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Final Fantasy Online tale by Cwis, 2005-06-29T19:06:00.0000000. Reads: 390
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I'm gonna add random quotes from LS members i've found amusing, hehe. So y'all better watch what you say. :P

Chapter 1

#1  - Byrdy: This is one tough cock....

Byrdy talking about how long a cockatrice is taking to die when she and atmos were farming for meat

#2  - Atmos: See xen, this is what happens when you mention stargate... We debate why american football is called football!

A strange tangent we went off on o.O

3 - Berserkersrage: Look at this... is this what you want for your children?( Flashing scenes of animals in the wild, dead everywhere, laying on their back with their feet in the air and their noses turned to the color of green)
To never witness the beauty of wild animals? To never see how they do it on the discovery channel?

YOU can stop this from happening!
Wild life scientist have been studying this phenom for years now and believe they have discovered what is causing it. They have came across a wild Scottish drinking machine named Atmos who has been finding his way to the woods and unleashing horrible gases upon the innocent animals.(scenes of Atmos wondering through the woods drunk and farting, while animals roll over dead as he passes by).
REMEMBER! YOU can stop this walking natural disaster in it's tracks by donating to Tyscha's Let's plug Atmos fund.

Voice in the background at the end of the commercial: Tyshca's Let's plug Atmos fund is a non profitable organization which is dedicated to stopping Atmos. No one knows if they can even help, but they would greatly appreciate your gil. Member FDIC. This commercial was not approved by Atmos

Apparently Atmos' gas isn't popular in most parts >.>

Kaylenn - I'm surrounded by PERVERTS

Hmm, supposedly atmos griff and keilah are pervs. HMM

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