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The story I wrote for Kalvin's 2nd Story Contest and got 2nd place.

Chapter 1

"You cant keep me in here!"  She screamed, as he turns the lock on the door with the skeleton key.

"Yes, I can," he says, in that voice that makes her cringe.

"He will come for me," she says hopefully, as he walks away down the winding stairs. 

A few minutes later, he tosses the key on a table in the hall, and goes into his study.

A few days maybe, he thinks to himself, she'll come around in a few days.  The others did.

He remembers the first time he saw her.  He fell in love with her then.  He would go to watch her everyday.  The way she would care for the less fortunate, endeared her to him.

He sipped his wine and began to relax.

Her elegance and genteel manor told of her class and station.  He was convinced she was the one he was looking for.  He was so in love with her, that he just knew she would feel the same, once she got to know him better.

He starts fidgetting in his chair as he recalls that fateful day that changed everything.


The day he found out about Roland.

He knew she liked to have lunch in the park.  He had finally worked up enough courage to go talk to her, and as he approached her bench, so did this Roland.

"Hello," he heard him say, and a smooth voice that almost made him retch.

"Why, hello Mr. Chesterfield," she replied, in her sweet melodious voice.

He was stunned, reeling from the shock that she already knew this man, this stranger, that he had never seen before this very minute.  He needed time to think.  He looks around and decides to slip into the shadows to wait and listen.


He watched them for about a week and new that he had to do something about Roland. 

Finally, the right time had come.  Roland had taken her home from dinner, but, instead of taking a hack home, he decided to walk.  The night was warm and very dark, There was no moon.  Hiding in the shadows, he had a club tucked under under his cloak. 

Silently, he snuck up on Roland and drags him into a deserted alley. 

"Oh no, not you!"  Roland says in desparate recognition.

"Not me!?"  He growls.  "I don't know you!  But, I do know she will not be your's!"

The memory of every embrace, every kiss, every look, and every smile that should have been his lent strength to his blows. 

Surprisingly, this one was stronger than the others.

Later, at home, he cleaned his wounds with witch hazel and wound wort.  He needed to prepare for her arrival, because, she would miss Roland by the next evening.


The next day at lunch, Roland didn't join her.  Curious, but not worried, she finished out her day and went home.  There was a note on the floor whe she came in the door.

She read:

   My Dearest Love,
   I am sorry I could not make lunch today.  Please let me make it up to you.  Have dinner with me at my manor.  I will send a hack for you at 8pm.
                                 All my love, 

Smiling to herself, she decides to take a short nap before getting ready to go.  She had finally found a man that had captured her heart, and wondered what it would be like to be in his home.

Well, silly, she thinks to herself, you will find out soon enough.


Terrified, she shrinks back into the corner as she hears the click of the lock on the door.

"Roland!"  She whispers, as she runs into his arms.  "What is..."

"Are you alright, my love?"

She nods, still frightened.

"I was attacked and left for dead," he replied to her unspoken question.

"Shhhh," he pleads, "I don't have much time.  I will go and get the police..."

Her eyes widen again in fear.

"My love, I barely made it here alone, I could not safely take you out.  I must get help.

Giving her a quick hug for comfort, he whispers, "Will you marry me when this is over?"

"Yes," she says, tears brimming her eyes.

Kissing her quickly, he darts out the door and relocks it.

"What?!"  The monster bellows.  "What are you doing here?!"

"You have no right to keep her here," she heard Roland charge back at him.

"She is mine now, I can do what I please.  She will come to love me once you are out of the way."

She listened to the fight outside the locked door.

"Aaaaghh!!"  She heard Roland scream as it sounded like he fell down the stairs.

"Noooo!!"  She yelled, sinking to her knees.

"You will learn to love me," grated the voice she had come to hate.

"No," she repeated over and over again

Laughing harshly, he goes back down the stairs to his chair.


Early the next morning, he woke to a knock on his door and a female voice calling his name.

"Mr. Field?  Mr. Chester Field are you in there?  It is Nurse Angie."

Staggering to the door, he opens it, blinking back the brightness of the new day.

"Oh my!  Are you alright, Mr. Field?"  She askes helping him back to his chair.

"What?"  He asks, confused.  "Oh, yes, I slipped and fell down the stairs last night."

They engaged in small talk as she treats his cuts and bruises.  After she was done, she administered his medication.  She frowned as she watched him visibly relax in his chair.

"Mr. Field have you been getting your medication while I have been gone?"

"No," he whispers, slipping into a stress free sleep.

"Oh dear," she whispers to herself, "the last time this happened he had a young girl upstairs."  Making sure he was asleep, she quickly heads upstairs.

He has a condition, that, if not medicated daily, can be quite frightening.  Frightening though it may be, he has never hurt anyone but himself.

At the top of the stairs, she finds a door with a key in the lock and decides to try that one.

Awoke by the sound of a scream, Chester goes bounding up the stairs.  A lilttle incoherent, he finds Angie sobbing in the doorway of one of his extra bedrooms.  Looking past Angie, he sees her, the new young nurse that worked at the hospital where he took his treatments.  She had hung herself from the rafters in the room.

Angie had recovered and gone back down stairs to ring the hospital.


Later that day, Angie sat in Dr. Henry's office.  He was the doctor in charge of Mr. Field's case.

"Mr. Field does understand that he can never return home?"  The doctor asked.

"Yes, he does," Angie replied.

"It is sadly unfortunate that the young lady hung herself.  We will have to list this one as number seven, Unknown." 

On the way out of the hospital, Angie was thinking about Chester.  His personalities were always different, but the names always familiar.

"Beth, who was the intern that was to give Mr. Field his medication while I was gone?"  Angie asked the staff workier standing at the front desk.

"Hmmm," Beth said, thinking, looking back through her logs, "ah, here it is, Roland Chesterfield."

"Ah ha," Angie said, quietly, to herself, "maybe it is a good thing he is here now."

"What did you say?"  Beth asked.

"Oh, nothing," Angie answered.  "Good night," she waved, and continued on home.

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