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EverQuest 2 tale by 537287474_Inactive, 2005-06-28T11:44:00.0000000. Reads: 394
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Little poem I wrote, fantasy based.

Chapter 1

In the age of ancients, long surpassed,
In a land of dales, and mountains vast,
Legends born, and tales are told,
Of great Heroe's, Strong and bold.

In worlds of dragons, plains of green,
Many characters painted the sceen,
Noble and just was what the world needed,
Fighting for honour, never defeated.

Soon darkness covered the land,
Turned oceans to blood, mountains to sand.
This all happened, none knew what to do.
Some prayed to their Gods, those who held faith true.

Some hid in fear, took refuge within,
Hid from the danger, Safe from their sin,
Those who had no protection, dropped to their knees,
Begged for their mercy, shouted out please.

Bring out the Heroe's the stage is set,
A Warrior so brave, yet full of regret,
A druid who stands, so quietly by his side,
Both full of emotions which neither can hide.

The druid looks up, her eyes to the sky,
The warrior intones Grimly, "Someone must die."
The druid agrees, in her own silent way,
The Warrior speaks, "We must ride this day."

They traveled the hillside, fought with their might,
Kept clear minds, with no sleep through the night.
And although with all of their power they tried,
The warrior had no peace, as the druid then died.

Yet he never gave up, and he continued still,
To avenge her death, used all of his will.
He fought to the end, and yes, the end came.
Although the town still whispers his name.

Bring out the heroe's, the stage has been set,
A warrior so brave, yet full of regret,
The druid who stands, so quietly by his side,
Both full of emotions, which neither can hide.

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