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Stories : Theprototype's Defeat

EverQuest Online Adventures tale by 537143029_Inactive, 2005-07-07T19:33:00.0000000. Reads: 1785
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The tale of Proto's encounter with his nemesis: Ukena.

Chapter 1

And with that final blow, I hit the ground. Blood spilt all over my face as i fell on all fours unable to hold my bodyweight any longer. How could this be possible? A Barbarian Warrior? And a female no less! With my last ounces of strength I summoned my life stealing abilities only to be denied by her armour and equipment. She had built an immunity to the Arcane and I was at my end. My only other decision was to use my Harm Touch, but although I am a dark elf, I am still noble. I could not win like that. I swung the last of my energy away through my sword but I was no match for her. She killed me.

Chapter 2

As i stared at my Spiritmaster i said to myself "How could i lose!? Its not possible!!!" And in that instant it occured to me. Revenge is not possible at my current state. This was not a technical defeat, I was outmatched. As of then, I decided it was time to train.

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