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Stories : A Guide to Warlock's Minions

World of Warcraft tale by 537227204_Inactive, 2005-06-28T13:29:00.0000000. Reads: 875
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A treatise on the diverse types of minions a warlock may summon. Researched, compiled and edited by Bismilla Trouble Fizzlewhizzle, Acolyte of Conclava Obscurum.

Chapter 1

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Demon: Succubus

Physical Appearance:

Head:  The creature is bicorned. Sports striped horns that where prized in the past for their use in love potions but cheaper to obtain alternatives are now available from alchemy stores. The demon is usually dark haired though in the Nether it is said that blonde succubi do exist. The eyes of this demon glow blue and it is injurious to one’s sight to stare into them for too long. If overexposure occurs, wash eyes with warm water and contact the nearest physician. 

Body:  From the knees up the body is humanoid. Wears armoured provocative clothing that is searing to the touch. 

Legs:  Legs are hoofed and goat like. Spines found on the legs are very pointy and may cause irritation in certain allergic persons. If you come in contact with these spines and start to feel nauseous, dizzy, or start hallucinating, ask for help from a physician. 

Tail:  A succubus’ tail is used for balance during flight. The tail spines are viciously irritant and it is wise for any warlock who summons a succubus to keep well away of this tail during travel. It does lash about a lot and short gnomes have been known to suffer due to this. 

Wings:  Two membranous wings extend from the succubus’ back. A succubus’ wings are used for brief flight, but cannot be considered as true wings.

Weapons:  Succubi in the Nether wield whips, scythes and scimitars. In our realm they are often summoned wielding their potent whip. The succubus’ forte is their ability to seduce and confuse the attacker. 

Advantages of the succubus: the succubus is mainly a very interesting accessory demon pet for any warlock. It is pretty and evil and naughty. It is excellent in the art of running away in that it can be used to seduce the attacker. 

Disadvantages: Only humanoid creatures are affected by the succubus, and additionally, she can only devote her attentions to one victim at a time. This is fine if it means one Horde attacker. 

The prettiness of the succubus often takes attention away from oneself and this may be undesirable if one wishes to seduce someone oneself. In this case, it is advisable to order the succubus to become invisible, so she does not detract attention away from you. 

The succubus also likes to make annoying sounds almost constantly and she has a confusing habit of slapping her own hip. 

General cautions:  Beware of those spines and don’t let passers-by stare at your succubus too long. 

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