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a simple tinker and a Nobleman and his pocket watch.

Chapter 1

There once lived a clock-maker in the Manthrian town of Marcogg, who was known for his very dedicated and precise work throughout the lands. It was even said that each clock he constructed with his own hands was without flaw and would last for the whole lifetime of its proprietor, not needing any repairs. Well, needless to say that many nobles commissioned clocks from this miraculous clock-maker, who knew his profession so well.

There’s also a story about a noble, who possessed a very precious pocket-watch himself, a watch he had inherited from his father. Its watch-case was made of the finest gold and had little gems instead of figures attached, and the man loved this watch dearly, on the one hand because it was part of his family’s tradition and on the other hand because it was simply exceptionally beautiful and valuable.

Well, one day the hands of the watch ceased moving for no apparent reason, and so the noble sought out the Marcoggian clock-maker, of whom he was sure that he could make the clock work again.

The clock-maker opened the clock and eyed its interiors, carefully testing wheel by wheel of its complicated clockwork. After some research he decided that he had to replace one of the many wheels to make the clock work again, and so he did, removing the defective wheel and putting it in one of his drawers, which he had reserved for such parts. Well, the hands of the clock came to live again, and the customer was satisfied with the result.

But after some years have passed, the noble appeared again in the clock-maker’s shop. The clock had stopped again, the clock-maker was told, and the man begged him to look once more into the matter. And so the clock-maker did, one more time checking every part of the clock until he found a new culprit, which was causing the problem. This time another part of the clock than at the last time was responsible. In order to be on the safe side, the clock-maker substituted a whole part of the clock’s gear. The clock worked, and the customer was satisfied with the result.

Nevertheless there came another time when the clock stopped working and the noble reappeared in the clock-maker’s shop, not at all very happy. This time the clock-maker promised that he’ll repair the watch once and for all. And so he did. Without investigating much the opened the pocket-watch and replaced all those parts of the interior he hadn’t done so far. And – not very surprisingly – it worked instantly.

A few days later the noble arrived, asking if the clock was already repaired and if it worked again. The clock-maker smiled as he looked into his drawer, where he stored all the defective parts, now containing all wheels, screws and metal parts, which once had been part of the noble’s beloved watch. “Yes, “ the clock-maker said, “Finally it works. And better than ever, believe me!” And with these words he handed the man his pocket watch. From this time on he should never again be seen in the clock-maker’s store.

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