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Stories : The Tale of The Admins

Minecraft tale by Anihilous, 2011-12-22T16:33:00.0000000. Reads: 1300
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Anihilous landed in this strange world. He knew not what it was nor how he got there. He soon finds out that there are other people in this world. One foul day he discovers the dark side of this world and is faced with the greatest challenge of his life.

Chapter 1

He felt the warm sand behind his head; he heard the waves crashing around him. What is this? Why all of a sudden do I feel... alive?, he asked himself. He sat up
 slowly, his head ached with the sudden movement. Where...am I?, he wondered What
 is my name?.
 He rose even slower, his legs wobbled in protest and he fell back. He
 struggled in the sand, he couldn't find the strength to get up. Great! I cant get up., he
 thought. He had spotted a tree in the distance a while back and had figured he had
 better find a way to get to it. He thought for a moment and started to crawl to it. Little
 by little he crawled closer to the tree. He was noticing that the sand was becoming a
 little more rocky and ridged. Soon he found himself on dirt and eventually grass.
Finally he reached the tree. It was a moderately sized tree, it had multiple branches that sprawled in many directions. There was a forest nearby that could provide shelter about 53 feet away from his current position. He wondered how he was going to get th ere. He looked around the trunk of the tree and saw a branch that had fallen off. Huh...I wonder if i can use that branch, he thought. He crawled around the corner and was e ventually grasping the branch.With all his strength he rose to his feet. He used the branc h as a cane to walk around with until he built up enough muscle to walk on his own. He started to hobble his way over to the forest which he saw earlier

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