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*with a deep breath and a look around the hearth fire of the inn Vasette von Wilholm spoke the his friends and family*

Chapter 1

Life as I know it began in a small port town on an even smaller island in the middle of the ocean. I grew up quite close to my brother Yverthad, and soon, Samarola. Life in the village was quite mundane day to day compared to most. My brother and I normally spent hours on end fishing or I should say "trying" to fish. When the both of us were old enough our beloved parents enrolled us into our churches teachings.

Samarola and I had spent time together prior to the church but it had been mostly teasing *he chuckled* and mostly teasing from her. But when my brother and I showed up to classes one morn I noticed she was there as well. Needless to say that was the end of all that was pure and holy *Vasette laughed even harder*.

The months passed as Sammy and I got much closer leading up to our "fishing" trip that was just her and I. That was when she pretty much flat out told me that she liked me and from there on we courted.

Over the next couple of years my brother, my lover, and myself all chose our paths. Yverthad chose the path of the warrior choosing chaotic goodness as his own path of ritiousness. Samarola found a certain likeing in the shadowy arts and most likely had the hardest time using the dark arts for good. I myself went the path of light learning the real "True" ways of the Palidin.

It was upon our graduation that the three of us decided to go on a little fishing trip to celebrate. We had been out only a couple of hours and even then were only a couple hundred yards from the docks when we all heard a skin curdling scream from the village. Even from this distance it could easily be seen that the skys had opened up and the Maelstrom had unleashed its fury on our peacful little town. Both I and Yverthad wanted to go back to help, save, do anything but instead we fled. *Vasette looked down and shook his head* To this day I know that if I would have stayed I would have never married Samarola or gotten to see my little brother grow up, but still ... I wish I could have done something, anything. *he let out a heartful sigh and went on.* We fled in our little boat by subterfuge of a capsized little dingy for several hours further, and further out to sea.

It was then that the Maelstroms wake hit the oceans around us stirring up a great storm. In it my beloved Sam, and kind hearted Yverthad were lost to me as a wave seperated us from each other. It was all I could do to stay afloat on a small piece of flotsam for hours, days, hell weeks for all I know. I eventually blacked out from exhaustion and only woke when the sun was baking my face and I was being poked by a sabre.

I only then realized I was on a ship, and not any ship but privateer ship of the Black Fleet, a once renowned and feared guild of pirates, *he smirked* I apoligize the prefered to be called privateers and sell swords.

*Vasette stopped for a moment to take a drink of a small bit of ale and looked around with his warm smile.* Ah so whos next for the next part of the story eh?

Chapter 2

*with another deep drink of his mug of ale Vasette went on as the hearth crackled healthfully*

Well as I was saying I awoke to a sabre pokeing my side and quite a few ragabonds standing around. Sitting up as calmly as I could which even then was quite a feat I introduced myself and did it in a respectful manor as I had been taught. I was greeted with a crowd laughing heartily at my manors.

Only then did the captain step up. He was an amazing fellow who at that time I had no intentions of even getting on his bad side. Looking me over the captain shued his men and women back to work and they obeyed with out even a second look at myself.

The man walked up to me looked me up and down then extended his hand for mine. Accepting it I stood next to him and realized I was quite weak from mal-nutrition for several days.The privateer captain introduced himself as "Redbeard". That name stuck with me and will be with me till the day I die.

Over the next couple of days I rested and was brought food gradually to regain my strength. Close to 4 days of nothing but sleeping and eating  I finally walked out onto the deck and was met by Captain Redbeard.

He informed me we would be coming to dock in about a day or so, so I would be able to leave in search for my lost brother and lover.

When we came to dock in a rocky cove I witnessed quite a scene. Having never witnessed or for that matter experienced that of Booty Bay I was in shock. Redbeard guided me around took me to the inn and all together introduced me to sinful place that Booty Bay is.

After finding my way around I searched, asked, and travled the known lands in search of my two loved ones. But eventually I meandered back to Booty Bay and lo an behold Redbeard was there once again. He asked me over for a few drinks and then asked my situation. Kindly and carefully he comforted me and then asked for me to come with him. We walked to his boat, the moon mid sky, and he proposed I join them. They needed a rogue Palidin.

So I joined the Black Fleet and it was a boistrous and wonderful couple of years as my training took several steps back and I started to forget what I was looking for.

It was roughly a year prior to our present time when there grew a mutiny in the ranks of the Black Fleet and it was in essence because the Admiral and here Fleet Commander never showed. So the Black Fleet went its different ways and I stayed in Redbeards pressence until one day he just dissapeared. *lets out a soft sigh*

And so I started back on my path of Palidinship, trying to recommit myself and start up a small order of my Church from the Island.

Chapter 3

*Vasette took a short sip well into his story now and continued on*

And so I grew up a little after all my boozing and partying. I repented for the "evil" things I had done in the name of a Black Fleet Pirate, of which I had quickly risen to the ranks of a officer. Even with all the sinful acts that I commited I learned a couple of things. One was leadership and how to watch over others and help them like family. The second was to look at the world, the whole world like it was your enemy because you will only go as far as you trully wish to go.

And so I went about trying to start my own church, order, guild, hell I just wanted to start a family of my own. I had found two lovely ladies, or at least I had thought.

They started playing games with my pour heart, both of them pulling at it, knowing I had lost a fiance. They pushed that it had been many years prior and that I should get over it. They even promised to join me if I would just marry them both. It was hard on me for my feelings had grown for them both but I still held strong in my lost.

It was right around the time that I was going to fall into their clutches that I stumbled across a blessing.

I was in the middle of Iron Forge selling some wares I had come across in my adventures that I bumped into a woman. Excusing myself I turned to look her in the face with a pleasent smile. I was met by the most beautiful face and my smile fell to a look of shock as I recognized her. It was Sammarola. Alive.

Needless to say we were speechless and we had no Idea what to do. We stood their for several long moment staring at each other, both wondering if this was some evil dream. Finally realizing that this was reality not some dream we embraced her crying into my shoulder and tears streaming down my cheek silently.

Over the next couple of days my life became harder, which was the exact opposite of what I had expected it to.

The two women who had strived for my heart were crushed and denounced me, never wanting to see me again after I had approached them with my wishes for them still to join but that I had found my once thought lost fiance. It was a long drawn out act of drama between the three of us and I finally gave up trying to salvage friendship.

The next couple of months myself and Samarola told each other our stories of the past couple of years and what plans we had in the near future. That is when I approached her with my wish to start teaching the ways we were taught back on our small Island.

Sammy introduced me to two men. One was Glyndorean of which was the one who pulled her and at this time I had no idea, but my brother as well. The next as I was laughing and getting to know Glyn was Yverthad. I had thought him lost as well and when I saw my brother in one piece it brought such joy to my heart.

So the four of us grew close as friends, and that grew into a small family. But as I started to teach other young ones who wished to become Palidins the ways I was thought, the Clergy Council of all the major Alliance cities approached me with a warning. If I was to continue teaching my "blasphemous" ways to the young ones I would be pronounced a enemy of the church and become a fugitive.

*Vasette laughed slightly and looked all around at his family* Heh most of you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me pretty much saying screw the church.

Chapter 4

And so here we are. All of us a family. All of us together for the greater good. Now all I have left to tell is how Aegis of the Dissident was formed and under what pretexts.

*he cleared his throat, drank a little bit more and went on with the last little bit*

With the threat from the Church ever so imminent the four of us decided that we need to find some refuge and come up with a name for ourselves in honor of our church and explaining the reason the Clergy Council thought us heathens.

So we came up with the name "Aegis of the Dissident". It has many meanings to all of us but at first it had serious meanings. "Aegis" Meaning shield or protector in honor of our old church. "Dissident" meaning mine and Samarola's teachings as being Martyrs in the eyes of the Clergy.

We formed our guild in all thoughts to make a tight knit family based on teaching the true ways of good, not any of the other ways where men who consider themselves "True Palidins" would pass up a needing citizin or a young one first embarking on his path for glory.

So here we are, all of us one family, one group who is going to make a name for ourselves one day soon and it will be talked about in inns and people will notice us as we walk down the streets for our colors and tabard. It is only then that the Clergy Council will have to accept us as our own church or face the people fury.

So before the night draws to old I thank you all for listening and if you ever wish to know anythings else just ask and I will oblige. *bowing shortly and then drinking the last of his ale looking at the bottom of the mug wondering where it all went he chuckled and stepped down letting someone else tell their story.*

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