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Stories : Celerity Girl's Interactions

City of Heroes/Villains tale by PantherShade, 2005-07-06T09:56:00.0000000. Reads: 421
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Note: No, I didn't ask permission for the inclusion of people. But, I keep that part of the story very limited and open enough to interpretation of the other person's personality.

Chapter 0

Celerity Girl isn't around the base very often.  She'll typically go "home" after missions.  But, sometimes, she'll pop up at the base unexpectedly. (Well, to everyone except the Captain.)


When she's around, she friendly and inquisitive, just like in game.  She tries not to bother people that don't like kids, but she'll get sarcastic when someone treats her too young or talks down to her.  She doesn't say much about herself in specific, only alluding to normal, (usually) age-appropriate activities.


She does go talk to the Captain behind closed doors when she visits, and never mentions their conversations.

Chapter 1

Dynamo Blaster walked into the break room, and saw about two dozen candy wrappers on the table.  "Celerity Girl, I need to see you.  Now."  He wasn't really mad, but he was a little disappointed.  He heard a faint whoosh of air, followed by a buzzing sound.  As he turned around, there she was, smiling and fidgeting as usual.


"Can you explain this, little miss?"  He motioned toward the mess on the break room table.


"Um,Iguessyouwerereally,reallyhungry,huh? Youknow,eatingallthatchocolateis..." she began to reply.


"Uhn-uh.  Not this time.  You'll have to talk at a much more reasonable speed, young lady,"  he said with that brotherly tone he developed when speaking to her.


"You ... must ... have ... been ... hungry, ... but ... you ... shouldn't ... eat ... that ... much ... sugar," she said, obviously struggling to speak slowly.


"You didn't eat all this chocolate?"  Dynamo Blaster asked.


"No, ... I ... don't ... eat ... sugar. ... I've ... mentioned ... that ... before," Celerity Girl struggled.


"Oh, yes, I'm sorry.  There's just so much of it.  I wonder who left this mess then," he inquired, feeling bad about the false accusation.  But, he was thankful that Celerity Girl didn't seem to care.  She maintained her usual sunny disposition.


"Sorry about the mess," said the lab technician walking into the room.  "We decided to make fondue in the lab while Foursight was busy elsewhere.  Uh, don't tell him, ok?  He gets anal about stuff."  The lab technician cleaned up the wrappers and left the two heroes standing there.


"Ah, well, I guess that clears up that mystery," Dynamo Blaster said lightheartedly.


"Yeah,Iguessitdoes. Well,notreallyforme,becauseIdon'tactuallyknowwhatfondueis,butI'msatisfiedifyou'resatisfied," Celerity Girl blurted out.  "I'msorry;Idon'tmeantoberudeoranything,butIleftmycomputerunlockedbecauseyousaidtocomerightaway,andIdid,butnowIhavetogetbacktoitbecauseIleftaverypersonalemailonthedesktop. I'lltalktoyoulater. Bye-bye!"  As she sped away, Dynamo Blaster stood there stunned, trying to figure out what exactly she just said.



----------  Meanwhile  ----------



Just after Celerity Girl left the kiosk on which she had been typing, someone (with the unfortunate combination of an overdeveloped sense of curiosity and drive to gossip) had just turned the corner to hear a whoosh of air and see the abandoned computer.  They looked around and verbally inquired for the absent owner, but no one answered.  As they went to graciously lock the computer for the absentee, they noticed that the owner had been in the middle of writing an email.  Not seeing anyone around, they "innocently" read the email.  Then, they quickly left the computer alone and not-so-innocently told a couple friends what they read....

Chapter 2

Mommy, Daddy, and Mr. Smith:


I'm having a blast here today, as usual.  Thanks for letting me stick around this afternoon!  :D

(Yes, Mr. Smith, I'm making sure to get my hourly expenditure of energy.  They really do have a nice little gym here, even if it's not equipped with the same stuff as yours.)


Foursight seems to be afraid that I'll disturb his lab or something.  Of course, I like to zoom past when he's not watching, just to keep him on his toes.  He really does remind me of you, Daddy.  Well, you know how focused you can get on your work, and you're always running on test or another.  He seems to think about his work a lot too.  He should take some more personal time to himself and do something fun.  Maybe he should meet a guy or a girl or something.  I keep reading about how those relationships are good for people.  He should have one, but he just doesn't seem to be willing to fit someone into his life.  (See, Daddy, he's just like you!  Well, you're not really uptight like he is, just focused.)  He should get together with Kilomatrix or one of his lab assistants.  (Hmm, maybe he'd like Dynamo Blaster more.)  If he doesn't want Kilomatrix, do you want to meet her, Daddy?  She's really smart and really pretty.  You'd like her!  Uh, that is if Mr. Smith says it's okay for you two to meet.  (It's okay, right, Mr. Smith!?!)  Anyway, Mr. Smith was right.  He does look at me with a funny, intense look sometimes.  I guess he's trying to send me one of those mental pictures or something, but I don't really get anything.  See, Mr. Smith?  I told you it would be okay!  And, he doesn't do it often either.  :)


Kilomatrix has been really nice to me.  Foursight keeps telling her to watch me, even though I don't need a babysitter.  She's nice about it though.  She keeps telling me to stop eating sugary stuff.  I keep trying to tell them that I don't eat sugar, but they don't seem to listen.  She's never mean about it though.  She's like what I've read big sisters are like.  (Can you guys make me a sister, Mommy and Daddy?  Please?  I promise to play nice with her!  Will you let them, Mr. Smith?  Please?  We'd make a great team!)  Anyway, she seems to be really smart, just like you, Mommy.  I bet you two would get along really well too.  She's a doctor just like you, too.  Don't worry though, she hasn't even asked to examine me, and I'll be nice but firm about it if she does.  She talks so caring and stuff.  Except to Foursight.  She teases him a little about lab stuff.  It's funny to watch him get flustered.  I think the does it on purpose.  Do you think she likes him?  Maybe she want she wants to get together with Foursight.  (Sorry, Daddy.)  I don't know; we'll see.  :\


Rick Richter has been nice too, although he acts a little odd.  I feel bad for him, though.  He lost his family (which you all know about already but won't tell me), and thinks about them all the time.  He also seems to feel pain around bad people because of his wristbands, but he won't just take them off.  I guess it's something 'mystical' and all.  Poor guy, I hope we can help him.  He's a little quiet about it, but things slip out sometimes.  He's also not a dummy.  He seems to know a lot about weapons and stuff.  (Must be that military background I heard Mr. Smith mentioning.)  And, he's so cute!  Mommy, you should see his butt!  I saw Kilomatrix looking too, and she seemed to like it.  He has that cool body builder physique, but not too large.  Kind of like Mr. Smith's assistant!  I get all goofy when he pays attention to me.  Is it that school girl thing I read about?  Kilomatrix caught me blushing one time, and said something.  But, I don't think he noticed.  Boy, I really do hope we can help him; he really is nice.  :(


Dynamo Blaster seems to know a lot about technology stuff too.  And, I think he has a fake, electronic leg even.  (Did you all know that already?)  He's kind of quiet most of the time, but he seems to like to try to look after me too.  Whenever I ask a question about something someone said, he tells me, "I'll tell you when you are older and I am dead."  I don't think he can do that, can he?  Well, he mostly says it when it's about something that I think is sexual or someone uses profanity.  Does that mean that he's uncomfortable about sex and stuff?  I bet that means he isn't getting any sex, but has probably still had more than Foursight.  Maybe he's a homosexual and is afraid someone will find out.  I still don't understand why people care if they're not directly involved.  I mean, it's not like people can procreate with others of the same sex, can they?  (I thought that it required both sexes.)  Anyway, I can't figure him out.  He nice and stuff, but is a little shy.  Maybe it would help him if he had to be in charge or something.  Mr. Smith, do you want me to tell the Captain that Dynamo should lead the team sometimes?  I don't mind.  ;P


Carter Masters and Mrs. Masters arrived like you said they would.  It was really neat being able to talk to a Kheldian and all.  I feel bad that there are people after him and his wife.  Don't worry, I'll protect them.  (Can I bring Rick with me?)  I'm sure he'll fit in just fine.  He knows a lot about alien technologies, and should get along real well with Rick and Dynamo.  Foursight too.  Mrs. Masters seems quiet and nervous.  I guess I understand.  If I was the one being hunted for what I am, then I'd be nervous about trusting people too.  She's just looking out for her husband.  But, he seems to take it all in stride.  Maybe that's how his race handles things.  I can't wait to find out.  I'll keep a very close eye on him, and make sure no one steals him away or hurts him.  I know he could be very important.  And, I'm sure Mrs. Masters will get some confidence of her own and loosen up so he can focus on other things.  After all, she helped him escape.  (That is what you said, right, Mr. Smith?)  :)


Oh, that reminds me.  I saw the Captain like I was supposed to, and he wanted me to tell

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