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Stories : The Forest of the Lost

EverQuest 2 tale by Reilena, 2006-12-20T17:18:00.0000000. Reads: 628
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Little pieces of Reilena's life.

Chapter 1

 Her young aqua-green eyes shut tight, heart pounding hard behind the fragile rib cage of her adolescent body. Her cheek is pressed against the chain-clad shoulder of a stranger, tiny hands wrapped tightly around his waist, clawing almost to stay secured atop the galloping horse she now found herself on. The smell of blood and dirt caked in to his armor filled her stomach with a twisting queasiness. She longed for a breath of fresh forest air, crisp, clean, soothing to her now burning lungs. Her eyes squint tighter, trying to imagine good things, happy things, forcing the stinging salty liquid back, attempting to block out the horrifying images of what she’d seen only moments before. The horse rears and her head hits hard against his shoulder, knocking her already frail and tired body out of consciousness.

Everything is calm and still in her comfortable tree-top house. Lying, belly down, on the end of her parent’s bed, her hands holding her chin up as she watch carefully. A woman sits in front of her, humming soft elvish tunes as she runs a brush though her crimson red hair. The little girl’s feet kick carelessly, back and forth, up and down as the woman looks back at her with a warm smile. The woman’s eyes are caring and comforting, she smiles back and thinks to herself, ‘Wow, she’s perfect. I hope I can grow up to be just like that.’ She looks to her right and see her baby sister sleeping soundly in her wooden crib. She sits up a little taller so she can look down at baby. It stirs, and its face scrunches as a loud wailing scream escapes the baby’s tiny mouth. Her ears ring at the screaming sound and her eyes force themselves open again.

The tall, unfamiliar, Koada’Dal paladin picked her up off his horse and slung her petite body over his shoulder. Her head tilted against his back,
her hazy vision seeing the anarchy they had left behind. Bodies lay strewn about the forest floor. Orcs, Elves, all engulfed in smoke and flames. She heard the wailing of men as they took fatal blows from axes and arrows and the blood-curdling screams of children unable to pull free from the brawny hands of their Orc captors. All she could do was watch in horror.

Her body bounced limply over the warriors shoulder as he ran her across the rocky beach that met the forests end. They quickly reached the docks and he brought her to the first ship he saw. The paladin knelt down, laying her gently on the ships damp wooden deck. There was a frantic chaos around them, men yelling for ropes to hoist the ships sails, woman rushing back and forth trying to keep the little ones calm. She blinked as his face came to focus. His gentle hand reached down and quickly pushed strands of ivory hair out of her face. His deep brown eyes scanned her body quickly, checking to make sure she was in once piece. There was calm in his eyes, even through this chaotic mess. He turned sharply and yelled back for someone to get water. She lay there, expressionless; her eyes open, observing everything around her, not daring to move a muscle, helpless, but some how calmed by the strangers gentle touch and caring gaze.

She knew what had happened. Everything familiar to her was stripped away in a matter of minutes. There would be no more warm summer nights spent looking up at the stars with momma. No more archery lessons with daddy. No. The tender hands that helped her pull her first bow string were now laying mangled on the forest floor with the rest of him. She knew she’d never see her baby sister grow tall and strong. She’d never have the chance to tease her and play like sisters do.

Laying there on the deck of that ship, in the care of a stranger, little Reilena knew that things were going to be different now. She would have to fend for herself and be strong through all this chaos. And she would be... she had to.

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