid of it or will all die.
Zion:Fine, let's just get it off our backs.
Thuy:I'm guessing it came, from the castle when we left.
Liah:I'll kill it....-_-

Liah ran outside as Zion, Thuy and Hazji blinked a few times exchanging looks. They would follow after Liah then heading out on the deck of the ship. They would see this huge mobile robotic like creature as it shot explosives at them now. The four of them stumbled and jumped around from the impact of the explosions, when they tried avoiding it.


Zion:Oh this is going to be fun....Healing Winds!

Zion waved a hand up as it healed him and Hazji first. He would cast it again as it healed Liah and Thuy after.

Hazji:Looks like automatic gundam.
Thuy:Who'd thought they exhist...
Liah:Wait, I'm hearing something.

Trivian on radio:Brace yourself!

The ship moved away from the robot as it shot missles right at the robot a bunch of times. The robot flinched and shot at the ship now.

Liah:Canopy Defense!

Liah held her hands up as it made a earth glowing energy hitting everyone to glow gold for a moment. Once the missles hit they were perfectly fine and the glowing went away. It only allows to be hit once with no damage taken.

Zenechoe on radio:Moving in.

The ship moved back near the robot now as Liah narrowed her eyes and held her hands up now.


Snuffy would appear now, with spiky brown hair and blue eyes. His clothes now was a muscle shirt with blue jeans, sneakers, black wrist bands with both ears pierced and now appears a little more muscular. His brown bear ears still on his head with a brown tail on the back of his jeans.

Snuffy:*Jumps up and pulls out a huge bazooka and shoots it a few times at the robot now as he would disappear after.*

The huge shots hit the robot making it stumble alot now.

Hazji:Hurry everyone! Get in! Get in! Zan!

Zan would appear as a small like leviathan turtle and it would hiss as a huge wave of water hit the robot making it stumble now and it would disappear after.


Siren would appear with silver-white hair flaring around and her gown moving about as she watched. She hold a hand up and hover into the air now as she called out.

Siren:Mighty G

Suddenly, Zion, Liah, Hazji and Thuy were covered in glowing lights as it now protects them. Reducing damage by half with any physical,magic or weapon attacks. Siren after would vanish as Zion called out after.


Irvine's eyes would shine as it came off red. His necklace showed with symbols on it. He would step out now appearing fully. With bronze hair color and necklenght some spikes at the tips. He would wear dark shirt with dark blue cargos. Black sneakers and bronze bear ears on his head. With a bear tail at the back of his pants.

Irvine:*Walks over with a large staff over his shoulders now. Holding it with one hand. Jumps into the air after and repeatedly strikes the robot around than slams his staff right into the center of the robot causing it to shoot out electricity from the damage knocking Irvine away.*

Irvine would flinch and jump back disappearing after now.

Trivian on radio:Moving back hold on.

The ship would move back now as it would shoot another round of missles now at the robot which was hurting it. Though, now it seemed ticked off as it would shoot a huge lazer canon at them and the ship. Hurting the ship and hitting Zion and the rest as well. The shielding Siren cast protected them from death but they were pretty wounded now.

Zion:Oh geez! Ugh!
Liah:Darn wow it stings!
Thuy:Ugh...The pain, it has quite a hit!
Hazji:Ow! Ow! Ow!

Zenechoe on radio:Moving in, note you need to finish it. We can't take anymore of that kind of attack.

Zion held a hand up as he called out.

Zion:Shining Wind!!!

Suddenly a gust of wind blades would form as Zion and his party would glow now being fully healed as the wind blades grow. The more damage they take the stronger the heal and attack. Once fully healed the wind blades would hit the robot alot as they would move in now in front of the robot.

Liah:New tactic... Snuffy!

Snuffy would appear as he kneel down onto one knee. Liah would run over and step on both his hands. Snuffy would throw her high up into the air at the robot and vanish now.

Liah made her gloves appear as she dived onto the robot and like a crazed lunatic hit it and kicked it all over. Knocking the large robot to the sides, up and down alot puncturing holes into it.She would kick off it's head and somersault back onto the deck of the ship and land on her feet.

Zion:Oh I get it... Irvine!

Irvine would appear as Zion ran right at him, Irvine held his staff out as Zion would jump onto the staff now. Irvine would than toss Zion high up above the robot now as he would vanish. Zion would hover in midair and shifted both his guns which he made appear making a machine gun as he shoot rapidly over and over down onto the robot. After he would use the winds to guide himself back to the ship.


Zan would appear hovering as Hazji jumped onto the shell back with her feet. Zan would hover into the sky circling the robot. Hazji make both fans appear now as she spins them around while moving circular around it hitting the big robot with lazers. After She go back to the deck as Zan would vanish.


Siren would appear and hover into the air. She would lift up Thuy by her shoulders and fly around the robot now. Thuy made her shurikens, throwing knives and kunais appeared. She tied a bag on each and tossed it down onto the robot as powder leaked all over the robot now. The last kunai she ignited on fire and through it onto the robot as the robot was engulf in a blaze of flames and explosions. Siren would fly Thuy back to the deck and disappear.

The robot at this point looked like Hell barely working as it charged up to shoot one massive blast now.

Zion:Oh <censor>!
Liah:Are you kidding me?! How many times we have to hit it?!
Thuy:No way...
Hazji:We're gonna die!

Phoenix would look annoy as she walked onto the decked. She looked like a mess, since the ship being hit and moved around she fell all over the place inside. She would hold up a locket now as she said after.

Phoenix:Cosmic Phoenix Dragon!

The gem on her necklace would glow now as it shot out powerful rays and she basically absorbed the whole machine into it as suddenly the robot was gone now. She would look annoyed as she walked back inside the ship after. Zion, Thuy, Hazji and Liah stared in shocked than all faint from exhaustion.


Once through the portal, Yasha and Celica's eyes went huge as they notice they were high high up in the sky now. Celica opened the door and looked seeing they were not in a huge flying fortress. Yasha stepped out as she looked around and was surprised to say the least.

Yasha:wow...How is our truck going to get out of this? We're in the sky and we can't fly.
Celica:Uh...Lucxene, what does Kooh and Kaoru say?
Lucxene:This is place...

Lucxene stepped out and looked as everything was made of stone with green gem stones all over. Celica and Yasha would walk ahead with Lucxene following in the rear now. After some walking now they reach the main hall way. It had circular winds off on the side a glowing platform and up the small stair way as the Orb of Emerald.

Yasha:So, that's it. We have Topaz, so we need that one.
Celica:Yeah, but uh Yasha you go get it.
Yasha:Why me?
Celica:>_>; No reason...No reason at all...

Zymes would jump down as he landed on the glowing platform which increases his speed alot. He stare at them with glowing orange eyes as the others blinked. Lucxene took a few steps back as Celica and Yasha said after.

Celica:Zymes...I have a feeling.
Yasha:Like before?

Zymes stood up and held his bow. Glaring at them, while Celica said to Yasha.

Celica:....Exactly like before.


Zymes glowed and moved fast around the room they are in as he shot thousands and I do mean thousands of arrows at the three of them now.Once hitting making a huge explosion.

Celica, Lucxene and Yasha yelled as they fell on the ground in alot of pain and wincing alot. Celica narrowed her eyes as her wings appeared on her back and she called her staff. She waved a her staff around and healed herself and the other two.

Zymes:Snowflakes of Destruction!

Suddenly the sky rained large snowflakes down onto them causing explosions as they hit the ground. Yasha blinked and rolled away as Celica flew over them ans Zion made bladed snowflakes in each hand and tossed them at Celica now. Celica flew to avoid them now. Lucxene ran off the side to avoid the damage.

Zymes:Ice Storm!

Zymes waved his hands into the air as a blizzard hit the whole floor and ice hit the ground. Freezing Yasha's feet and Lucxene's feet now.Celica blinked as Zymes shot arrows at her now. Celica striked lightning at Zymes now and avoided the arrows. Yasha glared and took out her axe guitar and cut the ice off her feet. Lucxene took out the pistol and shot the ice off his feet now.

Zymes stepped back onto the platform now as his speed in creased and he dived at Yasha and punched and kicked her alot than grabbed her and spun her around hard and slammed her into Celica as she fell out of the air now. He dash fast at Lucxene now. Lucxene's eyes went big as he shot the pistol at Zymes shooting a bullet into his side than his arms as Zymes rolled on the ground by Lucxene wincing.

Lucxene would than move away now, running far from Zymes as Zymes glared sitting up. Yasha had enough of this as she narrowed her eyes sitting up.

Yasha:Metallic Copies!

Yasha would make 4 other Yasha appear made of metal as Yasha and the copies ran at Zymes and they went to town with him. Punching him, kicking him hitting him everywhere. Than Yasha would slam her foot on his face into the ground as she stomp on his head.

Zymes flinched and blew ice onto Yasha freezing her solid as he glared and went to shoot a arrow to shatter her into pieces. Celica stood up and flew into Zymes as she tackled him at the two flew into two walls breaking it. Lucxene ran over to the orb of Emerald as he held it and it shined bright green lights now dark and light colors of green. It would shine around as Zymes passed out now, and his eyes were normal but now not concious do to all the damage.

Celica blinked and sat up as she sighed and said after.

Celica:Oh Gawd...Is he tough when he has to fight...

Celica blinked as she melted Yasha out of the ice with a soft lightning jolt. Yasha coughed and sneezed as she glared and said annoyed.

Yasha:The Hell!! He's going to make me sick now!

Celica stood up as she healed herself and worked on healing Zymes. Lucxene now had both Emerald and Topaz now. While, he seemed a little more in shock from the whole thing.

Yasha:Hey, Lucxene you okay?
Lucxene:....I suppose.
Yasha:What's the deal with Zymes now?
Celica:I think, he'll be fine...But geez Yasha you hurt him bad.>_>
Yasha:He hurt us!

Lucxene:.....I would think, what Yasha did made alot of sense.
Yasha:See, told you.
Celica:No! Lucxene, Zymes is actually a friend of ours. He wasn't in control of what he was doing.
Lucxene:....If these are the kind of friends you make, I'd like to kept out of it.

Lucxene would walk off out of the temple to head over to the truck. He also informed Kooh to direct the next route for them.

Yasha blinked as she said to Celica.

Yasha:You notice, when we get the orb piece they revert to normal.
Celica:Well, yeah when Lucxene gets it anyway.
Yasha:Notice though, he's still the same.
Celica:He must have a powerful spell on him...
Yasha:and Zymes?


Zymes would sit up and winced as he ached everywhere.

Zymes:Oh geez...What happened to me...
Celica:You got hit with metal...Alot.
Yasha:Uh yeah...That was me.
Zymes:Why did you do that?! x.x
Celica:Hold still...Healing! >_<
Yasha:Uh, you were possessed and trying to kill us.
Yasha:Oh boy...Where to begin...

This isn't the end...

Chapter 17

Celica drove on with Yasha on the passenger side and Zymes on the back seat. Lucxene sat in the far back as he heard from Kooh where they should go to next. Once he got the information he tell Celica as she would drive ahead towards the area of the next portal.

Celica:>_> Lucxene we aren't going to bite.
Zymes:Uh yeah, I am not under any control now.
Yasha:Same here.
Lucxene:I like to stay where I am. It's odd enough, that I was made to do this.
Yasha:He's so lost...
Zymes:Not to mention he doesn't act anything like he did originally.
Celica:Let's try and get the Ultimate Orb, you know maybe it can shake up his memories.

Once going through the portal Celica and all of them found themselves in a ice winter storm. A huge blizzard all around, as Celica blinked and rolled up the windows to keep warm.

Celica:Oh geez it's cold!
Yasha:Damn! This truck has heat right?
Zymes:I think, it's pretty.
Yasha:You would.
Celica:Yeah, I raised up the heat. Wow, hold on. It'll take us a bit to get to the orb spot.

She would put on the headlights and they would drive carefully in the blizzards.


Kooh would get off the communicator with Lucxene as Kaoru checked the monitors.Kaoru blinked a few times as he tilted his head and blinked a few more times in shock.

Kaoru:Uh Kooh.....
Kooh:>_> I am about to eat here.
Kaoru:o.o;;; You wanna see this...
Kooh: What is it Marik?
Kooh:Than good, don't need to signal the red alarms...Again.

Kaoru would dive under the table as the wall to their base was blown all to Hell, which knocked Kooh off her chair as she fell on the ground. She would sit up and rub her forehead as she wonder what in the Hell was that?

Kooh:What the?!
Kaoru:I told you...
Kooh:Who did this?!

Kooh looked as she stood up as did Kaoru. Kooh would take out her hammer head shark large mallet and hold it up. Kaoru on the other hand took out a harp as he watched and once the smoked clear they saw a bunch of black hair figures. Once they step inside they notice Jedix walking in with Antenora,Patrolez,Lunar,Edgeblade, and Kaina.

Jedix:Now where is that portal!

Kooh:Koohtras! Attack!

Kooh signal the agents as they all came out and attacked the 6 sin members. Kooh would run off with Kaoru after now as they went to take the secret location to get the portal and leave before anyone else could get a hold of it. Without the portal, Lucxene and the others wont beable to return or get the rest of the orbs to make the Ultimate Orb.

Suddenly the ceiling window broke as Zion dived down ontop of Jedix who shot down most of the agents as the two rolled on the ground exchanging fists across one another's faces. Liah jumped down after as she somersault and drop kicked Patrolez right into the a pile of desks as his large frame crashed all over. Sending papers flying everywhere. She stood on her feet and ran at him. Antenora moved back to analyze everything, while Hazji ran over to Kaina in which she made her magic scepter smack Hazji. Hazji would block with both fans as she slid back quite alot. Edgeblade slashed over at Thuy who was jumping down, however Thuy would vanish as she left a illusion of herself. She through a bunch of kunais into Edgeblade's back as he growl and yelled.

The warzone continued between the sin members and agents as well as Zion, Hazji, Liah and Thuy. However, the battle was short lived as all the agents currently there exploded to spatter of blood and yelled horribly as they died. Suddenly, Zion, Liah, Hazji and Thuy stood completely still and were unable to move.

Liah:Hey! I can't move!
Hazji:Who's doing this?!
Thuy:It has to be them! And the agents! They killed them all...
Zion:Jedix! You did this didn't you?

Jedix stopped attacking as did the others as Jedix said to Zion.

Jedix:No, she did.

The looked ahead at the doorway where they broke through.


Suddenly, from the doorway a beautiful raven hair woman stepped through. Long and flowing in the wind, her cloak blew in the wind. Her eyes were dark almost black. Being a deep night brown. Make up on her face all black, with black lipstick. Her skin seemed olive colored. She would walk inside wearing skull necklaces in smokey gray and gothic shirt with wrist band all the way up the arm with black sharp finger nails. Her pants was shredded and black with high heel boots, spike edge on the back. Her hands glowed as Madelynn stepped over to the party.

Madelynn:The portal?

Antenora:Can't find it...They were quite the distraction.
Edgeblade:So, it's not here?
Antenora:Not that I can tell, it is a portal.
Lunar:Ugh! What a waste of time!

Madelynn:No matter, let's focus on someone else. Tetsuya. Where is he?

She would walk over and put a hand under Zion's chin as she would ask him.

Madelynn:You two are good friends, where is my prince?

Zion:The Hell you say if you think he's yours! Let alone you think, I'd tell you even if I knew?!

Madelynn's nails would scratch right across Zion's eyes,nose and lips. Completely across his face as blood fell to the floor as Liah and Hazji yelled.

Liah And Hazji:Zion!

Thuy:Why don't you take a hint! If a guy says no, he's not interested!

Madelynn:She's quite a spicy.
Edgeblade:Thanks to them, they ruined our chances of getting the portal.
Madelynn:It's fine, will rid of them. This one wont tell me where Tetsuya is, Patrolez destroy the girl. Let see if they talk once they lose one of their own.

Patrolez went to Thuy as he cracked his fingers and Liah yelled.

Liah:When I get my hands on you!
Jedix:You'll what? Oh wait you can't move!

Hazji:Zion he's gonna hurt Thuy!
Zion:Get the Hell away from her!

Suddenly through the rest of the base the huge airship crashed right into it. While, Madelynn blinked and put a shield around herself as the other six members scattered. Zion and the others eyes went huge as Phoenix waved a hand and they could move now.Zenechoe used his grapple hook and tied the cord around the four once he shot it out and yanked them up to the ship as the four blinked and yelled from the tug. They flew all over the deck rolling on the ground as Trivian flew back up into the sky.

Hazji:Ow!Ow! What am I a luggage?!
Liah:x.x Now I know how the inside of a washer machine feels like.
Zion:Geez Zenechoe, a little more finesse please?
Thuy:Gah, that hurts!

Zenechoe:Should be happy, I even saved you.
Phoenix:Learn to drive you idiot!
Trivian:Shut up woman!

As they flew up now Zenechoe and his family would argue as Zion helped Thuy up and Liah stood up helping Hazji than they blink and eyes widen as Madelynn stood up below and shot magical blast beams at the ship and suddenly the huge air ship would blow up as the sky had a huge dark energy of explosions.


Celica by now would reach the Ice Palace where they would head inside. Everything was entirely of ice, and ponds and waterwall of cold ocean blue with cold mist from the lakes. Celica would shiver as Yasha would too and Yasha would say after.

Yasha:It's freezing!
Celica:It's so cold...
Zymes:I feel fine.
Yasha and Celica:Shut up!
Zymes:>_>;;; Well, try wearing more layers.

Yasha and Celica both gave Zymes a death glare as Zymes blinked and said quickly.

Zymes:Okay! Okay! Nevermind! x.x;;;

Lucxene followed them and sighed as he looked around and went ahead to where he could see the orb of Sapphire near a body of water hovering in the air right above the cold water.

Lucxene:That's probably it.


Celica and the rest were about to speak when suddenly they were frozen and unable to move.Though, not of ice, but of time as Onihime rised out of the ocean blue water and glowed holding her violin as her eyes glowed orange. She would play it now as she would make time bubbles appear in the air that will explode once touching anything. Making it so the place explodes.


Amore would appear being able to move since wasn't time stopped as Amore hex Celica and the others with pink and red lights as Yasha, Celica, Zymes and Lucxene were now able to move freely.Amore would than vanish off now.

Zymes:Uh! I'll take care of the bubbles!

Zymes ran ahead and made alot of ice walls around the bubbles as it caused a explosion inside as Zymes tried to hold it all in.

Onihime would increase time for herself as she dashed at Celica and Yasha and repeatedly kick them hit, them and than cast numerous amount of elemental spells on them.

Celica and Yasha fell on the ground wincing in alot of pain as Onihime ran over at Lucxene now, Lucxene blinked and held a gun as he take a shot and shoot right at Onihime as it knocked her violin right off her arms as she blinked and dashed off after it now.Zymes by this point would pass out, from the strain of holding all the explosion in solid ice. He would fall over passed out and exhausted now.

Yasha took out her axe guitar as Celica took out her staff and her wings appears. she would heal herself and Yasha as Yasha dived at the violin both Onihime and her crashing into it as they played tug-o-war on it now. Onihime glared as she used her time speed and like Chun-Li she would kick at Yasha alot. While, Yasha used the axe guitar to block alot.

Yasha:Geez! Stop her!

Celica flew over and took the violin from Onihime as she shot a lightning bolt down on Onihime.Onihime flinched and dived into the air tackling Celica as both of them fell into the icy water now.Lucxene stood there watching as Yasha yelled at him.

Yasha:Don't just stand there! Help! She'll drown and freeze at this rate!
Lucxene:...How do you expect me to get that orb, it's surrounded in a body of ice cold water.

Yasha glared and slammed her axe guitar into the ground hard breaking a chunk of ice as it floated now. Lucxene blinked at her as he ran over and jumped onto the floating ice to move towards the orb now. Yasha went back to help Celica and Onihime who made it to the surface but Onihime was trying to drown her now as Yasha pulled Onihime's hair to get her off, but suddenly Onihime yanked Yasha into the ice cold water as well.

Lucxene would get near the Sapphire orb and grab onto it as blue lights shot all over in shades of light blue and deep blue. Once in his hands the lights allowed Onihime to return back to normal as Celica Yasha and Onihime all at the same time turned blue and sneezed alot from the cold. Celica, Yasha and Onihime swam out of the water as they were freezing as Celica healed them a bit to prevent weakness, but they were still cold not to mention weak from the water.

Zymes sat up and felt exhausted as he looked to the Muses and went to help them. Lucxene floated back over as he stared at the four now holding Sapphire, as well as Topaz and Emerald.

Zymes:Uh, they don't look too well. We should get them back to the truck, closest thing we have to heat till we get out of here.

Lucxene really had the idea to just leave altogether. Again, but this seemed routine enough that he figured he'd go along with it as Lucxene went ahead to start up the truck. Zymes would make a ice floor that glided to move them to the entrance. He was still tried, but he had to get them to the truck for now.

Once outside Lucxene would have the doors open in the blizzard storm. While, Zymes went to the driver's seat for now. He helped Onihime up front, figuring he'll drive for now. Yasha and Celica sat in the back seat to get warm as Lucxene got inside last. Zymes passed out some blankets that were stashed in the emergency supply kit as he increase the heat now.

Zymes:Say try reaching Kooh, to get out of here and to the next one.
Lucxene:I'll work on it.

This isn't the end...

Chapter 18

All that could be heard was the waves of the ocean lightly hitting the shore on the beach. It was sunrise, as all seems quiet. In the distant the airship could be seen in the jungle end of area with smoke coming off of it.

Inside someone's place Zion would wake up and blink alot.

Zion:Wait, am I fat? I can barely see....Why the Hell is hot? Wait, huh?

Zion hopped out of bed and checked in the mirror as he jumped back almost startled and took off the headset as he blinked.

Zion:What the?! I'm a Cactuar! Wait, who put this on me?!"

Zion would pause and look down his neck and blinked as he said after.

Zion:And where is my clothes!?

Meanwhile, outside of Zion's room he could hear yelling as he marched over there and blinked seeing Phoenix and Trivian there, although Phoenix was in a playboy bunny outfit and Trivian was in a big Cait Sith attire both looked annoyed as Phoenix hit the bell at the table with her hand alot.

Phoenix:I demand service! Who runs this hotel!

Zion blinked and heard Liah whisper him to the door where here and Hazji is at this point he held the head part of the outfit in his arm. He walked over seeing the two in playboy bunny outfits as Zion blinked alot as Liah said after.

Liah:>_> Don't even comment, I woke up and this is what is on me.
Hazji:I kinda like how it gives me more curves.
Liah: Aren't you a little young?
Hazji:Hey, I'm aging, aren't I Zion?
Zion:Uh...So...Where are we?
Hazji:Hey, don't avoid the question!
Liah:Anywho, remember this place look.

Liah pointed to the swimming pool and balcony that's outdoor. Zion took a look and at first he didn't remember, till memories of the past flashed in his head and he remembered.He went outside and saw the sign on the hotel saying "The Slogonia Motel No Tell Hotel." He notice a big sign with Slog's head on it flashing in lights.

Zion:Oh hey, this is where we took down Panix and Hortex. We're back here again? Oh, say where is Thuy?
Liah:At the docks, if I can recall...Zenechoe is around outside as well. I am going to look for the owner this time. I think our ship this time is completely done.
Hazji:Which is hard, cause now how are we going to travel?
Zion:Well, those two inside...I'm sure they'll find a way.

Zion went ahead and saw the remains of the ship and Zenechoe staring at it in a giant Tonberry King outfit. Zion's eyes widen as Zenechoe said coldly to him.

Zion:*Tries not to laugh and runs off before bursting into laughster.*

Zenechoe would roll his eyes as Thuy was at the docks in the playboy outfit as Zion went over and saw her.

Zion:Hey, what's up?
Thuy:Oh hey, just thinking.
Thuy:Well, everything plus that crash was a real wake up call, you know? Like what if we didn't make it than what? I mean, I think what I am trying to say is how long do we have to do stuff like this?
Zion:I wish, I had the answers, but I'm going to keep going. Who knows, things may chill out once everything relaxes a bit.


Kooh:Okay, so you guys should be heading to the lava terrain, just becareful it's very hot and volcanos are just about all over.
Kaoru:You sound so happy about it.
Kooh:I know thing about how many marshmellows and potatoes, I can cook if I was there. Instead we're here on the tropical resort.
Kaoru:I needed a vacation so, I pick here besides all the cute guys come here! *_*
Kooh:Oh, I get first pick.


Lucxene cut off the communication on the two as he carefully walk to the entrance. Celica followed with Onihime, Yasha and Zymes. Once they reach the entrance way, they noticed up ahead on a narrow walkway surrounded in lava was a platform. On that very platform layed the orb of Ruby.

Lucxene walked to it carefully and reached out to get the orb until a blade could be seen coming down at Lucxene's head. His eyes widen and he looked up, as Yasha quickly grabbed his arms and yanked him back as that huge sword pierced the ground where it landed as Mjrn lifted her head up and both eyes were shining brightly.

Zymes:Uh oh...The boss...
Lucxene:Who is that?
Onihime:Uh, well...Princess Mjrn.
Yasha:Oh and she sure acting very princess like, I'm sure.
Celica:Wait, she's doing something!

Mjrn pulled that huge saber out and hit a button on the ground as all the lava in the room erupted, but came crashing like waves down on Celica and her party. Zymes quickly held his hands up making a ice shield and dome to block most of it, but it's constantly melting.

Zymes:So much lava! x.x

The Muses with Zymes called out their weapons as the Muses made musical notes push the lava away as Zymes panted holding his bow in one hand.

Celica:Stay by us, Lucxene we can hold her down just get the orb when we have her handled.

Lucxene:What is she doing?


Mjrn held her saber up as with one hand she held one finger up and it started to rain droplet of water all over the room and on Celica and the others.

Mjrn:Silent Lake.

Celica blinked as did the others as their weapons all vanished and the Muses looked to Zymes who lost his bow as Zymes said after.

Zymes:she nullfied our abilities! x.x
Yasha:She did what?!
Onihime:Wait...What about...>_> Mjrn's abilities.
Zymes:They aren't nullified.
Celica:Oh Hell...

Mjrn ran at them now and dived at them swinging that saber madely now as the Muses jumped back and Zymes ducked and rolled from the swing of her blade to avoid being hit. Lucxene stood in the background and just looked around since there isn't much way to get by unless pass Mjrn or walk right on the lava....



MrsSlog:Hi everyone, enjoy your stay at my husband's place?
Phoenix:HELL NO! Why do I have this on?!
Trivian:Is this some kind of bull-
MrsSlog:Well, I figured they would look better than the clothes we found you in. They we're all burned and bad.

MrsSlog had a normal appearance in clothes. A simple dress in shades of light, blue with purple outlines and  some silver along the sleeves. Her shoes were black and heel, while she had orange eyes and hair middle length lemon blonde with black streaks.

Trivian:I want better clothes!
Phoenix:I want to know what will you do to help with our ship!

Zenechoe came inside with Slog after talking with him outside, however Zenechoe looks more annoyed. As he entered, Slog would say after.

Slog:Hi! So, you need a ship! Lucky for you, I been building one for a while now! You know to promote my new place, oh if you guys can fly it we can market out area out as we fly!

Slog had red firey hair completely spiked up. His eyes were hazle and he had a checkered long sleeve buttong up shirt, with jeans and brown boots. He also had a yellow bandanna around the neck.

Zenechoe:He's only going to let us on his aircraft if he let's us market his place while on it...
Zenechoe:Can get them from the ship, there is a duplicator device.
Phoenix:I hate men.

MrsSlog held Grandorian who's their newborn son in her arms and said after to him.

MrsSlog:Hurray, we're going to the sky!

Zion, Liah, Thuy and Hazji would enter the room as Slog's eyes went huge and stared at Liah.

Slog:Wow, you got a pair of huge ones!
Liah:>_> Who is this?
Zenechoe:Our ticket out of here, he's the owner.
Zion:...Stay away from the women.
Slog:What are you the pimp...Oh, I get it...They are all your girlfriends, like that Mormon thing multiple wives, poly-
Zion:No! No no no! They aren't all my girls!

Zenechoe:Would you just show us to the ship!
Slog:Fine, it's below. I'll handle the bar and supplies and MrsSlog can handle the sleeping and food areas.

Thuy:Are you sure...We can trust them on board with us?
Zion:Well, we did stay here before...I don't know, if traveling is safe...
Liah:Oh yes, I so recall those terrible bikinis last time I was here.
Hazji:Oh, I want to try a bikini.


Yasha striked Mjrn a few times with her fists as Mjrn kicked her stomach and backhanded her away as Yasha stumble down. Onihime and Celica would run at her and kick her as Mjrn blocked with her saber and shoved the two hard back onto the ground. Zymes jump up to strike her as Mjrn swung her saber cutting Zymes along the sides of his torso as Zymes would fall holding his side. Primarily each one had some form of cut do to Mjrn's blade.

Mjrn stared at Lucxene who held up his handgun pointed at her. She would charge at Lucxene who held it carefully, he waited till she got close and shot a bullet pass Mjrn as it hit a rock off the wall in the far back and a few rocks from the ceiling came crashing down on Mjrn as Lucxene ran pass her although taking a small stab by the blade on the side of his stomach he ran over and grabbed the Ruby orb up ahead. Once in his hand Mjrn slash the rocks away and looked over as a Ruby energy beam would hit Mjrn at her head striking the possession out of her.

Mjrn fell as she looked around and noticed Celica and her party all on the floor from various cuts and blood loss as they all passed out. Lucxene would fall on his knees as Mjrn stood up straight and put her saber away vaguely remember what happened.


Jedix:They are getting way too close to get the Ultimate Orb.
Madelynn:And it's exactly what I want, so that I can soon take it from them and with it I will have the power to do whatever I wish. It has the ability to grant any wish that I desire.
Edgeblade:Is it wise to let them have a chance at gaining the full orb?
Antenora:We have that covered, we shall make sure the next foe leaves them far more devastated than the princess herself.
Patrolez:What about the other one, he's still around... He's been avoiding our traps.
Madelynn:Leave him to me, I'll beable to handle my dear beloved soon enough. Now, prepare the orders and do keep the others out of our plans.


Tetsuya jumped out of a portal as he he held his necklace since it started to glow for a moment as he said lightly to himself.

Tetsuya:Good a lead, hold on...I'm coming.

The Princess has return to normal, and the others are now capable of  taking to the sky again, Tetsuya has appeared since his disappearance and the Sins are still at large. Will Lucxene ever gain back his memories...To be continue.

Chapter 19

3 days later...

Zenechoe:This ship isn't so bad, it's a bit more advance than the other one.
Liah:Oh yeah, well we can sure do without the logo on the front of it.
Zion:Oh the one with two women on it, doing a..."tight hug?"
Thuy:Nice way how you put it.
Zion:Well, I wasn't going to say it exactly what it is.
Slog:My ship is the best, just make sure to take good care of it. I'll be in the back.

Slog went to the bar/supply room to set things up. Mrs.Slog was in the kitchen/bedroom area to prepare the place there.

Hazji:Hey this place is really spacious though.
Phoenix:I'd personally like to go to my home now.
Trivian:Oh yes, especially since that evil lady is currently holding it for herself. Don't you ever think?
Phoenix:You know, instead of being divorce from you. I should just remove you from where you stand!
Zenechoe:Enough of this, I'm going to set this up for flight.


Celica panted and sighed as she fell to her knees now after healing everyone with a little of Mjrn's help.

Mjrn:Well, sorry...Didn't have much control there, but look at this way...If I find that guy I'll cut him limb from limb.

She grinned as Zymes said after.

Zymes:Uh right...Well, you really did a number on us.
Onihime:x.x I so agree.
Yasha:Well, that goes to show you without our skills we are a little limited.
Mjrn:Well, anyway Lucxene you got the next area?

Lucxene stood off on the side and heard it vaguely having a hand against one of his ears as he said after.

Lucxene:They have a portal ready, but they are relocating to avoid danger. Will be on our own so no communication for a while.
Zymes:Meh, well hey how many more orbs do we need anyway? It's not like a 100 is it?
Celica:No...It's 2 more if I'm right.
Lucxene:That's what they told us, although I don't know why in the world am I doing this anyway with a bunch of strangers...
Mjrn:Excuse me?o.O
Yasha:It's a long...Long story.
Onihime:He doesn't have his memories.
Mjrn:What again?
Zymes:Well, that and he doesn't remember any of his skills this time.
Mjrn:Oh <censor>...Well, will get it back somehow. Anyway, let's get a move on.

Celica tiredly went on the passenger side, so Mjrn took the driver's seat now. Zymes, Onihime, Yasha, and Lucxene took the back as once they were set they drove out of the lava terrain and headed to the portal off in the distant.


Tetsuya walked along the grasslands now checking his necklace for the direction to where Lucxene is as he followed the lighted area. He kept moving on that is till up ahead Madelynn appeared before him as she watched him and said after.

Madelynn:So, we meet again.
Tetsuya:Madelynn...Where the Hell is everyone!?
Madelynn:Is that how you treat a lover?
Tetsuya:What we had is in the past and the past is gone now.
Madelynn: Our relationship, never had an actual end. Is this how you close the chapter in your life?
Tetsuya:If I'm right, you're the one who left suddenly without a word and never kept in contact.
Madelynn:Well, a girl can't tell all her secrets. Whatever the case maybe here I am we can be together again,now.
Tetsuya:No way, I have someone else I am trying to find and it's not you...Where is everyone and where is-
Madelynn:Lucxene? Oh he's fine...Well, whatever you consider to be fine.
Tetsuya:What you do-
Madelynn:Tsk,tsk,tsk...Temper temper... I erased all of his memories.Especially, the ones about you...So, he's walking around without knowing a single soul. *Laughs.*

Tetsuya glared and ran at Madelynn taking out his sword as he striked right down at her with the blade till she vanished in a blur of black feathers and appeared up ahead.

Madelynn:Oh please, if you think I would fall so easy...Hm, shouldn't you worried more about the pearl blonde one?
Tetsuya:Give the memories back...
Madelynn:If you join me, I'll return them.
Tetsuya:Like I would trust anything you would say!
Madelynn: The spell that we used only works on two way, by having me remove it if you cooperate or...Well, maybe the next option is more harsh.
Tetsuya:What is it!?
Madelynn:Doesn't matter, once I get the Ultimate Orb...Everything will be at my grasps including yourself.


The portal opened as a dark black cave was seen everywhere.Virtually only small openings show partial sunlight within the cave. The whole view was quite black.

Mjrn:This looks like the place...Oh how sexy aint it?
Zymes:That's...Not the word I'd use.
Yasha:It looks like something the dead would live in.
Onihime:Oh no more zombies...
Celica:Actually, it's pretty quiet.
Lucxene:....Well, once we finish here we can leave.

They agreed as they exited the van and looked about.Lucxene sighed and walked ahead as the others looked around and followed behind him. Once they headed near the entrance the ceiling of the cave shook alot.

Zymes:Wait, look out!

Zymes ran over and pushed Lucxene far down into the cave as rocks fell down blocking the entrance inside as Zymes would get hit with huge rocks. The women looked shocked as they ran over to help Zymes who was uncouncious on the floor.

Mjrn:Come on hurry!
Celica:Get the rocks off him hurry!

The four ran ahead till a black blur hit all four girls knocking them back and onto the ground as they yelled and fell back. Celica lifted her head up as her hair was over her face and she looked ahead. Mjrn flinched and got up onto one knee as Yasha lifted her head up and glanced over. Onihime struggled to her knees as they saw a black armored knight. With a black helmet on his head. He had a broad sword in one arm as with his free hand he reach to his helmet and slowly removed it for a moment as Nitro stood there with hallow looking eyes.

Yasha:What's his problem?!
Onihime:Uh...That doesn't look like the Nitro we know...
Mjrn:It isn't, we need to kick his <censor> and get to Zymes now!

Nitro put the helmet back on and got into a stance.


Celica stood up as the other girls got their weapons out including Celica as she just stayed completely quiet now as Nitro drew his sword and prepare to attack now.

Lucxene on the other side of the cave just tried to find a way to exit but no luck. He figured at this point he should go ahead and retrieve the orb so he ran ahead.

Nitro:Dark Sleep.

Nitro would run in a black light and slash Onihime all around as it just sounded like strikes of blades as once the black energy left Onihime she fell on the ground uncouncious from nemerous slashes.

Mjrn:Oh man...

Mjrn ran ahead and made ice blast down at Nitro who jumped over it and came down at Mjrn, Mjrn raised up her large saber and blocked it as the two went into a sword clash of battle. Yasha charged behind Nitro with her guitar and axe and swung it at him. Nitro kicked Mjrn back as he jumped aboved Yasha and waved a hand as meteors flew from the air and striked Yasha repeatedly till he came down with one strike slashing her across the back as Yasha yelled and rolled off on the floor uncouncious now. Mjrn slashed at Nitro's chest while Celica seemed a bit frozen watched as Nitro would wince and glared at Mjrn as he shot her and Celica with a bunch of black negative energy beams as it sounded like a huge explosion in the cave.

Lucxene inside the cave felt the shake as he stumbled and caught his footing before falling. Lucxene wondered what in the world happened as he ran ahead to get to where the orb is now.

Celica had her angel wings out as they were hurt,bloody and various feathers fell from the blast but it did shield her. Mjrn on the other hand fell to her knees hardly able to move as she was wounded from the attack. Nitro charged at Mjrn to finish her off first till Celica ran over and blocked with her staff and shot him with a bright electrical blast sending him flying back. Celica would attack him with lightning and run at him swinging her staff as Nitro blocked and both Celica and Nitro engaged in battle now.

Lucxene ran into a room inside with black glowing energy and dark purple energy floating around as the Orb of Amethyst layed on a small table. Lucxene went up the stairs and grabbed the orb as soon as he did his mind had a few flash backs but it caused alot of pain do to the spell as his mind hurt. He held his head in pain wincing alot as he stumbled back and a bright flash of energy shined from his watch hitting his forehead as psychically opened a portal. Lucxene couldn't handle it as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell onto the ground as the portal remained open near him and a bright energy glowed from the Orb of Amethyst.

Celica charged up a powerful attack now as Nitro charged at her until the orb energy reverted him to normal and his helmet fell off his head. He would shake his head as Celica paused for a moment as Nitro weakly covered in blood from the battle a bit off his head.


He would fall on the ground now passed out as Celica removed the energy attack and fell onto her knees tired as she panted. She wasn't as wounded, but she was exhausted especially from healing before alot. She would pass out now herself.


Back on the Slogonia Ship...

Zenechoe would fly as he would get some radio contact now.

Kooh:Hey this is Kooh, me and the Koohtra troops moved to Slog's place for now. We're pretty safe here, oh hey good news. We manage to find a portal oddly that just appeared. You might beable to find the others if you go to it.
Kaoru:It's just a guess, but we lost radio contact with them. So, it's really unsure what is there.

Liah:Oh hey! We should go there right? I mean, who knows they may need our help.
Thuy:Wait...We don't know if it's them it could be a trap...
Zion:Well, trap or not what over leads we have?
Hazji:So we're going?

Zenechoe:Will go to the location, but it's better if everyone prepares. Something tells me, this is going to be more dangerous than before.
Phoenix:Perfect if they die, we know the danger. They make great bait.
Zion and Liah:>_>;;;;;
Thuy:Just...Don't say anything...
Zion:You're joking?
Hazji:Fighting with the queen wont do any good...
Trivian:Actually, will give me a grin.
Liah:....Ugh...Fly Zenechoe, we're so going.


Portal would open as a man walked out with a large nodachi as he looked about.

Keisuke:....It ends here.

To be continue....

Chapter 20

The following day.

Mjrn manage to handle the healing this time with her Kindness Rain Spell, allowing Celica to regain herself. Nitro and the Muses were also healed including Zymes who was wounded by the rocks of the ceiling falling on him. Once they were set they met up with Lucxene who was still out cold. Mjrn went and checked seeing the portal ahead as Mjrn said to Lucxene.

Mjrn:Hey, you okay?

Nitro went to get the van at this point as Lucxene opened his eyes and stared up at Mjrn as he sat up and noticed the portal that is still open.

Lucxene:Where did that come from?
Yasha:It was there, when you were out cold.
Onihime:Did something happen?
Lucxene:...Not that I can remember. Although, I suppose now I intend to find out.

Lucxene stood up and jumped into the portal as Zymes blinked and said after.

Zymes:Hey, wait is that safe? We should wait for Nitro...
Mjrn:Oh he's coming let's go.

Mjrn and the ladies went in as Zymes blinked and Nitro came with the van as Celica waved at him. Nitro drove the van right at Zymes.In which his eyes grew big and ran into the portal as Nitro followed with the van.



Tetsuya at this moment was in a sword fight with Keisuke now who currently was stopping him from getting the Diamond Orb. The field was covered in several fields of flowers. With the orb laying on a pillar up ahead.

The portal opened not to long after as Lucxene stepped through it. The rest slowly would follow as Lucxene raised a eye brow seeing Keisuke and Tetsuya slashing at one another, both seemed to have suffered wounds as well as blood lost. The two jumped back that was till Tetsuya noticed Lucxene as he moved carefully near him holding up the katana watching Keisuke who moved slowly on his toes.

Tetsuya:Hey, pass me the orbs...Best way to take him down without taking him out.

Lucxene held the hand gun at Tetsuya's head as Tetsuya just blinked.


Mjrn flipped into the air and slammed her saber down at Keisuke as Keisuke jumped back and slashes her back as she flew into the air with a big cut and fell on the ground.

Zymes shot a arrow at Keisuke than jumped into the air above him shooting two more. Keisuke slashes the arrows away, he would swing the bow down at his head as Keisuke slashed his chest causing Zymes to hold his chest and roll on the ground near Mjrn.

The Muses pulled out their weapons and floated around Keisuke to hit him with a spell. He glowed and made 3 whip appear as he wrapped one each on the Muses knocking them onto their back as he swung them around in the air as Nitro came charging he slam all 3 girls into him as they would fall. Tetsuya held his sword and moved back from Lucxene who was moving near the Diamond orb.

Tetsuya:Hey, I am not going to hurt you. Go ahead and get the orb hurry, I'll watch your back.
Lucxene:Who are you?
Tetsuya:You don't remember me, I figured...Though, I'm on your side so quicky go!

Lucxene glanced to the pillar and ran ahead quickly. Keisuke charged at Lucxene, but Tetsuya jumped at him keeping him away as they rolled near the cliff of the fields of flowers.

Lucxene went over and grabbed onto the orb as a huge black energy beam roared through the sky as Mjrn sat up and saw it going to Lucxene.

Mjrn:Lucxene! Look out!

Lucxene looked over the shoulder as Tetsuya glanced over and tossed a empty glass at Lucxene's feet knocking Lucxene onto his back but it also knocks off all 6 orbs on his body into the air. The energy beam would just miss him as it hits the cliff near Tetsuya and Keisuke as it would blow up in a huge explosion as once the explosion was made both Tetsuya and Keisuke would fall down a cliff from way above the Heavens.

Lucxene slowly lifted his head and looked up at Madelynn stood with her followers in the distant holding each orb.

Madelynn:What a poor way to die...Lucxene if you would just die, none of this would of happened. Like losing Tetsuya's own life. Oh well, now with this I can finally obtain the Ultimate Orb.

Yasha:Hey, you can't take that!
Onihime:You're horrible, horrible, horrible!
Celica:What makes you think will let you get away with it?

Madelynn:Oh, as if you can stop me... Go ahead come to my Tower of Sin, and try and stop us.

Nitro:Tower of Sin?

Madelynn:You can't miss it if you look hard enough, I grow bored here let us go!

Madelynn would vanish with her crew now as Lucxene ran to the cliff and looked around not seeing Tetsuya or his brother, but he could see land way way down the cliff from the sky.


The Slogonian Ship would arrive as it came through a portal and once in the air Zion would wave with Liah from the deck at the others below.

Zion:Hey! Finally! You all good?
Liah:Hi guys! About time, is everyone okay?!

Mjrn:We need to go to the Tower of Sin, it's our last stop.

Zenechoe:I let my father fly the ship, I'll get him to land. Will see where to go.


Once everyone was reunited and on the ship a meeting would take place with the whole crew as everyone explained the adventures they had to go through when divided.

Nitro:So, she mentioned a Tower of Sin. It wouldn't be hard to miss.
Celica:Well, we sort of been traveling from one world to the next. How exactly can it be that easy?
Thuy:True, it's been a challenge finding everyone now.
Hazji:But will do alot better now that we're together.
Liah:Yeah, we can do this in numbers, but to do what exactly?
Yasha:Well, Madelynn now has the orbs and Tetsuya is...
Onihime:No longer around...
Zion:We need a lead, think where in the world can the tower be?
Lucxene:If she means, somewhere where it can easily be noticed it's probably in the original area.
Mjrn:He means it's back in our world. Remember, she took it over.
Trivian:Yeah, well she needs to get her stuff and leave.
Phoenix:Out of my castle as well!
Mjrn:Anyway, know a way back?

Zenechoe:Yeah, just prepare. Slog is in the back with supplies and can go get rest where MrsSlog is.

Thuy:Yeah, me and Hazji been watching the medical if anyone is hurt.
Zion:The good news is, I get to kick butt.
Liah:Seriously, after that one fight I got payback to give.
Celica:You and me both.
Mjrn:I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way.


The portal would open after a day of rest as they enter back to their own world in the sky at the center of the city with a large dark floating tower.

Zenechoe:Here we go!

Trivian flew at the tower as Lucxene's eyes widen and ran up to the deck.

Lucxene:Wait, something is wrong!
Zion:Hey where you going!
Lucxene went up the deck and saw dark flames of black flying right at the ship as once it hit the ship it was petrifying where it striked as the ship shook from the blast and Lucxene fell off the deck and from the sky of the ship.


Zion ran up to the deck with Thuy as Zion dived off the deck and used some of the wind abilty to fly a trick he learned throughout the long travel he dived at Lucxene taking his hands as Thuy watched till a blast hit her turning her to stone.

Lucxene:It's turning everything to stone...

Liah ran upstairs with Hazji as Liah was shoved by Hazji avoiding a blast, but Hazji was hit as she turned to stone and Liah fell off the deck.


Celica flew up there as Onihime and Yasha ran after her. They would block Celica as both girls were hit with numerous blast turning them to stone.

Celica:Oh my Gosh...Onihime! Yasha!
Nitro:Come on let's go!

Nitro grabbed Celica's wrist and jumped on the rail as Celica said after.

Celica:Wait, what about...?
Nitro:You need to live, before you can help others come on!

Nitro jumped off deck with Celica avoiding a blast from the tower.

Zion flew grabbing Liah's hands as Lucxene was dropped on a building roof watching.

Mjrn ran upstairs with Zenechoe and Zymes as once on the deck Trivian saw a huge blast the size of the ship coming as his eyes widen and he shifted the ship hard knocking off Mjrn, Zenechoe and Zymes right off as they fell and the entire Slogonian Ship was peterified with everyone inside now turned to stone. The ship made a crash now as Celica watched Nitro noticed one last blast coming at them from the sky he shielded Celica and turned to stone as she was spared when Celica landed.

Celica's eyes widen as she saw Nitro into stone and was in complete shocked.

Zymes fell into a lake as Mjrn fell through several tree branches and her fall was broke by a bush. Zenechoe glided down once he pulled a cord having a blanket to hover down his fall on a slower level.

Within 5 minutes Zion got to them and brough the only members that manage to survive. The ship crashed hard near the docks and bay as it was solid stone it caused more damage on whatever was around.

Liah:Man...That <censor>
Zymes:Well, we're still here...
Mjrn:Not to sound cold or anything, but there is still some of us. We need to get Madelynn before she does something worse.
Zenechoe:The orb.
Celica:....You're right.
Lucxene:Okay...The entrance is right ahead. I wont be afraid anymore.

Zion:Say, you don't have your memory you don't have to fight. You know it can be hard.
Celica:>_> Hey, he's part of the team.
Liah:Not if he's incapable of assisting...I mean, yeah he is but can he do much?
Mjrn:It's his choice.
Zymes:If he wants to come, I don't have a problem with it. After what Madelynn did to our ship, we need all the help we can get.
Zenechoe:Either way, we're going in. Everyone do what you want.

Zenechoe went ahead as Lucxene followed. Mjrn would walk to the tower as Zymes would go next. Liah would go after as Zion followed and paused looking at Celica who gave the Nitro statue a kiss and ran off to join them.


Once at the main doors of the tower Zenechoe studied the device and hit a few switch as it opened and now it opened a path to the Tower of Sin.

To be continued...

Chapter 21

Lucxene would enter the tower as his head hurt and he would fall down onto the ground holding his head as flashes of his past enter his mind now since Tetsuya is gone. The others paused and looked at him for a moment till Lucxene lifted his head up and blinked.

Lucxene:Wait, Tetsuya!
Zenechoe:Let's go.

Zenechoe went ahead as Mjrn would shrug and follow after.

Celica:He's...Not around anymore...
Liah:Yeah, we are going to stop the ones responsible.

Liah and Celica went ahead as well now.Zymes would go ahead as well to catch up.

Lucxene:Zion...Why was Tetsuya and Keisuke fighting in the first place...And what was it that made me forget?
Zion:I don't know what made you forget, but judging by Keisuke's action he was probably trying to handle everything on his own by knocking us off from getting this far.

Lucxene:...What's the connection with Tetsuya and Madelynn?
Zion:I said, I wouldn't say anything.
Lucxene:Well, he isn't around now is he? Now tell me!
Zion:...They use to be together, but I don't know the details...I think she just up and vanished one day and boom she comes out of no where. Anyway, I'm going ahead.

Zion ran ahead now.

Lucxene fell on his knees and sat at the entrance in thought for a moment. Catching all the memories floating back into his mind those that happened and those that he had forgotten.


Kooh came out of a helicopter with Kaoru as they saw the stoned ship by the bay near the docks. Kooh ordered the Koohtra troops to get the stone people out safely and hook the ship to shore. Kaoru made sure they did everything properly now while, Kooh watched.


Lucxene headed up the stairs after a while to catch up with the others. Once up the first level he noticed the stairs split to six different directions. This made Lucxene wondered how the others did this, if they split up or went down one section. Lucxene, wasn't sure at first till he used his psychic power to go down the path no one else went. It was only moments he knew that they split up.

The Game of Lust.

Mjrn entered the room with Zenechoe as they paused the first thing that they noticed is the room was filled with large switches on the floor and Edgeblade stood on the far end of the room.

Edgeblade:Ah, well you came to my area. The royal family no less.

Mjrn took out her weapon as Edgeblade would say to her.

Edgeblade:That's not the way things are going to go here.


Edgeblade snapped a finger as it put Zenechoe in the corner of the room surrounded by glass walls as a Shadow was on the other corner opposite of Zenechoe as Edgeblade took out his sword.

Mjrn:What the Hell are you doing?

Edgeblade:Simple above the shadow and Zenechoe is a opening on the wall. It'll grow a large bomb depending which switches we hit on the floor. If you move around hitting the right switch it'll grow larger over the Shadow creature and explode as well as causing myself to explode. However, if you fail and I am able to do that to Zenechoe not only will he die so will you.


Mjrn:And how do I know if it's fair?>_>
Edgeblade: Everything is fair here, my job is to keep you far away from Madelynn as long as possible.

After a few minutes the bell sounded off in the room as Edgeblade hit a switch and watched Zenechoe's corner to see if anything is growing if not he move to another as Mjrn would do the same looking over at the Shadow creature to see if the bomb is growing. The two would notice a small grow on each, but they also figured certain switches reduces the bomb for their allies so they would move about hitting that one time after time. The game primarily was easy to figure out, which was good and bad. The bad part it will keep going for quite a while causing tiredness. The good part is they can easily save their member or go for the enemy.

Both Mjrn and Edgeblade would grow annoyed until the sudden death round came where certain switches will double. Mjrn would bolt and find the one over the shadow creature which increased greatly. Edgeblade would find Zenechoe's after as the bomb grew larger and larger.

Zenechoe:What are you doing?!
Mjrn:Oh shut up!

Mjrn would hit it fast as suddenly the glass tube would explode killing the shadow creature and knocking Mjrn back. Zenechoe's almost exploded but just barely was spared once the other one blew up. Zenechoe was freed as Edgeblade narrowed his eyes and was about to explode as he ran at Mjrn and Zenechoe to blow them up in the process. Zenechoe waved his weapon in front of them as the gravity around them was light and they flew over Edgeblade as the man blew up leaving nothing as the floor had a large crator.

Mjrn and Zenechoe watched as they would head upstairs now to Madelynn's area.

The Game of Sloth

Zymes walked into a checkered like room as Antenora stood on the other side as Zymes narrowed his eyes at the woman.

Antenora:If you haven't figured it out we don't do just casual battle here.
Zymes:Why not? Afraid you'll lose?
Antenora:No, the rules here are different.This tower is all thanks to the Rumor System. If you want to get pass here you need to pass the game.
Zymes:What game is that?

Antenora would snap a finger as a table appeared in the middle of the room with two chairs and a chess set.

Antenora:The game is chess.
Zymes:I prefer checkers...
Antenora:Checkers would be too easy, it's chess.
Zymes:What's the point of this?
Antenora:For every piece you remove of the set a part of my body will turn to stone same for yourself. If you lose you'll turn to full stone than shatter to nothing and no longer be alive. Same goes for myself, it's the only way you'll get pass this room.
Zymes:What?! Oh like I have a choice!
Antenora:No, you don't.

After a few moments Zymes and Antenora would take a seat and start simple moving the pawns first. At first the game didn't seem like a problem until Antenora noticed once she took one of his pawns one of Zymes feet turn to stone. Zymes blinked as he continue till he took one of her piece which resulted the same. This cause alot of thinking and strategic gameplay the game went one for quite some time since their lives were on the line. Within a 2 hours their bodies both had stone parts as the kings on each of their game was still alive but the game was close as they were trying to work to end the game.


Antenora said once she cornered Zymes piece, Zymes who wasn't an expert wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to panic, but he just stared at the board to see if there really is anyway around it. He nearly gave up when he noticed he could use a pawn to trap her king but also save himself.

Zymes:Oh wait a minute...Check mate!

Antenora's eyes widen as she glared and went to strike a fist at Zymes till her body turn to full stone and she shattered into dust. Zymes blinked and moved back form the table. He would just run off ahead to exit the room now that the game was done, the doorway to Madelynn's chamber opened as he would go ahead.

The Game of Gluttony

Liah enter a room that was quite spacious as Patrolez was on the other side holding a rock like ball spinning it on one finger.

Liah:Oh....It's you...So, go ahead let's get this over with. I'll crush you to the ground.

Liah punch her fists together as it made a loud slamming noise. Patrolez would hold the ball under one arm as a large net appeared in the middle of the room aside of the sky.

Patrolez:You want to take me down, it's about skills than.
Liah:Uh Excuse me?
Patrolez:You've played volleyball?
Liah:What about it?
Patrolez:Same deal, however if you miss it'll explode the whole side of the room you are on including yourself.
Liah:....Assuming if you miss same for you?
Patrolez:But can you do it is the question.

Patrolez without warning slammed that solid metal ball over as Liah jumped up and striked it back over. The two would hit back and forth, over and over again. This process continued and neither was gaining ground, but after some time a second ball shot into the air as Liah blinked and hit both over causing Patrolez to hit both over as well. This made Liah struggle a bit more now, as she continue now hitting two balls at once over. Patrolez was returning them as well as avoiding it from hitting his side. The game continued after a hour there was a total of five balls. Which was making Liah exhausted as well as the giant. The two continued till Liah ran over and figured it's better up close since they been at it far away. The next one she took a risk and slammed one ball spiking it down at Patrolez as soon as it hit the floor a huge explosion knocked Liah back and the explosions hit all over Patrolez size once the explosions relaxed Liah sat up and panted tired as she notice her side was fine but the other side of the room as a bit empty hole and no trace of Patrolez as he was now gone.

Liah caught her breath and used the net as a jumping net to jump over the whole to the door as she exit through it and continue her way. Now to head over to Madelynn's chambers.


Stay tune for the final battle in the next chapter!

Chapter 22

Kooh would signal the men to make sure the ship is stable, Kaoru on the other hand had all the statues of those on the ship to be place carefully in the room where he is at to watch over them.Thankfully, none of the statues were damaged.

The Game of Greed

Zion would enter the room as the very second he saw Jedix he would take out both of his guns aiming as Jedix held his gun at the sides and laughed saying to him.

Jedix:Oh, hate me that much?
Zion:I'll make sure to snap your neck too, this time using these.
Jedix:You wont be snapping my neck the same way you did to my brother. However, I will be crushing you.
Zion:Will see about tha-Hey!

Zion noticed a glass wall around him, he had walking space but not much as he wondered what's up. Jedix stood behind one opposite of him as they both could see one another but couldn't hit one another.A opening was made to use their guns as Zion said after.

Zion:What kind of sick game is this?
Jedix:The kind that I will win, it's simple stupid. The purpose to winning is to shoot as many targets that come out of the walls in the room we are in. You can't run about though, so hope your aim is good. In any case the one with the most targets hit wins.
Jedix:Not quite.
Zion:Oh really?
Jedix:Each hit that is made causes the ceiling where the other is to slightly come down on them. The game ends when one of us is squashed like a pancake.
Zion:........................BRING IT ON!

The targets started to pop out of the wall as Zion and Jedix shot at the targets getting some out of the way as they both were realizing that the ceiling was coming down on them but very slowly. In other words, they need to shoot alot of targets. The game continued for nearly an hour which the ceiling now caused both Jedix and Zion to go down on one knee since the ceiling is low and continue to shoot. Neither was giving up at all. The game after the full hour had both men laying on the floor shooting targets. It was close as the last few targets was on the far side of the wall Zion and Jedix both shot at it actually hitting each other's bullets to miss purposely for the enemy. Eventually it was close as Jedix hit one, but Zion manage to knock out the rest with his long gun as the wall would crush Jedix completely leaving nothing more but a pool of blood oozing out. Zion had some blood of the corner of his mouth since his back was pressed by the ceiling, but he manage. Once Jedix was no longer alive the ceiling lifted off Zion as he rolled out of the area once the see through walls vanished he wiped his mouth and said after.

Zion:That's how it's like to be a badass marksmen. Now, hopefully your family is long gone now.

Zion would run off now to head to the door ahead to move into Madelynn's Chamber now.

The Game of Wrath

Celica walked into a room that was nothing more than black and red as Lunar laughed and floated in the air. Celica by now held her staff as she narrowed her eyes and stared at him. Lunar would land on the ground as Celica said to him.

Celica:I haven't forgotten about you. This time, I'll make sure you suffer the ultimate price for getting in my way.
Lunar:Oh please like, I am scared of a pink singing girl that shakes her butt and wiggles her chest for the world! Hah!
Celica:Let see how well you shake your hips once I put this up your <censor>
Lunar:...Cute, now clearly to pass will play a deck of cards!*Laughs.*

Suddenly large card appear and fly around him and Celica all over now with different images on it.

Celica:I don't play games...
Lunar:Well, if you want to go pass me it's your only way out!
Celica:A game, really? For a freak like you?
Lunar:Oh it's not just any game. These cards will soon become blank and continue to move.You must choose one each spin whatever is on it will be casted in this room.
Celica:....What exactly do these cards say?
Lunar:Oh that's the fun part cheeky...They can vary between nothing,heal,wound, and my favorites suicide and death. There is several suicide and just one death. If you find death your opponent will instantly die. You my dear if you hit suicide you know how that will go.
Celica:And what about you?
Lunar:Fool there is some around me as I well,I'll enjoy killing you...
Celica:Oh I made it too far, to let a pathetic creature like you take me down.

The game would begin as Celica held her staff and the cards would spin as Lunar would watch his as well. Celica and Lunar would pick cards at first it wasn't as a issue until they were getting attack cards cuts would appear on Celica or Lunar's body causing them to bleed as Celica twitches from the pain Lunar would look annoy. When the heal was selected it would heal her as well as when Lunar found his it would heal. The game would continue as each card picked was removed now leaving more dangerous cards. This became more intense as Celica tried to focus as suddenly she noticed a dog tag symbol with a N&C symbol shine around one card, wondering how. Lunar would pick a card as Celica hit the card of the symbol both cards would turn over as Lunar's eyes widen as Celica's card said "Death" Lunar would pick the wrong one as his said "Suicide"

Lunar:No! NO!

Celica watched him as evil spirits came up and grabbed Lunar as he struggled and tried to fight them off as the evil spirits would take him down into the underworld killing him instantly as nothing was left but a loud yell. The cards now all vanished as Celica blinked and looked around.

Celica:I wonder...If he was helping me...

Celica would run over to the open door ahead as she went to meet up with Madelynn now.

The Game of Envy

Lucxene walked into a maze as Kaina stared from the air at him with her floating scepter movign about her.

Kaina:If you can exit this maze before time runs out, you'll live.
Lucxene:...I hate mazes...

The maze began as Lucxene went along the walls, moving around as a large bolder moved behind him to crush him completely. Lucxene went about avoiding the bolder, but the huge ball would follow him regardless of how much he would run. He reached a safe room to catch some breath as Kaina was in the safe room of the maze as well.

Kaina:Your time is getting less.
Lucxene:Just wait, when I see Madelynn. I'll get her for what happened to Tetsuya.
Kaina:....I don't sense him in the afterlife.
Kaina:You aren't aware of the spell of forgetfulness?
Lucxene:I know that spell.
Kaina:Do you know how that spell breaks? There is only two ways.

Kaina's head would fly off her shoulder as Madelynn appeared cutting it right off as Kaina would fall over dead now.

Madelynn:You talk too much...

The maze vanished as Madelynn smirked and said to Lucxene.

Madelynn:What does it matter you have your memory back and Tetsuya is long gone now. All thanks to trying to protect you.*Laughs.*
Lucxene:...I may not of been myself than, but now... I think you should enjoy that laugh while you can. Once, I am done with you it'll be your last!
Madelynn:Idiot, my quest for becoming a divine goddess is near. You nor your friends can stop me now.

Madelynn vanished as the door opened and Lucxene would run ahead as once he entered the room he noticed Zion, Zenechoe, Mjrn, Liah, Celica and Zymes were all there. The room had the 6 orbs on large tubes glowing with radiant energy as a bigger tube was behind Madelynn as she stood ahead and said to them.

Madelynn:Too late, I have the powers of these orbs and once it's charge...I have the power to create my perfect wish.

Mjrn:You are going to go down for putting your hands on my castle and family.
Zenechoe:Women like you give all women a bad name.
Zymes: I'm a human first before a knight and I'll make sure for the sake of everyone that you will not see tomorrow.
Celica: You and your followers, made my life nothing but a big mess and the last thing I'll do is let you take everyone I know away from me.
Zion: If you plan to make a wish, how about starting with a new personality not to mention that body of yours could use a few nip and tuck here and there.
Liah: Lady I think once I give you a hard hit from me, you might wake up and know reality isn't about wishes but hard work, but if not I'll enjoy hitting you and making sure you don't get up.
Lucxene:You took my happiness away from me and tried taking away everything else just to please your own selfish goals. I'll make sure that comes to an end and your wish is nothing more than a hopeless, dream.

Lucxene would take out his naginata now having full control of his personality as Madelynn looked ticked off and said simply.

Madelynn:By the power of the Game of Pride...I'll enjoy crushing you all one by one...

The room would flash white repeatedly till it turn nothing more than a flash of bright white lights.


The End...

I'm kidding, hi everyone this is Lucxene. As you can tell, we are in quite a situation of a large battle. I know, what you all are thinking, you want to know if we won or failed. I have been writing a book since our first journey up until now. I know it wouldn't be fair to close the book here. With that said, stay tune for my final chapter on Chaotic Dragon Advance. The next Chapter I promise will not only shock you, but will be simply nothing more than amazing. At least to me, please stay tune and enjoy the conclusion of our journey. I love you all, and please remember the age of the Dragon. See you all soon! Coming next the Special Chapter.

Chapter 23

Lucxene would sit infront of a desk in his own home now as he was writing in a book now of the stories that has happened in the past.

Hello everyone, I am sure I know exactly what is running through all your minds. The main part is what happened with the battle of Madelynn, I'll say this much that was quite a intense battle. I'll try to explain it as best as I can, granted it's been so long.

Madelynn decided to battle all of us with her spells as we manage as a group to do pretty decently. That was until she decided to use the 6 orbs to transform into a large powerful dragon. We were basically at her mercy since our combat styles were doing virtually nothing, yet she was dangerously hurting us...I'll take you into the past so you are all aware of the situation.

Mjrn:Ugh, we can't hurt her!
Celica:Yeah, I can't heal forever...We aren't gaining any ground at all.
Zion:Hey if we don't take her out everyone else will suffer though.
Zymes:Well, Princess Mjrn is right, how can we end Madelynn if we can't inflict any damage?
Liah:Maybe it's the orbs powers? My strength doesn't phase her.
Lucxene:There has to be something...
Zenechoe:Wait...The center where the wish will be granted in that tube...

Zenechoe would dive and roll on the ground avoiding Madelynn's attacks as he headed for the main energy tube as Mjrn's eyes widen and yelled.

Mjrn:No, don't it will kill you!

Zenechoe knew the risk as he ignored her and dove inside the energy tube. Once inside he was able to shut off the energy of the orb granted though this cause the main energy tube to explode killing Zenechoe but also making Madelynn quite weak now as the dragon of herself would roar in pain and annoyance.

Mjrn:....Now get that witch Move!!! Do it for Zenechoe and everyone else!!!

Needless to say, we all manage to strike down Madelynn together with our weapons alone. She was soon after destroyed, but the Ultimate Orb was now born, which allowed us to grant one wish.

Lucxene:She's gone...
Ultimate Orb:I am the divine ruler of wishes, I can grant you only one wish. None involving emotion,love or the return of someone's death.

Mjrn sighed hearing that as Zymes just patted her shoulder. Zion blinked and gave it some thought as Celica wasn't too sure either. Lucxene looked at them as Liah got radio transmission from Kooh.

Kooh:Hey guys the petrification is gone. Everyone is fine now.
Liah:Oh good, guys good news. Slog and everyone else is fine now, although Slog is complaining about his ship...But they are all safe.
Zion:Oh good, I was almost thinking we should wish them to normal.
Celica:The spell must of faded once Madelynn was destroyed.
Zymes:Uh, Lucxene why don't you make a wish. I don't have anything in mind.

Lucxene thought about it, he wondered if there was really anything he could do.He would wish to see Tetsuya again, but since he's gone there wasn't much he could do. He just sighed and said to the Ultimate Orb after a few minutes of thoughts.

Lucxene:We been through countless of problems and battles, and if I was to make one wish for everyone who help us through these battles and hardship...My wish only is to allow us all to live happily without anymore terrible hardships and tragedies.

Ultimate Wish took a moment to process as it would respond after.

Ultimate Wish:Your wish is granted!

This wish happened 20 years ago. Yes, that's right this battle took place 20 years in the past. It's been quite a long time, but as of today it has been officially 20 years. I know what you are all thinking, was the wish successful and what happened to everyone? I don't believe in leaving people in the dark, so I will gradually tell you what happened in 20 years. First of all the wish was a success, after the battle we never had anymore terrible wars or battles fortunately...This allowed everyone to focus on their own life. I guess, I will explain with Celica first, we been in communication the most throughout the years.

Celica and Nitro married not too long after the battle, they lived more happily now and don't argue as much, but on some occassion it still happens just not as bad.So, what happened? I'll let you see a event in it yourself...

A young girl could be seen staring at the waves near the ocean watching the view as she heard some younger kids voices running over to her as they would yell together being just 2 of them.

Both kids:Aerwyn! Aerwyn! Hey!

Aerwyn would look from the waves to the two recognizing them as she would tell them.

Aerwyn:Well, his if it isn't my two younger cousins. How are you two? Shurelia and Minato? Where is your older brother?

Minato:He's getting ready for school, what are you doing?
Aerwyn:Watching the view before leaving, what are you guys doing, you came all the way here? You shouldn't be out alone.
Shurelia:We weren't Marcus was with us.
Aerwyn:Oh was he now?

Marcus would wave to Aerwyn catching up as he laughed and said nicely.

Marcus:Hey sorry, they run fast for a pair of kids. I was just watching them, you doing alright? I can drive you to school if you want?
Aerwyn:I'm good, and sure it's not a problem. We should drop them off first.
Marcus:Hah hah, true.

Celica and Nitro had a daughter, Aerwyn she's 17 now. She's pretty close to her parents of course Nitro is a bit protective over her, but that's Nitro for you. Celica still sings on and off as Nitro is now retired. Shurelia and Minato are twins of Zion and Thuy. Shurelia is the oldest and the only girl in the family of the twins. Minato is the youngest. The two get along to a extend they are about 13 years old the pair of them. Zion works now full time as does Thuy they both still work in the Criminal Justice backgrounds. Marcus is 18 years old, he's Liah's son, Liah married a friend she met at her job from her boss retired and she was raised up the ranks. Her husband is pretty nice, he works just as hard last I remember Liah is at home now cooking with her youngest daughter Shahra, she's only 5 but she loves to talk, she's a very social little girl. It's nice to know Liah had a better life, she fits the role of a mother it's funny considering this is the same woman who could break steel with her fists. Hah hah.

Slog and MrsSlog still work as successful sales workers. Their son Grandorian grew quite alot, he works out and is quite the flirt. He's the oldest of the kids being 19 years old. He constantly flirts with Aerwyn and the Muses's own daughters...Actually, he flirts with all the girls. I'll let you see for yourself.

Marcus dropped the twins off as Aerwyn and him arrived at school as Grandorian was flirting with Rose and Vidah who just looked at him oddly and ignored him going to Aerwyn as they would say after.

Vidah:Help us, he's annoying.
Rose:He's such a flirt...Hey ready for practice later?
Aerwyn:Oh sure.
Grandorian:Hey! Aerwyn, how cute you get each and everyday.
Marcus:Yo, she isn't interested so why try so hard.
Grandorian:Hey, any girl is interested just takes a little charm!
Aerwyn:Well,yeah Rose and Vidah I'll come over to practice after class is over.

The two girls nodded as they all got ready to head to class.

Vidah is 18 and Rose is 16. Vidah is the daughter of Yasha who married a professional wrestler. Vidah also have two younger brothers, Trent and Ken who drive her up the wall.Rose is the daughter of Onihime, Onihime married a wealthy rich man in governmental work. He's a nice man, Rose has a younger sister Daisy. Aerwyn is really the only child of the Muses. Oh right, I nearly forgot Aerwyn, Rose and Vidah are all working on their own group for singing. They aren't as popular as their mothers but they are working on it. The three call themselves The Trinity.

Hazji on the other hand is a popular actress, she recently married and is currently with child. She married another actor, but we wont know when the baby will be born, it's pretty recent. Oh and yeah she got over her silly crush on Zion. She's pretty happy with her new career and love life. Kooh on the other hand is engaged to a pupil of Nitro's before he retired. Kooh though is in no rush for her wedding, she still runs the Koohtra agents, but she also opened a orphange with Kaoru which they both run together. Kaoru still helps Kooh but he also is a legal nurse now, who takes care of little kids. Kaoru's love life is also more problematic. He's currently in a triangle with two guys fighting for his attention. He likes them both, but doesn't want to hurt either of them, Kooh's suggestion was just to whack them with her giant mallet...But that's Kooh for you, they still are close friends either way.

Oh right everyone is probably wondering about the castle of the Silverfox. Zenechoe was given a respectful funeral and he has a statue of him placed in the middle of the city where his tomb and memorial area is. The castle itself, well that's a unique twist... Trivian officially departed to travel around the world, we haven't seen him since. Phoenix stepped down and Mjrn took the crown of the Queendom. Mjrn is now our new Queen of the Silverfox Castle....Many were more in overwhelming joy that she rules now and not Phoenix. Mjrn did marry and has a King by her side, they have a daughter, the new princess, Princess Avrianna. Princess Avrianna is 18 now she was also given her own squire. This is a fun twist. Zymes adopted a son who's 17 now his name is Vanuel. Zymes became Mjrn's trusted advisor as Vanuel on the other hand is Princess Avrianna's squire now. I suppose the tradition continues, but that's the situation with the castle, Zymes is also in the dating process love wise. In all honesty it's more relax now that Phoenix retired her crown...Let's say alot of people weren't amused with her rulership.

Ryner would ride up Lucxene's house a she honked the horn ans Iah currently was getting the mail for Lucxene as she walked over and handed a letter to Lucxene as she said after.

Iah:Hey dad,this is a letter left for you.I'm going to school now, see you later.
Lucxene:Alright,take care.

Iah nodded and left as she went to meet Ryner in the car and they would drive off to school now.

Oh right, I forgot to mention myself. I'll get to that, Ryner is 17 years old, he's Zion and Thuy's first born and him and Marcus are good friends, similar to Iah and Aerwyn who are good friends themselves. However the four did grow up among one another. Iah is my daughter who I took in, she's 17 now and is half English and half Japanese. It's odd to explain, after the battle a couple of years later she was mysteriously left at my door step. I thought, about giving her up to the orphanage, but by than I could manage to take care of a kid and it was lonely living in a house alone. I raised her as my own daughter, people do think she's my real daughter we have the same hair, eye and skin color. However, we do differ, she does have some Japanese features along with her English ones as well.

I do wonder about her though...She seems to have psychic abilities, which has me puzzled for some time. I let it go, she triest to keep it hidden anyway. Oh right, I never did see Tetsuya again, although I often do think about him, I will say this much though...My watch has stopped working ever since that wish was made, I still keep it for memory purposes, but you know the most strange part? 20 years have passed and none of us has aged at all, we looked the same...Not including the children they grew normally within time, but it seemed like time has stopped for us...Anyway, I need to read this letter. I'll write more later.

Lucxene took the enveloped and read it as he read it aloud.

Lucxene:Thinking of you where ever you are...After 20 years my time has come and the spell is broken. Love, someone you know quite well...

Lucxene raised a eye brow wondering what the Hell this was about. Lucxene put away the letter and blinked when suddenly his watch started to magically work now and begin to move. Lucxene blinked as he heard the doorbell, he stood up and went to go answer. He figured it was not a big deal once he open the door his eyes widen as he looked shocked.


Tetsuya walked in looking the same as before as he reached over with no warning pulling Lucxene into a hug as Lucxene seemed in shocked and said after.

Tetsuya:...When I was blasted, I through a glass up with a potion it makes me appear to be dead in body, but it was just a deep sleep. The spell would work if I went to Madelynn or died...So, I fake my death the only problem is it would take years before I waken...Though, with the wish you made time stop for us...Now that I am back time has restarted and we can live happily together...And I would spend the rest of my life with just you...And I guess, now with Iah.

Lucxene moved back and blinked as he said after.

Lucxene:...So, Keisuke is alive...too?
Tetsuya:Yes, will you still accept me? It's been a long time, but I would like to make it up to you. I promise we wont be apart again.
Lucxene:....Sure, I missed you.

Lucxene hugged Tetsuya as Tetsuya hugged back and kissed Lucxene out of left field. Eventually, he reach a hand up the wall and shut off the lights.



And we all lived happily ever after....


Coming soon...

Chaotic Dragons: Generation Next!

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