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World of Warcraft tale by Giri, 2012-02-21T11:25:00.0000000. Reads: 993
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A young priest whit strange, unknown and even a lil mystical past. Haunted by hes oven inner demons, seeking answers to who and what he might be, whit olny the burned symbol on hes right shouldr and hes un natural addiction to ... as the guids to the his originals.

Chapter 1

'What are u doing Giri? Why did you ask her to acompany you? You know that its dangerous, you know why you were sent on this journey alone, so why did you ask her to come with you? Are u thinking that she will help you out with me? How? When you yourself and that puny Priestess of yours are afraid of me. Even with answer...'

"We will be arriving soon, Priest. Infom your compagnion" said the Captain to me, succesfully saving me of my inner torture. As I was slowly coming down from the captain's deck, I saw a breath-taking sight. Smiling I forgot everything around me and my mind racet to remeber, how I met this beautiful angel that lies there peacefully writing.

I was walking around, looking if those pranksters have yet again have hidden my robe somewhere near the tempel. Sudenly something knocked me of my feet, it was all a blur some time, but as I was abel to focus I saw a retreating Angel...only when the angel turned the corner it hit me, she... she had my robe...
After lessons and performing few tasks I went to visit sister Aquinne, the only person who doesn't consider me as an outcast, but is like a family to me...     
And there I saw her, that same angel, s
tanding there, I was so dumbfolded by her beauty, that I didn't see that cat-like grin or how she moved next to me... only did I snap back to reality, when I felt her reaching for my pocket. I grabbed her hand preventing to reach my pocket, only to see  horror in her eyes, before it changed to giving up. While I was thinking what would be cause of that look, (not thining its me xP) I saw in the distance some sentinels coming our way, then I remembered some sentinalrunning after her last time too. So I tightened my grip and dragged her out of the city with me. I found us a hiding place for the time being. We shared storys while eating our small lunch (diner xP), I found that we had some things in common. I told her that I was sent to learn from the world and asked her to come with me. I not sure why ,but I told her that I knew a safe place for her in Ashenvale and since I would travel there anyway I asked her to accompany me. She looked so deep in thoughts that...

I snapped out of my thoughts by rustling noise. She was now standing, watching as land come in to view. With a smile I got back up to the captain's deck only to hear my self say: "what am I doing?"

(ps. '...' inner- giri, demon or thougs waht ever u pref to call it, ~...~ memorys,  "..." talk,  Abc plain story? not sure that to call it xD )

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