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Final Fantasy Online tale by 537479191_Inactive, 2006-04-04T21:16:00.0000000. Reads: 641
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A story I'm writing for imaginative writing class. I have to turn this in for a grade so imput would be awesome ^^. As you can see it's about 1/3 done ill add the rest once I write it.....

Chapter 0

Sitting comfortably in the shade of a familiar oak tree Anglose the Elvaan took in the Ronfare forest. The warm wind out of La Thine Platue whisked his sleek white hair out of his eyes as he looked down to brush some dirt off his faded green and brown jerkin.  Basking in the gentle wind, the Elvaan couldn’t help but think how much time he spent in the forest of Ronfaure. Remembering the days when tracking wild rabbits was chore and when archery was a stranger brought a smile to his face. Both now were second nature to the young ranger, who had now been adventuring across the land of Vana’Diel for the better part of a year. Lost in memories of the mighty wood that was about him, Anglose didn’t notice a small carpenter ant crawl up his calf high brown leather hunting boots. Brushing the small ant off, Anglose picked a near by blade of grass and tossed it into the southern wind.  Following it with his eyes as it danced carelessly in the wind-…….. Anglose……Anglose!………Anglose wakaru up!


As the dream of the lush forest of Ronfare rolled away from his sight, Anglose was jolted awake by a poke in his lower rib.  Opening his eyes to a sea of swirling black and grey Anglose noticed the short shape of his good friend Arcan the Tarutaru.

“Gewd you’re up!” Said Arcan “Borodin and Zehfuss are still snoozing; I’ll wakaru them, get your gearu ready! If that boyaru is anywhere it’s the spire.” The hood of Arcan’s robes fell back as he sharply and excitedly lifted tiny hand pointing north.


His sleep filled eyes now registering the black and grey shades all around him Anglose took in what was a colorless, soundless, and lifeless Ronfaure forest. Later come to be known as Promyvion the four adventures where immersed it what can only be descried as emptiness. His eyes scanned the sea of fog and lifeless trees around him finally coming to rest on an out of place black spire.


 Slowly raising to his feet Anglose checked over his hunting bow. Running his fingers gently across its bow string Anglose noticed a fine white dust had infested itself all over the solid oak bow. Looking at the ground Anglose saw that it was not lush green grass at his feet but rather dust. Pressing his heal down Anglose found that the dust was as firm stone. Drawing back the bow string Anglose aimed his bow to the sky inspecting every inch of his most prize possession.


“It’s only a bit of dust” called out Borodin breaking the Ranger’s concentration. “


You treat that thing as if it was your wife” he added with a smile.


“Jealous are we?” said Anglose with a grin as he turned around to greet his friend. Despite the low fog and blackness that surrounded him Anglose still clearly made out the masterful engravings on Borodin’s silver Eisenburst armor. Stealing a glance at his dual battle axes Anglose laughed.


“And what is so funny?” said Borodin


“Your Axes they are still covered in dust” replied Anglose


“And what of it?” said Borodin as he looked down


“If I treat my bow as I would my wife” said Anglose with a smile, “Then you clearly treat your axes as if they where your hounds”


“Your right” replied Borodin taking a moment to think, “And my hounds haven’t been feed since we started looking for this damned boy”


“Peace Borodin, for I fear they will soon have a fest they cannot handle. This place is like nothing I have ever seen. I fear what creature would chose such a place for its home”


“Meh, just another day in the life of an adventurer” said Borodin, “Speaking of which where are Zehfuss and that half-pint”


“Still preparing spells I believe, come let us go to them” said Anglose.


“No need, we are ready to depart” said Zehfuss coming into view. Startled by his entrance Anglose faced the black mage in awe. How could so easily sneak up on him? Giving him a quick scan Anglose searched for anything that would grant his Hume friend soundless movement. Seeing only Zehfuss’s familiar black robes and oak wand Anglose opened his mouth to ask why?


Sensing his unrest before he even spoke Zehfuss said, “Relax your not going crazy I used silent oil, some of us are not as gifted in the art of un-detection”.


Giving a short laugh Anglose asked, “And where is our master Summoner?”


“Don’t know… I thought he was right behind me” Said Zehfuss


“I’m right heraru!” shouted Arcan as he stepped out from behind a small bush, “I have been the entire time!”


Zehfuss, Borodin, and Anglose all gave a laugh at this notion much to the irritation of Arcan. His eyes now angry slits Arcan asked, “Is everyone ready?”


“Aye” answered Zehfuss, Borodin and Anglose with smiles still on there faces. 


“Gewd now that we are all readaru, let us head to the spire! And hopefully the boy! Anglose takaru point!” said Arcan again excitedly pointing his tiny hand toward the ominous black spire.


“Wish I could get so exited about something so boring” muttered Borodin as the four adventures made there way through the forest of dead trees and low fog. Anglose at the lead the four adventures moved with very little noise save the occasional clanging of Borodin’s armor.

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