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We all know Overdraw as the leader of Sacrifice but what more is there to him?!

Chapter 1

In the times of old, before Sacrifice existed, there were 3 incredible beings. The master seers, legendary crusader and amazing archmage fought countless battles and had great times in Kania. But the archmage was cursed! As the years went by, Mossquito's curse led him to change form many times: First to a elf with demonological powers; then to a man with druidic powers; and finally to a sprout of gibberling archers. Through the years the curse wore down, and through his adventures, the hero may learn the truth of his curse!

Chapter 2

In his new form, Overdraw, as he now is called was asked to investigate a strange mystery on the elven allod of Tenebra. Upon landing, Overdraw was attacked by a dark breed of elves from the 'De Doucer' family! Shooting them down with his arrows, Overdraw found a journal on one of their corpses addressed to him by a strange figure knows as "The Director". The letter read that Overdraw was invited to a play in the Novograd inn and that the play was about a terrible curse that made people change forms. Overdraw decided to attend...

Chapter 3

On arriving at the inn, Overdraw was first drawn to a strange woman who was crying, she said "I am looking for a husband!" and Overdraw walked off because he couldn't be bothered to help her find a husband... But the only other thing in the room was a strange, black stone laying on one of the tables. Overdraw touched it and was sent to the heart of tensess temple!

Chapter 4

In the temple, Overdraw spoke to Tensess who told him that he was free of his curse and that next time he should avoid accepting dark artifacts from goblins in Coba Plateau!

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