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XBOX Live tale by Sakumi, 2012-02-10T15:10:00.0000000. Reads: 883
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there was a time when sakumi, wasnt even a thought but then one day, he lvld to 68 and slapped on a new bg trinket supported by full dragonstalker battlegear (lvl 60s best hunter gear): i was traveling back from the officers lounge in SW, and there was these 2 80's pickin on a weak 80 newb, now these 80s at the time where some the strongest on DP, it was a Belf rouge Nick: mel , and a belf mage Nick: star. now these 2 where chassing this 80 on mounts in a circle around the centre of town, finally they cuaght and killed the 80, while both of them where boasting, and monologing about how they just gangbanged this newb 80 DK, little me at 68, runs up to them..i stopped and stared at them for a bit, till Mel pipes up and says: "move along maget" i turned around, took 2 steps, right as star was typing something in, i cuaght them both off guard....as they stood there, typing in there insults, i wyveryn stung the mage, and put him asleep(it hit! lol not normal for a 68vs80) the rouge blinded me and started gunnin towards me, i popped my new trinkand then fiegned, and laid a freezing trap, i stepped back about 30 yards, looked at the rouge, blew her a kiss, and let the macro fly! at first she made a little speed burst coming striaght at me,i used scatter shot, i lay'd 2 traps and conter'd her every move, just as she came in about 6yards i was thinking...omg im dead, and i almost have her, thats when my cobalt bomb proc'd, i stunned her for 3 seconds with 20%hp left, i ran back a lil, used concusion shot and let the shots fly, within 27seconds, i made Dethpod history as i gunned down a 5.8kGS rogue, with a 780GS 68 hunter. i then look up at the mage, still asleep, lol... i slapped him and hearth the hell outta there..... after that sakumi is now known as Dethpods most skilled and most brutal hunter, within 2 months i dethrowned the top 10 hunters that have been playing there for 3-6years, even againts donners sakumi is highley feared. the baby hunter that took out a goliath PS. Mel quit DP after that day, the shame of defeat by a player only 15% of her/his power, was too much. R.I.P

Chapter 1

After i took out that 80, the next day was intresting, i had the day of off work, so i logged on to check things out, my screen lite up with wsp from both horde and ally players(dethpod's chat limiters are off)lvl60-80, i ran every 60 raid there was, and had a full offset(gear that cant be parts of a set) from AQ20-40, about 32Ginvites, with huge bonuses.ect.., then. before i new it, i was running raids on horde cities with the 80's, and got my blackwarbear mount, all in one day about 5hrs XD.and personaly killed 3 more 80's in UC, at the time my burst was about 35k at lvl68.
        through-out the week the ginvites just kept coming. then i just picked one, Gemstones guild Vengeance, i was insta officer and it kinda made some of the other 80's a bit angry, anyways...gemstone became my own personal healer, we solo'd instances, intire horde teams in bg, and even took out trash in lvl70 raids for gear(btw new lvl70) .after a week things changed tho, first 2 raids of the week backtoback, and i get 2 pcs of t5 set, which allows me to heal my pet for 15% of my dmg delt, 40k burst, and my pet was instantly healed, without even touching pet heals at all, i was able to solo 70-80 instances.i kinda lost my healer after that.. :P, and after a bit of practice i was able to kill intire team(s) of horde alone in 70-79bg at 78, with a dps of 800, i had 22k HP unbuffed, and killing 80s everyday(well really one or two a day) my arch-enemy at the time was sans, man we had insain fights which i'll get to l8er on....

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