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Not as much story as summary of in game events, however it is relevant to the last chapter of Redemption to know this information

Chapter 1


Formerly the RP summary for "All good things"

Emiki was in a great mood. She had actually felt better than she had in a long time. She had just finished supplying her Vendors with the latest of her designs, had spent the day learning about firing blasters with Mar, and now was in Camelot, having a ball at the Thursday night party.

Emiki had never been allowed to stay at the parties when she lived with Tado. She always knew Tado meant well but sometimes she meant too well. Miki had spent most of her life living free, and she didn’t take well to being cooped up. Now that she was living with Mar and Khristen things were different. She could come and go as she liked, pretty much do what she wanted, and all she had to do was let them know where she was.

And unknown to everyone, even Emiki, she was approaching her 18th birthday. Having been sold into slavery as a very young child, she never really knew her birthday and never celebrated it. At the end of every year she would just assume she was older, and went with it.

The party was in full swing and she was feeling great. She had run around in the little park outside for a while, snuck behind the bar to try and steal some ale, and danced to the band, which was rocking out on the Calypso song. Everyone was laughing with her as she went from giddy to silly, and her mood was infectious.

She was doing a little groove on the dance floor when she felt a chill run down her spine. She shivered and made a comment about there being a breeze. But as she said it she knew something else was happening. She couldn’t explain what but she was compelled to go outside.

With everyone partying and having a good time, no one really noticed when she walked out of the cantina and took in the Dantooine air. She felt the same shiver again and looked around. It was a nice day, sun shining and no breeze to be noticed. But it was there, something disturbing her.

She turned to walk back inside and find one of the adults to tell, but for some reason stopped. Even Emiki couldn’t figure out why she stopped, but she did. She paused a moment then walked around the left side of the cantina. Nearby there was a small hill, and she could see someone standing on top of it.

Alarms were going off in her head. Mar had done so much work with her to build up her instincts and know when danger may be presenting itself. This was certainly one of those situations, and she knew what she should do….but she didn’t. She started to walk towards the hill. With each step she questioned why she was doing it, trying to will her body to turn and head back to the cantina, but instead her body acted against her wishes and continued moving towards him.

Her sight started to get blurry…no blurry is the wrong word….hazy…almost like a filter of some kind placed in front of her eyes. She began walking up the hill getting closer to the man, who she could now see had a tattoo on his face and wore a cloak with the hood over his head. She kept screaming inside her head to turn around and run back, but she didn’t. She wanted to cry and yell out at the lack of control she had over herself at the moment, but she couldn’t do that either.

Finally she reached the top of the hill and stopped walking. She stood only feet away from the man and looked up at him. With her vision distorted she was having trouble knowing what her surroundings were, trying to take it in as Mar taught her, to look for advantages or escapes. Instead she just stood staring at the man.

“You heard my call young one” he said to her, his tone almost sinister to her ears. She struggled, still wanting to turn but couldn’t.

“I….I felt something….I…” She began, but was frustrated. She knew what she wanted to say. She wanted to say “who the hell are you” and “what have you done to me!” but when she tried to speak the words it was almost as though she forgot how to speak.

He smiled, a devils smile and said “Yes….you felt your destiny”

“What…….destiny is….I….” Emiki was still struggling, feeling more and more helpless unable to turn and run, unable to even speak as she wanted to.

“You will come with me” he said to her, not so much telling her but observing. As though he just knew she was going to come with him

“I…don’t want to…” She managed to say, one of the first acts of defiance she finally made properly, as weak as it was.

“But you will” he said and smiled at her, his teeth rotting and almost fangs.

Emiki, felt her eyes glaze over, and she no longer knew what was happening at all. She no longer felt like running, she no longer felt like crying, she no longer felt like screaming for help…she no longer felt anything at all.

“Yes….I will” She responded in a soft hypnotic voice, and then it went dark.

Chapter 2

Episode 1

a guy showed up claiming to be a servant of the house of X'olard. Turns out he is a clone.

- he brought the message that it was true that Emiki was alive, that the body found was a clone of her and X'olard wished to exchange her for Nythaka.

- Upon investigating the old Sand In Your Eye club that Tado sold to X'olard, Dekkan, Jadeen, Lonne and others found 5 data disks.

disc 1 was a short list of who X'olard should kill to gain favor with the emperor. The list included Kor Spera residents and Lilyflie.

disc 2 was a congrats on killing Lilyflie and to proceed with the rest of the list.

disc 3 was a appology on why he could not kill Tado Skylighter as it was thier error having her in a detention facility that she escaped from.

disc 4 was asking for a follow up as no results had come in, and his commitement to the empire was in question. Was he failing as Nythaka had once failed.

Disc 5 was a confirmation from a unknown source of checking out the Camelot area that it would be ideal to lure emiki there for him to capture her. Also that whoever sent this message would make sure the clone of emiki was placed outside of the starport in the mining outpost.

- Upon interrogating the clone that arrived in kor spera, it was learned that he considered X'olard a god. As well that for some reason X'olard refered to Nythaka as his "wife". As they continued to question him something changed about him and a ticking noise appeared to come from inside of him. He exploded damaging nothing but making a mess of his parts all over the room and oveak.

- As Oveak and Ezzy went back to Camelot it occoured to them that the clone of emiki could also explode, so as they sent a droid in to investigate the body did explode, again damaging nothing, just leaving clone bits all over the place.

-Spa'de came up with an idea, using the same clone system that X'olard seemed to be using, began to create a clone of Nythaka, to try and lure X'olard out in the open, perhaps capturing (or killing) him and somehow saving emiki. 

Chapter 3

Episode II

Spa'de was able to trace the DNA of the clone to it's original doner and sent out seeker droids to find him. He was found in a house in Mos Eisley, a trader down on his luck, who agreed to help a Zabrak and two Twi'lek females with a project for a hefty sum of money. It turns out to be the cloning.

He is able to point them in the direction of a house he had met them in, one on tatooine that a tailer he knew used to live in. Turns out this tailor was none other than emiki.

When the team arrived at the house they found a Emiki clone who was very polite and helpful. She spoke of a place where she was created that was full of clones, stormtroopers and a droid army. Using a holomap Dekkan was able to get the girl to show them where a cloning facility was on Naboo. They left to investigate.

Mar and Khristen examined several items they found in the house. one being a diary of X'olard. He is obsessed with Nythaka. Claims she will be his wife someday that he was promised that by his master.

Meanwhile Spa'de, tipped off by the doner, and along with Ha'thren confronted X'olard in Deeja peek. Turns out it was just a X'olard clone, but was a exact match, unlike the others who had special programming. He agreed to turn over Emiki in exchange for Nythaka. he also speaks of a droid army that is already in motion

Spa'de got the Clone Nythaka to come to Deeja peak. Presenting the fake nyth in exchange for the real Emiki.

At the clone facility the team is attacked by clones and defeat them. They find the droid army is no longer in the building and logs show that the army has been set active.

X'olard's clone reveals the real emiki, and then begins to spout off to Nythaka about how they will now kill him but her destiny lies with X'olard. They are meant to be yada yada yada.

Ha'thren kills the clone. Emiki is escorted by Dekkan back to Kor Spera.

Due to a strange transmission Nythaka recieves at the Communications center, Jadeen and Mi'aw head to Lok to check it out. The transmission seems to be a distress call from none other than Lilyflie, the young Twi'lek who was found murdered outside of Kor Vella some time ago. When they arrive they meet a dancer at Nyms cantina who is happy to tell them some info for the right price.

They learn that Lilyflie is known on Lok as having control of the criminal activities in the south. She had recently left the planet with a group of clones for the Corellian system. It turns out the body found outside of Kor Vella could have been a clone much like the one of Emiki that was found.

Tado heads to Naboo to follow up on some information, but when everyone returns to Kor Spera, tado appears to be standing in the park. Jadeen approaches her to ask her to have a chat. She says to him there is no time and proceeds to explode all over him. The clone situation strikes again.

Meanwhile Khristen and Mar head out to follow up a lead they have, an attempt to communicate with Tado is made to which the only response is "Give me a moment". Emiki is checked out to be sure it is 100% the real emiki and several people decide it is a good time for a drink. 

Chapter 4

 Deep north on Corellia, at a rebel outpost, a officer runs frantically through the halls seeking someone in charge. He has a look of panic of his face and is noticed by pretty much everyone he passes. Running up the stairs he stops and scans the area. Whoever he is looking for isn’t there. He picks up his feet and runs for the main office where he knows the base commander must be.

“Excuse me sir…” He exclaimed in a rushed tone, “….we have a problem!”

The commander turned to him and raised an eyebrow, “What is it? He asked the frantic soldier.

“It’s the X-130 wing prototypes……” he answered catching his breath

The commander squinted his eyes puzzled. The x-130 Wing prototypes were a experiment a few pilots were working on to help the rebels in space. A droid controlled X-Wing that could mimic flight the same as a real pilot can. The AI was being fine tuned by the pilots themselves in order to get a “real” feel from one of these ships. Though they had not been tested in space, the team had been confident that they would work

“What has happened?” the commander asked

“An ambush sir…they came out of nowhere…” he responded still trying to calm his breathing enough to talk

“Imperials?” he asked concerned now that the base was compromised and they would have to pick up and move out.

“No sir…” the officer continued, “Battle droids. Old style battle droids…..almost like the Clone Wars images we have seen…”

“Battle droids?” The commander shook his head in disbelief, “son, all those droids were decommissioned at the end of the Clone Wars” Though he knew some groups had reactivated those droids, a outpost had not been attacked by them since the end of the wars. No one had the guts to attempt something like that.

“I know sir but I saw it with my own eyes…”

The commander understood from the look on his face this officer was telling the truth. “How many casualties?” he asked, moving on from disbelief to duty.

“No lost men sir…they pushed us back but we didn’t lose a single man…”

The commander breathed a sigh of relief, “Well thank goodness for that”. He relaxed and sat back down in his chair. A few seconds passed and he noticed the officer didn’t look calm at all and felt there was more to the story he told him than he heard so far. “Something you are not telling me?”

“Sir, they took the prototypes. All of them”

The commander’s eyes opened wide, “The Droid X-wing prototypes? Can they be shut down remotely?”

The officer shook his head, “normally sir, but the droids…they took out the entire AI system we had installed. The droid ships can’t be controlled remotely anymore”

“Then we get up in the air and shoot them out of the sky!” The commander reached for his comlink’

“Sir…..they have jumped out of the system already”

“Who the hell would have stolen those ships?” The commander spat from his lips as he put down the receiver.

Just as he did that the 4 droid controlled X-Wing ships made a soft landing on the planet Lok, in a well hidden port in the south. Standing at the pad smiling were two Twi’lek women and a Zabrak male.

“Begin reprogramming them” one of the Twi’leks commanded. The Zabrak nodded to her and moved towards a computer console. The two Twi’lek women walked towards a small transport ship which was being loaded with supplies by 5 men who looked exactly the same.

The one who had given the order, a sickly green colored skin and dark red eyes turned to the other, blue skinned fair looking Twi’lek and said, “The Nova Heart was spotted in Naboo space. Confirm this for me”

“Yes mistress…” She replied

“When we have confirmation we will send the ships to intercept. X’olard should be able to reproduce the prototype for at least 3 more ships to observe Kor Spera” The green skinned Twi’lek gave her a sinister smile, “At which point X’olard has served his purpose and will be dealt with”

“About time if you don’t mind me saying” the blue skinned one said in response

“yes….irritating he has been with his little crush on our enemy”

The blue skinned Twi’lek smiled, “Thank you mistress”

The green skinned Twi’lek smiled back only in a more evil grin, “Soon I shall reveal myself to Nythaka….soon I shall have revenge”

Chapter 5

The Nova Heart wasn’t just a ship, it was a dream come true for Tado. Her first ship ended up getting her stranded on Lok and after her abusive “imprisonment” and escape she spent a lot of time dreaming of a ship she could be truly free in.

When she found the ship shell in a used shipyard, as much as it was just floating junk, she fell in love with it. At first she was just shopping for parts for her Sky Cantina but as soon as she transferred the credits to the salesman she knew this was worth so much more than she paid. This ship was the freedom she had dreamed of.

As the ship came to life with some careful repairs and new parts, it stopped being just a ship, and became an extension of Tado herself. On all her journeys and adventures the Nova Heart was with her one way or another.

If she had to go somewhere it wasn’t even a thought on how she would get there. She took on transporting goods now and again just as an excuse to fly it. Almost as though her own heart beat only if the ships reactor would beat with it.

She dreamed a dream and that dream came true.

Tado was in Naboo space, just after launching from Keren, getting ready to plot a course back to Corellia. The information she had learned from some of her smuggling buddies and old acquaintances was still swimming in her mind.

Over the last few weeks, trouble had hit her home of Kor Spera again beginning with a faked death and kidnapping of Emiki, the young tailor she had brought to Kor Spera for a better life than she had on Tatooine, and threats on her cousin Nythaka from someone called X’olard.

She had learned that X’olard actually worked for a Twi’lek woman named Lilyflie. At first she found this hard to believe. She knew of Lilyflie as someone who Nythaka once knew, and who was murdered just a few months ago outside of Kor Vella. In fact, the whole situation caused CorSec to practically invade Kor Spera looking for clues.

But a smuggler she knew named Dash had always been on the level with her and was able to provide her some leads to verify the information.

Lilyflie indeed was alive according to what she learned…but the most distressing part of this news wasn’t that she was alive and perhaps faked her death, and for the moment it wasn’t that she was a threat to Kor Spera and Nythaka….right now it was learning that Lilyflie had a brother. Her brother had been killed a few years ago in Lok Space.

Her brother’s name was Asenn

This news had things swirling around Tado’s brain. Could everything that has happened be a result of Lilyflie trying to get revenge on Tado for killing Asenn? Could she have been using Nythaka to get to her?

No, it didn’t make sense. Nythaka had known Lilyflie since they were kids. And If Tado was the target then why would Emiki have been kidnapped? Why would Nythaka be a target? Lilyflie, Emiki and Nythaka had all escaped together from a slave compound and from the Empires “project rebirth”....they saved each other...why would Lilyflie want to harm Nythaka....

It was just too damned eerie to be just coincidence though. Tado couldn’t shake the thought that what happened to Asenn was part of the reason for everything that was happening. Then she thought of Nythaka’s journal, a entry in it where she wrote how her father had killed Lilyflie’s father. Could that have had something to do with it? But why would Lily have chosen to run away with Nythaka after it happened? Surly Lilyflie couldn’t be blaming Nythaka for her fathers death?

Or could she…?

“my god…..” Tado said out loud as the pieces slowly began to fit in her head. Sparkly her droid was working effortlessly on the communications panel preparing to send a message to kor Spera. Tado wanted to send word of this information as it would warn them at least before she got back. Communications can always travel faster than a ship.

She wasn’t sure how to say it though without sounding like a nutcase. When she really thought about it, this did seem pretty far fetched. She was convinced though that as insane as it was, it was the only sane explanation.

Sparkly made a few beeps signaling that he was ready and Tado stood up in front of the recorder.

“Priority 1 to Kor Spera Security Center. This is Tado Skylighter” She began and took a breath. “here goes nothing” 

Chapter 6

 A message was recieved from Tado who was broadcasting information that linked Lilyflie to being behind everything that was happening and some of the potential reasons for it. Just as she was finishing the transmission a alarm went off on her ship to which she was heard say "...why is it everytime I go to naboo..." before the transmission was ended.

-A clone arrived in the city and just stood at the shuttleport transmitting something. Jadeen saw him and called for reinforcements. When questioned about what the clone was doing he explained that he was sending the location signals from kor Spera to Droid operated ships in space to prepare for the coming attack on the city. With that Mar, Lonne, Jadeen and others fired at him until he was dead.

-On investigating the city further more clones were found standing around doing nothing but Transmitting. Dekkan took out at least 4 of them on his own.

-When all the clones were taken care of, everyone regrouped to the tactical center to formulate a plan to take out the droid ships in space. Rcet, E'mma, Spa'de, Mar and Lonne took their ships up and destroyed the ships.

-In the process Spa'de was using ship resources to pinpoint the location the signal that controlled the ships was coming from.

-Rcet was unlucky and had to get towed as his ship took heavy damage

-With the droid ships gone and a trace to the source located, Mar, Dekkan, Spa'de, Rcet, E'mma and Lonne went to the source and found a very suprised and irritated X'olard. He attacked them but was out numbered and was killled. Spa'de confirmed that it was the real X'olard

-Before he died he claimed "this is not how the mistress saw it happening!" and "Nythaka will be mine!" but you know...he was killed. Mar made sure by Scalping him (ewwwww) Dekkan spit and stomped on him a bit and then Spa'de took what was left back to Kor Spera for examination.

-In searching the location they found X'olard Mar found some documents that needed to be decoded and a gas leak got them to exit the place before it could affect anyone (someone let me know if you did decide to blow the building up or not. no one told me)

-Speaking of Nythaka, her and Renea went to Lok to follow up on some Lilyflie leads. Due to two leads that looked equally promising, they split up and went different directions, with the intention of contacting each other if the lead went anywhere.

-Upon coming back to Kor Spera, I're was briefed on what had happened and led Spa'de and E'mma to Kor Vella to check out the "body" of lilyflie that had been found. It was confirmed that the original body found was indeed a clone, and most likely the first prototype to the cloning process seen in the others. 

Chapter 7

 *holoimage appears of Tado*

Priority 1 to Kor Spera Security Center. This is Tado Skylighter...

*she takes a breath* here goes nothing...

My trip to Keren has turned out to be somewhat useful but the news I have found is concerning. It looks as though the person who may actually be behind the clones and Emiki's kidnapping might not be X'olard himself, though I am sure he has played a role...

A informant of mine claims that Lilyflie Tarlmak is alive and operating off of the Lok system..Might want to go over this with I're because I think she was the investigator in Lilyflie's apparent murder..wasn't she?

Anyway...the world gets a little smaller here...while I was investigating my informants claims I learned that Lilyflie had a brother named Asenn...who is someone I was once involved in and....well he died under unusual circumstances we'll say...I don't think I can get into details right now...

Though it may not be my place to say, it should also be noted that Nythaka's father killed Lilyflie's father years ago...around when Lily and Nyth ran away together and got caught in the slave trade...I should also note that the person responsible for my kidnapping after I first came to Kor Spera was named Hershel Tarlmak...

Too many things are adding up here to something unbelievable but I fear may be true. I think Lilyflie is behind all of this. She may have a vendetta against our family which has now spread to Kor Spera because we live there...and I'm sure it doesn't help that Mar and Jadeen were involved in bringing me back after the kidnapping...

I am plotting a course now back to Corellia. I'll be able to fill you in more when I get there...oh, and my informant says there is another Twi'lek involved with her but he couldn't give me any names.

Odd thing is....didn't lilyflie have blue skin? Everyone I referenced her to claimed her skin color was more green....I don't know what to make of that...

Anyway, I'll be in Kor Spera shortly, as soon as....

*alarm goes off in the background*

What the....*sigh* why is it every time I go to Naboo.....

*walks away from the projector*

..Sparkly end transmission!


Tado ran for the cockpit cursing under her breath. She was sure she was cursed. The last time she had heard the alarms go off she had just left the naboo system…the time before that she was in the Naboo system when Pirates came and attacked her out of nowhere…

As she got into the pilot seat she flipped a few switches and checked the console for what had set off the alarm. There were 4 signals of ships closing in on her position. The readout claimed they were X-Wing class ships, commonly used by the rebellion.

“Hmm….” Tado ran a routine scan to see if she could get any recognition codes from them. Being a friend to the rebellion meant that it could have just been a squadron coming to warn her of something. After a short wait, while she double checked her course settings, she got a Rebel coded response. Tado breathed a sigh of relief as she felt she was no longer in danger. She reached for the communications terminal to say hello.

Then all of a sudden the ship rocked.

“…what the hell?” she held on to the arm rest of her seat as the ship rocked again. They were firing at her. She switched the comlink and started frantically speaking to the ships “Hello….I’m a friendly, hold your fire…hold your..”

Bam! The ship rocked again, and again. All she was receiving back on the comlink was droid gibberish. A new alarm came on showing her that the deflector shields were down to 75%. Whoever these guys were, they weren’t fooling around.

“Well screw this…” She mumbled and ran out of the Cockpit, bracing herself against the ship walls as she ran for the Turrets. “Sparkly, evasive action!” She yelled as she climbed up the ladder. The little R3 droid rolled into the main cargo bay to the closest terminal and started giving the ship commands.

Tado slid into the seat and put on a headset. Through the gun turret window she saw two of the X-wings coming around. She flipped to weapons free and started aiming. Sparkly meanwhile had the Nova Heart twisting and turning as best as a droid could, which made it all the more difficult for Tado when aiming.

But Tado had been practicing since her last space battle, and with a few twists in the seat, she pulled the gun triggers sending blaster fire at the ships. The X-wings were matching the ship movements with precision and continued to target her key systems. She watched her monitor as she worked hard for a lock, still firing blasters as often as she could, her capacitor wheezing to stay fully charged.

One of the X-wings turned to aim at her Engines. This was her first lucky break. With the ship slowing in front of her she was able to gain a lock and held down the trigger buttons hard. The X-wing buckled and exploded leaving a trail of debris behind it. Tado smiled and looked at her Navigation screen for the other three.

The Ship shook with each wollop from the remaining 3 ships. Sparkly let out a droid scream and she knew the systems were failing one by one. She had to be quick. Spinning the turret around she caught a quick lock on a second X-wing and fired, knocking out one of it’s engines and sending it spinning away. Not a kill, but enough for her to decrease the ships shooting at her for the moment.

The two remaining ones seemed to be learning from the Nova Hearts movements and were staying under the belly in order to avoid her gunfire. “Sparkly give me a spin please” She said calmly into the headset to her droid. The Nova Heart suddenly started to go into a spin. Tado focused on her monitor to try and not get dizzy. She watched and counted how many seconds it took for the ship to spin one round and when in that spin one of the x-wings would enter her range. She saw the spot she needed to aim and held the Turret as still as she could.

“1….2……3……” She fired, catching the X-wing right in the cockpit. Glass blew outwards followed by the ship splitting in half. “Ok…level us out” Tado said to her droid. The Nova Heart stopped spinning. Tado checked the monitor again. The one remaining X-wing was coming in fast and looked like he was aiming for the turret.

“Gah!” She screamed and threw off her headset. As blaster fire began to hit the ship she leaped from the chair and slid down the ladder, hitting a airlock to the upper turret as she landed. She felt the explosion from where she had been as the doors sealed shut.

Tado had hit the gound pretty hard in her leap but it had certainly saved her life. She stretched her body a bit, making sure all her parts were working and then slowly slid down the ladder to the second turret. Sparkly let out a droidish howl, which led her to immediately look at the statistics screen. Shields were at 20%, the capacitor was only putting out half it’s energy (thanks to the upper turret explosion) and her reactor was already taking damage.

Sliding into the seat she put on a headset and fired up the batteries. “Ok Sparkly. Listen to me really carefully…..” she said into the headset. “This is going to be risky but we have to take the chance” The little droid beeped worryingly at her “When I give the word. I want you to shut down the engines completely and activate the front stablizers. That should bring us to a quick turn. As you do that, give me another small spin”

The droid chirped and beeped at her in protest “I know” Tado said in response, “But this is the only shot I think we’re going to get” Sparkly gave in with a soft beep and started calculating the action. Tado spun her turret to the side and waited. She watched the monitor for the X-wing as it made several passes firing at the ship.

‘OK Sparkly……now!”

The ships engines dropped and the Nova Heart went into a slow spin. The stablizers kicked in at the front of the ship causing it to almost hiccup backwards. As Tado had hoped it but them right behind the X-wing. “Sparkly hit the engines now!” She yelled, and the droid yelled back at her. The engines came back to life and the Nova Heart was plunged forwards towards the attacker. The X-wing began it’s turn to take another pass, which is when Tado smiling at her perfect lock on the ship said “I don’t think so..” and fired hard from the turret.

The X-wing blew into pieces as each shot hit it, but as it did Tado’s Capacitor blew causing the gun to go dead. Smoke started to rise from under her chair and she pulled herself up the ladder closing the airlock door behind her. Her leg was hurting, either from the drop from the first turret or from the twist she had givin it climbling out of the bottom one, or both. She struggled to her feet and started to walk to the Cockpit.

“Sparkly send out a distress call” She said as she passed the little droid. Sparkly beeped at her questioningly, “I don’t know” She said fustrated, “just pick a distress channel and send a transmission” The droid beeped in almost a shrug…if that is possible….and went to work sending a signal.

She climbed in the cockpit and checked the systems for damage. But she didn’t have to look farther than outside the cockpit window. The ship was in rough shape, probably the worst it had been. She saw bits and pieces of it missing, and knew it was probably not going to make it back to Kor Spera on it’s own.

“Well…..” She said to herself listening to the heart beat of the reactor, “at least it’s still mobile” As she said it the ship shook hard and the reactors beat started to beat slower. Above her through the cockpit she could see a damaged X-wing fly overhead and begin turning for another pass.

“……right….forgot about that one…” Tado said soberly.

She turned to try and send more power to the main shields but there was no power to send. She hardly had systems still working. The X-wing had reached a fair distance and was coming back at the Nova Heart. When Tado crippled it she obviously had slowed it down but it wasn’t giving up.

Sparkly chirped from below, “What kind of signal?” Tado yelled down at the droid who had basically been saying that the distress call has gotten a response. Tado turned to the radar and saw a large vessel entering the sector she was in. She activated the comlink and opened a channel

“Unidentified ship” She began, “I am under heavy fire by a unknown assailant and need assistance!” She waited for a response, all the while listening to her ships reactor beat slowing down more and more with each second.

“….Tado…is that you?” She heard a familiar voice on the comlink

“Rcet! Thank you thank you thank you!” It was a relief to hear her friend Rcet on the comlink, knowing he was probably out there looking for her, seeing as she took off to Naboo without him instead of waiting like she had said she would. “Can you do me a favor, can you shoot that bastard X-wing out of the sky?” Tado smiled as she waited for him to save the day.

But her smile quickly dropped when she heard him say “Um…Tado, I’m in my Yacht….I have no weapon systems…”

As he said that her reactor went dead, and the X-wing fired again taking out the last rear deflector.

Chapter 8

 Renea looked out at the small base from a mound in the distance. She was scanning it through binoculars. Most of it had been abandoned but there were still some signs of life. In fact she recognized the people she saw wandering around the place.


She even saw a couple that looked like Emiki, which she thought was odd even though she knew Emiki had been cloned. That was the body that was found after all when they first thought she was dead.

The others were carbon copies of the clones that had arrived in Kor Spera, doing normal every day tasks around a base and landing strip. Turns out the lead she had gotten was right, and it led her right to the base of operations.

She used to the force to feel out for Nythaka. She could sense her presence but only faintly. They were a fair distance apart by now, having gone in different directions. She tried to communicate with her through the force to tell her what she had found, but received no response. She wasn’t sure if Nythaka had heard her or not. Renea had always struggled with Force communication and though her and Nythaka had been successful many times in staying connected that way, for some reason it wasn’t working now.

She had the instinct that maybe she should go back, find Nythaka and make sure she was alright….but there was a lingering in her mind of what she had read in the reports Mar and Spa’de had turned into her. X’olard and the clones had spoken of a droid army and eluded to it attacking Kor Spera.

The city had just recovered from such great losses in the last attack it had to face, she couldn’t bear it happening again so soon. The city was her responsibility and if there was information here that could avoid more conflict there….she had to find it. Besides, Nythaka was strong….as strong as she was in many ways, and she knew if something happened to Nythaka she would feel it.

She casually pulled herself up from behind the mound and put the binoculars back in her pack. Flipping the hood of her cloak over her head she slowly began walking for the base.

Two of the clones noticed her cloaked figure walking towards them. The raised their weapons and walked towards her. “Halt” one of them said to her raising his gun. Renea stopped and smiled at him.

“Well hello there!” she said happily. The identical clones shared a glance and then turned back to her

“Um…hello….please state your business” One of them said.

Renea nodded, “of course….I am here to gather all the information on your data banks about a droid army and those who are responsible for it”. Again Renea smiled and waved her hand, “So you’ll be wanting to let me pass and gather it”

“The first clone turned to the other, “Oh…she’s here about the droids…”

The second one nodded, “Yeah…we should let her pass”

“Yeah alright” the first one said lowering his gun, “Go ahead”

Renea bowed slightly and walked casually by them. The two clones followed her. As she entered the base area, other clones stood raising weapons but the two clones following her would give them a “hold your fire” signal and say “It’s ok. She’s here about the droids”

The other clones on the compound shared confused glances with each other as Renea continued on her way towards the main building of the base. The clones following her had been nice enough to say that it was the place she’d want to go as all information is held in the computer banks there, to which Renea thanked them.

As she was only steps from the entrance, a figure moved on to a balcony above. It was a blue skinned Twi’lek in a dark cloak. She looked down and saw Renea “What the…who the hell is this?”

Renea stopped and looked up. She recognized the woman standing above her. She didn’t know her but had seen her…where was it….ah…Kor Spera and Camelot parties. The clones behind Renea started into their “it’s ok she’s here about the droids” speech when the woman recognized Renea.

“Oh Crap!” She yelled, “Fire you idiots! Fire!” She screamed at the clones, who seemed to blink and come to their senses. But Renea was quick and graceful with her saber and the two clones behind her were dead on the ground before they could have aimed. The other clones in the area started to fire at her, and Renea as though dancing deflected each one back at them. Soon the base compound was full of clone bodies and the woman on the balcony had disappeared from sight.

Renea turned back towards the entrance and went inside. She walked the hallways being aware of any presence, her force instincts in tune with her surroundings. There were a few clones inside, some of them wearing CorSec uniforms, which she found a bit curious. Each one turned to attack but she struck them each down with her saber.

She reached the base of operations and it was empty. She saw a speederbike speeding away in the distance, the blue skinned Twi’lek running. She must have got out through a back door, Renea thought. But she did not chase her. She had reached where she wanted to be. The main computer databanks.

For a moment she was concerned that the terminals would be encoded or secured beyond her own abilities and she was wondering if this was one of those times she’d wish she had brought Bweep. But luckily there was no security system stopping her from accessing all the information she could have asked for.

Renea read the data as it appeared and frowned. The operation was indeed run by Lilyflie, and there was indeed a droid army. Something that disturbed her was reading that Lilyflie had apparently been through the Rebirth project herself, shortly before Jadeen was, and the facility destroyed by Mar, Khristen Nythaka and Jadeen. That meant she was force powerful and a even bigger threat.

But right now the concern was the droid army. Turns out they had hijacked a Corellian Corvette and planned to bring in the droid army through normal CorSec Channels. That way they could get past planetary security. And that would explain the clones in the CorSec outfits. It would appear to be CorSec themselves landing when they arrived.

She had to get the coordinates or Hyperdrive signature for that ship and get it broadcast to Kor Spera. If they could stop the army before it got there….

Chapter 9

 “Tado…..the X-wing seems to be ignoring us completely. It must be set on the Nova Hearts system signal” Rcet was scanning the situation looking for a way to save Tado, and wishing he hadn’t brought his weaponless Yacht into space for this trip.

In the cockpit of the Nova Heart Tado sat watching her ship get torn to pieces without any way to fight back. “Is there some way I can turn that off?” she asked through the comlink.

The answer took her off guard “Well yeah that’s easy….but you don’t want to do that, in fact I think the best choice here is to keep it going”

“Keep it going? If I turn it off doesn’t that mean he’ll stop shooting at me?” Tado was desperately trying to understand why Rcet would want her to keep it on, especially with the condition of the ship. It was falling to pieces quick.

“Tado…if you turn it off it may start to pick other targets….like me….and last time I checked my ship was in better shape that yours…” Rcet paused and Tado listened, not liking what she was hearing but knowing it was the truth, “Look Tado, we can either take advantage of it….and get a shuttle to take you from there to here so we can survive this….or we can shut it down and screw both of us when the thing starts to shoot at whatever is moving....”

Tado shook her head, “But I’d lose the Nova Heart!”

“Tado…” Rcet responded soberly, “…the Nova is already lost….” The words hit her hard. Her ship meant everything to her. She looked around the cockpit as the X-wing took another pass, causing two conduits to start leaking nearby. She knew he was right. She didn’t want to admit it, but he was.

“Tado? You still with me Tado?” Rcet was trying to get a response to make sure she was still ok after the x-wings last shots.

“Yeah….I’m here..” She said softly “ok….lets do this…what do you need me to do?”

“Rcet well it’ll be tricky. See if your droid can’t enhance the signal so we can get a shuttle in close without getting the droid ships attention”

“Droid ship?” Tado said, though after hearing it, it made sense to her. After the battle and the way the ships moved it made sense. Especially if it was locked on to a signal and not being controlled manually. She turned and instructed Sparkly to boost the system signal of the ship. The droid complied.

“Ok done…..but what do we do once me and Sparkly get on the shuttle?” She asked, “The signal will die out again we’re going to be at…..risk…..” Tado realized the answer before Rcet even said it. Sparkly wasn’t going to be able to come if this was going to work.

“Tado, I’m sorry but Sparkly need to keep the signal boosted til we get back to the yacht…”

Tado was about to lose her ship and her droid and she felt her world collapsing around her, “No…I can’t do it….I just can’t Rcet” she said trying to hold back a tear. “can’t we call for reinforcements or something?”

“By the time reinforcements got here Tado it will be too late” Rcet said calmly and slowly to her, “I’m so sorry….We can get you off if sparkly stays, or we can get sparkly off and you stay boosting the signal…but with all due respect for your droid, I’d rather save you…”

Tado closed her eyes and felt the ship shake again from another pass of the X-wing. “alright.” She said quietly, “Send the shuttle”.

Chapter 10

Nythaka stood at the small camp she found, pondering. The campfire was still smoking and the supplies were still unpacked. Whoever had been here hadn’t been gone long and intended to come back.

The lead she had gotten from the informants in Nyms had so far been a dead end. She had come across many camps before this one, but most had been abandoned for weeks. There was a lingering feeling that perhaps the lead Renea had gotten would have proved more worthwhile, and she should go back. But with this camp still fairly new she decided to at least find out who was camping here before going. That way she would have at least eliminated any options of missing something.

Nythaka walked to the edge of the hillside the camp was on and scanned the desolate planet. Lok wasn’t the most welcoming place, though not as awful as Tatooine. It still left much to be desired. Nythaka wasn’t sure if maybe it was because she had gotten used to Corellia and living with Renea that she found it so bland, but regardless of the reason, she looked forward to going home.

In the distance she saw a figure, perfectly still in the open. She pulled a pair of binoculars from her pack and looked through them at the figure. She looked long and hard at the greenish skinned Twi’lek in the distance. She was kneeling with her head down, Lekku wrapped and hanging over her shoulders. With her face down Nythaka couldn’t quite make out who it was, but she had a dark feeling inside of her.

Putting the binoculars back in her back she walked swiftly to her Barc speeder and fired up the engine. For better or worse this was most likely the person who had left the camp and she was going to find out who it was. She sped off up and over the hill at great speeds bringing her closer to the Twi’lek in moments. As she approached the Twi’lek raised her head up and smiled a evil grin.

Nythaka stopped her Barc several feet away and climbed off of it, at first in shock at the person she saw in front of her. Even with all the clues and all that had happened that showed Lilyflie was alive and perhaps behind all of this, she was still unable to completely believe it when she saw Lily right in front of her.

“I’ve been waiting for you Nythaka” Lilyflie said in a low sinister tone, “…for a long time I have been waiting for you….”

“So it is true…” Nythaka said, still gathering her bearings on the situation, “I mourned my friend but there she is in front of me”

Lilyflie laughed “Friend? You don’t get the privilege of calling me that. After all you and your family have done you DARE to call me friend…”

Nythaka shook her head confused, “This is what this is all about? You terrorize me…Tado….Emiki…Kor Spera….all because you have some twisted thought that we have somehow wronged you?”

‘Twisted?” Lilyflie said as she stood up, and Nythaka noticed the lightsaber hilt attached to her belt, “Shall we review the details…friend?” Lily glared hard and Nythaka and began walking in a circular motion which Nythaka followed opposite her, keeping her distance. “Do you know how hard it was for a Twi’Lek girl like me to be adopted into the family I had? And I had just become comfortable and loved…and what happened Nyth? Do you remember? You should…you were there…”

Nythaka knew what Lilyflie was getting at, “It appalled me what happened that day lily….” She started but was interrupted

“In cold blood, for no reason! Your father takes my fathers life. The only father I had known or gave a damn about!” Lilyflie was almost shouting her anger seething through her teeth.

“And I hated him for it” Nythaka said in response, “You know that! We ran away because of that!”

Lilyflie grit her teeth, “Yes we ran away. I foolishly followed you and what happened Nythaka! We were enslaved! Because of you!”

Nythaka shook her head again, “And we both suffered because of that Lily. Not just you!”

“Oh, we both suffered…please…..you were so quick to sacrifice yourself for Emiki while we ‘suffered’ but you never once stood up for me! Where was my ‘friend’ then?” Lilyflie’s eyes grew darker and Nythaka started to feel strange energies from her. She pulled her cloak aside and let her hand fall onto her saber.

“And to think even after we escaped to Tatooine I still stayed with you, manipulated by you to help you escape, but what about me and Emiki? Oh right you came back for her, but not for me!” Lilyflie was still ranting growing angrier as she did.

“I had been sent to kill you Lily. And I didn’t” Nythaka spat back at her, trying hard to control her own anger and stay calm as Renea had taught her. “Emiki was…is just a young girl. You proved you can take care of yourself”

“Oh you were doing me some big favor letting me live?” Lily spat back, “oh thank you so much Nythaka for letting me live, only to find that my only brother was killed by none other than a relative of yours! To find that my last living relative was destroyed by you in a fit of rage!”

Nythaka blinked, “What are you talking about?”

Lilyflie took a step forward, and Nythaka trying to be mindful of where they stood in proportion to each other instinctively took a step back. “Asenn, my brother!” She spat, “who your whore of a cousin killed in the skies of Lok!”

Anger fueled inside of Nythaka listening to this. She knew Asenn had abused Tado and been responsible for Tado’s fathers death. She felt in no way that Tado had done wrong in her actions that freed her. “Your brother earned his own sins. And he was punished for them”

“And so now you will be punished for yours!” Lilyflie said and shot her hands forward, lightening spewing from her fingertips, suprising Nythaka as they hit her and threw her backwards onto the ground. “And it’s a good thing my Uncle Herchel allowed me to have the same Rebirth treatment you had before you slaughtered him on Talus…” She continued throwing her hands out again. “Though I suppose it has done hell to my skin, but……small price for revenge!” Once again the bolts shot from her fingers.

Nythaka had her saber lit and blocked the bolts this time, pulling herself up from the ground, struggling against the lightening Lilyflie threw at her. She understood now what Lily had meant by killing her last remaining relative. Herchel Tarlmak had been the one responsible for kidnapping Tado and had something to do with Rebirth. He was the one that Lilyflie had given her location too. And Nythaka had killed him. She had Sought revenge on him for Tado’s kidnapping and slaughtered him.

“And to think I wasn’t sure if I should give up your location back then” Lily continued screaming, “Back then he had to pay me for the information. Now? I’d take him right to you for free!” She shot another bolt at Nythaka and as much as Nythaka was holding the bolts off with her saber, she had to step backwards to brace herself.

“Now Nythaka” Lilyflie said, her voice lowered into a dark evil tone, “You said to me….if I were to ever mess with your family again…you’d kill me” Lilyflie pulled the saber from her belt and lit it, “Well your family messed with my family first. Because of you Nythaka we stand here today as your whore cousin dies in space to my droid ships, and your city will soon lie in ruins to my droid army. You took all that I loved away from me!” She raised her saber over her head, “Now I will return the favor”

With those words she swung her saber causing Nythaka to think quickly to block. Lily was coming at her with a great deal of aggression and Nythaka was trying very hard to not give into her dark impulses in fighting her. The sabers clashed in a bright glow and the strength of Lilyflie’s attack was surprising Nythaka. Because of that surprise Lily caused Nythaka to have to step back further with each blow.

Finally Nythaka focused her mind and started to match Lily’s blows. It wasn’t that Lilyflie was stronger than Nythaka, but the surprise of her attack and the dark flow streaming from her was throwing Nyth off. It was just enough in fact that Lilyflie had successfully manipulated the fight moving Nythaka backwards to exactly the place she wanted.

Nythaka felt the small wire clip her foot as she took that step back to regain her balance, and saw Lilyflie back flip away from her before the explosion. The charges that Lilyflie had set right underneath Nythaka blow the dirt and dust from the ground into the sky. When the dust cleared, Nythaka lay motionless on the ground.

Chapter 11

-Tado and Rcet return to Corellia after escaping the droid X-wing (watch the video below for what happened with that)

-Upon getting word from Renea on the location of the ship carrying the droid army, Spa'de and Mar lead a team including Jadeen, Lonne, Odeyda, Keiro (went LD DOH!), Ha'thren (went LD DOH) to tatooine to intercept the ship and infiltrate it, stopping it from ever reaching Corellia and Kor Spera

- durring a search of the bridge Odeyda manages to recover a location of the last of the droids, on Naboo. once the team ejects from the ship in escape pods it is decided to go to that location and wipe the last of them out.

- When they reach the location they find a blue skinned Twi'lek who seems to be running the show. She looks similar to a twi'lek some know or have seen. Turns out she is a clone of her, and a defiant one at that.

- When they arrived the took on the droids and attacked until the reached a command center where a blue skinned Twi'lek that seemed somewhat familiar turned and attacked them. she was incapacitated and when revised Mar gave her 3 seconds to put down her weapon. She didn't instead choosing to shoot at him and so she went all dead like

- upon seaching computers jadeen found a open link to the base on lok which was abandoned. He saw images of dead clones scattered around the base but nothing else.

- upon searching computers Odeyda found they were tracking the vette but lost the transmission when it exploded. She also found a family picture of Lily's dad (deceased) her brother Asenn (deceased), Lilyflie and the blue skinned Twi that they had killed.

-Spa'de did a clone test on the twi'lek body. turns out it was a clone.

-Spa'de ran the picture through CorSec databases to get ID's. Confirmed all but the mystery blue skinned Twi'lek.

- Nythaka channels dark side powers to regain her strength for a final match with Lilyflie (watch the video to see what happens there)

- to ensure the end of the droids and anything in that bunker they planted explosives and blew the place to kingdom come! 

Ending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBmm8OLzGDI

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